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MetLife Hong Kong Surges Ahead with Strong First-half Performance

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-Triple-digit growth makes MetLife one of the fastest growing life insurers in Hong Kong

HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — MetLife Hong Kong^, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife, Inc., the #1 U.S. life insurer*, recorded rapid growth and broad strength in its business results. The first half of the year witnessed many milestones for MetLife Hong Kong. Notable achievements include 116% year-over-year business growth in the first quarter# – marking MetLife Hong Kong as one of the fastest growing life insurers in the market#, 150% year-over-year agency force growth**, brokerage business growth of over 48 times year-on-year#, and an expanding telemarketing network with a new long-term partnership.

Underpinning MetLife Hong Kong’s success is a business strategy focused on product innovation, customer service excellence, and the expansion of its brokerage and agency businesses. Dr Nirmala Menon, Executive Vice President & Head of Designated Markets and Health at MetLife Asia Limited, remarked, “Hong Kong is a very important market to MetLife in Asia, and we see tremendous opportunity for further expansion thanks to our successful business strategy. Our agency force and brokerage business are cornerstones for our growth here, and we will continue our commitment to focus on delivering innovative, customer-centric products and services inHong Kong. I look forward to MetLife Hong Kong’s continued success in the market.”

In addition to its business growth, MetLife Hong Kong’s agency force continues to expand amid an ambitious recruitment strategy; with over 700 agents, it remains on course to exceed its 2016 recruitment target of 1,000 agents. MetLife Hong Kong is one of the fastest growing agencies in the industry with 150% year-over-year manpower growth**. This achievement underscores the success of its recruitment strategy.

Ms. Eva Wong, Chief Agency Officer of MetLife Hong Kong, said, “We are steadily progressing to achieve our 2016 agency recruitment target, and have already set aggressive plans to double the growth of our agency force to 2,000 in the near future. The remarkable growth of our agency force is a testament to our talent acquisition and agency career development strategy. Newly launched digital platforms such as WeTag and PopCoin provide communication, sales, and recruitment tools which truly engage our agents. We will continue to attract top talent and inspire a new generation of agents who thrive in our supportive and entrepreneurial culture.”

MetLife Hong Kong’s high-growth brokerage business has already exceeded its goal to become one of the top ten life insurers in Hong Kong — it is currently ranked eight#. Its brokerage business volume has registered a year-over-year growth of over 48 times#. MetLife Hong Kong is growing its high-net-worth customer base through the award-winning MetLife Legacy Basic Universal Life. Differentiated products, such as MetLife Sunshine Savings Plan and the award-winning MetLife Silver Lining Critical Illness Protector, have also helped MetLife Hong Kong stand out from the competition and fuel its accelerated momentum.

Mr. Bobby Ying, Head of Strategic Partnership Distribution of MetLife Hong Kong, has been working to synergize partnership distribution of brokerage and telemarketing channels. Mr. Ying said, “Our brokerage business has grown tremendously this year as we tailored solutions to meet the needs of the mid-affluent and high-net-worth consumers. Our focus in the future is to continue our successful push into the local and regional high-net-worth customer segments, while consolidating our overall position in Hong Kong. We will continue to expand in Hong Kong’s brokerage market and deliver innovative solutions and world-class customer service.” Recently, the company’s telemarketing network has expanded with the addition of a new long-term partnership.

About MetLife

MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET), through its subsidiaries and affiliates (“MetLife”), is one of the largest life insurance companies in the world^^. Founded in 1868, MetLife is a global provider of life insurance, annuities, employee benefits and asset management. Serving approximately 100 million customers, MetLife has operations in nearly 50 countries and holds leading market positions in the United States, Japan, Latin America, Asia, Europe and theMiddle East. For more information about MetLife Hong Kong, visit

* Based on 2015 written premiums. Source: Axco Global Statistics 2016.

