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MAPFest 2016 Features On-Tour Global Art Installations this November

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-Sensing Spiritual Melaka
MELAKA, Malaysia /PRNewswire/ – The eighth Melaka Art and Performance Festival (MAPFest) returns to the majestic city of Melaka from Friday to Sunday, 25 – 27 November 2016, 10AM to 10PM, with world-class artists lined-up to showcase their internationally recognised works. More than 40 artists from 10 countries will muster at St. Paul’s Hill to showcase their global sold-out shows and newly arranged collaborative art performances. All events and performances during the festival boast free admission.

The eighth instalment is set to elevate the festival with greater engagement, allowing visitors to conceive the art spiritually. Creative Director and performance artists Tony Yap said that over the years, works presented in the festival were a stepping stone for the audience and fans to understand the fundamentals of art. “MAPFest has developed a philosophical vigor. The festival is now a rich ground where artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and levels of accomplishment can find a punctum for creation, collaboration, exchange and creative experimentation. Thus reminding ourselves of why we exist and the inexhaustible enthusiasm of life and how it is propelled through art.”

“In recent years, MAPFest was recognised and has received several awards by numerous local and international awarding bodies. The festival has contributed to the growth of the art scene in Melaka and Malaysia and we will continue to undertake this path with hope that more corporations will join us to support the festival financially or in-kind, to share our passion and to cultivate budding artists. Public and private sectors are welcome to join us and play a more active role in uplifting the art industry,” said Andrew Ching, Festival Producer of MAPFest.

MAPFest 2016 will feature various solo and collaborative performances over the 3-day festival. Main highlights include the MAPPING Programme, where performances are site specific and performed in various locations within the vicinity of St. Paul’s Hill; Cerita Pendik 1 & 2, a two hour solo or group performance by artists to showcase their individually unique art; and the finale, Eulogy for the Living, a two hour collaborative performance by all artists, directed by Tony. Other activities including free forums and workshops will be open for public participation.

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Source: E-Plus Entertainment Productions (M) Sdn Bhd
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