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CEPRES Introduces PE.Analyzer(3) – $2.9 Trillion of Private Equity Backed Companies

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NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — CEPRES today announced PE.Analyzer3, the first fundamental benchmarking platform for Private Capital Markets. With PE.Analyzer3 Investors (LPs) and fund managers (GPs) exchange investment data in a secure environment. Using technical and fundamental analysis, they benchmark funds, deals and operating companies for truly 3-dimensional investment decisions. PE.Analyzer3 launches together with benchmark data on 2,614 funds, 35,962 deals and $2.9 trillion worth of PE-backed companies — the most comprehensive benchmarking dataset in the world.

$2.9 Trillion Private Equity Backed Companies with PE.Analyzer(3)
$2.9 Trillion Private Equity Backed Companies with PE.Analyzer(3)
Product Highlights:

Expert Screening Sheets – save decision maker’s time

Taking input from leading LPs, PE.Analyzer3 introduces expert investment screening sheets. Now you can get the most important analyses for due diligence and portfolio review at the click of a button. Fund and deal performance, PMEs (Public Market Equivalents), loss & recovery rates, return distributions, j-curve analysis and value creation are all calculated live for funds, deals and whole portfolios.

Benchmark Portfolio Companies — compare to $2.9T of PE-backed companies

The new Operating Analysis module represents the next generation of technology in the industry. You can analyze the fundamentals of your own investments, such as EBITDA Multiples, Leverage Multiples and Financing Structures. For the first time you can benchmark against $2.9T worth of PE-backed companies by industry, country deal size and more. GPs can prove their value-add to portfolio companies, and LPs can make fully informed decisions based on both fund and portfolio company analysis.

Correlation Analysis – find drivers of risk & returns

For analysts and power-users, CEPRES has introduced single factor regressions to evaluate how operating company performance translates to investment returns and calculate so-called beta correlations. This is an enhancement to the existing alpha-beta framework that calculates risk-adjusted alpha versus comparative public markets.


“This is our most sophisticated platform ever for private equity and takes investment decisions into the next dimension. For years LPs and GPs have been searching for ways to benchmark their portfolio companies and now for the first time we can deliver it for them. We also upgraded performance so everything runs 50% faster, helping save valuable time for decision makers. Considering that PE.Analyzer3 processes hundreds of thousands of transactions and trillions of dollars of investments in a matter of seconds, what our developers and quants have achieved is astonishing.”

Dr. Daniel Schmidt — CEO, CEPRES GmbH

About PE.Analyzer3

PE.Analyzer3 is an online investment decision platform for Private Capital Markets. With analysis of 38,000 private equity funds, deals and portfolio companies with Enterprise Values of $2.8 trillion USD, it is the only platform providing Technical & Fundamental benchmarking to institutional investors and fund managers to underwrite their decisions and prove their investment strategy.


CEPRES is an innovative FinTech company helping institutional investors invest in Private Equity with the proficiency of Financial Markets. Investors (LPs) and fund managers (GPs) interact on a single, confidential platform in complete privacy. LPs gain market insights, forecast investment outcomes and enhance due diligence to drive better investment returns. GPs verify their track records, precisely benchmark their deals and find new sources of capital from around the world. 100’s of institutional investors have conducted due diligence on $1.7 trillion of Buyout, Growth, Venture, Private Debt, Infrastructure and Real Estate funds via the CEPRES platform. For further information, visit

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Source: CEPRES
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