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Global Demand for Smart Weapons Accelerating Growth to Over $41.8 Billion by 2025, says Strategy Analytics

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-Renewed emphasis on advanced capabilities to drive growth at a CAGR of 3.7%

BOSTON /PRNewswire/ — A renewed emphasis on advancing Smart Weapon capabilities to counter evolving threats such as A2/AD (anti-access Area Denial) envelopes, combined with on-going demand from asymmetric wars and continued force modernizations in emerging countries is driving spending across the full range of Smart Weapons. The Strategy Analytics Advanced Defense Systems (ADS) service series of Smart Weapon (SW) forecasts, outline global defense expenditure trends segmented on a regional basis before breaking out the expected spend on Smart Weapons incorporating subsystems, hardware, support and related services across the land, air and naval domains.

  • The squeeze on military budgets particularly in the Western countries as well as technology advances are translating to adoption of fewer but more capable new Smart Weapon platforms across domains.
  • The total number of Smart Weapon shipments is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% through 2025 to reach 162,943 units.
  • The associated market for Smart Weapon subsystems such as navigation and guidance, target seekers, datalinks, fuzes etc. will grow from $9.3 billion in 2015 to $13.4 billion.
Strategy Analytics. (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)
Strategy Analytics. (PRNewsFoto/Strategy Analytics)

Strategy Analytics Smart Weapons Market Outlook outlines analysis looking at the total smart weapons sector in terms of overall expenditure, as well as detailing expected shipments and associated demand for the underpinning subsystems. The underlying numerical data is available in the Global SW Market and Technology Forecast: 2015 – 2025 data model. Further detailed numerical data for Smart Weapons across the respective domains is available in the following series of forecasts:

Land SW Market and Technology Forecast: 2015 – 2025,

Airborne SW Market and Technology Forecast: 2015 – 2025,

Shipborne SW Market and Technology Forecast: 2015 – 2025.

“The squeeze on military budgets particularly in Western countries will be counteracted by technology advances translating to the adoption of fewer but more capable new Smart Weapon platforms across domains,” noted Eric Higham, North American Director for ADS.

“RF and millimeterwave technologies underpin a range of Smart Weapon subsystems enabling navigation and guidance, fuzing, target seekers and this will support a number of the key trends driving towards enhanced capability platforms over the next ten years,” added Asif Anwar, Director of the ADS service. “Moving forwards, directed energy weapons (DEW) will fundamentally change how future battles are fought with laser weapons leading the charge alongside developments around electromagnetic pulsed weapons and high power microwave (HPM) payloads.”

About Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides the competitive edge with advisory services, consulting and actionable market intelligence for emerging technology, mobile and wireless, digital consumer and automotive electronics companies. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Strategy Analytics delivers insights for enterprise

European Contact: Asif Anwar, +44(0) 1908 423 635,

US Contact: Eric Higham, +1 617 614 0721,

Logo –


Source: Strategy Analytics

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Supermicro(R) Launches a Wide Range of HPC SuperServer, Storage, and Networking Solutions with the Latest Intel(R) Processors and Intel Omni-Path Fabric; Plus GPU and NVMe All-Flash Storage Technologies at ISC’16

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-Comprehensive HPC Solutions Include Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (formerly code named Knights Landing) based 2U 4-node SuperServers for HPC clusters and workstation for developers, 2U Dual-port 40-NVMe All-Flash Super-SBB (HA-in-a-Box) SuperStorage with up to 5Tb/s aggregated throughput in a 42U rack for Lustre solution, 8-Way System with 24TB Memory Capacity for high computing and memory density, and Intel® Omni-Path fabric based 100Gb/s Networking Switch for high-speed interconnect.

FRANKFURT, Germany /PRNewswire/ — Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in compute, storage, and networking technologies and green computing exhibits its High Performance Computing solutions at the International Supercomputing Conference this week in Frankfurt, Germany.

At the show Supermicro will debut the latest innovations in HPC architectures and technologies including a 2U 4-Node server supporting new Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors (formerly code named Knights Landing) with integrated or external Intel® Omni-Path fabric option, together with associated 4U/Tower development workstation; 1U SuperServer® supporting up to 4 GPU including the next generation P100 GPU; 7U 8-Way SuperServer with 24TB memory capacity supporting the new Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8800 v4/v3 product families and up to 8 Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessors or GPU cards; All-Flash High-Availability-in-a-Box SuperStorage 2U 40-Bay dual-port NVMe system with dual node “Simply Double” based storage exhibiting up to 5Tb/s throughput and over 1.28PB storage capacity in a 42U rack; Lustre High Performance File system; and 1U 48-port top-of-rack network switch with 100Gbps Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (OPA) providing a unique HPC cluster solution offering excellent bandwidth, latency and message rate that is highly scalable and easily serviceable.

