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NUS Scientists use Patient Derived Cancer Cell Culture to Predict Survival and Treatment Outcome

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a novel technique to efficiently culture clusters containing circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in 14 days. Using the technique, the team achieved a success rate of more than 60 per cent in culturing CTCs from patients with metastatic breast cancer, the highest known success record to-date. This breakthrough brings researchers a step closer towards enabling personalised cancer treatment and monitoring.

A paper describing the collaborative work conducted by scientists from the Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore(MBI) and Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (CSI) at NUS, together with the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS), was published in the medical journal Oncotarget (2015).

CTCs are ‘runaway’ cancer cells that escape from primary or secondary tumours. They circulate in the bloodstream and eventually invade into other parts of the body where they establish metastasis. CTCs can be found even at early stages of cancer.

However, CTCs comprise many sub-populations and occur at extremely low frequencies in blood. Thus, its population needs to be expanded before they can be used for clinical analysis.

Professor Lim Chwee Teck from MBI, one of the study’s lead authors, explained, “Being able to capture CTCs and grow them efficiently from a blood sample is a big step forward in liquid biopsy for tumour diagnosis and cancer treatment monitoring. This could potentially mean that biopsy for cancer diagnosis and prognosis could be done using a blood test, which is minimally invasive, instead of having to retrieve cells from the tumour itself. Results of the tests on these CTCs could help doctors assess the best therapy options for a patient, and frequent blood tests can also be done during the course of an anti-cancer treatment to provide a real-time monitoring of a patient’s progress during treatment.”

Dr Lee Soo Chin from NCIS and CSI, the study’s clinical lead added, “Tests can potentially be done on the cultured CTCs to guide the selection of drug therapy. Cultured CTCs of individual patients can be tested for drug sensitivity to determine the responsiveness of the CTCs to the drugs used in the cancer treatment. This could allow doctors to decide on the most suitable drug for the patient based on the drug sensitivity results. As the CTCs can be cultured in a short time period, the entire testing process can take as short as four weeks — two weeks for culturing the CTCs and two weeks for drug screening.”

Current methods of culturing CTCs are either inefficient or required the elimination of non-cancerous cells that led to the damage or loss of some CTCs in the process.

Using a combination of specially designed microwells and oxygen-deficient growth conditions, NUS scientists have successfully created an ideal environment for tumour cells to grow while other non-cancerous cells gradually undergo cell death.

This novel technique was tested on 226 clinical blood samples obtained from 92 metastatic breast cancer patients on anti-cancer therapy. The team recorded a success rate of over 60 per cent in culturing clusters containing CTCs — more than two to three times higher than conventional methods.

The team is also currently developing new technologies for liquid biopsies that will allow single cell analysis to obtain critical information that will be useful to scientists and clinicians to better treat cancer.

Prof Lim hopes to embark on the development of novel technologies that can contribute towards personalised or precision medicine.

More information about the study:

Amal Naquiah
National University of Singapore
DID: (65) 6516-5125

Logo –

Source: National University of Singapore

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Art Central Returns in 2016 to Reinvigorate Hong Kong Art Week

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-After a stellar inaugural fair, Art Central returns to Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront from 23-26 March 2016 as an Art Week highlight.

HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Art Central’s debut added a fresh new dimension to Hong Kong Art Week in 2015, helping to elevate Hong Kong’s status as a global art hub. Returning to the Central Harbourfront 23-26 March 2016 (VIP Preview 22 March), the fair builds upon the success of the inaugural event that attracted 30,000 art collectors, VIPs and the art-loving public from Hong Kong and around the world. Art Central 2016 will present over 100 hand-selected galleries from 20 countries, 70% hailing from 23 cities across greater Asia.  

Art Central will create a bold statement on the Hong Kong skyline, with an expanded footprint on the iconicVictoria Harbour. Staged within an architecturally designed structure, the fair showcases the next generation of talent alongside some of the most established contemporary galleries from across Asia and the globe, with over 30 new names never before seen in Hong Kong.

Fair Director, Maree Di Pasquale, says “The 2016 edition will raise the bar once again, with an exciting line up of galleries and an ambitious program that champions both discovery and experimentation.” She added, “In 2016 Art Central will present a strong selection of museum quality works alongside some of the most exciting emerging artists from around the world. With increased representation from the region, we’re working to cement Hong Kongas the cultural center of the Asian contemporary art scene.”

