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APEX Launches The 2015 Passenger Choice Awards!

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NEW YORK, May 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — If you have traveled by air recently, your opinion can help determine which airlines should be honored for the passenger experience they provide. Recognized as the industry’s most prestigious award influenced by actual passenger feedback, the Passenger Choice Awards is a yearly program that invites passengers from around the world to rate their experience by way of an online survey.

Created to let passengers share their thoughts on the inflight experience with the airline industry, the awards provide valuable and candid passenger insight. Participants will rate airlines based on ground experience, cabin comfort, entertainment options, connectivity and more. Passengers may complete the customizable survey at as often as they would like from May 1 to June 30.

“Each survey is scientifically tabulated by global consumer data leader The Nielsen Company in order to rate global airlines based on how well they perform,” said Russ Lemieux, Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) Executive Director. “Participating airlines not only have access to your direct feedback, but the survey you submit and the resulting awards provide an incentive to do everything they can to improve the passenger experience.”

Winners are announced each fall at the APEX Awards Ceremony, this year taking place Sept. 28 in Portland, OR USA. Finalists will be determined by passenger feedback, with APEX members naming the winners. OnBoard International is the translation sponsor for the 2015 Passenger Choice Awards.

About the Passenger Choice Awards
The Passenger Choice Awards were created to give voice to airline passengers. To complete the survey, visit, be sure to visit the Passenger Choice Awards fan pages on Facebook and Twitter.

About APEX
The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) encompasses a network of businesses and professionals that are committed to providing a world-class airline experience for passengers around the globe. Every day, APEX members evaluate the passenger experience through an influential community and are improving every aspect of the airline experience: from designing, building and installing seating, entertainment and communications systems on commercial aircraft, to airport lounges and inflight dining. APEX works to strengthen the industry and enable business opportunities through education, innovation, networking and recognition.

Chris Peterson
Communications Specialist, APEX

Source: Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)

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TripAdvisor: A key for hotel and airline success on mobile

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— Correlation between app owners and other travel apps is very high
BOSTON, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — According to the recent report TripAdvisor: A Gateway App published by Strategy Analytics, TripAdvisor users are on average 3x more likely to own an airline, hotel or OTA app than those without TripAdvisor installed. As travel apps continue to grow their installed base, TripAdvisor could be the travel industry’s key to finding an engaged audience.

Click here for the report:

Travel App Installed Base
Travel App Installed Base
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Logo –

According to AppOptix, travel apps represent less than 1% of all mobile device sessions. Further, hotel and airline apps have a sub 3% installed base. To say it is difficult to find engaged travel users on mobile is an understatement. However, TripAdvisor transcends these paradigms. It has an installed base in excess of 10% while also being highly correlated to ownership of other travel apps.

Despite this higher correlation there are still many TripAdvisor owners that have yet to install a hotel, airline or OTA app. This headroom makes TripAdvisor an important channel for travel companies as they seek to gain exposure with mobile users. Hotels are investing heavily in new features – such as app based room keys – that need broader adoption. Airlines too are investing in apps – integrating new technology such as passport scanning – but are being outmaneuvered by Google Now.

According to Josh Martin, Travel Analytics Research Service Director, “As TripAdvisor continues to define its mobile strategy – partnering with those in travel to promote their brands alongside highlighted destinations – could be a win for all in the industry. In order to earn return on their app investments companies need to increase usage and TripAdvisor is a channel to finding those that are highly interested in travel.”

TripAdvisor: A Gateway App? is available now.

About Strategy Analytics
Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides the competitive edge with advisory services, consulting and actionable market intelligence for emerging technology, mobile and wireless, digital consumer and automotive electronics companies. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Strategy Analytics delivers insights for enterprise success.

