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AP-Networks Looks at the State of Global Dry Docking Performance

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The recently completed 2015 Dry Docking Performance Benchmarking Study provides eye-opening metrics on dry docking practices, and cost and schedule outcomes

AMSTERDAM /PRNewswire/ — Asset Performance Networks, LLC (AP-Networks) has announced the results of the 2015 Dry Docking Performance Benchmarking Study. The study involved ship management organizations based out of Southeast Asia and Europe. Participants provided detailed data on dry docking planning and preparation, execution, and performance outcomes. By reviewing this data, along with insights gained from in-depth face-to-face interviews, AP-Networks drew on its knowledge as Industry’s premier benchmarking and assessment firm to provide a comprehensive “state of the industry” report on dry docking practices and outcomes.

The final report, covered in an article by industry website Splash, looks at how individual participants compare to the Industry average across a diverse array of performance benchmarks. Additionally, the study examines where the dry docking practice area as a whole stands compared to other asset-intensive practice areas worldwide, such as offshore shutdowns and petrochemical turnarounds. AP-Networks found that, overall, dry docking is an immature practice area with a great degree of potential to refine and optimize planning and execution practices in pursuit of much more competitive cost and schedule outcomes.

In addition to discussing Industry performance on cost, schedule, and safety, the final report highlights a number of opportunities for the maritime industry as a whole to capitalize on. To receive a copy of the report, visit To inquire about involvement in the next AP-Networks Dry Docking Performance Benchmarking Study, and to learn more about AP-Networks’ benchmarking services, contact Leon van Hout, Dry Docking Benchmarking and Assessment Project Manager for AP-Networks:

Telephone: +31-20-486-1185

About Asset Performance Networks

AP-Networks is Industry’s premier turnaround benchmarking and assessment firm. We aim to advance the state of Industry knowledge, and to drive continuous improvement. Our unique combination of on-the-ground experience, evaluative tools, and comprehensive data generates measurable results by bringing predictability and competitiveness to high-risk events.

For more than a decade, our company has worked to understand and improve turnaround and shutdown performance in the energy and petrochemical industries. By combining our detailed turnaround event knowledge with the insight gained from our Industry-sponsored studies (i.e., Upstream Turnaround Performance Benchmarking Study, Oil Sands Turnaround Cost Performance Benchmarking Study), we offer our clients access to the largest database of turnaround metrics in the world.

We engage with dry docking and turnaround teams from offshore and shipping clients such as BP, Chevron, Neste, Masterbulk, Shell, Statoil, Suncor, and Transocean to help them achieve their goals in executing turnarounds and turnaround-like events.

Source: Asset Performance Networks, LLC
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