Supermicro will also exhibit at ISC highest performance and efficiency 1U 10 NVMe Ultra SuperServer; highest density and efficiency 3U/6U MicroBlade, 7U SuperBlade® featuring 20 DP nodes or 10 DP nodes with 20 GPU/Xeon Phi; robust 4th generation Twin architecture 2U TwinPro™ featuring 2 DP nodes and redundant Titanium Level high-efficiency (96%+) power supplies; and DP SuperServer systems supporting Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors or GPU cards in 2U/4, 4U/8, and Tower/4+1 configurations.

In addition, Supermicro announces plans to offer systems using Intel® Scalable System Framework configurations, utilizing the latest Intel Xeon processors, newly announced Intel Xeon Phi processors and the Intel Omni-Path architecture.

“With Supermicro HPC solutions deep learning, engineering, and scientific fields can scale out compute clusters to accelerate their most demanding workloads and achieve fastest time-to-results with maximum performance per watt, per square foot, and per dollar,” said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. “With our latest innovations incorporating Intel Xeon Phi processors in a performance and density optimized Twin architecture, 8-socket scalable servers, 100Gbps OPA switch for high bandwidth connectivity, and high-performance NVMe for Lustre based storage, our customers can accelerate their applications and innovations to address the most complex real world problems.”

“Supermicro is poised to bring some of the most exciting HPC products to market using the Intel Scalable System Framework,” said Charles Wuischpard, vice president, Data Center Group, and general manager, High Performance Computing Platform Group, at Intel. “Supermicro’s adoption of our latest technologies, including the new Intel Xeon Phi processor and Intel Omni-Path Architecture will deliver remarkably deeper insights and innovations for research and commercial applications in science, analytics, and machine learning.”

