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G2A in the News – Promised and Delivered Amazing Results at Gamescom 2016

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RZESZOW, Poland, LONDON and HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ —

900 Game Developers world-wide apply to grow their sales through G2A Direct

G2A’s presentation at the International Media Conference at Gamescom in 2016 saw the company receiving significant media attention. Thirty-two journalists from more than seven countries arrived to participate in the conference which was watched on Twitch. Journalists visited G2A’s exhibition stand for one-to-one meetings with G2A’s CEO and the G2A business development team leaders.

The focus of the G2A conference was to highlight how G2A had invested over $35 million in the Ecosystem to deliver what they promised at their 2015 Gamescom media conference. G2A had resolved, within one year, to develop a world-first innovative solution/system for developers and publishers and this became a reality when they launched G2A Direct on 29th July 2016. Over 900 developers have now applied to join G2A Direct in less than one month since the launch. G2A Direct – Open Doors Developer Support System

G2A now gives developers:

– free hosting on the G2A webpage
– 10.8% commissions on inventory sales
– access to 10 million customers and 150 payment methods in over 170 countries
– free translation of product information
– up to 10% developer fee
– store customization
– top position on the auction page
– game code database query service

Additional innovations include:

Focus on user rating process to enhance accountability and trustworthiness Trust Pilot
Verification Steps for added front end security on the marketplace
Design and implement the new G2A Shield
Even easier integration of G2A Pay
CEO Bartosz Skwarczek outlined G2A’s achievement and showed the evidence of how G2A had enhanced and developed the marketplace, and specifically the ecosystem, for all buyers and sellers. The CEO stated that growth followed these innovations. “Gaming digital products went up from 18K to 37K. Sellers increased from 50K to 250K. Customers every month went from 250K to 400K. Employees increased from 300 to over 650 people.”

He added: “G2A announced that their Goldmine customers previously earned $1.5 million and that this figure went up to $4 million. We love to share business opportunities with gamers. Everyone is welcome.”

Additionally, the number of Facebook likes increased from 0.88 to 1.7 million. Social Media reach rose from 201 to 277 million and customers from 4 million to 10 million. Journalists heard some testimonials from developers who have worked closely with G2A such as: Anshar Studios S.A., Reality 51 and Superhot as well as: Datcroft, Navi, Keen Software House, XS Software and Ingenico Payments.

The G2A Team answered challenging questions from the floor to transparently explain how the concept of the G2A Marketplace works and the stellar achievements of the past year. Guests were invited to attend the international VIP after party later that evening in association with G-Star and Pocket Gamers. G2A’s DNA is to work hard and party harder!

Author: Jacqueline Purcell

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