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Robert Walters Asia Job Index Q2 2011

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2011-08-29 12:00 

SINGAPORE, Aug. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Robert Walters, the international recruitment consultancy, publishes its Asia Job Index for the second quarter of 2011 today. The Robert Walters Asia Job Index tracks advertisement volumes for professional positions across the leading job boards and national newspapers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.


  • Levels of job advertisements have increased across the region by 20.6% from Q1 to Q2
  • Significant year-on-year growth of 48% in job advertisements volumes across the region
  • Following a particularly strong first quarter, recruitment activities began to flatten towards the end of the quarter in some regions such as Hong Kong and Korea
  • In Malaysia, job advertisements rose 27.3% during the quarter as international companies set up operations in order to take advantage of the country’s growth potential
  • Rising consumer confidence in Singapore resulted in an increased demand for retail, merchandising and design professionals
  • Demand for roles within property management rose across all regions, particularly in mainland China where job advertisements increased by 46% despite government action to curb property inflation
  • The earthquake and tsunami in Japan has unsurprisingly affected recruitment advertising levels, with job advertisements declining by 7.3% from Q1 to Q2. However, IT and construction services recruitment have seen positive trends


The Robert Walters Asia Job Index indicates that the total number of advertisements for professional positions in Q2 2011 rose by 20.6% from Q1 to Q2. Year-on-year growth continued to be strong, most notably in mainland China and Singapore, where candidate and employer confidence remained relatively strong.

Month by month analysis of job advertisements for professional positions placed in Q1 2011 / Q2 2011:

Hong Kong * Singapore Japan Mainland
Malaysia Korea TOTAL
Jan-11 107,560 90,243 181,644 3,868,716 17,632 135,313 4,401,108
Feb-11 122,579 83,372 155,624 3,560,721 17,325 117,929 4,057,550
Mar-11 159,809 115,182 182,047 4,945,187 23,210 230,613 5,656,048
Total in Q1 2011 389,948 288,797 519,315 12,374,624 58,167 483,855 14,114,706
Apr-11 135,909 116,557 182,410 4,943,604 23,707 214,303 5,616,490
May-11 146,844 117,570 132,193 5,073,168 24,619 211,427 5,705,821
Jun-11 151,532 124,370 166,985 5,080,327 25,738 145,242 5,694,194
Total in Q2 2011 434,285 358,497 481,588 15,097,099 74,064 570,972 17,016,505
% change
Q1 2011 – Q2 2011
11.4% 24.1% -7.3% 22.0% 27.3% 18.0% 20.6%
% change
Apr 2011 – Jun 2011
11.5% 6.7% -8.46% 2.8% 8.6% -32.2% 1.4%

Quarter on Quarter analysis of job advertisements for professional positions placed in Q2 2011 / Q2 2010:

2010 2011 % change
Hong Kong *
April 124,927 135,909 9%
May 129,633 146,844 13%
June 134,979 151,532 12%
HONG KONG TOTAL Q2 389,539 434,285 11%
April 83,350 116,557 40%
May 80,373 117,570 46%
June 83,090 124,370 50%
SINGAPORE TOTAL Q2 246,813 358,497 45%
April 122,670 182,410 49%
May 142,415 132,193 -7%
June 173,295 166,985 -4%
JAPAN TOTAL Q2 438,380 481,588 10%
Mainland China
April 3,379,975 4,943,604 46%
May 3,473,473 5,073,168 46%
June 3,536,522 5,080,327 44%
MAINLAND CHINA TOTAL Q2 10,389,970 15,097,099 45%
April N/A 23,707 N/A
May N/A 24,619 N/A
June N/A 25,738 N/A
April N/A 214,303 N/A
May N/A 211,427 N/A
June N/A 145,242 N/A
KOREA TOTAL Q2 N/A 570,972 N/A
April 3,710,922 5,616,490 51%
May 3,825,894 5,705,821 49%
June 3,927,886 5,694,194 45%
TOTAL Q2 11,464,702 17,016,505 48%

*Hong Kong figures have been adjusted to reflect the inclusion of Career Times advertisements.
**Total excludes Malaysia and Korea, which were added to the Asia Job Index in January 2011.

Sector Analysis – number of jobs advertised for professional roles in Q1 2011 compared to Q2 2011:


Hong Kong Q1 2011 Hong Kong Q2 2011 %
Jan Feb Mar Q1
April May June Q2
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 16,139 23,720 30,124 69,983 24,321 26,374 27,769 78,464 12%
Property Management 1,850 3,095 4,019 8,964 3,230 3,311 3,766 10,307 15%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 6,983 9,504 12,380 28,867 10,648 12,028 12,293 34,969 21%
Merchandising / Purchasing 5,172 5,930 7,953 19,055 6,985 7,474 7,039 21,498 13%
Medical Service 1,133 1,261 1,768 4,162 1,469 1,544 1,612 4,625 11%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 1,394 1,408 1,792 4,594 1,490 1,734 1,639 4,863 6%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 9,111 8,751 11,126 28,988 10,321 10,922 11,109 32,352 12%
Human Resources / Training 564 588 643 1,795 659 773 746 2,178 21%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 12,875 13,346 17,050 43,271 14,776 15,748 16,226 46,750 8%
Editor / Reporter 133 120 184 437 162 156 178 496 14%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 984 1,614 2,153 4,751 1,797 1,865 1,826 5,488 16%
Consultant / Analyst 554 768 881 2,203 809 865 886 2,560 16%
Art / Design / Creative 3,156 3,786 4,948 11,890 4,338 4,715 4,436 13,489 13%
Advertising / Marketing 6,703 8,579 10,823 26,105 9,724 10,147 10,506 30,377 16%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 12,284 14,061 19,555 45,900 15,983 17,212 18,070 51,265 12%
Accounting / Finance 14,762 15,997 19,964 50,723 17,629 19,296 19,126 56,051 11%
Others 18,113 14,477 18,983 51,573 15,510 16,257 17,779 49,546 -4%
Average 12%


Singapore Q1 2011 Singapore Q2 2011
Jan Feb Mar Q1 
April May June Q2
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 17,705 16,787 23,395 57,887 23,645 24,890 26,633 75,168 30%
Property Management 506 457 741 1,704 695 614 644 1,953 15%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 7,057 6,585 8,887 22,529 9,034 9,102 9,819 27,955 24%
Merchandising / Purchasing 865 762 1,135 2,762 1,219 1,099 1,201 3,519 27%
Medical Service 1,864 1,681 2,245 5,790 2,416 2,228 2,358 7,002 21%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 865 839 1,056 2,760 1,039 1,132 1,254 3,425 24%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 8,081 6,768 8,902 23,751 8,758 8,756 8,972 26,486 12%
Human Resources / Training 4,836 4,495 6,018 15,349 5,990 6,583 7,011 19,584 28%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 14,361 12,861 17,324 44,546 17,734 18,577 18,719 55,030 24%
Editor / Reporter 59 50 44 153 32 40 39 111 -27%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 2,195 1,391 2,008 5,594 1,869 2,125 2,172 6,166 10%
Consultant / Analyst 332 225 225 782 309 304 308 921 18%
Art / Design / Creative 2,069 2,178 3,263 7,510 3,273 2,999 3,355 9,627 28%
Advertising / Marketing 4,064 3,979 5,357 13,400 5,528 5,169 5,702 16,399 22%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 8,980 8,271 11,291 28,542 11,137 10,713 11,866 33,716 18%
Accounting / Finance 12,383 10,979 15,263 38,625 15,495 15,347 15,744 46,586 21%
Others 7,309 7,253 10,235 24,797 10,771 10,219 10,669 31,659 28%
Average 19%


