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Collateral Damage Expected From Rushed VET-FEE HELP Changes

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SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — Leading registered training organisation, Upskilled, believes proposed changes to Australia’s vocational training sector are likely to inflict significant collateral damage on students and innocent training providers, if implemented all at once and without industry consultation.

Because legislators didn’t wait to assess the impact of earlier changes before announcing the new changes, such as the banning of sales incentives introduced in December 2015, it will also be next to impossible to identify which measures work and which don’t.

“Government intervention is usually highly welcome in the case of a broken or inefficient industry, and we’re in full support of any measures that address the burgeoning tax burden the VET industry’s blowout is having on Australians,” said Jon Lang, CEO of Upskilled.

“However, any legislation enacted on multiple fronts in quick succession, without systematic consultation, and without assessing the impact of each individual change is means for a great deal of concern.”

The proposed changes likely to cause the greatest damage according to Upskilled include the blanket banning of sales brokers, and the severe limitations proposed on industry partnerships.

Upskilled believes these changes are likely to significantly hurt smaller training organisations — not those who are the actual targets of the changes — because smaller trainers need partnerships to survive, and lack the size needed to create an internal sales capacity without sacrificing other areas of operations.

“Smaller organisations are likely to have to reduce the quality of their courses as internal resources are reallocated, risk being swallowed up by larger organisations, or simply close up shop entirely,” continued Jon Lang.

“The disruption this will cause to students, many of whom will be left completely in the lurch, and the reduction in industry competition does not bode well for either our students or the industry as a whole,” concluded Jon Lang.

About Upskilled

Jon Lang is the CEO of Upskilled (, a leading Australian Registered Training Organisation that delivers over 100 different vocational qualifications and courses to working professionals, job seekers, and school leavers. John has been responsible for navigating Upskilled through a number of educational reforms during his time as CEO, and has contributed significantly to the growth of the organisation.

Jon Lang is available for interview — please call Hannah to arrange.

Media Contact:

Hannah Moreno
T +61 (0)2 9199 5671
M +61 (0)452 523 117

Source: Upskilled Australia
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