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Leading Customer Experience Framework Now in Australia

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-What it takes to lead customer-focused transformation
SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — Mark Cameron, CEO of W3 Digital in Melbourne, recently became the 225th person in the world, and the first in Australia, to hold the qualification of “Certified Experience Economy Expert”. The Experience Economy frameworks and concepts are used by brands such as Disney, Ikea, Benetton and LEGO to create new experiences for their customers. Cameron is now bringing this thinking to the Australia and New Zealand region.

The Experience Economy Certification focuses on providing frameworks and models that can help businesses understand their customers and lead the change required to deliver breakthrough experiences. Mr. Cameron describes the key takeaways from the course below:

Do you know what your customers want?

For brands to differentiate in today’s market conditions, they must orchestrate memorable events for their customers. Over time, that memory itself can become the product — the “experience”.

Understanding your customers well enough that you can deliver an experience so good they would be willing to pay for it as a separate offering is at the core of the Experience Economy thinking.

Is your company prepared to deliver great experiences?

In delivering value to customers, companies are always moving through various stages of development. Initially there is a stage of invention, where a product, service or experience is designed. Then the company must extract value from the invention, so structure and efficient processes are put in place. Then, as the market evolves, the business must create cross-functional teams and agile processes to remain competitive. Finally, businesses can increase profit by delivering high margin customisations for individual customers.

Knowing where your business is on this continuum is vital for creating and delivering your customer experience in a structured way.

What it takes to lead customer experience change

High-quality, integrated, customer experiences have become the battleground for differentiation and business model evolution in today’s marketplace. Designing experiences requires a business to focus on the needs of the customers, take risks and reward innovation.

Leaders need to address all the core aspects of successful organisational change such as clear communications, capability development, well-designed reward programmes and employee engagement and participation.

There needs to be a strong narrative around the customer and experience design process. What is needed is a set of simple frameworks that all stakeholders can connect with. This is where the Experience Economy material becomes so powerful. The thinking can be applied to any markets or areas within a business.

When asked how how Australian business owners think about the experience economy frameworks, Cameron said: “Combined with digital innovation, the Experience Economy has the power to transform organisations and connect with customers in entirely new ways. It contains the concepts that enable businesses to design a clear, simply communicated path, in a very complex environment.”

Mark Cameron can be contacted through

Mark Cameron
Chief Executive – W3 Digital
Mobile: +61 0416 116 083

Source: w3 Digital
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