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New Action Hero ‘Shahzel Syed’s ‘Combativo’ Hitting Worldwide Digital Screens this Summer Against All Odds

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan/PRNewswire/ — Rising action star and filmmaker from South Asia Shahzel Syed’s ‘Combativo’, the first full action movie of Pakistan has stirred craze among action fans across the globe after the release of its second trailer and is set to release globally on demand on digital screens by the end of June. The movie is an intense actioner filled with entertainment for action fans around the world.

Actor Shahzel Syed in a promotional image for action movie Combativo
Actor Shahzel Syed in a promotional image for action movie Combativo
The film has been produced under the banner of Shah Productions, which is an International film production company that the actor had created for the production of action adventure movies and high quality entertainment content.

“It has been a long and tough journey making this action movie independently and working against all kinds of odds. And now with the online launch of the second trailer, it is motivating to see that the global fanbase of our film has grown more,” said Shahzel Syed, the lead actor who also directed and wrote the movie.

Combativo’s story is about a former anti-terrorist commando going on a personal mission to eliminate a powerful criminal-terrorist mafia operating in Southern Asia. “The movie has revitalized realistic action,” Shahzel Syed said. “In this movie, unlike what you usually watch, there is no fancy fighting action done by wires in which people are flying in the air and get stuck in slow motion. What we are going to show the audiences is realistic hard hitting action, which is kind of old school but true action lovers still like that.”

Releasing his movie is going to face immense challenges in the International market as the global cinema market is dominated by big budget studio films, “The patience of our global fans is running out and they want to see the film on cineplexes in their countries. As we lack a big promotion budget, this has been the biggest limitation in securing a wider theatrical release but as negotiations with the International film distributors in different countries are going on and taking time to finalize. We are starting with online on demand release of the movie so worldwide fans can have quick access to the film,” said Shahzel Syed who has just attended the Cannes film market. In spite of all the odds, he is releasing the movie on major global digital platforms like Amazon and similar others. The movie is also available on the movie’s official website through a dedicated Vod service exclusively for this movie that his team has developed.

Combativo is poised to become a new martial arts action movie franchise. Fans will not have to wait much longer now and will finally be able to see Combativo with English subtitles by this mid summer.

Movie’s Social Media Page:
Combativo IMDB Page: IMDB Page
Combativo Trailer on social media
Official Trailer Combativo

About Shah Productions

Shah Productions is an international film production company formed in 2009 by Shahzel Syed and is presently based in Islamabad, Pakistan. The production operations taken by the company encompass production of motion pictures, Television entertainment content and production services for film and TV commercials. The company specializes in making Action/Adventure films and also works in collaboration with filmmakers and creative artists around the globe. Shah Productions can be found on the world wide web at

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Source: Shah Productions

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