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“JobTech(TM) PMET” Partners with Mr. Kiasu to Reach Retrenched PMETs in Singapore

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Launched by Economic Development Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd (EDIS), JobTechTM PMET, the first Artificial Intelligence and Big Data job technology platform to boost the re-employment chances of retrenched PMETs (professionals, managers, executives and technicians) is helping Mr. Kiasu find a new job.

Retrenchment hits Mr. Kiasu
Retrenchment hits Mr. Kiasu

Mr. Kiasu, himself being part of the active PMET workforce, was recently retrenched. Like many others, he had been caught up with chasing job promotions in the Singapore rat race and didn’t expect retrenchment to hit him.

The retrenchment experience has opened his eyes to the unique challenges that retrenched PMETs have in seeking re-employment and new job opportunities. Mr. Kiasu found that despite the schemes and assistance provided, retrenched PMETs like him are struggling. Some of the struggles that Mr. Kiasu has personally experienced include:

1) Intense competition for his old job.

2) Employers seem to be less willing to consider older workers like him.

3) Information Overload. No aggregated view of available jobs in Singapore.

4) Difficulty identifying which jobs are genuine, and which jobs are duplicates/bogus.

5) The skills he has are no longer in demand by Employers.

Mr. Kiasu uses JobTechTM PMET, an advanced technology that reviews and analyzes online job data in Singapore, providing aggregated insights to boost the re-employment chances of jobseekers in searching and preparing for new job opportunities. Being who he is, Mr Kiasu wants to use the technology which gives him the best chance to find his next opportunity.

Some of the ‘kiasu’ features of JobTechTM PMET include:

1)     Automated one-stop search platform: Mr. Kiasu does not like to ‘spend’ his mobile data by surfing to many websites to find where suitable jobs for him are.  JobTechTM PMET lets Mr. Kiasu gets accurate, real-time and unified view of more than 90% of the available job vacancies in Singapore, including Jobs Bank.

2)     Duplication Index: Mr. Kiasu believes in ‘one-shot-one-kill’ approach to job applications. JobTechTM PMET allows him to know which jobs are new and where he might have a better chance, as opposed to the jobs that have been re-posted many times in the last few months and which might be duplicates, or bogus job advertisements.

3)     Targeted skills upgrading: Mr. Kiasu is anxious about his S$500 Skillsfuture Credit. He is only going to spend the money on something that increases his chances of getting a new job. JobTechTM PMET allows him to identify the skillsets required to land a job and to match the required skills to training opportunities funded through Singapore’s SkillsFuture initiative.

4)     Find jobs closer to home: Mr. Kiasu is almost ‘broke’ because he is out of work. He wants to save as much money as possible by reducing his transport cost on bus and MRT. JobTechTM PMET helps Mr. Kiasu to work closer to home by telling him the jobs near his home in Senkang so that he can apply for them.

Mr. Kiasu said, “I struggled for months to find a job and saw JobTech’s advertisements to join the focus group to improve the technology. Besides chopeing all the snacks and getting the NTUC voucher with serial number 888, I got a chance to meet Mr. Philip Yeo, the EDIS Chairman.  When I asked Mr. Yeo to be help me find a new job, and he told me to use JobTechTM PMET. ”

EDIS Chairman Mr Philip Yeo said, “I spent the better part of my career creating good jobs for all Singaporeans. I believe the issue of retrenched PMETs is an urgent problem that requires all parties to work quickly to find the solutions. We are delighted to partner with Mr. Kiasu to reach the retrenched PMET community. JobTechTM PMET will continue to be a complimentary service for Singapore PMETs as long as it is needed.”

About JobTech

Economic Development Innovations Singapore (EDIS) Pte Ltd is a privately-owned international economic development company that is headquartered in Singapore, with overseas offices in the US and Germany. EDIS provides strategic advice and undertakes the development and management of integrated industrial parks. The EDIS management team comprises veterans who led more than 15 successful township and industrial park developments in Asia — cumulatively creating 1 million high value jobs outside Singapore, and attracting more than US$20 billion of dollars of foreign direct investment to the selected locations. EDIS works with governments and global investors to leverage Singapore’s development experience for the benefit of other countries. JobTech is a 2monthold‘s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data startup technology company incubated by EDIS to help “Power the Jobs Economy”.  For more information on EDIS, please visit

About Mr. Kiasu

Mr Kiasu is an iconic Singaporean comic character. The character originates in the eponymous Singaporean concept of “kiasu”, which literally means “scared to lose out’ in Hokkien. Mr. Kiasu is effectively bi-lingual, university educated, and urgently looking for a job. He has been out of the public eye for the last decade as he had been busy in the rat race in Singapore. Mr. Kiasu is making a comeback because he was recently retrenched from his job. His CV can be found at:

Samantha Lim,,

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Source: Economic Development Innovations Singapore Pte Ltd

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nib Health Funds Joins Hands with Smart Video Australia, Welcoming New Customers with Personalised Videos

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SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — Personalised-video specialists Smart Video Australia and leading health-insurer nib Health Funds (nib) have teamed up to improve the way they welcome, inform and engage new customers. New nib customers will now receive a personalised welcome video when they join the insurer from brand ambassador, Paul ‘The Chief’ Harragon.

The cutting-edge personalised-videos are designed to improve the onboarding-experience for new customers, said nib Group Executive, Australian Residents Health Insurance, Rhod McKensey.

“At nib, we put customer at the heart of everything we do. As part of this we are continually looking for ways to improve the customer experience such as using new technology to speak to our customers in a way that surprises and delights them,” Mr McKensey said.

“These videos are a great example of this innovative-thinking. We are making it easier for customers to understand their policy by providing this content in an engaging, simple format personalised to each individual,” he added.

The videos are sent to customers as part of their welcome-email within 30 minutes of completing membership online. In addition, the videos are streamed live within seconds of the customer hitting the ‘play’ button with the creation of each video triggered by a data-file.

“The platform combines data, personalisation and video to create an incredibly compelling and effective piece of communication,” Smart Video Australia Co-Founder Francoise Gelbard explained.

CEO of Smart Video Australia Rodd Martin explains the rationale behind: “As marketing-automation migrates customers into increasingly online-based interactions, our real-time data-driven customer experience video communication platform allows companies to retain a personalised engagement. Near-instant personalised video show on average a 300% lift in engagement*. This is imperative for customer-centric organisations,” he added.

The system offers the potential to fundamentally transform nib’s ability to interact with members cross the customer lifecycle – from acquisition, through to onboarding, to retention and even claims-processing.

“This technology allows us to communicate what can be complex information in a simple way that can be easily understood. It is great tool we believe can be replicated across other key customer moments of truth such as explaining the going-to-hospital process,” Mr McKensey said.

*Source: Forrester Research

Source: Smart Video Australia

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