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Japan’s AstaReal Aims to Grow ASEAN Presence, Sets Up First Asian Branch in Singapore

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-AstaReal Pte Ltd to make astaxanthin, touted as “the number one supplement you’ve never heard of that you should be taking”, a household name throughout Asean, sees Asean as fastest growth market for AstaReal, plans for R&D collaboration in Singapore

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Japan-based AstaReal Group marks the 70th anniversary of its parent company, Fuji Chemical Industries, with the establishment of its first Asian branch outside of Japan: AstaReal Pte Ltd Singapore.

Having committed over 20 years into the research and development of astaxanthin, a naturally occurring carotenoid that is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, Fuji Chemical Industries – via the AstaReal Group – is ready to take astaxanthin direct to the consumer on a global basis via Astavita retail products to improve the health and vitality of people living in an increasingly stressful urban environment.

At the 70th anniversary celebrations held on 10th October at Toyama Prefecture in Japan, Vincent Wood, President of AstaReal Singapore, who has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering, told an audience of around 600 global employees, “With Fuji’s strong pharmaceutical heritage, I truly believe that AstaReal has an edge in the nutraceutical business model for a sustainable astaxanthin market. Today, no other astaxanthin company can say that.”

“The choice of Singapore as our first Asian base outside of Japan is to leverage the fast growing market of middle income demographic population in South East Asia for AstaReal astaxanthin products. Being closer, we can provide a faster response and better marketing support,” he added.

Mr. Mitsunori Nishida, President & CEO of Fuji Chemical Industries and AstaReal Group, said, “The savvy Singaporean consumers will allow us to hone our marketing message which in turn raises our brand profile. I hope to capitalize on this great opportunity because this region’s market size has a 600 million population and could be the fastest growth market for our entire group.”

The AstaReal Group is headquartered in Tokyo, with offices and production plants in the United States, Sweden and India. The Singapore office, which started operations in April, will support sales and marketing efforts of AstaReal astaxanthin to businesses and Astavita to consumers in the region, but Wood also added, “Singapore also has an impressive R&D hub. I have a strong intention to seek out R&D collaborations within two year’s time.”

“We definitely hope to develop our Singapore footprint into a regional one.” he said.

The Asean expansion comes after the first astaxanthin boom in the U.S., starting from 2011 after “Dr Oz Show” called it “the number one supplement you’ve never heard of that you should be taking”.

AstaReal predicts another explosive demand because of its pipeline of new clinical studies and product innovations in the next one to two years, focusing on its potential in sports nutrition and recovery, cardiovascular health and preventative health care for active aging. AstaReal is a leading authority on astaxanthin and is produces 60% of the clinical research referenced to in marketing materials on astaxanthin across the world.

About AstaReal astaxanthin:

Astaxanthin is derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, and emerges to protect animals against harsh environmental conditions such as UV radiation and attacks by free radicals. The consumption of this algae astaxanthin gives salmon, crabs, lobsters and flamingos their vivid pink-to-red colouration.

AstaReal® astaxanthin is the branded astaxanthin ingredient for dietary supplements, functional foods and skin care industries. It is a natural algae-based astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. There is over twenty years of scientific research supporting many benefits such as preventing computer-vision syndrome, reduction of sun-damaged skin, maintenance of cardiovascular health, increased muscle performance and many more. Such benefits will be marketed towards preventative medicine also known as holistic complementary medicine for active healthy lifestyles and healthy aging.

AstaReal’s production site are also FDA-inspected, cGMP certified and have Halal certification.

Interview Opportunity:

Interview opportunity with AstaReal Singapore President Vincent Wood available upon request.

For more information about the company and Vincent Wood, please click here.

Media Contact:

Telephone: +65 6222 1778

Logo –

Source: AstaReal Pte Ltd

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