Primary Contact

Joshua Martin

+1 617.614.0770

Secondary Contact

Barry Gilbert

+1 617.614.0701

Photo –

Source: Strategy Analytics

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Morphosis Architects Unveil Design of New Luxury Hotel in Vals, Switzerland

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NEW YORK, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Morphosis Architects and 7132 Ltd are proud to announce their collaboration for a new luxury hotel in Vals, Switzerland. The design for the hotel is driven by the desire to create an unprecedented experience of the alpine landscape, and was unveiled at a celebration in New York on March 23rd.

Photo –

The unveiling of the design follows an international competition launched by 7132 Ltd last June, in which eight of the world’s leading architectural practices contended for the opportunity to design the hotel. Morphosis was selected by the client for the strength of their proposal, which uses a minimalist approach to help the hotel blend with the mountain landscape at the existing resort campus. The new hotel and arrival is defined by three forms: a podium linking the building with neighboring structures; a cantilever containing a restaurant, café, spa, and bar – public amenities shared with the town; and a tower holding a sky bar, restaurant, and 107 guest rooms with panoramic views.

With the completion of the hotel, the 7132 resort will feature buildings by three Pritzker Prize winning architects, including the internationally renowned Therme Vals spa designed by Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and the Valser Path by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, which is slated for completion in 2017.

“The transparent and slim ‘7132 Tower’ designed by Thom Mayne of Morphosis will create a completely new world of hospitality in Vals,” Ando says. “I believe it will harmonize in the beautiful landscape and will attract and impress various guests and visitors from all over the world. I would like to respect ‘Vals Therme’ by Peter Zumthor and look forward seeing the harmony with ‘7132 Tower’ by Thom Mayne and ‘Valser Path’ by myself in the village of Vals.”

The resort’s ongoing development is born out of the collaboration between the complex’s long-time Executive Director Pius Truffer and 7132 Ltd founder Remo Stoffel, both local residents who were born and raised in Vals. The group has owned and operated the Therme Vals since 2012, when 7132 Ltd purchased the resort from the municipality. As a local company, 7132 Ltd is committed to supporting a thriving, carefully guided model for tourism in the valley, especially with consideration for a growing world-wide interest in alpine tourism.

The new hotel and arrival represents the first project in Switzerland for Morphosis Architects. The architectural firm, which was founded in 1972 by Design Director Thom Mayne and today is based out of Los Angeles and New York, is renowned for their design of buildings and masterplans that prioritize social interaction and sustainability. Representing a wide range of building and client types, the firm’s work often appears in urban settings that demand careful attention to context.

Commenting on the opportunity, Mayne says “Specificity is really the central driver in our practice. Each design starts from unique conditions in site, program, performance… The architectural solution generated is correspondingly unique to each project. For the 7132 hotel and arrival, the incredible setting demands reducing materiality and presence in the design so that, as in all our work, the connection to site becomes paramount. As much as possible, the hotel is a minimalist act that re-iterates the site and offers to the viewer a mirrored, refracted perspective of the landscape.”

About Morphosis
Morphosis is a collaborative architectural practice negotiating the technological, political, and cultural intersections of architecture, urbanism, and design. With projects built internationally, our work traverses a broad range of typologies, scales and contexts across the public and private sector. Drawing from iterative, integrative methodologies and driven by research, we endeavor towards innovative solutions that are responsive to and generate from the specificity of each project. We challenge advanced technologies to reconfigure the intersection of form and performance, yielding buildings and urban environments that are iconic and sustainable. Since its founding in 1972 by Design Director Thom Mayne, Morphosis has received 25 Progressive Architecture awards, over 100 American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards, and numerous other honors. Morphosis buildings and projects have been published extensively; the firm has been the subject of 25 monographs and numerous exhibitions. We maintain offices in Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai. Further information for Morphosis may be found through the firm’s website:

About 7132 Ltd
When the people of Vals decided at the ballot box to sell their thermal baths and Hotel – until then public property – to entrepreneur Remo Stoffel, they not only handed him the town’s architectural jewel, but also a high level of trust.