Japan Q1 2011 Japan Q2 2011
Jan Feb Mar Q1 
April May June Q2 
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 57,234 47,785 59,410 164,429 55,086 39,783 49,025 143,894 -12%
Property Management 52 65 51 168 55 66 110 231 37%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 198 193 159 550 204 201 494 899 63%
Merchandising / Purchasing 2 2 2 6 3 4 89 96 1492%
Medical Service 66,199 56,433 60,210 182,842 47,479 45,960 47,246 140,685 -23%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 612 609 618 1,839 588 519 684 1,791 -3%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 8,177 7,427 9,560 25,164 14,292 6,877 11,660 32,829 30%
Human Resources / Training 202 345 206 753 216 226 348 790 5%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 27,621 23,357 29,938 80,916 29,481 21,852 26,479 77,812 -4%
Editor / Reporter 96 79 56 231 67 78 194 339 47%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 81 64 76 221 83 81 188 352 59%
Consultant / Analyst 1,706 1,682 1,917 5,305 3,854 1,618 2,826 8,298 56%
Art / Design / Creative 2,546 2,310 2,634 7,490 6,303 1,843 4,319 12,465 66%
Advertising / Marketing 1,407 1,396 1,361 4,164 1,269 1,169 1,539 3,977 -4%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 9,025 8,089 9,301 26,415 13,917 6,490 10,536 30,943 17%
Accounting / Finance 4,602 3,968 4,306 12,876 5,193 3,733 4,725 13,651 6%
Others 2,201 2,066 2,447 6,714 4,524 2,006 6,528 13,058 94%
Average (excluding Merchandising / Purchasing) 27%


Mainland China Q1 2011 Mainland China Q2 2011
Jan Feb Mar Q1 
April May June Q2 
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 1,030,765 967,243 1,299,415 3,297,423 1,301,129 1,318,218 1,317,618 3,936,965 19%
Property Management 40,708 32,575 59,923 133,206 61,555 66,342 66,116 194,013 46%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 446,664 447,546 564,850 1,459,060 560,074 574,584 574,455 1,709,113 17%
Merchandising / Purchasing 25,708 17,311 31,018 74,037 31,428 32,142 31,727 95,297 29%
Medical Service 26,214 16,314 29,509 72,037 29,536 29,835 29,639 89,010 24%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 9,323 5,247 10,624 25,194 10,758 11,140 11,299 33,197 32%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 477,122 453,784 625,232 1,556,138 638,509 665,757 680,209 1,984,475 28%
Human Resources / Training 217,815 246,279 300,764 764,858 287,730 295,944 298,398 882,072 15%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 477,237 407,246 585,152 1,469,635 578,101 590,827 582,943 1,751,871 19%
Editor / Reporter 60,680 64,479 77,562 202,721 78,452 78,570 79,570 236,592 17%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 60,060 39,652 74,684 174,396 77,613 83,293 82,346 243,252 39%
Consultant / Analyst 89,693 94,709 118,728 303,130 118,636 122,625 124,220 365,481 21%
Art / Design / Creative 57,745 35,722 72,234 165,701 74,070 75,644 74,156 223,870 35%
Advertising / Marketing 386,959 379,945 524,642 1,291,546 520,571 530,960 528,135 1,579,666 22%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 94,681 55,910 110,963 261,554 112,591 116,594 115,191 344,376 32%
Accounting / Finance 246,123 218,714 314,923 779,760 314,846 323,727 320,947 959,520 23%
Others 121,219 78,045 144,964 344,228 148,005 156,966 163,358 468,329 36%
Average 27%


Malaysia Q1 2011 Malaysia Q2 2011 %
Jan Feb Mar Q1
April May June Q2
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 3,797 3,196 4,688 11,681 4,815 4,967 5,573 15,355 31%
Property Management 230 208 269 707 312 295 319 926 31%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 2,272 2,138 2,833 7,243 2,830 2,972 3,186 8,988 24%
Merchandising / Purchasing 48 50 40 138 39 30 39 108 -22%
Medical Service 182 145 245 572 240 280 307 827 45%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 191 160 258 609 235 260 252 747 23%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 2,155 1,944 2,432 6,531 2,557 2,684 2,580 7,821 20%
Human Resources / Training 78 46 37 161 63 43 55 161 0%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 3,595 3,740 4,373 11,708 4,440 4,572 4,603 13,615 16%
Editor / Reporter 81 70 100 251 99 95 102 296 18%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 645 559 794 1,998 741 804 799 2,344 17%
Consultant / Analyst 65 12 41 118 30 34 28 92 -22%
Art / Design / Creative 59 30 19 108 30 11 14 55 -49%
Advertising / Marketing 607 620 821 2,048 862 920 936 2,718 33%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 2,568 2,578 3,301 8,447 3,305 3,669 3,677 10,651 26%
Accounting / Finance 2,884 2,714 3,888 9,486 3,842 3,661 3,773 11,276 19%
Others 1,487 1,040 1,314 3,841 1,297 1,326 1,145 3,768 -2%
Average 12%


Korea Q1 2011 Korea Q2 2012 %
Jan Feb Mar Q1
April May June Q2
Retail Servicing / Sales / Business Development 26,899 22,638 44,934 94,471 41,842 42,125 28,302 112,269 19%
Property Management 1,883 1,291 2,797 5,971 2,637 2,934 3,052 8,623 44%
Operations (Product, Logistics) 20,187 17,232 33,573 70,992 27,427 27,136 17,518 72,081 2%
Merchandising / Purchasing 2,760 2,881 5,455 11,096 4,650 4,548 2,990 12,188 10%
Medical Service 1,841 822 3,311 5,974 2,793 2,774 2,232 7,799 31%
Lawyer / Solicitor / Barrister / Compliance Officer 2,829 2,992 5,800 11,621 6,237 5,961 3,534 15,732 35%
IT Supervisor / Manager / Programmer / Database Administrator 16,960 13,917 25,832 56,709 26,138 26,388 16,717 69,243 22%
Human Resources / Training 1,508 1,387 2,998 5,893 2,897 2,672 1,694 7,263 23%
Engineer / Surveyor / Architect / Technician 9,733 8,990 18,351 37,074 17,983 17,369 12,905 48,257 30%
Editor / Reporter 902 783 1,575 3,260 1,586 1,794 1,393 4,773 46%
Customer Service / Account Servicing 4,718 3,991 7,968 16,677 6,570 6,387 4,428 17,385 4%
Consultant / Analyst 853 887 1,825 3,565 1,860 1,543 1,379 4,782 34%
Art / Design / Creative 8,648 7,144 14,098 29,890 13,732 13,809 8,906 36,447 22%
Advertising / Marketing 5,365 4,888 9,446 19,699 9,633 9,173 6,436 25,242 28%
Administration / Clerical / Secretarial 6,777 7,121 14,458 28,356 13,356 13,245 8,643 35,244 24%
Accounting / Finance 8,094 8,083 16,040 32,217 16,086 14,920 10,862 41,868 30%
Others 15,356 12,882 22,152 50,390 18,876 18,649 14,251 51,776 3%
Average 24%


REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Increased Recruitment Activity Seen in Retail Services and Property Management

The Robert Walters Asia Job Index for Q2 2011 indicates that the increased level of job advertisements witnessed at the end of Q1 continued into the second quarter, as the recruitment activities across the region remained positive. Increased recruitment advertising activities were seen across all sectors particularly within industries such as retail services and property management which directly benefit from rising consumer confidence and spending.

The effects of the Japanese earthquake coupled with the weaker than expected economic figures from the US and Europe may have a negative impact on advertising activity levels in the later part of the year, as companies assess the effects of wage inflation and productivity of existing staff. Job churn is likely to continue however as candidates feel more positive about moving roles, incentivised by attractive financial packages.

“Q2 is a historically strong quarter in terms of job advertisements and this year in particular saw the region benefiting from the positive client and candidate sentiment that we saw at the end of Q1,” said Mark Ellwood,Managing Director, Robert Walters Asia (ex. Japan & Korea).

HONG KONG: Recruitment Momentum Continued Throughout Q2

Recruitment momentum continued throughout Q2 in Hong Kong following particularly high volumes of job advertisements at the end of Q1. The slight slow down experienced at the beginning of April coincided with the effects of the Japanese earthquake, negative US economic data and the implementation of monetary tightening policies in mainland China, following which levels began to increase in May and June. The region continued to see year-on-year growth in job advertisements with sectors such as retail services benefiting from an influx of tourists from mainland China. In May alone, retail sales grew by 27% year-on-year. Demand for logistics and operational roles also increased during the quarter by 21% as export levels remained high. Similarly, growing property prices which are currently 5% above their 1997 peak have resulted in an increased demand for associated roles.

“Recruitment activities in Hong Kong got off to a slow start at the beginning of April following weak US and European economic data. Despite this, growth over the course of the latter quarter indicates that confidence is high, both at a company and consumer level,” commented Matthew Bennett, Managing Director, Robert Walters Hong Kong.

SINGAPORE: Recruitment Level in Financial Services Increased Significantly

In Singapore, the number of job advertisements grew by 24% quarter-on-quarter as companies in both commerce and financial services enjoyed a healthier quarter following the more cautious outlook throughout Q1. This is further reflected in the significant 45% year-on-year growth experienced across the region. Recruitment levels in financial services in particular increased significantly by 21% on the back of positive banking results and increased market activity. Demand for luxury brands and consumer items remained high as indicated by the number of shopping centres under construction in the region, increasing job advertisements by 21% in the retail sector. This in turn had a knock on effect within the buoyant engineering and construction market, which saw a 24% rise in job advertisements as infrastructure projects fuel demand for facilities and construction managers.

“Recruitment activities within Q2 benefited from a renewed level of confidence as companies released better than expected results and the market experienced more activity. The outlook for upcoming months is broadly positive, particularly within those sectors that are directly fueled by increased consumer spending, such as property management and retail services,” said Andrea Ross, Managing Director, Robert Walters Singapore and Malaysia.

MALAYSIA: Increased Demand for Senior Roles within Financial Services

Job advertisements in Malaysia grew steadily during Q2, as the region started to show signs of growth. Finance and IT services in particular saw increased demand as growing numbers of overseas companies look to move into Malaysia for shared services. This resulted in an increase of 19% and 20% in finance and IT services job advertisements respectively. Renewed market confidence resulted in the market has resulted in an increase in demand for senior roles, particularly within financial services, where local banks invested in governance departments such as compliance and internal audit in order to mirror more mature market players. This in turn increased demand within HR services, as companies look to develop talent and retain valued employees.

“During Q2, levels of job advertisements increased substantially continuing with the positive outlook experienced at the start of the year. Companies are now beginning to move from being purely operational to being more strategically focused. This in turn requires finding more senior talents through job advertisements who can support this transition,” said Sally Raj, Country Manager, Robert Walters Malaysia.

MAINLAND CHINA: Strong Recruitment Demand from Chinese Domestic Companies and Ventures

Hiring levels across mainland China grew significantly during Q2 in what is a traditionally strong quarter across the country. With auditing complete and New Year celebrations over, recruitment activity levels were high. Property management in particular, saw significant hiring activities over the past quarter, with job advertisements rising 46% from Q1 to Q2 as the sector continues to boom. The economy remained healthy and whilst hiring predominantly came from multinational organisations, approximately 40% of recruitment demand is now coming from Chinese domestic companies and ventures. Candidate confidence has risen in conjunction with salary expectations. Candidates can now expect wage increases of between 20% and 30% when moving jobs or increases of between 10% and 15% within current employment. This is particularly evident within the financial services and IT sectors whereby companies are increasing wages in order to attract and retain the right employees.

Carter Yang, Managing Director, Robert Walters China commented: “Recruitment activity levels continued to rise during Q2 in mainland China, with strong growth seen across all sectors. Wage inflation has increased in parallel with living costs and the booming property market. This in turn drove demand for account servicing and business development roles within organisations looking to increase market share.”

JAPAN: Market Sentiment within Japan Remains Positive

Market sentiment in Japan during Q2 has remained optimistic, despite the impact of the March earthquake and tsunami which inevitably affected recruitment advertising activities during May and the beginning of June. The fall in job advertisements of 7.3% from Q1 to Q2 reflected the uncertainty following particularly strong levels of hiring in March. Whilst the outlook from many international head offices is that of caution, the sentiment within Japan remains positive and much of the caution has abated as indicated by the upturn in advertising levels in June. One sector that still suffers from a degree of conservatism is the medical industry. Recruitment activities fell by 23% over the quarter as many biotech companies reassessed their Japanese operations and considered opportunities for relocation. The country is also witnessing a “Patent Cliff” as large international drug companies put hiring on hold whilst awaiting the outcome of major drug patent expirations. In contrast, job advertisements in operations and logistics in particular increased by a significant 63% due to continuing reconstruction efforts and the rebuilding of supply chains. The increased focus on business continuity planning has also led to an increased demand for IT professionals to support and provide data centres and cloud computing services, leading to an increase of 30% in job advertisements.

