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Ge Tai The Musical that Sold Out in Singapore Coming Soon to Genting

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-Live show a refreshing take on the popular indigenous art featuring Malaysia’s very own Simon Mohan
GENTING HIGHLANDS, Malaysia /PRNewswire/ — Ge Tai – The Musical was a sold-out event in Singapore, enjoying acclaim for its artistic and cultural significance. Boasting a renowned cast and a creative team comprising the finest minds in the entertainment scene, it is expected to enjoy the same level of success when it arrives in Malaysia.

Ge Tai — The Musical
Ge Tai — The Musical
The extravaganza that combines the high energy of a Chinese live concert and a musical theatre, will be held at the Genting International Showroom from 1 to 4 October, and from 8 to 11 October 2016.

The fabulous show written by Singaporean scriptwriter Jonathan Lin, will feature the Who’s Who in Singapore’s entertainment scene, with Desmond Ng and Hao Hao in the lead roles of Liu Zhang Wen and Shen Yi Fei respectively. The other performers are Bao Bao Sisters (playing Xing Xing sisters), Jiu Jian (as manager Wei), He Jie (as Hong Ling), Tay Yin Yin (Ah Lin Sao), Jasper Lai (stage owner Zhen Zhu), Peng Chi Seng (Ah Lin), Michelle Tan (Ah Fen) and Tay Sin Yeun (Jin Sao).

Other standout names among the cast are Ipoh-born Simon Mohan who plays Jie Ge, and guest artistes Zhang Di and Cai Qiu Feng, both veteran stars who are household names in Asia.

Ge Tai — The Musical that first premiered in Singapore last April is the first of its kind, bringing audiences back to 1980s Singapore and providing a refreshing take on this popular art culture. Fans can expect to be treated to much glitter and comedy in the production that showcases the glamorous world of getai — in this case, how a group of getai performers re-discover the irreplaceable significance of kinship.

Audiences are invited to feel the heartbreak and joy behind the bright lights of the getai stage in this feel-good production boasting a colourful set, evocative lighting design and over-the-top costumes.

The musical also serves as a trip down memory lane for many people as not only do the flamboyant performers portray the lives of the getai community; the production also showcases the vibrancy of the getai scene that spans more than three decades from the 1980s.

Ge Tai — The Musical blends the essence of grassroots getai with the elements of musical theatrics, reaching out to a wide audience and playing a part in preserving the popular indigenous art. New songs and old numbers alike will enliven things — with the latter including familiar classics like Cupid, Passionate Desert and the Hokkien favourite, Fight to Win.

Brilliant cast includes Malaysian-born Mohan

Some of the biggest names in Singapore’s getai scene are involved in Ge Tai — The Musical, adding a touch of authenticity to the production. It is a collaboration between getai celebrities and Singapore’s musical theatre creators, but there will also be special appearances by international stars Zhang Di and Cai Qiu Feng.

Malaysian fans would no doubt also be keen to catch Malaysian-born Mohan in action. The Ipoh-born singer who first tasted success when he won the National Mandarin Song Contest 1983, has long since made his mark in the entertainment scene — like releasing an album produced by Taiwanese singer-composer Lin Chiung Lung and signing on to Suwah Records.

Veteran star Zhang Di who is also known as “King of Wit” will appear in the live show as guest artist from 1 to 4 October. Those of his generation would remember how, at the height of his popularity, he rivalled the late Teresa Teng. He is best known for the songs Mao Mao (The Fur Song) and Guo Jia (Country) — the second of which has since become a patriotic anthem in mainland China.

Another renowned guest artiste is Taiwan’s Hokkien songbird Cai Qui Feng who will appear from 8 to 11 October. The singer who has released more than 30 albums and whose hit songs have since become favourite tunes among karaoke lovers, will no doubt help attract fans to the live show.

Other guest artistes are Yao Yi (appearing on 1 October), Ou Li Wen (2 October), Liu Jun Er (3 October), Liu Yan Hua (4 October), Xie Guo Wen (8 October), Hou Mei Yi (9 October), Huang Xiao Feng (10 October), and Hou Jun Hui (11 October).

Ge Tai — The Musical focuses on how a little known amateur performer in the 1980s ultimately blossoms into a getai star — but not before experiencing many trials and tribulations. Hao Hao’s character has to fight to overcome the discrimination he faces from his peers. Thankfully he gets inspiration from Desmond’s character, a local crowd favourite who has seen it all before — having gone down the same path that Hao Hao’s character is now experiencing.

Desmond whose professional singing career began in 2009, tasted success when he was won Singapore’s Best Newcomer Artiste Award by STOMP in 2011. Bigger things followed in 2015 when he won the Ge Tai Challenge with a heart-thumping performance, and he also landed a role in the movie, Ah Boys to Men.

Hao Hao, for this part, began his career as a getai performer and has since won many awards. Having established himself, he went on to release his debut album, and this was followed by such achievements as performing full-house to an audience of 1,800 at his first concert and starring in the 2008 getai-themed movie, 12 Lotus.

Creative team with an impressive portfolio

Ge Tai — The Musical is backed by a creative team with more than 19 years of experience in the arts and entertainment scene. It is led by Jalyn Han who has an impressive portfolio including Beauty World and the movie, Judgment Day.

And just like Jonathan Lim does an impressive job with the script, Xin Yao does an excellent job with the music, along with veteran songwriter Jiu Jian who composed three brand new songs for the musical. The other big names in the creative team are Elaine Chan as musical director, Andy Benjamin as choreographer, and Christopher Chua as set designer.

There’s also the highly sought after costume designer Fredrick Lee who is in charge of wardrobe, and prolific producer Annie Pek who harmonises the entire musical.

Ge Tai — The Musical will be held at Genting International Showroom at 9pm, from 1 to 4 October, and from 8 to 11 October (except on Saturday when there will be two shows, at 4pm and 9pm).

Tickets are priced at RM530 (VIP), RM230 (PS1) and RM120 (PS2).

For more information, please call 603-2718 1118 or log on to

If you have any queries or in need of further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the following persons:

Irene Chua, Assistant Manager Public Relations, 603 – 6105 9447
Nur Darwisyah, Senior Media Relations Executive, 603 – 2333 6679

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Source: Resorts World Genting
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