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Arterys Receives FDA Clearance For The First Zero-Footprint Medical Imaging Analytics Cloud Software With Deep Learning For Cardiac MRI

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SAN FRANCISCO /PRNewswire/ — Arterys, a pioneer in cloud-based medical imaging software, has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its Arterys Cardio DLTM application. Arterys Cardio DLTM is the first technology to be cleared by the FDA that leverages cloud computing and deep learning in a clinical setting. Arterys Cardio DLTM provides automated, editable ventricle segmentations based on conventional cardiac MRI images that are as accurate as segmentations performed manually by experienced physicians. The U.S. clearance complements the CE Mark received in late December for commercialization of the Arterys Cardio DLTM product in Europe.

“Arterys is committed to broadly accelerate the transformation of data-driven medicine through advanced cloud medical imaging analytics applications while always protecting patient data privacy,” said Fabien Beckers, Arterys CEO. “Today’s approval signifies a major regulatory milestone. This application demonstrates the power of deep learning combined with cloud supercomputation to aid physicians in interpreting medical images – eliminating tedious manual tasks carried out on a workstation by accurately automating those processes.”

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The Arterys Cardio DLTM application is vendor agnostic and was developed using data from several thousand cardiac cases. The software produces editable automated contours, providing precise and consistent ventricular function in seconds. The trained deep learning algorithm was validated as producing results within an expected error range comparable to that of an experienced clinical annotator. This clearance enables Arterys to make use of its unique clinical annotation platform, which collects ground-truth data every time a user views a study on In the future, the deep learning model can be optimized as new data is collected from all global users.

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Both the FDA clearance and CE Mark expands on the recently 510(k) cleared 4D Flow post-processing software features that provide comprehensive anatomy and blood flow visualization and quantification within and around the heart in a simple manner.

About Arterys, Inc.
Arterys, a pioneer in cloud-based medical imaging analytics software, is committed to accelerate the transformation of data driven medicine. The company’s medical imaging analytics platform leverages the power of cloud computation and deep learning to support automated post-processing, diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. Starting with cardiac MRI, Arterys now plans to leverage its platform to create other imaging applications to make medical imaging services a whole more automated, quantitative, and useful.

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