David Swan, Managing Director, Robert Walters Japan & Korea said, “The March earthquake clearly had an impact on recruitment in the region, not only in terms of the umber of job advertisements, but also the relevance of certain sectors, as demonstrated by the demand for construction and IT professionals. The upswing in June suggests a positive outlook going forward, as companies begin to replace those roles within administration and account servicing that were cut back during the downturn. The rise in job advertisements within creative industries such as art and design is further evidence of the renewed consumer spending which companies are keen to take a share of.”

KOREA: Increase in Job Advertisements in Legal and IT Services

Comparable data for Korea remains limited but it is clear that job advertisements within Q2 increased significantly from Q1 across most industries as Korea continued to attract interest from multinational companies looking to take advantage of the growth potential within the area. As a result, job advertisements in legal services and IT services have risen by 35% and 22% to meet these outsourcing demands. Similarly, Korean companies buoyed by improving market sentiment are increasingly looking to expand internationally, increasing recruitment activity across a range of sectors. Financial services in particular has benefited from increased company and candidate confidence, fuelling an increase of 30% in job advertisements on account of higher levels of attrition and job churn.

“Job activities within Korea continued to benefit from Korea’s positioning as a growth market and the recent signing of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Korea is indicative of this. The region holds attractive opportunities for international companies and Koreans working abroad are increasingly looking to return home to take advantage of new roles,” Anthony Modrich, Country Manager, Robert Walters Koreacommented.


Robert Walters specialises in recruitment at a mid-senior executive level and is able to provide commentary on key trends across this segment of the market. The Robert Walters Asia Jobs Index tracks advertisements by number in the executive appointments sections of the following:

Hong Kong Singapore
Classified Post Straits Times (Daily)
Career Times (Friday Edition)
Fuel Magazine
Mainland China Japan Asahi Shinbun (Sunday & Monday morning edition) Nihon Keizai Shinbun (Sunday morning edition)
Malaysia Korea
The Star

For further information on the Asia Job Index or to subscribe to future releases, please visit Robert Walters’ dedicated micro-site at

For more information, please contact:

Robert Walters
Richard Parnell Andrea Ross
CEO Asia Pacific Managing Director
(ex. Japan & Korea) Singapore & Malaysia
Tel: +852-2103-5362 Tel: +65-6228-0200
Mark Ellwood Carter Yang
Managing Director Managing Director
Asia (ex. Japan & Korea) China
Tel: +65-6228-0200 Tel: +86-21-5153-5858
David Swan Sally Raj
Managing Director Country Manager
Japan & Korea Malaysia
Tel: +81-3-4570-1500 Tel: +60-3-2380-8705
Matthew Bennett Anthony Modrich
Managing Director Country Manager
Hong Kong Korea
Tel: +852-2103-5300 Tel: +82-2-6030-8811


SOURCE Robert Walters

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August 31, 2011 at 4:54 pm

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GlobalSign OneClickSSL Now Available through Parallels Partner Storefront

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2011-08-29 09:00 


Easy access to the revolutionary SSL provision and installation system for Hosting Companies and SMEs

SINGAPORE, Aug. 29, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — GlobalSign (, a specialist in SSL partner programs and security automation technologies, announces it has partnered with Parallels ( to offer its automated SSL delivery and installation technology, OneClickSSL, via the Parallels Storefront. OneClickSSL via Storefront will allow Plesk 10 users to resell fully automated SSL – opening up new revenue opportunities and greatly reducing hosting support costs. For users that employ SSL for their own websites, OneClickSSL automates the traditional SSL lifecycle, reducing management costs and making use of SSL simpler and faster.

With OneClickSSL, Plesk users simply activate SSL for their website by purchasing a Secure Site voucher, which can be purchased directly from GlobalSign or through partnering hosting companies. Customers then redeem the Secure Site voucher via the OneClickSSL plug-in integrated with Parallels Plesk. Redemption of the voucher simply involves the entry of the voucher code and a click of the Activate SSL button; the rest of the process is transparent.

The OneClickSSL plug-in automatically creates the cryptographic keys, the Certificate Signing Request (CSR), validates the control of the domain, installs the issued certificate and binds it to the appropriate website, all within 45 seconds, thus eliminating the SSL support overhead for the website owner or hosting company. OneClickSSL rewrites the SSL paradigm by moving away from the traditional, long-winded and error prone process of SSL provisioning and replaces it with an automated “click to Activate SSL” workflow easily understood by customers of all technical abilities.

“We are very excited to partner with GlobalSign and look forward to offering the most innovative SSL delivery mechanism that currently exists to our customer base,” said Bryan Goode, VP, GM Parallels Marketplace. “OneClickSSL fits perfectly with the Parallels automation philosophy and will further allow Plesk customers to focus on their core business.”

“Applying and installing SSL Certificates has caused headaches for customers and hosting companies for over 15 years, so we are delighted to see Parallels added OneClickSSL into the Parallels Storefront,” said Steve Waite, Chief Marketing Officer, GMO GlobalSign Inc. “OneClickSSL will allow Parallels’ thousands of hosting customers and SME end users direct access to automation technology to secure their websites in only seconds.”

OneClickSSL is now available via the Parallels Storefront for Plesk 10 and from the GlobalSign Parallels microsite at for previous versions of Plesk.

Customers interested in using OneClickSSL via Parallels Plesk can simply purchase a Secure Site voucher from GlobalSign at .

Hosting companies interested in offering OneClickSSL via the Parallels platform to their customer base can become a GlobalSign partner by contacting GlobalSign at

For further details please contact:

GlobalSign Singapore
Tel: (toll-free) 800-101-2546


SOURCE GMO GlobalSign Pte. Ltd

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1 Million Hectare World Record for Certified Sustainable Palm Oil

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2011-08-26 10:00 


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ —

Many firsts for RSPO: First million hectares of certified sustainable palm oil; First certification in Brazil; 5 million metric tonnes of certified sustainable palm oil.

Just within 3 years since the certification of sustainable palm oil (CSPO) by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a multi stakeholder initiative, the industry reaches a turning point by hitting its first 1 million hectares of certified production area around the world.

The achievement follows the certification of the mills and supply base of Agropalma, a leader in South America’s palm oil industry. It also marks the inaugural certification of sustainable palm oil in Brazil. With the certification of Agropalma, the global production of CSPO now boasts close to 5 million tonnes, representing a rapidly increasing volume of 10 percent of global palm oil production.

Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General, welcomes the achievement: “We are undoubtedly at the threshold of significant transformation with much affirmative advancement. We must continue to contend with challenges. Only then, can we celebrate the exhilaration of victory, as we do today.