The second edition of Art Central will offer both the experienced collector and art-loving public a chance to discover cutting-edge contemporary art from Hong Kong, Asia and beyond. Highlights from the host city include,Contemporary by Angela Li (Hong Kong) exhibiting a group show that includes Shi Jindian along with German artist Martin Wehmer and the beguiling paper sculptures of Li Hongbo; Sin Sin Fine Art (Hong Kong), a new gallery addition, presents a dual show by Indonesian artists S. Teddy Darmawan and Bob Yudhita Agung, two artists of different backgrounds yet unified by their spontaneous yet powerful expressions on how they survived life’s challenges; Puerta Roja (Hong Kong) returns with a South American focus, showcasing two emerging Spanish artists Javier Leon Perez and Maria Garcia-Ibanez, alongside the work of computer art pioneer Jose Luis Alexanco, and the visual conceptual Mexican artist Carlos Aguirre.

Regionally, the fair welcomes, GALLERY HYUNDAI (Seoul) with a cohesive selection of Korean monochromatic paintings including museum quality works by Park Seo Bo and Lee Ufan; Richard Koh Fine Art (Kuala Lumpur) brings Haffendi Anuar, Saiful Razman, Wong Perng Fey and Yeoh Choo Kuan as a focus on Southeast Asia;Gana Art (Seoul) presents five Korean artists within a curated show titled Beyond the Visible; Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing) highlights generations of contemporary Chinese art with names such as Shang Yang, Liang Quan, and Wei Dong; TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY (Osaka) exhibits Hirohito Nomoto, Kazumi Nakamura and the work of multimedia artist Satoru Tamura; Red Gate Gallery (Beijing) presents a Chinese contemporary group show that includes Li Xiaofeng, Ye Sen, and Zhang Zhaohui; and Finale Art File (Makati) presents a two-man hyperrealist presentation from Bembol dela Cruz and Kim Oliveros.

International names include, Michael Goedhuis (London, New York) presenting the aesthetic trajectory of ink artists from classical works by names such as Liu Kuo-sung, through to mould-breaking avant-garde paintings byQin Feng; Schuebbe Inc (Dusseldorf) exhibits an international group show with 50’s German artist collective SPUR (Helmut Sturm, HP Zimmer, Lothar Fischer and Heimrad Prem) alongside emerging artists Nashun Nashunbatu, Tianhong Sheng and Christian Schoeler; Flowers Gallery (London, New York) presents the work of celebrated Korean photographer Boomoon as part of an international group show; Ethan Cohen Fine Arts (New York, Beacon) returns with the African born ABOUDIA and his large-scale, brutally energetic paintings, alongsideShi Chong, and Andrew Rogers.

Managing Director, Charles Ross, says “The inaugural Art Central was truly embraced by buyers, collectors, business leaders and the art-loving public and exceeded expectations on all fronts. Complementing Art Basel’sHong Kong edition, Art Central will continue to add a fresh style to Art Week at a time when Hong Kong has truly come into its own on the global art stage. Art Central is the young, dynamic must-see fair for Art Week 2016.”

Art Central once again puts a spotlight on emerging talent with an expanded RISE sector dedicated to solo and dual artist presentations by young galleries. In 2016 RISE presents 15 curated shows with highlights includingHong Kong’s Almond Chu (represented by LA Galerie Paris 1839, Hong Kong) whose work draws attention to local mass gatherings and protests through photography; an installation by Gulnara Kasmalieva and Muratbek Djumaliev titled ‘Trans-Siberian Amazons’, first presented to high critical acclaim at Central Asia’s inaugural pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2005 (represented by Aspan Gallery, Almaty); and Hong Kong born Timothy Hon Hung Lee who presents delicate ink painting on rice paper, which is complemented by an interactive performance piece by Ting-Tong Chang where the the relationship between science, technology and society is analysed (represented by Christine Park Gallery, London).

Other RISE participants include, Lee Yun Hee (represented by Art Projects Gallery, Hong Kong); Liu Zhengyongand Zhang Wei (Beautiful Asset Art Project, Beijing); Huang Yishan and Shen Liang (represented by O2art,Beijing); Tobias Lehner and Xooang Choi (represented by CHOI&LAGER Galerie, Cologne); Norton Maza andVictor Castillo (represented by Isabel Croxatto Galeria, Santiago); Hyuonsoo Kyung and Haejin Yoon(represented by Lee Eugean Gallery, Seoul); Yi-Ju Hsieh (represented by NUNU FINE ART, Taipei); Anna Schuleit Haber and Marco Godinho (represented by Sapar Contemporary, New York / Almaty); Miguel Paulo Borja (represented by Vinyl On Vinyl, Makati); Guo Donglai (represented by Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris); Monique Rollins (represented by W.Ming Art, New York / Beijing); and Sun Pei-mao (represented by YIRI ARTS, Taipei).