The construction of Peter Zumthor’s Therme with its distinct Valser Stone facades initiated Vals’ reputation as an architecture Mecca. Mr. Stoffel, himself a native of Vals, is dedicated to maintaining and cultivating this identity with regard to further developments.

After the purchase, he renamed the enterprise 7132, after the town’s post code. What an unusual name for a hotel! 7132 is in private hands, but the area of communal responsibility extends beyond the Therme gates. 7132 is more than a branding stunt. It is a bold vision for Vals, proposing a new tourism model for the Swiss Alps, away from mass tourism. We are aiming at offering a subtler and more exclusive hotel experience. For this purpose, 7132 sought the partnership of world-renowned architects who will help create a truly unique tourism product. The commissioning of Morphosis, Tadao Ando and Kengo Kuma demonstrates that Vals will continue to appeal to those with an affinity for extraordinary architecture and design.

Mr. Stoffel has teamed up with Pius Truffer, who has played a crucial role in putting Vals on the map of modern architecture. Together they make up the management board of 7132. Mrs. Sonja Dietrich acts as managing director of the hotel, a position she already held previously. Furthermore, the company employs 150 people at its current size. It is one of the largest hotels in Switzerland.

Source: Morphosis Architects

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Hamburg is Germany’s Nominee for the 2024 Olympic Games

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HAMBURG, Germany, March 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Today the General Assembly of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has voted in favour of Hamburg as the official German nominee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The north German city of Hamburg prevailed over Berlin and aims to present games with short distances, on the water and in the heart of Europe’s second largest port.

Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz comments: “It would be excellent for Germany to host the Olympics for the first time since 1972. Not only the German sports sector, but also Germany as a whole would greatly benefit from hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games. It would be a great honour for us to welcome the world to Hamburg.”

The concept is sustainable and compact: An industrial-site in the port will be converted into the “Olympic City”, including the Olympic Village and the Olympic Park. The new quarter is situated only one kilometre from the city centre and will be changed into an inner city residential area after the Olympics. The Olympic Hall will be transformed into a cruise terminal and the Olympic Stadium will be largely retained for subsequent use. Moreover, the Hamburg Olympics will be climate-neutral, as energy demand and transport policies will focus on CO2 neutrality. The majority of competition venues will be within easy reach within a radius of 10 kilometres, perfect for using bikes. For Hamburg, the Olympic Games are a prime urban development project for the future, connecting the city center with suburbs south of the river Elbe.

In 2024, Hamburg aims to host games that are close to the public. During the last weeks Hamburg’s locals showcased their support and enthusiasm for the Olympics with more than 100 events held across the city. To support the decision, the DOSB conducted a representative survey in the applicant cities: 64 percent in Hamburg voted in favour of the games. The final decision will be taken by the citizens in autumn with a referendum on the official application.

Hamburg Marketing GmbH
Guido Neumann


Source: Hamburg Marketing GmbH

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Expedia Extends Mobile Dominance with its Recent Acquisition Strategy

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— Consumers rely on Expedia more when using their mobile devices

PRNewswire/ — According to the recent report Priceline versus Expedia: The Battle for the Future published by Strategy Analytics the two Online Travel Agencies are successfully courting distinct users. But the strategy has led Expedia to own more than 60% of all sessions despite a smaller installed base.

Installed Base of Priceline and Expedia
Installed Base of Priceline and Expedia
Click here for the report:

Despite appealing to different demographics both Priceline and Expedia face challenges in growing the overall market. Today, less than 6% of AppOptix panelists have Expedia or Travelocity installed on their mobile device and just .5% have both apps installed.

The biggest question the companies face is which strategy will help them succeed in the long term? As travel becomes a more local experience Priceline’s acquisition of OpenTable – if integrated into the broader Priceline ecosystem – could be an important tool and an indication their strategy is best devised. Today, just 37% of the Priceline installed base also has OpenTable Installed. This figure represents less than 25% of the entire OpenTable Installed base presenting a good branding opportunity.