“With the certification of Agropalma in Brazil, RSPO marks a new phase of expansion in Latin America. We commend and applaud Agropalma as well as our RSPO members from around the world for their leadership, contribution and dedication towards promoting sustainable palm oil and for seeking harmony through diversity. Our priority is to fortify RSPO as a truly global effort in the production of sustainable palm oil according to good environmental, social and economic standards.  Today’s landmark achievement encourages us to continue our vision and mission around the world.”

Marcello Brito, Commercial and Sustainability Director of the Agropalma Group comments: “The certification ensures the viability of sustainable production at the moment when we observe an increase of deforestation in the Amazon sphere. With this achievement, the Agropalma Group clearly illustrates the feasibility of developing a major crop production in the Brazilian Amazon region, according to the most relevant economic and social/environmental criteria, thus becoming an example to other producers and a new paradigm in the palm oil production in Brazil.”

Denilson Ferreira, Agroenergy Coordinator of Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil joins in the celebration: “The RSPO certification of Agropalma is a historic achievement to Brazilian agroindustry, a real source of pride. It positions the country in the world map, setting an inspiring benchmark of how Brazil exemplifies sustainable and responsible production. Agropalma should be recognized for inspiring the formulation of policies that constitute the Sustainable Palm Oil Production Program in Brazil, especially regarding biodiversity protection and social inclusion. It creates a deep conviction that we are doing what is right and in the right way. Congratulations to Agropalma.”

Webber concludes: “RSPO is confident that the certification of Agropalma will also bring concrete benefits to the local communities where the company operates. RSPO Principles & Criteria include social criteria for plantations which are directed at strengthening local people’s livelihoods.”

RSPO membership has increased by a whopping 30 percent since the beginning of 2011 with over 650 member organizations to date from 50 countries around the globe represented by a broad spectrum of industries from consumer goods manufacturers, cosmetics; processors & traders; financial sector; retailers; and non-governmental organizations.  As a member of RSPO, all these organizations are coming together to be a part of an ever increasing group of companies that are united behind one important mission: to transform the market for palm oil to one that is sustainable, environmentally and socially.

About RSPO

In response to the urgent and pressing global call for sustainably produced palm oil, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was formed in 2004 with the objective of promoting the growth and use of sustainable oil palm products through credible global standards and engagement of stakeholders. The seat of the association is in Zurich, Switzerland, while the secretariat is currently based in Kuala Lumpur with a satellite office in Jakarta.

RSPO is a not-for-profit association that unites stakeholders from seven sectors of the palm oil industry – oil palm producers, palm oil processors or traders, consumer goods manufacturers, retailers, banks and investors, environmental or nature conservation NGOs and social or developmental NGOs – to develop and implement global standards for sustainable palm oil.

Such multi-stakeholder representation is mirrored in the governance structure of RSPO such that seats in the Executive Board and project level Working Groups are fairly allocated to each sector. In this way, RSPO lives out the philosophy of the “roundtable” by giving equal rights to each stakeholder group to bring group-specific agendas to the roundtable, facilitating traditionally adversarial stakeholders and business competitors to work together towards a common objective and making decisions by consensus.

Contact for RSPO Secretariat:

Anne Gabriel, Communications Director
Tel: +60-3-2201-2053

Contact for Europe:
Hill & Knowlton, Tanno Massar
Tel: +32-2-231-5019

Contact for India:
IPAN Hill & Knowlton, Arneeta Vasudeva
Tel: +91-124-496-7316

Contact for China:
Hill & Knowlton, Peter Headden
Tel: +86-10-5861-7597


SOURCE Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

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Singapore’s a New One-Stop Website for Motorists

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2011-08-25 17:37 


SINGAPORE, Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — A new handy website that brings motorists all the latest news on cars, safe driving, car insurance and much more has been launched in Singapore.

This unique one-stop sharing platform will arm motorists with all the information they need to stay safe on our roads. It will also provide details about driving on the right side of the law as well as related topics that have been hotly debated in the local news such as the effects of driving distractions, cell phone usage and drink driving.

The mysterious world of car insurance in Singapore will be explained with a promise to its readers not to use any insurance jargon. It will also be giving the heads up about what to expect from various garages and workshops around the island.

The website is the brainchild of Singapore online insurance company It is part of the company’s initiative to increase public awareness on road safety.

Simon Birch, CEO of, said: “In line with the core values, we hope to ignite a conversation within the driving community with regards to improving safety on our roads. As a parent of young kids this is a cause that is very close to my heart. We also wanted to produce a website that offered everything about motoring in Singapore under one portal. At the moment that doesn’t really exist.”

For more details log onto

About is a new and innovative direct online insurance provider that began operations in June 2010. As a dedicated direct personal lines insurer, provides fast and easy access to insurance needs online. Fully licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, provides car, travel, home and personal accident insurance through our online website –, over the phone and its customer service centre in the CBD. is fully owned by Whittington Group, an international insurance investment business headquartered in Singapore, and is reinsured by Munich Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurers.

For media queries, please contact:

Rachelle Lee
Marketing Manager
Mobile: +65-9138-6138
Tel: +65-6603-3676



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Saxo Bank Announces New Shareholder

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2011-08-25 17:02 

SINGAPORE, Aug. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — The parent company of Saxo Capital Markets, Saxo Bank, is pleased to announce that TPG Capital, one of the world’s leading investment firms, will become a major shareholder in Saxo Bank.

Following a purchase agreement signed yesterday, a TPG Capital affiliate will acquire a 30% stake in the Company (along with an option to increase its stake to 40%) from existing investors, including General Atlantic, a global growth investor and Banco Espirito Santo, a leading Portuguese bank, amongst others. The founders, Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen will retain majority ownership and continue in their roles as CEOs, also in the event that TPG Capital exercises its option to acquire 40%. TPG Capital’s investment is subject to customary regulatory and competition authority approvals.

General Atlantic invested in Saxo Bank in 2005 and both Espirito Santo Financial Group and Banco Espirito Santo invested in Saxo Bank in 2008. Banco Espirito Santo will continue to build the commercial cooperation that the bank has had with Saxo Bank since 2008, namely through Banco BEST that is owned by both entities.

Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, founders, CEOs and majority shareholders in Saxo Bank said in a joint statement:

“We are delighted to welcome one of the world’s leading investment firms as a major shareholder and business partner. This new phase in Saxo Bank’s growth stems from the strong foundation built with the support from our selling shareholders, who have shared in our success to date.  We remain enthusiastic about Saxo Bank’s future and look forward to working with TPG Capital to capitalise on the many opportunities ahead.”

Asiff Hirji, Partner at TPG Capital said:

“Saxo Bank has achieved impressive growth and we look forward to supporting the future diversification strategy. TPG Capital has a strong track record of investing in and growing financial services businesses, particularly those seeking further expansion in emerging markets, where we see tremendous opportunities for Saxo Bank.  We look forward to working with its two founders and CEOs.”

