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Airbus Selects Unabiz to Advance Research in Digitalization of Aircraft Maintenance Operations

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Airbus has selected UnaBiz to advance research in digitalization of aircraft maintenance operations through the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The contract sees both parties enter into a research and technology agreement in the field of Maintenance Repair and Overall (MRO).

In a data-driven environment, communication between the various components must be available on demand and accurate at all times. Beyond the wired network, most components of the infrastructure are mobile and require some form of wireless communication, especially in transmitting small packets of data over a long distance. This is where UnaBiz comes into the picture.

The recent boom in IoT has brought new wireless network solutions to the market. Most existing wireless solutions are based on private networks that require the setup of a dedicated numbers of beacons to serve a single company, limiting the coverage and significantly increasing the cost of ownership and operation.

By working with UnaBiz, Airbus can leverage on Sigfox’s low-power, wide-area network (LPWAN), a technology that is low cost in terms of capital investment and operation, ultra-low in power consumption, simple to deploy, and has a global coverage.

Both Airbus and UnaBiz commented that significant resources will be dedicated to this project to ensure that the solutions defined can be successfully deployed to facilities and operations globally.

Ivan Ho, Managing Director of Airbus Singapore said, “We are most excited to work with UnaBiz to explore the immense potential of IoT. UnaBiz’s unique approach to device-to-cloud communications offers a disruptive IoT solution with potential for global applications.”

Henri Bong, CEO and Founder, UnaBiz said, “MRO has always been a tough aviation function to automate due to the complexity and confidentiality of sensitive data. UnaBiz is committed to using its existing deep development expertise to build intelligence in tools, components and other devices used in specific MRO processes. It is our mission to power cost-effective and energy-efficient connectivity for businesses as it is the only way the IoT revolution can materialise. We want to help Airbus increase operational reliability and efficiency without increasing overall costs through the implementation of IoT solutions on an affordable network.”

About UnaBiz

UnaBiz is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company dedicated to accelerate the adoption of IoT worldwide. As the exclusive network operator of Sigfox’s low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) in Singapore and Taiwan, UnaBiz is the first Iot dedicated network operator in Asia to roll out a nationwide IoT network.

UnaBiz aims to shape the future by providing cost-effective and energy-efficient IoT solutions, that include wireless infrastructure, devices and more. This ubiquitous network will allow businesses to connect millions of devices simply, affordably and globally.

UnaBiz helps businesses collect and analyse data from millions of devices allowing them to maximise the efficiency of their resources and increase productivity, by facilitating detection and control of anomalies, accelerating resolution or even preventing them entirely. Our objective is to help businesses realise the true value and full potential of IoT.

For more information, see and follow on UnaBiz on LinkedIn.

About Airbus

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2016, it generated revenues of EUR67 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000.

Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners from 100 to more than 600 seats. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as Europe’s number one space enterprise and the world’s second largest space business.

In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

Media Contact

Fu Shuhui
Field Marketing Manager |
114 Lavender Street
#10-85, CT Hub 2 (Lobby 1)
Singapore 338729
M: +65 9336 6452

Source: UnaBiz

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“2017 Global S”2017 Global Starch Industry Conference” to be held under theme of “Innovative Development, Industrial Integration”tarch Industry Conference” to be held under theme of “Innovative Development, Industrial Integration”

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— Let’s focus on the latest applications of starch and bio-based materials in 2017

SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — The “2016 Global Starch Industry Conference” attracting wide attention was wound up at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Pudong. As the most professional and extensive starch industry conference in China, the conference, themed “Focusing on the Trends of the Global Starch Industry, Grasping the Latest Market Layout of the Industry”, analyzed the current situation and future trends of domestic and foreign starch industries, and discussed the latest trends of industrial policies and regulations, as well as the latest product applications and technical trends in segments such as modified starch, sugar alcohol and potato starch. Present were 180 decision makers of starch enterprises and customers, leaders of domestic and foreign authoritative associations, as well as domestic and overseas media. The conference received positive feedback.


As an annual event, the “Global Starch Industry Conference” is coming back and scheduled to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on June 20, 2017. The conference will build a one-stop platform for policy interpretation, business exchange and purchase.

The “2017 Global Starch Industry Conference” will focus on the latest applications of starch and bio-based materials. Bio-based materials are a global focus of new materials, as well as an important field of China’s strategic emerging materials industry and biomass industry. Developing environmentally-friendly and recyclable bio-based materials with rich biological resources is of great significance to replacing fossil resources, developing the cyclic economy, and building a resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly society. Bio-base is a key emerging environmental industry supported by the country in the “thirteenth five-year” period.

In this context, the “2017 Global Starch Industry Conference”, themed “Innovative Development, Industrial Integration-Focusing on the Latest Applications of Starch and Bio-based Materials”, will bring together renowned industrial experts and scholars, including leaders of the State Administration of Grain; Tong Yi, President of the China Starch Industry Association; European and American bio-base authorities; and Sara Girardello, Head of Starch Research at LMC International Ltd. to discuss industrial trends and focuses, product development and application, and the latest technical trends.

