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Lumesse Enhances Footprint in Asia with Revolutionary Talent Management Platform

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SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Lumesse, the global leading Human Resource software provider, today announces its new set of Talent Management solutions — Empower in Asia. Empower solutions are the next generation of Lumesse ETWeb, and are designed to encourage broad enterprise adoption, increase engagement and drive better business outcomes by empowering all employees to proactively manage careers.

Empower taps the proven capabilities of ETWeb and extends those capabilities with several enhancements.

Intuitive interface compatible with mobile devices and new versions of Windows
Enhanced usability that reduces complexity, improves efficiency and drives adoption
Simple, flexible, rapid navigation through the entire application
Intuitive reporting form as foundations for strategic analysis and improved planning
Although ETWeb has always been at the cutting edge of Talent Management, Empower delivers significantly more powerful analysis and more accurate metrics to optimize and execute organizations’ talent strategies.

Empower provides new capabilities both for managers and the broader employee pool. With Empower, managers are now able to comment the salary review records and determine employee’s start page providing a more comprehensive record throughout a career. Streamlining time-consuming tasks, users can also choose to hide or unhide the forms and fields without customization. Embracing the Lumesse Open Platform commitment as the means to deliver highest customer ROI, a portal enables integration and data synchronization with other software solutions.

Carsten Busch, Lumesse General Manager of Talent Management solutions underscored the company’s sustained efforts at enabling excellence for its customers. “Through the past three decades, Lumesse has been devoted to developing a world-class Talent Management platform. We are proud to provide solutions to more than 2400 enterprises across the globe, and based on what we have learned in partnership with those customers, are always improving our technology and services. Empower is out most ambitious effort to date, and one of which we are exceedingly proud.”

“We are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers,” Busch continued, “And this evolution of ETWeb are enhancing both our product and services.”

In a response to customer desires for intuitive, simple usage of the entire application suite, ETWeb empower was designed to deliver a people-centric experience via a consumer application-like interface. With an overall objective of optimizing enterprise talent management through broad adoption of tools the single user interface for all applications in the suite and synchronized data from end-to-end are critical enablers.

“I believe the footprint of Empower will expand in the next few years around Asia,”, said Mehul Rajparia, VP of Lumesse APAC, “Based on the new capabilities in Empower, we can bring user experience to the next level and help enterprises drive broad adoption that will improve employee engagement.”

For more information about Empower, please visit: or call Henry Xu, Marketing Manager of Lumesse APAC at +86 21 6258 6653.

About Lumesse

Lumesse provides Talent Solutions to more than 2,400 organisations in over 70 countries enabling them to engage and nurture the best talent in an ever-changing and demanding global environment. With our unique and highly adaptable Talent Solutions our customers are well prepared to capitalise on the fast evolution of new technologies and disruptive business conditions, making talent management their business advantage.

Lumesse Talent Solutions are optimised around customers’ best practises and can be deployed in the cloud, hosted internally or externally. They are designed to meet all their global and local business requirements, giving them the edge in the race for talent, wherever they do business.

Each year, Lumesse Talent Solutions provide over 4.3 million performance plans, process more than 51 million job applications and fulfil more than one million vacancies, in addition to having delivered 100 million learning courses.

Source: Lumesse
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