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Degussa Enhances Its Global Precious Metal Portfolio with Iridium and Ruthenium, Giving Its Investors and Customers the Most Comprehensive Selection

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Degussa, Europe’s leading precious metals retailer, has added iridium and ruthenium bars to its already impressively wide-range of products. The addition of these latest two new bars to its existing gold, silver and platinum, makes Degussa’s portfolio one of the most comprehensive in bullion industry.

1 oz Degussa Iridium Ruthenium Bars
1 oz Degussa Iridium Ruthenium Bars

The industrial uses of iridium and ruthenium are extremely versatile. Both industrial metals are used in medical technology, mechanical engineering, and electrical and chemical industries and jewellery.

Degussa Global Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Wolfgang Wrzesniok-Rossbach, said, “With this step, we have set the standards in diversity and an entirely new benchmark in the precious metals market. The expansion of our offerings with iridium and ruthenium confirms our position as a pioneer in the industry. Degussa is a brand constantly evolving to ensure the best possible quality with the most diverse range of precious metals.”

“In addition to our traditional investment products and our gold gifts, we continue to put high value in providing special and rare items for customers who are looking at expanding their own personal collections and unique gift ideas,” added Mr. Wrzesniok-Rossbach.

The Degussa iridium and ruthenium have been prepared through a complex metallurgical process. Each bar is marked with the weight and size of the ounce and with the Degussa’s iconic Sun and Moon logo and seals the bars with the highest precious metal fineness of 999.00.

Other uses of iridium can be traced to spark plug electrodes, in nibs or as a component of ink cartridges. In addition, Iridium is often used as a component of alloys and is also incorporated into jewelry such as wedding rings due to its strength.

Ruthenium is similar to iridium and comes as a silver-white hard and brittle metal. It is used in a vast number of industries due to its toughness and durability, such as computer hard drives, dental fillings and is alloys of palladium or platinum to increase the solidity. In addition to this, ruthenium is also used as catalysis for organic synthesis.

For more information about the new iridium and ruthenium bars, visit the Degussa Singapore Branch at 22 Orchard Road or

For high resolution images, kindly refer to the link below:

About Degussa Goldhandel (Gold trading)

Degussa as a brand is a synonym for quality and reliability in the field of precious metals. Degussa Goldhandel AG, Switzerland, has been active in the market since 2012. The head office of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH is located in Frankfurt. Degussa products and services are available at branch offices in Stuttgart, Munich (2), Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg, Hannover and Pforzheim as well as in Madrid and at Degussa Goldhandel AG in Zurich. The comprehensive portfolio of Degussa is completed by an online shop, available to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which offers constantly updated prices, high availability and fast processing. In August 2014, Degussa Group acquired its own precious metals refinery in Pforzheim, Germany. The refinery is active in the reprocessing of scrap precious metals as well as the production of upstream products for the jewellery industry.

Products and Services

Apart from its worldwide renowned precious metal bars made of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium with the characteristic diamond-shaped Sun / Moon logo, Degussa also offers a wide range of bullion and collector coins. Top-class experts are available to customers in the field of numismatics for the assessment as well as for sale and purchase of historical coins ranging from antiques to those of recent times. Clients have the possibility of storing their precious metals stocks at Degussa’s high-value storage facility and at certain branches Degussa offers safe deposit boxes. Furthermore, Degussa has a “VAT-free” storage facility which is also available to its customers.

Purchase of scrap precious metals

Jewellery no longer being used, silverware, damaged precious metal bars and coins as well as industrially utilised precious metal products are purchased at reasonable prices and recycled.


Degussa Precious Metals Asia Pte Ltd
22 Orchard Road #01-01 Singapore 238885
Telephone: +65-6804 5080

Singapore Press contact

Wani Diwarkar
PR Bespoke Pte Ltd
Telephone: +65-6273 0209
Mobile: +65-9832 0643

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Source: Degussa Precious Metals Asia Pte Ltd
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