Expedia on the other hand may want to consider utilizing the installed base of newly acquired apps to bolster usage of its main application. Orbitz in fact has a higher installed base than either Priceline or Expedia with just a 27% shared installed base with Expedia. Travelocity has a much smaller installed base and integrating into the main Expedia app could provide sufficient cost savings.

According to Josh Martin, Travel Analytics Research Service Director, “Priceline and Expedia are both developing unique and interesting growth strategies. By understanding the user bases of recent and potential acquisitions and mapping that to future growth these companies can determine the best promotion and integration strategies. In addition, companies may purchase hidden gems such as Orbitz which has proven very strong in mobile.”

Priceline versus Expedia: The Battle for the Future – which provides in depth analysis of these OTAs as well as the best ways to reach their respective installed bases is now available.

Photo –
Logo –

Source: Strategy Analytics

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New Promotion Adds Free Day of Travel to Eurail Passes

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-Regional and One-Country Promotional Passes come with more time to explore Europe

PRNewswire/ — Eurail is providing all its early-bird planners with an extra rail travel day. From March 1st through April 30th, all Regional and One-Country Passes will come with one free additional travel day and the flexibility to begin the journey any time within six months of the purchase date.

The Eurail One Country Pass gives travelers the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with the diversity and culture of a particular European country, with a list of 20 nations to choose from. The Eurail Regional Pass is valid for travel in two bordering European countries, with 25 country possibilities to fill an itinerary.

For travelers who want to see even more of Europe, Eurail is also offering extra travel days for Global Passes purchased through the end of March. Passengers can enjoy up to five free days of rail travel with their Global Passes, which offer access to 28 countries.

“With Eurail, nearly all of Europe is at a traveler’s fingertips – and, for now, with extra free travel days. This means that Eurail passengers can meet more people, see more sights, and enjoy more activities on their European rail adventure”, says Silvia Gorlach, Eurail’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

In addition to the free-day promotions, Eurailers of all ages can take advantage of recent updates to the product portfolio, which include the first-class Youth Pass and the Family Concept. The latter allows up to two children 11 and younger to travel for free with an Adult Pass holder.

Eurail Passes are available from a worldwide network of Authorized General Sales Agents and on For more information please visit:

Eurail Group G.I.E., the organization dedicated to the marketing and management of the Eurail and Interrail passes, is wholly owned by 30 participating railways and shipping companies. In addition, the group has many benefit partners, including hotels, transport companies and museums, which offer their services either at a reduced rate or free of charge to rail pass holders.

Source: Eurail Group G.I.E.

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ONE15 Christmas Boat Light Parade Announces Key and Contributing Sponsors

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SINGAPORE, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ONE15 Christmas Boat Light Parade announces its key sponsor,DBS Insignia Visa Infinite Card, and contributing sponsors, W Singapore – Sentosa Cove and World Sport Group.

ONE15 Christmas Boat Light Parade is proudly presented by ONE15 Marina Club. The event will take place on the evenings of 6 and 13 December 2014 (Saturday). Held for the first time this year on local Singapore waters, the parade will include about 12 to 15 power and sail boats of different lengths decked out in Christmas lights and decorations to the theme of A Tropical Christmas on Water.

“We are thrilled to lend our support to one of the season’s most unique events, and most possibly, one of the island’s first water procession  a true celebration in style,” said Mr Stephane Fabregoul, General Manager of W Singapore – Sentosa Cove, where vibrant contemporary art meets vibrant natural elements and lingers amid dynamic design details. W Singapore – Sentosa Cove is an oasis of modern luxury for discerning business travellers, vivacious staycationers and sophisticated globetrotters. Located minutes away from ONE15 Marina Club and with its property also overseeing the Club’s marina, Fabregoul said, “Come 6 December, we anticipate a marina glistening with a myriad of lights and colours, adding much vibrancy to an already delightful sight of the marina for our guests.”