^ MetLife Limited and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited (collectively “MetLife Hong Kong”) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of MetLife, Inc. in Hong Kong and private companies limited by shares incorporated and registered under the applicable laws in Hong Kong. Both MetLife Limited and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company of Hong Kong Limited are authorized insurers carrying long term business in Hong Kong.

# Based on the Annual Premium Equivalent (APE) according to the Quarterly Release of Provisional Statistics for Long Term Business 1Q 2016 from the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.

** Based on the HK Life Insurance Intermediary Monitor Report from Pi Financial Services Intelligence (May 2016).

^^ Based on non-banking assets according to A.M. Best research 2012 data, Best’s Review July 2014.

Source: MetLife Hong Kong

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China’s First International New Media Film Festival Debuts in Beijing

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BEIJING/PRNewswire/ — The China Internet Information Centre and the Southern Media Corporation jointly announced the 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival (GBINMFF) at the China National Convention Centre in Beijing.  GBINMFF is the first of its kind, initiated in China and supported by many countries internationally to promote innovation in content production, discovery, and distribution, from “All Ages, All Cultures & All Media” under the global evolution of the Internet era. The objective of GBINMFF is to create a healthy eco-system for the new media industry to develop unique talents and for high-quality productions to flourish.

Launching ceremony of the 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival
Launching ceremony of the 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival


Celebrities and VIP guests from the 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival
Celebrities and VIP guests from the 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival

During the launching ceremony, Editor-in-Chief of China Internet Information Centre, Wang Xiaohui;  Board Member & General Manager of Guangdong South New Media Inc., Lin Rui Jun;  Screenwriter Director & Film Producer of CCTV Production Centre of China Central Newsreel & Documentary Film Studio Group, Zheng Zi;  Member of the Provisional Legislative Council and Legislative Council of Hong Kong, Ma Fung Kwok;  Executive Vice President of China Society of Broadcasting and Television, and Ex-Director of China National Radio, Yang Bo;  Ex-Vice Chairman of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and China Grade-A Film Director, Ding Yin Nan;  Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Film Association, and judges of 29th & 30th China Golden Rooster Award, Xu Bolin;  all shared their vision and ideas for future growth opportunities of new media films.

“Internet injects new momentum and brings new opportunities to traditional film industry through new business models and technologies such as cloud-funding, big-data, online ticketing, and VR/AR technologies,” saidSamson Lee, CEO of STM Digital Holdings Group, the co-organizer for GBINMFF for the international market sector. “Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Festival consolidates vast resources and creates much synergy among diverse areas including talents, capital, production, distribution, IP management and product licensing.”

GBINMFF will accept submissions until Jan 2017. The 1st Golden Bauhinia International New Media Film Awards Ceremony will take place in Hong Kong or Macau in March of 2017.

About China Internet Information Centre

The operator of online web portal of which offers broad access to up-to-date news about China, with searchable texts of government position papers and a wealth of basic information about Chinese history, politics, economics and culture.

The authorized government portal site to China, is published under the auspices of the State Council Information Office and the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) in Beijing.

For more information –

About Southern Media Corporation

Southern Media Corporation (SMC), established on 18 January 2004, is the nation’s first provincial enterprise group (coalition of broadcast TV system enterprises in provinces, cities and counties). SMC was formed by the Southern Media Holdings Limited, Radio Guangdong, Guangdong TV, Southern TV, Guangdong TV Technical Centre and 19 city-level broadcast stations in the province and 76 county-level broadcast stations. SMC has a total of 20 radio stations and 21 television stations, with TV signal coverage available in 53 countries and regions for over 20 million of population across Asia Pacific, Africa and Eastern Europe etc. Radio Guangdong is the largest provincial radio station with the most resources; Guangdong TV is the very first and the most influential mainstream media in the province; whereas Guangdong Southern TV is the youngest and fastest-growing provincial TV media.

Since its inception, SMC has been boldly looking for reform and innovation, its subordinating units such as Radio Guangdong, Guangdong TV and Southern TV all created their first brand and award-winning programs, and many other masterpieces.

