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Dentsu Beijing Creating Series of Iconic Social Issue Marketing Campaigns in 2016

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-Traditional “Simply Big Scale” advertising approach is vanishing
-Advertising in China is entering a new era of contents creation with social issue to incite consumers’ emotions

HONG KONG  /PRNewswire/ — Dentsu Beijing (Headquarter Beijing, China representative: Mr. Akimasa Baba) developed series of social advertising campaigns in China alongside with other campaign tactics to build stronger association for corporation with their customers.

"Re_PIZZA" campaign initiated by Dentsu Beijing had made use of  the leftover collected from local restaurants to make pizza for charity sales and 16,000 people were benefited through Global Food banking network
“Re_PIZZA” campaign initiated by Dentsu Beijing had made use of the leftover collected from local restaurants to make pizza for charity sales and 16,000 people were benefited through Global Food banking network

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As social awareness among consumers is growing nowadays, advertising campaigns which solely promote goods from advertiser point of view in huge media buying volume to build brand reputation is no longer effective in catching up attention from general public in today’s society. With the rapid pace of modernization in China, highly urbanized consumers evaluate corporate value by themselves, and carry on with purchasing process.

Product or service quality offered by a corporate is no longer the only key factor as a process that customers evaluate, but also how the purchase will bring in positive impact to the society as a whole.

Four outstanding cases of social advertising campaigns developed by Dentsu Beijing are shown as below.

Case 1: Re PIZZA — Advertising campaign on food waste reducing

Food disposal and food waste are one of the most significant problems in today’s society. In China, food disposal and food waste has been up to RMB 200 billion, this huge number of food waste and disposal can actually feed 200 million populations for a year.

Dentsu Beijing has made use of public awareness on food disposal and food waste issue to create a CSR campaign. The best-before date of food is not really expired food, it can be kept for few more weeks technically. Therefore, Dentsu Beijing turns the idea of wasted food into tasty food by making use of the time gap between best-before date and expiry date.

Leftover food of the day (before expired date) from six restaurants in Shanghai was collected for reuse. The leftovers are collected each day to make pizzas with different toppings, the menu of pizzas varies everyday as it would be based on what ingredients they have collected daily. By doing so, not only an unique selling point of the pizza has been created, but the social responsibility of the restaurants has also been built.

In addition, the profit from selling the pizza (RMB 5 Yuan per slice) would be donated to children in need for their food through the Global Food Banking Network. ( Furthermore, the activities earned 3.9 Million Social Impressions.

During the period of 20th – 25th December, 2016, 1,468 people have supported the campaign with a purchase of 245 slices of pizza in six days (Total sales was RMB 7,340).  Global Food banking network has supported 16,000 people in need with the support from then campaign.

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Case 2: Fami-Navi — Advertising campaign on driving safety

The number of traffic accidents have been increasing every year by over 10% in China. The main reason of the increasing accidents is the poor traffic conditions caused by the overly increasing number of vehicles. Besides, the awareness of safe driving in China is relatively weaker than other countries. Citroen, the famous French car manufacturer, has taken the challenge to improve the safety awareness of the drivers in China.

Citroen has developed an innovative app called “Fami Navi“. Users can learn about safe driving tips by reading the information from the app with family. Users and their family members can also record safety reminders through the app. The voice recognition technology will be linked to map data, which turns the recordings into navigation reminders.

These voices will act as safe driving reminders for the drivers. Being navigated by beloved ones’ voices while driving can create a stronger sense of responsibility of drivers that it feels as if they were carrying their family members in the car.

After the launch of the campaign in the end of March, over 90% of the app users (data from the app pop-up questionnaires) became more cautious on the road safety. This campaign has already earned 11 advertising awards like Ad Stars, gaining big response from both of China and other regions.

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Case 3: Air pollution Discount — Advertising campaign on air pollution awareness

The demand of mask is increasing in China because of the serious air pollution problem. To build public awareness of air pollution in China, Kobayashi has created a mobile site for promotional campaign of face mask. Users would enter a page interface with smoke, the density of smoke would be shown according to the air pollution level of the region. The mobile site will make use of the GPS of smart phones and computers to test the PM data of users’ region and time, the higher the air pollution level, the cheaper price of the masks will be offered from the site.

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Note: Please access through smartphone for this Mobile Site.

Case 4: Sonic Sweetener — Advertising campaign to reduce over- consumption of sugar

Sugar intake of human would easily exceed the amount needed as a lot of beverage contains large amount of sugar. Over consumption of sugar will cause various health problems such as aging, emotional instability etc.

To maintain healthy drinking habit, Sonic Sweetener Cup was invented.  Sonic Sweetener is an unique cup-shaped device with “Sonic Sweetener” which produce a sound that make the drink tastes sweeter without sugar. This product was jointly developed with Oxford University. Some chain cafes are already collaborating with the Sonic Sweetener Cup to launch some promotional campaigns recently.

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Source: Dentsu Beijing

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