Bill Ford, CEO of General Atlantic and Ricardo Salgado, CEO of Banco Espirito said in a joint statement:

“We have been pleased with our partnership with Saxo Bank over the last several years and consider this a very successful investment.”


Saxo Capital Markets Pte. Ltd. (“Saxo Capital Markets”) is licensed as a Capital Market Services provider and an Exempt Financial Advisor, and is supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

You should carefully consider whether trading in leveraged products is appropriate for you in the light of your financial circumstances. You should be aware that dealing in products that are highly leveraged carry significantly greater risk than non-geared investments such as share trading. As such, you could both gain and lose large amounts of money. You may sustain losses in excess of the moneys you initially deposit and also in excess of the margin required to establish and maintain any positions in leveraged products.

For further information, please see:

About Saxo Capital Markets

Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S, the Copenhagen-headquartered online trading and investment specialist. It serves as the Asia Pacific headquarters and holds a Capital Markets Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Saxo Capital Markets also holds a Commodity Broker licence from The International Enterprise Singapore.

Clients can trade Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives via SaxoWebTrader and SaxoTrader, its leading multi-asset online trading platforms.

SaxoTrader is available directly through Saxo Capital Markets or through one of its institutional clients. White labelling is a significant business area for Saxo Capital Markets, and involves customising and branding of its online trading platform for other financial institutions and brokers.

Saxo’s position as an established FX house and its leading role in the foreign exchange market has been recognised by the industry’s leading reviews. In 2011, the Saxo Bank Group picked up six awards at the Euromoney annual FX survey for the following categories: Best Improved Overall Market Share by Volume ($10bn – $25bn) and ($5bn – $10bn), Best Speed of Execution, Best Research and Analytics, Best Effective Risk Management and Execution Strategies and Best Integrated Workflow and Compliance Solutions. Saxo Bank was also named “Best Forex Broker in Northern Europe” and “Best White Label Solution Provider” in the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards 2011.

For more information, please visit

About TPG Capital

TPG Capital is the global buyout group of TPG, a leading private investment firm founded in 1992, with $48 billion of assets under management and offices in Beijing, Fort Worth, Hong Kong, London, Luxembourg, Melbourne, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo.  TPG Capital has deep global financial services expertise with investments that have included Bank Thai, BTPN, Fidelity National Information Services, Korea First Bank, LPL Financial Services, Shenzhen Development Bank, Shriram City Union Finance and Taishin Holdings, among others.  The Firm also has extensive technology experience with investments that have included Aptina, Hotwire, Intergraph, Lenovo, MEMC, Sabre Holdings, Seagate, SunGard, and Vertafore, among others.

Media contacts:

Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd
Celeste Fong


SOURCE Saxo Capital Markets

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Groupon Hong Kong and Jointly Launch First Group Buying Deal in Macau With City of Dreams “The House of Dancing Water” Bundle Offer

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MACAU, Aug. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Enjoy tremendous savings in Macau starting from today. Groupon Hong Kong and are launching the highly anticipated first deal for customers to purchase a pair of premium tickets to the world’s largest and most spectacular water based show — ‘The House of Dancing Water’, along with a set lunch or dinner and bottle of wine at two of City of Dreams’ signature restaurants.

(Photo: )
(Logo: )
(Logo: )

For an exclusive period, visitors can log on to both ) and to purchase this deal, which is unrivalled in any current group purchase offerings for visitors to Macau.

Both websites will offer local consumers and travellers unbeatable prices to a wide array of irresistible travel, dining, and entertainment packages to the glamorous destination of Macau.

‘The House of Dancing Water’ is the centerpiece of City of Dreams’ diverse entertainment offering. Since its grand opening in September 2010, ‘The House of Dancing Water’, the world’s largest and most spectacular water-based extravaganza, has been playing to packed houses and stellar reviews, and has welcomed over 700,000 spectators from all over the world.

A teaser campaign was released a week before the first deal, publicised through different social and media channels in Greater China.

“We’re proud to kick-start the Groupon Hong Kong and partnership and bring forth the best deals to one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment destinations – Macau,” said Kevin McKenzie Director of Ignite Media Group. “As a member of Ignite Media Group, is a sought-after online portal, providing a wide range of travel information in Macau. Now visitors can access Groupon’s deals for great packages in Macau without leaving our website.”

Macau is one of Asia’s premier travel destinations, with the number of visitors increasing at a fast pace. Nearly 25 million visitors descended on Macau in 2010 and more than half of them came from Mainland China.


Ignite Media Group is a growing media conglomerate of online, out-of-home and print enterprises dedicated to promoting Macau as a premier entertainment destination. Ignite Media Group is Macau’s dominant multi-platform company with a continuous media presence, engaging visitors from their homes till Macau’s very doorstep. The Group includes market-leading Macau brands:,,,, Destination Macau, EC-Ad, Directel Macau, Prism Productions,, New Macau Box Offices and Ignite Communications. Its operations have expanded to include Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Ignite Media Group is the exclusive Macau partner of CNNgo, Groupon, China Mobile, Tencent,, SINA, and

ABOUT MACAU.COM is the premier destination marketing and travel company for hotel accommodation, shows, and packaged tour products for Macau, Hong Kong and Southern China. With a secure and technologically advanced online booking engine,’s services are targeted at Macau-bound travelers coming from Mainland China, Hong Kong and high growth-tourist areas including Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Australia and North Asian markets such as Japan and Korea. is a member of Ignite Media Group, Macau’s leading media group with leadership positions in out-of-home, online, print media and publishing, and entertainment.


Groupon, launched in November 2008 in Chicago, features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, eat, see and buy in 43 countries around the world. Groupon uses collective buying power to offer huge discounts and provide a win-win for business and consumers, delivering more than 1,000 daily deals globally. To subscribe for the best deals in your city, visit

SOURCE﹛Ignite Media Group

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Singapore’s Leading Travel Meta-Search Site Tracks Users’ Clicks and Moves Online

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2011-08-24 18:27 


SINGAPORE, Aug. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ —

  • Tiger Airways, Jetstar Asia, Indonesia Air Asia and Lion Air making gains
  • Taiwan, Shanghai and Tokyo slide as Singaporeans stay closer to home
  • Tsunami effect on Tokyo traffic and fares

Given all the deals and disruption in the travel market over recent months, what have Singaporeans been searching for online? has taken a snapshot of 50,000 users’ flight choices, selected while searching its own and its partners’ websites across the Lion City. The results, compiled from a sample study this July, made interesting reading.

If the budget airlines at Changi Airport seem busier, it is due to huge uptake of low cost fares. Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia accounted for a quarter of all flight selections made, with Indonesia AirAsia and Lion Air displacing full-service brands in the top 10 airline rankings. Tiger Airways alone grew its share of and partner searches by 6 percentage points year-on-year.