PROJECTS returns in 2016 with an impressive display of large-scale installations and spatial interventions that challenge the confines of the traditional art fair booth. Participants in the sector will be announced in January 2016. A focus for the sector and the fair will be new media art, with highlighted gallery exhibitions, bespoke talks, tours and partnerships aimed at engaging new audiences for the genre as well as providing new and interesting work for the more experienced collector.

Asia Society Hong Kong Center returns to enhance the Art Central experience with a series of talks and panel discussions staged daily. TALKS X ASIA SOCIETY highlights the evolving spectrum of creative practices across greater Asia, with programs including some of the most compelling voices working within the region today. Featured art professionals, curators and artists include Haffendi Anur, Anita Beckers, Ting-Tong Chang, Almond Chiu, Bembol Del Cruz, Fei Jun, Shen Wei, and many more to be announced in 2016.

Continuing the relationship with Art Central, in 2016 Swarovski will once again welcome visitors to the fair with a spectacular crystal installation. Sundew by Elaine Yan Ling Ng (British Chinese designer) is a stunning kinetic piece which brings Ng’s unique approach to design, encompassing textiles, electronics, biomimicry and interiors, to this highly interactive presentation. Taking inspiration from nature, craft and technology, Ng has created interactive objects that mimic the exotic Sundew, a carnivorous plant that attracts its prey with scent and reflected light. The installation by combines handmade textiles with Swarovski crystal fabric and lures audiences in, trapping them with mesmerizing displays of light, scent and movement.

Elaine Yan Ling Ng says, “After visiting Wattens I now regard crystal as an ingredient for making new material, texture and surfaces. For this project it’s exciting to be combining craft and technology to explore new functions. Working with advanced crystal technology from Swarovski gave me the opportunity to apply crystal as part of the structure of the kinetic installation – translating solid crystal into a soft organic form through moving imagery. ”

The inaugural Art Central redefined expectations about art fair dining, and the 2016 fair will take this to the next level with another incredible pop-up restaurant and an even bigger street food area. The fair restaurant partners will be announced in the coming months.

The full Art Central program will be announced in early 2016.

Source: Art Central

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Acquisition Perfect: ZF Acquires Industrial Gears and Wind Turbine Gearbox Segment from Bosch Rexroth

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— Acquisition strengthens the Industrial Technology division and boosts the corporate objective of further expanding ZF’s non-automotive business
— Antitrust authorities give go-ahead for acquisition: From December 1, 1,200 employees in Witten, Beijing and Lake Zurich (USA) will become part of the ZF Group

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany /PRNewswire/ — The antitrust authorities have given the go-ahead: On December 1, 2015, ZF will officially take over the industrial gears and wind turbine gearbox business from Bosch Rexroth AG. 1,200 employees at the Witten, Beijing and Lake Zurich (USA) locations will thus join the technology company.

For ZF, the acquisition is an entry into the business with large industrial gears that are used in oil rigs, mine vehicles, tunnel drilling machines, or cableways, for instance. The various product lines will be brought together in the new ZF Industrial Gears business unit based in Witten,Germany. The company is also strengthening its wind turbine gearbox business.

“With the newly created Industrial Gears business unit we literally intend to get things moving on a large scale,” says the ZF Chief Executive Officer Dr. Stefan Sommer. “We are extending our portfolio with large transmissions for industrial applications and mobile machinery through to tunnel drilling machines, and 600-ton mining excavators. The product range will also be extended in the Wind Power Technology business unit with gearboxes for turbines generating up to eight megawatts.”

With the transaction ZF is taking over the two production locations of Bosch Rexroth AG in Witten (North Rhine-Westphalia/Germany) with almost 900 employees and in Beijing (China) with over 300 employees, as well as the service location in Lake Zurich (USA) with some 15 employees.

At all three locations celebrations for the official acquisition and the first day under the umbrella of the ZF Group were held on December 1.