For more information –

About STM Digital Holdings Group

STM is a leading digital content and value-added service operator offering high-quality digital content and value-added services through a network of O2O-Partners, including Internet-cafés, hotels, bars, restaurants, e-kiosks, smart-home, private clubs and Wi-Fi hotspots.

With a focus on the Greater China and Asia markets, STM partners and aggregates a wide variety of content & value-added service providers, to securely and efficiently deliver content/ services to the consumer of their O2O-Partners, through an advanced technology platform – namely V.S.O.P. “VAS Synergized O2O Platform”.

Leveraging on V.S.O.P., STM empowers consumers from tier 2/3 cities, and even the most remote suburban and rural areas with limited Internet bandwidth, to enjoy premium content and value-added services such as movies, live concerts, cultural performances, sports, travel & lifestyles, education, investment, e-commerce, career, gaming and VR/AR content/services…etc.  To date, these consumers have been inadequately served under current market landscape and structure.

For more information – visit or contact:

Photo –
Photo –

Source: STM Digital Holdings Group

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Japanese Restaurant Chain Icho Enhances Self-ordering Dining Experience with 4ipnet Wi-Fi

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TAIPEI, Taiwan /PRNewswire/ — Yorozuya Corporation operates a large-scale Japanese chain restaurant & bar in the northern Kantou region of Japan — the “Icho” chain — spread out over the Gunma, Saitama, Tochigi, and Nagano prefectures. Each of Icho’s 40 locations is furnished elegantly with approximately 80 private rooms, and serves an impressive variety of dishes for its diners. In order to reduce wait times and improve the dining experience, Icho introduced a self-ordering system that enabled customers to place orders in their own rooms through wireless tablets. However, providing a stable Wi-Fi signal for the system was extremely challenging due to the complex physical layout in each store.

“The ordering system often became unstable at lunch time when the restaurant was crowded and the signals could not reach the further private rooms. We were soon facing complaints and bad reputation problems,” recalled Toshinobu Tabei, head of Icho’s IT system construction.

Icho’s management team quickly made it a priority for Mr. Tabei to find a stable Wi-Fi solution that could support their challenging network environment. During a visit to the HOTERES Hotel & Restaurant Show, Mr. Tabei realized that the enterprise-grade WLAN solutions being showcased for high-density public venues in hotels could also be applied to the Icho restaurants. He approached NTT Advanced Technology (NTT-AT), 4ipnet’s local partner in Japan, and after hearing the detailed solution presentation, was convinced that 4ipnet could help him resolve his current wireless network issues.

Prior to the network deployment, NTT-AT conducted a thorough site survey for each Icho location, factoring in floor plan layouts and physical obstructions that would impact the wireless connectivity.  NTT-AT came to the conclusion that placing the access points above the decorative eaves of the private rooms offered the best combination of aesthetics and performance, to which Mr. Tabei agreed. With NTT-AT’s expertise, Icho was able to successfully deploy 140 sets of 4ipnet EAP757 and EAP767 indoor access points across all stores, and greatly increased the high-density performance and reliability of the self-ordering system.

After the new Wi-Fi deployment went live, Icho was extremely satisfied with 4ipnet’s solution, as Mr. Tabei said, “With 4ipnet, the self-ordering system improved dramatically, and we can at last comfortably handle the network as the Icho Bar chain continues to open more stores. Moreover, guests can finally enjoy an uninterrupted dining experience.”

About 4ipnet

Founded in 2002, 4ipnet designs and delivers the solutions and services that drive next-generation wireless networks. The company is focused on providing a personalized and disruptive approach to addressing complex Wi-Fi environments, ensuring a high-performance, flexible, and cost-effective wireless experience. Along with integrated user policy enforcement, social media insights, and hotspot billing, 4ipnet’s platform empowers businesses with new opportunities for value-added services and Wi-Fi monetization.

For more information, please visit:

Source: 4ipnet
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