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Tulwe Inc Launches Global App-based Music Contest, Gives People in Asia a Shot at Stardom

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-Palo Alto-based Tulwe Inc has opened a worldwide music contest for aspiring artists across Asia Pacific and other emerging markets. The app allows anyone to sing, record, and upload songs, but also garner votes from a global audience to win a record deal.
JAKARTA /PRNewswire/ — Earlier today, Silicon Valley-based tech company Tulwe Inc announced it has opened the Tulwe Global Music Contest in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets around the world. The competition is similar in nature to popular television shows like American Idol and X Factor, where the viewers determine who wins based on popular vote. What makes the Tulwe Global Music Contest different, however, is that its competition is worldwide, and penetrates even the most remote places on earth — such as Indonesia’s 17,000 islands — allowing anyone anywhere to get a shot at musical stardom.

Download Tulwe App Now on GooglePlay and AppStore
Download Tulwe App Now on GooglePlay and AppStore
Tulwe will sign a US$1 million record deal with the winner, while also giving the chance for contestants with a high number of votes an opportunity to sign recording deals for local or national production.

The Tulwe Global Music Contest is a worldwide music event taking place on your smartphone and launched via the company’s proprietary app Tulwe. Tulwe’s innovation is meant to serve as a channel through which anyone with talent, regardless of their physical location, can record and upload songs so long as they have access to the internet. All submissions will be scrutinized and voted on by users around the world.

Dr. Anthony Karim Adam, founder and CEO of Tulwe Inc, believes that everyone, regardless of their nationality and location, should be given the opportunity to showcase their singing talents on the global stage. According to him, the restrictions in current competitions in the US and Europe have made it difficult — sometimes impossible — for even the most talented individuals in emerging markets like Vietnam to join them.

“This is where Tulwe will fill in the gap,” says Adam. “Its simple interface will enable users to record and upload their songs from the comfort of their homes — wherever that may be — and get voted on by a global audience. This is likely one of the fastest ways to get noticed and build a music career without having to invest in getting to the right place at the right time. The Tulwe Global Music Contest has potential to change the way the music industry operates as a whole.”

While some music contests are franchised in different countries, auditions are generally held in major cities. This still proves to be a challenge for many talented singers from remote parts of the world who may not have the means to travel and take a shot at these competitions.

Adam adds that the Tulwe Global Music Contest is hoping to capture the attention of the 18-to-35-year-old worldwide audience segment, despite many of those outside this age group being avid viewers of traditional TV-based music contests. According to him, very little is known to the music industry about what kind of results a mobile app-based global music contest can produce. The closest example it can draw is the level of engagement musicians get on social media via smartphones.

He adds, “Our strategy is to motivate high school and university students in particular to remain active on the Tulwe platform and engage with one another, while giving them the opportunity to win scholarships to cover their school fees for a whole year.”

Making use of the latest models of phones from Apple, Huawei, and Samsung to record one’s performance, the winners will also give bragging rights to the smartphone companies, whose products will have empowered locals to rise to stardom with quality mobile recording tech. Adam believes this is a significant incentive to get smartphone brands more involved with and excited about the Tulwe Global Music Contest.

“We are anticipating a global audience of around 5 million active voters, which is a conservative figure, based on current TV trends of at least 10 million voters in the British X Factor, which is only limited to UK residents,” Adam explains. “Subsequently, the number of active voters is expected to double to at least 10 million during the live streaming phase when the semi-finalists are taken to an exotic location to film their practice, interact with fans, and finally to perform.”

Inline with the company’s campaign is awarding thousands of high school and university scholarships to users. Part of the Tulwe Global Initiative, a social corporate responsibility from Tulwe Inc, is that scholarships will be granted to students actively engaged with video content on the Tulwe app. These winners will be drawn from the millions of users that ultimately turn out. Tickets for front-row seats on board the Desert Rose yacht in Dubai with a musical performance by multi-platinum artist Akon at the product launch in November are likewise projected to encourage more downloads and increase the number of active users.


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