Two newly founded companies will be added to the Industrial Gears business unit in the guise of ZF Industrieantriebe Witten GmbH and the ZF Powertrain Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Witten is the headquarters for the business unit, which is not only home to Administration and Production, but also to the Development, and Sales departments for large gearbox technologies (industrial gears and wind turbine gearboxes). Witten is also the production location of ZF’s existing Wind Power Technology business unit which is headquartered in Lommel,Belgium. At the Beijing location, gearboxes for ZF’s wind power segment are being produced; as a result, the company is further extending its presence in the important wind gearbox market in China.

ZF appointed Christoph Kainzbauer, an experienced manager in the field of large gearbox technology, to head up the Industrial Gears business unit. He was previously responsible for global Sales of Bosch Rexroth’s large gearbox segment. The new business unit includes the product lines transmissions for mining applications and large construction machinery, transmissions for offshore and marine applications, transmissions for industrial plants and equipment as well as for cableways.

“We see ideal future opportunities for the Industrial Technology division, especially in wind power technology,” explains Wilhelm Rehm, responsible for Corporate Materials Management and Industrial Technology on the ZF Board of Management. “Strengthening ZF’s non-automotive segment is an important objective of our long-term corporate strategy. We are supplementing our industrial technology portfolio optimally, while also opening up access to new markets and customer groups,” says Rehm.

The two companies have agreed not to disclose the purchase price. In 2014, Bosch Rexroth generated sales of approximately EUR 300 million with the large gearbox business. In the same year, ZF generated roughly twelve percent of its Group sales with the Industrial Technology division in which the company bundles its off-road activities. This figure should rise over the long term.

Press contact:

Christoph Horn, Head of Corporate Communications,
Tel. +49(0)754177-2705, e-mail:

Andreas Veil, Head of Business and Finance Communications,
Tel. +49(0)754177-7925, e-mail:

Gernot Hein, Head of Communications, Industrial Technology division
Tel. +49(0)851494-2480, e-mail:

For further press information and photos please visit:

Logo –

Source: ZF Friedrichshafen AG
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World Tennis Champs Lend Support to Stars of Christmas 2015

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-Goran Ivanisevic and Jarmila Gajdosova lead Toy Run on 19th December to flag off volunteer riders delivering Christmas presents to programme beneficiaries

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — The Stars of Christmas community programme jointly championed by OUE Limited (SGX-ST: “OUE”) and Mandarin Orchard Singapore is back for the sixth year running. Started in 2010, the three-part programme is aimed at engaging the community to share in the joy of giving every Christmas by contributing presents to children with special needs and illnesses. Stars of Christmas has since become an annual tradition that has gained the generous support of a growing list of corporate partners, donors and volunteers.

(L to R) Thio Gim Hock, CEO and Group MD of OUE Limited, with Tan Kim Seng, COO of Meritus Hotels & Resorts, at the ceremonial kick-off of Stars of Christmas 2015
(L to R) Thio Gim Hock, CEO and Group MD of OUE Limited, with Tan Kim Seng, COO of Meritus Hotels & Resorts, at the ceremonial kick-off of Stars of Christmas 2015

Leading the cast of supporting partners are Chrysler Jeep Automotive of Singapore Pte Ltd, Komoco Motorcycles Pte Ltd (Harley-Davidson of Singapore  Sole Authorised Dealer), and Community Chest  the fund-raising and engagement arm of the National Council of Social Service. This year also sees the added participation of Marina Mandarin Singapore.

Stars of Christmas 2015 commenced with the ceremonial hanging of Christmas stars at the lobby of Mandarin Orchard Singapore, led by OUE Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director, Mr Thio Gim Hock. Stars adorning giant Christmas trees at Mandarin Orchard Singapore and Marina Mandarin Singapore bear the name, age and gender of every beneficiary, for donors’ useful reference when buying the presents.

On 10th December, beneficiaries of Stars of Christmas 2015 along with their parents, siblings, and caregivers, will be guests of honour at a Christmas luncheon hosted by OUE Executive Chairman, Dr Stephen Riady. The children will join employees of OUE and its affiliate companies for an afternoon of Christmas treats and entertainment at Mandarin Orchard Singapore, featuring a visit from Santa and his helpers who will be giving out presents.

Stars of Christmas 2015 ends on an unprecedented note with the participation of world class tennis players Goran Ivanisevic and Jarmila Gajdosova at a Toy Run activity that will be open to members of the public on the morning of 19th December.  The event will see a fleet of volunteers riding their Jeeps and Harley-Davidson motorcycles along the Orchard Road frontage of Mandarin Gallery. The convoy then sets off just before 9.00am, making for a festive spectacle on Orchard Road as the riders make their way to various children’s homes and hospitals to deliver donated Christmas presents.