Most frequently selected airlines

Ranking July 2010 July 2011
1 Tiger Airways Tiger Airways
2 Jetstar Asia Jetstar Asia
3 Singapore Airlines Cathay Pacific Airways
4 Cathay Pacific Airways Singapore Airlines
5 China Eastern Airlines China Eastern Airlines
6 Thai Airways Emirates
7 Malaysia Airlines Indonesia AirAsia
8 Xiamen Airlines Silk Air
9 Emirates Thai Airways
10 Silk Air Lion Air

Source: Wego Travel Insights, comparing July 2010-July 2011 selections across and its partner sites.

Cathay Pacific moved up to third place in the rankings, ahead of Singapore Airlines. This was largely attributable to its aggressive pricing on the Singapore-Tokyo route in the period following the March natural disaster in Japan. Cathay Pacific increased its share of selections from 4 to 36 percent year-on-year, at the expense of non-stop flights from Delta (formerly Northwest), United and ANA.

The low cost carriers are clearly stimulating growth in travel to closer to home destinations with Jakarta and Phuket climbing the top 10 destinations list at the expense of Shanghai and Tokyo, despite volumes of searches to both destinations also rising. And, with Seoul ousting London for 10th position, it’s intra-Asia all the way.

Most frequently searched-for flight destinations

Ranking  July 2010  July 2011
1 Bangkok Bangkok
2 Hong Kong Hong Kong
3 Taipei Taipei
4 Bali Jakarta
5 Shanghai Bali
6 Kuala Lumpur Phuket
7 Tokyo Kuala Lumpur
8 Jakarta Shanghai
9 Phuket Tokyo
10 London Seoul

Source: Wego Travel Insights, comparing July 2010-July 2011 selections across and its partner sites.

There were some notable downward shifts in pricing as well.  With the budget airlines firmly established on the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route, almost two-thirds of flights selected were priced below S$50 this July compared with half in July 2010.  Also, two-thirds of Hong Kong selections were below S$300 compared with only 30% last year, driven by both capacity increases and more low cost airline frequencies.

Martin Symes, CEO at Wego explained: “There are many factors at play, but it is clear from the numbers that the budget carriers have hit on a winning strategy in Singapore. Their next challenge is establishing brand loyalty – as more competition approaches this dynamic outbound market.”

Wego Travel Insights will look next at Asia’s hotel market, publishing analysis in a fresh report due out in the fourth quarter 2011.

About Wego Travel Insights

Wego Travel Insights represent the compiled data and analysis of travel searches conducted on travel comparison site and partner websites within the region. These include MSN, Yahoo!, eBay, Via Singapore, Detik Indonesia and

This edition is based on a sample of 50,000 searches conducted in Singapore in July 2011 and measures two points of customer contact. The first is when customers key their travel search queries into Wego’s search engine. Based on Wego’s results generated by travel partners, it then measures the travel options chosen to best suit their needs.

Wego’s results are compiled from various travel partners such as Agoda,, Expedia, Asia Travel, Priceline as well as all major full service and low cost airlines.

About Wego allows travellers to search for flights, hotels, packages, travel deals and research across 130+ travel websites in the time that it normally takes to search just one.  Wego searches travel websites in real-time so that the latest pricing and availability are shown. Travellers are then linked through to partner websites to book. was founded in 2005 by former executives from Intercontinental Hotels Group, Yahoo!, Priceline and ZUJI. Investors include News Digital Media and Tiger Global. In November 2010, Wego merged with HolidayIQ, an Indian based travel content and community site.

For more information, please visit:



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GlobalSign Survey Reveals Challenges Facing the SSL Reseller Industry and the Need for Workflow Automation

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2011-08-23 14:02 


Intra-industry competition and antiquated SSL workflow labelled the biggest barriers

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — GlobalSign (, a specialist in SSL partner programs and security automation technologies, on Aug. 8 2011, announced results of a survey revealing the challenges SSL resellers face, including an extremely competitive industry, an antiquated workflow, and increasingly complex hosting technical environments requiring flexible SSL technology. The survey included responses from 240 SSL resellers from the United States and Europe.

The hosting industry is a very competitive market landscape with thousands of companies reselling SSL. Gaining a competitive edge is extremely difficult, as indicated by the eighty percent of respondents who identified industry competition as the number one challenge to reselling SSL Certificates. Adding to the challenge is the confusion that seems to surround SSL. With seventy-five percent of respondents reporting difficulty marketing SSL and sixty-nine percent of respondents reporting a challenge explaining the value proposition, it is clear that customers are still unsure of SSL. SSL providers, hosting companies, and the press need to continue explaining the significance and benefits of SSL via all channels.

Adding to the confusion surrounding SSL is the slow and error prone lifecycle, which hasn’t changed much since it was created in 1996. Automation is consistently brought up within reselling circles as a solution to this problem. When respondents were asked why they would consider implementing an automated solution, almost equal importance was placed on reducing time spent managing SSL and improving delivery speed to customers. It is clear that both resellers and customers are feeling the consequences of the outdated SSL workflow.

“SSL should be a value-add for hosting companies. Instead organizations end up spending valuable time and resources managing problems that arise with the current, antiquated SSL workflow,” said Steve Waite, Chief Marketing Officer, GlobalSign. “It is time for SSL to join the 21st century and automation is the way to do it, which is why we’ve recently launched a revolutionary technology, OneClickSSL, which completely automates the SSL lifecycle, eliminating the support overhead for the reseller thus allowing organizations to focus on their core business and increase their SSL margins.”

For further details please contact:

GlobalSign Singapore
Tel: (toll-free) 800-101-2546


SOURCE GMO GlobalSign Pte. Ltd

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AIA Announces New Senior Management Changes

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HONG KONG, Aug. 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — AIA Group Limited (AIA), the leading pan-Asian life insurance group, is pleased to announce three appointments which will help AIA continue to deliver outstanding business results and additional value for shareholders under the leadership of a world-class senior management team.

AIA has appointed Damien Green as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Group Corporate Solutions (GCS), a newly created role overseeing AIA’s group insurance and employee benefits operations across all of its 15 Asia Pacific markets, including Australia. Mr. Green, currently CEO of AIA Australia Limited (AIA Australia), will be succeeded by Peter Crewe, currently President Director and CEO of PT AIA Financial in Indonesia (AIA Indonesia). AIA Group has also named Carl Gustini, who joins AIA from Manulife, to succeed Mr. Crewe as President Director and CEO of AIA Indonesia. All three appointments will be effective 1 December 2011.

Based in Hong Kong and reporting to AIA Regional Managing Director Gordon Watson, Mr. Green will be responsible for developing the Company’s GCS business including employee benefits, pensions and credit life. AIA’s total premiums for GCS rose 25% in 2010 versus the previous year. Under Mr. Green’s guidance, AIA in 2010 continued to be the market leader in GCS in Australia. AIA has built similarly strong businesses in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, serving more than 100,000 corporate clients across Asia with more than 10 million participating members as of 31 May 2011.

