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Great Place to Work(R) Greater China to Announce the 5th!! Annual List of the Region’s Best Workplaces

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-More than 210,000 employees surveyed this year in Greater China. Announcing the #gptw4all Era.
-Conference December 8th, to focus on ‘Attraction, Retention and Development of Talent’. Featuring speakers from World’s leading employers, including Hilton and Pirelli among others.

HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Great Place to Work® in Greater China will hold its annual conference and 5th!! Awards Ceremony on December 8th, 2016.

Where is the Talent? That is the daily challenge for Management and HR today. They need Talent to better run their business and out perform their competitors. In Great Place to Work® 2016 Conference, they will confront the typical idea that the talent is out there; it may be; but what if it’s actually IN there, but you haven’t noticed? It’s lost among the labyrinth of a confusing, inconsistent workplace culture; that it’s not fostering the people to give their personal best.  What is your company doing to integrally develop all employees?

Now, what if it’s really out there, then, in order to complete your team, you need to win the race of being attractive enough to catch their interest, receive much more applications, get more visibility and therefore, be able to hire the right fit, not only for the skills the task requires, but also, that is the right fit for your culture to promote a sustainable growth.

And then, that is another challenge: you need to retain them once in. You need to provide a fantastic, credible group of leaders with great management skills, they need to see an exciting career development, personal realization, clear sense of social contribution, pride in what they do and a great work environment.

Great Place to Work® in Greater China will be presenting a group of very talented people to be speakers in this very exclusive event, full of knowledge, successful cases, testimonials, great sharing and networking. CEO’s, VP’s, HR Directors of some of the World’s Best Multinationals, will be presenting how they’re handling this challenge of “Attracting, Retaining and Developing Talent” as the main theme in this year’s Conference.

The Great Place to Work® team shared as well, that the new global initiatives of the company are aiming to approach more aggressively the market and encourage much more companies to engage in what they said: “It’san inescapable initiative nowadays if you want to maintain your leadership, if you want to reach it, if you want to break ground. A great workplace should be for all. That’s our campaign for the whole next year, we want to make it easier for everybody, and include everybody,” said Ms. Mirley Perez, the BD Manager in the team.

Together with that, we got to know that something special will happen right after the Conference: “The tradition continues, and as in other years, we’re presenting our list of Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China2016. But this one is very special, because it’s the 5th anniversary; and we’re very excited about it,” Mr. Jose Bezanilla, Greater China CEO shared.

“The pool of participating companies keeps on growing; this year we had 137 companies; 25 more than 2015. The variety of industries is getting richer. The origin of the companies is more diverse, including local Chinese companies,” commented Denzel Xin, the Research Manager.

So, a great deal of exciting news is coming from the company behind the Fortune’s Best 100, collaborating here with South China Morning Post/Classified Post; to promote, publish and influence the business people to participate in this continuous improvement process.

About Great Place to Work®:

Great Place to Work® Institute is a global research, consulting and training firm that helps organizations identify, create and sustain great workplaces through the development of high-trust workplace cultures. It has been a leader in workplace culture for more than two decades and now operates in some 54 countries across the globe. In the past year, Great Place to Work® analyzed data from 7,000 companies, which represent more than 11.5 million employees worldwide.

About the Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China List:

This is the fifth Best Companies to Work For® in Greater China List, published in partnership with SCMP/Classified Post in Hong Kong and many other on line media across Greater China region.

For more information, please contact:

Mirley Perez
Business Development Manager
+852-3669-7828 / +852-5308-3648

Source: Great Place to Work Greater China

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