Upwards of 800 beneficiaries will be receiving presents under this year’s Stars of Christmas community programme.

Press Contact:

Jordan Isac
Corporate Communications
OUE Limited
T: +65-6809-6052

Janice Azupardo
Branding & Communications
Meritus Hotels & Resorts
T: +65-6831-6385

Photo –

Source: OUE Limited

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The Issuance and Sale of Natixis Nikkei 225 & S&P 500 Multi Index Linked Uridashi Bond

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TOKYO /PRNewswire/ — Natixis is pleased to announce the issuance and sale of a Nikkei 225 & S&P 500 Multi Index Linked Uridashi bond by Natixis S.A., totaling JPY 20,777 million.

Natixis acted as joint bookrunner for the transaction, while Natixis Japan Securities Co., Ltd., the bank’s wholly owned subsidiary in Japan, acted as coordinator. It is Natixis’ third Uridashi issuance, following issuances in March and July this year.

At over six-times larger than the previous two bonds, this issuance reflects Natixis’ commitment to Japan and the increasing visibility of the bank among Japanese investors.

Natixis and Natixis Japan Securities also support regular debt issuances in Japan, including Samurai, Uridashi and Private Placements, by its parent company, Groupe BPCE, which has been an active issuer in Japan since 2012 and counts the country as a key market in the diversification of its funding.

Summary Terms of the Bonds


Natixis S.A.


Japanese Yen

Issue Size

JPY 20,777 million


5 years


6.25% per annum

Maturity Date

1 December 2020

Purchase Denomination

JPY 1,000,000

Offering Period

November 18  November 30 2015

Issue Dates

December 1st, 2015

Delivery Date of the Bonds in Japan

December 2nd, 2015

Press Contact
Lisa Fong
Tel: +85236550521

Natixis is the international corporate, investment, insurance and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the 2nd-largest banking group in France with 36 million clients spread over two retail banking networks, Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne.

With more than 16,000 employees, Natixis has a number of areas of expertise that are organized into three main business lines: Corporate & Investment Banking, Investment Solutions & Insurance, and Specialized Financial Services.

A global player, Natixis has its own client base of companies, financial institutions and institutional investors as well as the client base of individuals, professionals and small and medium-size businesses of Groupe BPCE’s banking networks.

Listed on the Paris stock exchange, it has a solid financial base with a CET1 capital under Basel 3 [1] of EUR12.9 billion, a Basel 3 CET1 Ratio[1] of 11.2% and quality long-term ratings (Standard & Poor’s: A / Moody’s: A2 / Fitch Ratings: A).


Based on CRR-CRD4 rules published on June 26, 2013, including the Danish compromise – no phase-in except for DTAs on loss carry-forwards.

Figures as at September 30, 2015

Source: Natixis

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Aon Hewitt’s View on Retirement & Financial Wellness – Are Singapore Employers Doing Enough to Help their Workforce?

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-Large gaps in retirement provisions

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Aon Hewitt, the global talent, retirement and health solutions business of Aon plc (NYSE: AON) conducted an inaugural survey on Retirement & Financial Wellness for Singapore Employers 2015. This reveals there are still large gaps in current retirement provisions.

As Singapore‘s population rapidly ages and life expectancy significantly increases, employers’ role in helping their workforce adequately to plan for their retirement and being more proactive to facilitate retirement readiness that could drive employee engagement is becoming under scrutiny.

The Aon Hewitt survey participants representing multiple industries and organisation sizes, covering more than 37,000 employees have indicated that Singapore employers generally do not offer supplementary retirement plans. While 71% of the population comprising of Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are eligible under the Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme only about one in twenty companies offer arrangements to supplement the CPF mandatory contributions.

Three out of four companies in the survey do not offer retirement benefits to foreign employees, favouring cash allowances instead of more long-term financial protection.

The Aon Hewitt survey revealed that around half of the participants consider their companies’ current retirement support to be ineffective in retaining and attracting the right employees. Employers perceive that approximately 50% of non-CPF eligible employees, executives / high earners and those reaching retirement age are provided with ineffective retirement support.

Singapore employers are becoming increasingly aware that the current status quo is not sustainable.