“Since joining AIA Australia in October 2006, Damien has led considerable growth across the business, particularly over the last two years in his role as CEO of AIA Australia,” said Mark Tucker, AIA’s Group Chief Executive and President. “I am confident that Damien will bring a unique perspective, depth of experience, and the passion that is the hallmark characteristic of everything he does, to this vitally important role for the Group.”

Mr. Crewe, the incoming AIA Australia CEO, has more than 20 years of industry experience and a proven track record in employee benefits, retirement and wealth management. Prior to Indonesia, Mr. Crewe was Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of GCS and was concurrently Managing Director of AIA Pension and Trustee Company Limited and CEO of AIA Trustee (Company) Limited. He will report to AIA Regional Managing Director Ng Keng Hooi.

“Under Peter’s leadership, AIA Indonesia has gone from strength to strength. His customer focus, depth and breadth of experience across many lines of business, as well as his expertise in group insurance and employee benefits, position him very well to take on the important role of CEO AIA Australia,” Mr. Tucker said.

Mr. Gustini joins AIA Indonesia from Manulife Vietnam where he was General Director and CEO for the past 18 months. Prior to that, Mr. Gustini was country manager for Manulife in the Philippines.

The bulk of Mr. Gustini’s 29 years in the industry has been with AIG. In the Philippines, he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Philam Equitable Life Assurance Company for two years and, previous to that, First Vice President with responsibility for developing alternate distribution channel for two years. Mr. Gustini was also with AIG in Australia for 19 years in a variety of management roles, including that of National Director of Agencies and as Director of Accident & Health and Direct Marketing. During his early years with AIG Australia, Mr. Gustini gained hands on experience in Underwriting, Operations, Employees Benefits and Group Management. Mr. Gustini will report to AIA Regional Managing Director Huynh Thanh Phong.

“We are delighted to welcome Carl, with all of his experience and expertise, as a member of our leadership team,” said Mr. Tucker.

“These appointments further strengthen the leadership of AIA Group as a robust business with exciting growth prospects; a group that is deeply rooted in and wholly focused on the most dynamic region in the world,” Mr. Tucker added.

About the AIA Group

AIA Group Limited and its subsidiaries comprise the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance group in the world. It has wholly-owned main operating subsidiaries or branches in 14 markets in Asia Pacific – Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, New Zealand, Macau and Brunei and a 26% joint venture shareholding in India.

The business that is now AIA was first established in Shanghai over 90 years ago. It is a market leader in the Asia Pacific region (ex-Japan) based on life insurance premiums and holds leading positions across the majority of its markets. It has total assets of US$115,782 million as of 31 May 2011.

AIA meets the savings and protection needs of individuals by offering a comprehensive suite of products and services including retirement planning, life insurance and accident and health insurance. The Group also provides employee benefits, credit life and pension services to corporate clients. Through an extensive network of more than 230,000 agents and approximately 20,000 employees across Asia Pacific, AIA serves the holders of over 23 million individual policies and over 10 million participating members of group schemes.

AIA is listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited under the stock code ‘1299’ with American Depositary Receipts (Level 1) being traded on the OTC market (ticker symbol: “AAGIY”).

Paul Scanlon +852-2832-6178
Sonia Tsang +852-2832-1868
Emerald Ng +852-2382-4720

Investment Community
Paul Lloyd +852-2832-6160
Angela Chang +852-2832-5480
Feon Lee +852-2832-4704

SOURCE﹛AIA Group Limited (AIA)


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Saxo Bank Releases Half Year Results

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2011-08-19 20:00 

HONG KONG, Aug. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited’s parent company, Saxo Bank, has reported a net profit of DKK 346 million for the first six months of 2011. The result which is in line with expectations represents an increase of 375% over the second half of 2010, and a decrease of 37% compared with the first six months of 2010, when market activity and volatility were unusually high.

  • Operating income DKK 1,772 million (DKK 1,992 million)
  • Profit before tax DKK 474 million (DKK 729 million)
  • Net profit DKK 346 million (DKK 551 million)
  • Solvency ratio 12.3% (19.2%)
  • Clients’ collateral deposits DKK 32,855 million (DKK 26,590 million)
  • Assets under management DKK 32,357 million (DKK 24,606 million)

Saxo Bank Group saw a significant increase in average monthly volumes traded in CFD stock indices, single stocks and commodities, cash stocks, FX options and futures compared to the same period last year. Monthly FX volumes averaged approximately DKK 1.2 trillion in the first half of 2011, with lower trading volumes in the first quarter and a pick up in the second.

While the overall trader and investor activity level was moderate in the first half of 2011, the Group saw continued growth in clients’ collateral deposits and assets under management, which are the foundation for future business and profits. Total assets under management in Saxo Bank Group’s trading business increased from DKK 31.2 billion as of 31 December 2010 to DKK 32.4 billion as of 30 June 2011. Clients’ collateral deposits in the Group’s asset management business increased from DKK 31.3 billion as of 31 December 2010 to DKK 32.9 billion as of 30 June 2011.

Operating income for the first six months of 2011 reached DKK 1,772 million for the Group. This is lower compared to the same period in 2010, but represents an increase in trading-related income following on from the second half of 2010.

Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen, co-founders and CEOs of Saxo Bank A/S, said in a joint statement:

“Saxo Bank achieved a satisfactory half-year net profit fully in line with expectations, despite general market conditions which reduced risk appetite in the economy and dampened capital market activities. While keeping a close eye on overall cost developments, Saxo Bank will keep its focus on expanding our products and services as well as optimising the efficiency and profitability of our operations. Overall, we believe the Group has a solid foundation for current and future operations and we expect to continue to create value for our stakeholders.”

About Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited

Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saxo Bank A/S, an online trading and investment specialist. The company holds a Type 1 Regulated Activity (dealing in securities) and Type 3 Regulated Activity (leveraged foreign exchange trading) licenses issued by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited offers local trading services and expertise to private and institutional clients via SaxoTrader, its award-winning multi-asset trading platform. SaxoTrader is available directly through Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited or through any of its White Label Clients. White Labelling is a significant business area for Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited, and involves customising and branding of its online trading platform for other financial institutions and brokers.

The Saxo Bank Group is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, and the United Arab Emirates.

Saxo’s position as an established FX house and its leading role in the foreign exchange market has been recognised by the industry’s leading reviews. In 2011, the Saxo Bank Group picked up six awards at the Euromoney annual FX survey for the following categories: Best Improved Overall Market Share by Volume ($10bn – $25bn) and ($5bn – $10bn), Best Speed of Execution, Best Research and Analytics, Best Effective Risk Management and Execution Strategies and Best Integrated Workflow and Compliance Solutions. Saxo Bank was also named “Best Forex Broker in Northern Europe” and “Best White Label Solution Provider” in the World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards 2011.

For more information, please visit

Media contacts:

Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd
Celeste Fong


SOURCE Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited

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