Added Mr Dharpan Randhawa, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships, Southeast Asia of the World Sport Group (WSG), “the parade is a yachting event which unites the local boating community in creating an awareness of the recreational sport in Singapore and WSG is proud to contribute to this initiative with its sponsorship.” WSG is Asia’s largest sports marketing, media and event management company. With 22 years of experience and expertise in the business of sport, WSG is the market leader in Asia, with unrivalled access to the fastest-growing and potentially largest sports market in the world. The Group is involved in delivering almost 600 sporting events annually and over 5,000 hours of sport programming across more than 30 countries in the region. Headquartered in Singapore, WSG employs about 200 staff across eight regional offices in Asia  Beijing, Beirut, Delhi, Dubai,Hong Kong, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo  strategically located in some of the continent’s largest markets and most dynamic business hubs.

The flotilla will depart from ONE15 Marina Club each night around 7.45pm to Sentosa Boardwalk, cruising along Sentosa’s coast and passing by the precinct’s various attractions including Siloso Beach, Resorts World Sentosa, HarbourFront Centre and VivoCity. At Sentosa Boardwalk, the participating boats will be judged by a panel of judges selected from the event’s sponsors between 8.15pm and 9.15pm each night of the parade. Participating boats stand a chance to win attractive cash prizes totalling over S$15,000.

Parade participation is open to both boaters (boat dealers, charter boat operators and boat private boat owners from all Singapore Boat Marinas and beyond) and non-boaters alike. Boats are available for charter from ONE15 Luxury Yachting for those who do not own boats. There are over 28 charter yachts available to chose from that can accommodate 8 to 50 passengers. Decorate them in festive lights and cruise along with catered food and drinks onboard the chartered for the festive holiday boat light parade.

“Christmas has always been our family’s favourite season of the year. Our kids can’t wait to help light up their beloved Zensea in her colourful best and joining the boating community at ONE15 in this inaugural and creative parade,” shared Mr Foo Wei Young, one of the parade’s participants and owner of yacht, Zensea.

Participation fee for both of the parade nights is at S$100 (excluding GST) per boat, inclusive of two tickets (worthS$35 per ticket, excluding GST) to the Awards Ceremony and Closing Party and a starter kit of lights to kick start the boat decoration.

Supporting Sponsors who are also onboard with the event include well-established boat dealerships in the region  Simpson Marine and Princess Yachts Southeast Asia. Product Sponsors who will be supporting the event in kind include Nestle Singapore, PengWine®, Sony Singapore and Gogreen Segway®.

For more information, please email

About ONE15 Marina Club

ONE15 Marina Club is the winner of several international accolades including the Outstanding Hospitality Award at the Helm Magazine Singapore Yacht Show Awards 2013, Asian Marina of the Year consecutively from 2012 – 2014, Best Asian Marina/Best Yachting Club 2009 and the prestigious FIVE Gold Anchor Award. The Club also has the honour of hosting upscale international yachting events including the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Yacht Race, the Volvo Ocean Race 2008/09, Asia Superyacht Conference 2009  2011, Asia Pacific Superyacht Conference 2012 and 2013, the 6th Asia Pacific Yachting Conference 2014 and the Singapore Yacht Show 2011  2014. Located in Sentosa Cove, the prime leisure district of Singapore, ONE15 Marina Club features a beautiful marina of 270 berths with facilities to accommodate megayachts of up to 200 feet. The well-appointed clubhouse encompasses world-class facilities including fine restaurants and bars, luxurious suite rooms, a modern spa, a well-equipped gymnasium, members’ and kids’ lounges as well as conference and meeting rooms. Evoking the glamour and elegance of Monte Carlo, ONE15 Marina Club and is emerging to be Asia’s most desired waterfront leisure destination.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Peggy Tan
Director of Sales, Membership and Marketing
ONE15 Marina Club

Pamela Tan
Assistant Manager, Marketing and Communications
ONE15 Marina Club

Source: ONE15 Marina Club

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