We will deliver an annual feast to professionals in the starch industry and related industries! Through the conference, you will not only be updated on the latest information of the starch industry, but also be enlightened and inspired by the speeches of industrial leaders.

Conference website:


Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Louise Zhang
International Marketing Executive
T: +86-21-33392318

Logo –
Logo –

Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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Success Dragon Positions Itself to Seize Development Opportunities in China’s Energy Storage Market

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-Introduces Leading U.S. Energy Storage Technology to Push the Company’s Renewable Energy Business Forward

HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Success Dragon International Holdings Limited (“Success Dragon”, HKEx stock code: 1182) is pleased to announce a number of major business developments this month, including an approximately HKD 155 million investment in Silicon Valley-based Primus Power Corporation, which develops world leading energy storage technology, and the appointments of Mr. Jiang Dan as Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer and Dr. Jia Limin as Independent Non-executive Director.

Mr. Jiang Dan has extensive experience in investment and M&A from his previous roles in the Chinese Government and at various commercial organizations. Dr. Jia Limin was previously the lead consultant for the “National Key Research Project – Advanced Rail Transit Special Project”, a key project under China’s 13th Five-Year Plan. Their appointments have not only strengthened the Company’s management team, but have broadened its network throughout China. With the necessary talent and technology resources, Success Dragon is well positioned to enter the energy storage market in China.

China’s emerging energy storage industry is still very much in its infancy, but has been increasingly prioritized by the Chinese government and the support provided from the state has been strengthening constantly. As a sign of its commitment, in 2016, China placed the promotion and application of energy storage at the heart of its 13th Five-Year Plan for electric power, renewable energy and energy development, which also clearly advocated the application and marketing of large capacity energy storage technology and distributed energy storage technology. In addition, various other major government initiatives, including “The Innovation in the Energy Technology Revolution (2016-2030) Action Plan”, “Guidelines for the National Strategy of Innovation-Driven Development” and the “Made in China 2025 — Action Plan for Energy Equipment”, have also put energy storage high on the agenda.

In March, the National Energy Board published its “Guidance on the Promotion of Energy Storage Technology and Industry Development (Consultation Paper)” to promote the construction of energy storage power plants and facilitate the integration of different power sources and energy storage facilities. According to the Consultation Paper, China is testing various energy storage technologies applied in different contexts as part of a number of pilot projects. The pilot projects will create a set of key energy storage technologies and core equipment that meet international standards, and will explore viable commercial models as well as nurturing a group of competitive market players enabling energy storage to enter mainstream market in China. In addition, it also plans to promote the widespread use of energy storage projects and facilitate the development of a more comprehensive energy storage industry system during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, in a bid to make energy storage a new driver for economic growth. By bringing key energy storage technologies and core equipment in line with international standards, the National Energy Board aims to assist the scalable development of the energy storage industry and demonstrate the role of energy storage to play in promoting an energy revolution and the Internet of Energy in China.

Ms. Li Xuehua, Chairman of Success Dragon, said, “With the introduction of several notable energy storage initiatives in China, Success Dragon is fully confident that now is the right time to enter the Chinese energy storage market. With our investment in U.S.-based Primus Power, we hope to support the introduction of Primus Power’s newly launched EnergyPod®2 flow batteries and energy storage systems into the Chinese market and increase their market penetration. EnergyPod®2 is a scalable electrical energy storage system which consists of a modular battery system combining unique zinc bromide chemistry with patented innovations to deliver optimum performance and multi-decade lifespan at a low cost. We are confident that Primus Power’s flow batteries and energy storage systems will become one of the most competitive products in China’s energy storage market.”

Ms. Li Xuehua, continued, “We are pleased that Success Dragon’s new management team is now in place, including our new Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jiang Dan, who previously worked for the Chinese government and has an abundance of experience both in overseas investment banking firms and financial institutions, as well as our new Independent Non-executive Director, Dr. Jia Limin, who has strong technical expertise and an engineering background. We believe their appointments will provide Success Dragon with a valuable network and strategic advice for our future business development. With Mr. Jiang and Dr. Jia on board, the Company will be able to seize the opportunities that will arise from China’s renewable energy and energy storage market, giving Success Dragon pioneer advantage to emerge as a key player within the industry.”

About Success Dragon International Holdings Limited

Success Dragon International Holdings Limited (“Success Dragon”, HKEx stock code: 1182) is a provider of information technology and outsourced business process management services for an array of companies across different sectors. Success Dragon currently operates in Macau and Vietnam, and is actively exploring opportunities to expand into the renewable energy business in China. Success Dragon also operates its traditional long-standing Kingbox packaging business, serving a number of top brands in Hong Kong, Europe, USA and Asian countries.

Source: Success Dragon International Holdings Limited

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