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CNN Visits Jakarta and Tanjung Priok for ‘The Gateway’

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The Gateway from Jakarta airs at the following time in Jakarta: Sat, September 22 at 23:45 and Sun, September 23 at 14:45.
HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — This month on ‘The Gateway’, CNN correspondent Sara Sidner takes viewers to Jakarta, Indonesia, to explore the country’s largest seaport and the logistics behind it. The program will investigate the following stories:

CNN’s ‘The Gateway’ show visits Jakarta
Growing Pains – In the first quarter of 2012, Indonesia’s exports, which account for around 26% of GDP, were up 7.8% from a year earlier. But the country’s infrastructure has struggled to keep up. At the Port of Tanjung Priok, while annual volume of cargo has increased threefold, space remains at a premium. CNN meets one exporter who demonstrates his daily routine that involves plenty of ingenuity to keep his business working through Indonesia’s growing pains.
From Regional to Global – Jakarta is uniquely positioned at the center of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. And while it’s always been the hub of Indonesia, the country’s largest port has bigger ambitions. CNN reports on an ambitious plan to transform Tanjung Priok from a regional port to a global one. Last year, 18% of goods destined for Indonesia went through Singapore. Port officials in Jakarta intend to bring the number below 10%.
Securing the Port – CNN heads out with the Indonesian Coast Guard and meets a female captain dedicated to keeping Tanjung Priok a safe port of call.
A History at Sea – Jakarta has always been a city built on trade. Built on the world’s largest archipelago, that trade has always been linked to the sea. Just minutes from the modern Tanjung Priok, Jakarta’s ancient port is still active. CNN boards a traditional Pinisi schooner and connects with the city’s seafaring history.
About ‘The Gateway’:
‘The Gateway’ goes behind the scenes of the world’s major transport hubs, revealing the logistics that keep goods and people moving. The program’s compilation airs each month on CNN International.
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