While ‘Financial cost’ ranks as the primary concern for the survey participants, their focus in the next 12-24 months is to review their retirement arrangements. Managing benefits compliance and governance risk is also a concern, which survey participants see as priority to address.

About 25% of employers in the survey are stepping up to assist their workforce by providing avenues for financial wellness. These company-wide programmes and resources typically include encouraging more savings for retirement and financial goal setting, among others.

The ranking of the participants’ priorities in 2016/17 are as follows:

Tasks to Review



Benefits Governance



Retirement Arrangements for All Employees


Retirement Arrangements for Executives and Senior Management


Retirement Arrangements for Non-CPF Eligible Employees



Retirement Benefit Design


Retirement Arrangement Investment Choices


Survey Employee Preferences on Retirement & Financial Wellness



Shikha Gaur, Executive Director for Aon Hewitt’s Retirement and Wealth Management business in Singapore said,“Though most Singapore employers are still playing a passive role in supporting and encouraging employees to save for retirement, moving forward, we are seeing more employers implementing financial wellness programmes to help employees save enough for their retirement. This allows employees to feel less stressed, be more engaged and productive.”

From a Company point of view, Dimitris Efthyvoulou, Senior Consultant, Aon Hewitt added “Many companies are beginning to support financial wellness and retirement provision programmes so as to differentiate themselves, and increase their ability to attract and retain talent, and thus gain a sustainable business advantage.”

About Aon

Aon plc (NYSE:AON) is a leading global provider of risk management, insurance brokerage and reinsurance brokerage, and human resources solutions and outsourcing services. Through its more than 69,000 colleagues worldwide, Aon unites to empower results for clients in over 120 countries via innovative risk and people solutions. For further infor­mation on our capabilities and to learn how we empower results for clients, please visit:

Media Contacts

Maneesh Sah


Tel: +65. 6239.8860 


Elisa Bakri


Tel: +65 6239 7540


Sign up for News Alerts:
Follow Aon Hewitt on Twitter @AonHewittAsia

Source: Aon Hewitt

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New Growth Benchmarks Set, as Brunswick Street’s Tallest Venture Approved

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BRISBANE, Australia /PRNewswire/ — Brisbane City Council have approved development of The Fortitude, in Fortitude Valley this month – a milestone in planning approvals for our city, and another giant step towards the much anticipated ‘Future City’ status.

The project is unlike anything seen before in the heart of the Brunswick Street Mall and as such, required a unique response to the design and planning strategy.

Angus Green, Planning Lead at Place Design Group, is the professional behind The Fortitude’s town planning approval.

Angus believes that success came down to an extensive and collaborative, stakeholder engagement process.

The project will be a catalyst for transformative and positive change within the ‘old’ Valley, delivering much needed critical mass to the Brunswick Street Mall, encouraging further investment and redevelopment opportunities.

The project is expected to further influence the completion of the Bakery Lane precinct which adjoins the site, asanticipated in the Urban Renewal Brisbane’s vision for Bakery Lane,” Angus said.

Set to become the Valley’s tallest residential building, the formerly known Optus Centre is being re-developed by EG Funds Management and will feature more than 360 residential apartments and four retail tenancies over 30 storeys.

The development of the site also creates significant opportunity and improved connection for commuters, being located on the convergence of a number of key pedestrian thoroughfares.

Public artwork will also feature in the development. Artists will be engaged to contribute works for inclusion in the ground plane and building facade  a fitting addition to mirror the cultural and artistic values reflected within The Valley.

Designed by architect’s Jackson Teece, The Fortitude is the newest in their string of significant Brisbane projects including Scott Street Luxury Apartments (Kangaroo Point), South Point (South Brisbane) and Icon (Milton).

Angus believes now, The Valley heart’s future is even brighter.

With so much activity occurring in the ‘New Valley‘ it’s great to see a leading architect like Jackson Teece deliver such a quality design response to reinvigorate and set a new benchmark in the ‘Old Valley’ heart.”

Overall, The Fortitude project will be a catalyst for the Mall and continue the transformation seen from the BrisbaneCity Council’s Brunswick Street Mall revitalisation project, also one of Place Design Group’s recent projects. The success of the Brunswick Street Mall revitalisation project really has paved the way for projects like The Fortitude Development to start taking place here, and is a brilliant kick-start for future growth in the ‘Old Valley area‘.”

The Fortitude is set to commence construction mid-2016.

Source: PLACE Design Group

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