Supermicro ISC Exhibits

  • SuperServer supporting Intel Xeon Phi processor with integrated Intel Omni-Path Fabric 2U Rackmount and 4U Tower Solutions – Supermicro’s Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor-based computing platforms. In conjunction with Intel Xeon processors, the Intel Xeon Phi processor forms a compelling tag team that utilize common instruction sets and support multiple programming models, helping to make it easier to manage parallel computing applications in the hybrid environment and take advantage of the powerful processing resources of Supermicro’s HPC platforms. Engineering, scientific and research fields can dramatically accelerate application performance with minimal investment in development with Supermicro’s Intel Xeon Phi processor-based supercomputing solutions. Hybrid platforms support latest Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 and v3 product families. The 2U SYS-5028TK-HTR is the most optimized Intel Xeon Phi processor system in the market, supporting 4 Knights Landing processors with no preheating. The 4U Tower SYS-5038K-I is intended for designers wishing to develop applications for this exciting new processor/networking option.
  • 2U 40 Dual-port NVMe All-Flash SuperStorage Solutions – A 2U 40 dual-port, dual-controller, all- NVMe system supporting up to 30GB/s per system throughput via Intel 100G Omni-Path networking, unrivaled in the industry. Benefits include largest improvements in throughput (up to 12x) and latency (up to 7x), shared common backplane that improves flexibility of drive choice, 2.5″ U.2 (SFF-8639) form factor for improved hot-swap serviceability vs. PCI-E Flash cards, and improved power efficiency. Supermicro server solutions with NVMe target HPC, Energy, 3D modeling and graphical design, HFT, Database, Search Engine, High Security Encryption, and VDI in cluster and supercomputing applications; in Cloud, Virtualization, and Enterprise environments.
  • 2U Simply Double SuperStorage – Solutions offer up to twice the storage capacity and IOPS in the same amount of space of traditional 2U front load storage systems. Second set of drive bays are arrayed in a patented Riser Bay located on the top of the Simply Double systems for easy access and servicing. Available in 2.5″ or 3.5″ drive bays, and that also support All-Flash NVMe SSDs or SAS 3.0 HDDs. Feature two additional rear 2.5″ hot-swap drive bays, 3 PCI-E 3.0 slots, redundant Titanium Level (96%+) power supplies, and support for Intel Xeon processor E5-2600 v4/v3 product families.
  • SuperServer supporting GPU Accelerator with next generation architecture-based Solutions – Supermicro’s Enterprise-class High Performance SuperComputing solutions are available in the industry’s broadest form factors and highest density (1U, 4 next generation P100 GPU SYS-1028GQ-TXR/-TXRT) generating massively parallel processing power and unrivaled GPU peering via 80GB/s NVLINK for Machine Learning applications.
  • 7U 8-Way (MP) SuperServer – Latest generation Supermicro 8-Way multi-processor (MP) system features up to 192 CPU cores and 192 DDR4 memory DIMM slots. Eight CPU modules and 2 storage modules are located in the front of the system with each CPU module supporting Intel® Xeon® processor E7-8800 v4/v3 product family with QPI up to 9.6GT/s, 24 DDR4 memory DIMMs, (total 192 DDR4 DIMMs for complete system), 1 PCI-E 3.0 (x16) (GPU supported) or optional 2x 2.5″ hot-swap U.2 NVMe. 2 storage modules each supporting 6x hot-swap 2.5″ HDD/SSD, 3x 3.5″ HDD or optional 10x 2.5″ HDD/SSD, and 1 PCI-E (x8 in x16) and optional RAID card. Chassis supports 5 rear hot-plug FHHL PCI-E 3.0 (x8 in x16) modules, SIOM expansion with 4x 10GbE and 1x 1GbE IPMI ports, and 5 redundant (N+1) 1600W Titanium Level high efficiency (96%+) power supplies. Solution is optimized for mission-critical workloads in scale-up HPC, in-memory computing, and large-scale virtualization.
  • 7U SuperBlade® – Advantages include maximum density with 20 DP nodes in 7U, affordability, reduced management costs, lower power consumption, optimal ROI, and high scalability. Modules support latest Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 product family and are available with 20 Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor or GPU Blades; 2 coprocessor cards per blade server (SBI-7128RG-X/-F/-F2), 3 GPU per blade server (SBI-7127RG3), Data Center Blade (SBI-7428R-C3N, SBI-7428R-T3N), TwinBlade® (SBI-7228R-T2F/-T2F2/-T2X), Storage Blade with NVMe support (SBI-7128R-C6N) solutions. Chassis feature industry’s only hot-swap NVMe solutions, hot-plug switch modules supporting InfiniBand FDR/QDR, 10/1 GbE, FCoE, chassis management module (CMM) and redundant 3000W/2500W/1620W (N+1, N+N), hot-swap Platinum Level digital power supplies.
  • 3U/6U MicroBlade – designed for best advantages over many industry standard architectures with all-in-one total solution, ultra high density, ultra low power consumption, best performance per watt per dollar, high scalability, and best ease of service. The MicroBlade enclosure can incorporate 1 Chassis Management Module, and up to 2x 10/2.5/1GbE SDN switches in 3U or up to 2 Chassis Management Modules, and up to 4 SDN Switches in 6U for efficient, high-bandwidth communications. It can incorporate up to 4 or 8 redundant (N+1 or N+N) 2000W/1600W Titanium/Platinum Level high-efficiency (96%+/95%+) power supplies with cooling fans.
    • MBI-6119G-C4/T4 – 28 Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5 product family nodes per 6U (up to 196 nodes per 42U) or 14 nodes per 3U with 4x 2.5″ SAS SSD, RAID 0,1,1E,10 or 4x 2.5″ SATA HDD.
    • MBI-6219G-T – 56 Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5 product family nodes per 6U (up to 392 computing nodes per 42U rack) or 28 nodes per 3U with 2x 2.5″ SSD per node.
    • MBI-6218G-T41X/-T81X – 56 Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1581/1541 (Broadwell-DE) product family nodes per 6U (up to 392 computing nodes per 42U rack) or 28 nodes per 3U with up to 16 cores and integrated 10GbE per node.
    • MBI-6118G-T41X/-T81X – 28 Intel® Xeon® Processor D-1541/D-1581 (Broadwell-DE) product family nodes per 6U (up to 196 computing nodes per 42U rack) or 14 nodes per 3U with 8 cores and integrated 2x 10GbE.
    • MBI-6128R-T2/-T2X – 28 Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v4 product family DP nodes per 6U (up to 196 computing nodes per 42U rack) or 14 nodes per 3U with 1GbE and 10GbE options.
    • MBI-6118D-T2H/-T4H – 28 Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v4 product family and 4th Generation Core™ i3 product family nodes per 6U (up to 196 computing nodes per 42U rack) or 14 nodes per 3U with Iris Pro Graphics and 4x 2.5″ SSD, RAID 0,1.
    • MBI-6418A-T7H /-T5H – 112 nodes Intel® Atom™ Processor C2750/2550 product families per 6U (up to 784 computing nodes per 42U rack) with up to 8 cores and integrated 2x 2.5 GbE per node.
  • 1U Ultra SuperServer supporting 10 NVMe drives – Designed to deliver unrivaled performance, flexibility, scalability, and serviceability that is ideal for demanding Enterprise workloads. Supports Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 and v3 product families (160W/up to 22 Cores), up to 3TB of memory in 24 DIMMs, SATA3 with optional SAS3 and 10 NVMe support for increased storage bandwidth. These systems generate up to 12x IOPS, 10x efficiency, and 6x price/performance of systems using standard SAS3 SSDs.
  • 2U TwinPro™/TwinPro²™ SuperServer Platform – Optimized for high-end Enterprise, HPC cluster, Data Center, and Cloud Computing environments, designed for ease of installation and maintenance with highest quality for continuous operation at maximum capacity. Supports Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 and v3 product families.
  • Network Switches – the latest in cost-effective Top-of-Rack Ethernet switching technology, whether it be traditional fully-featured models incorporating both hardware and software in a complete solution, or bare metal hardware capable of running third-party software configurable to specific customer needs in an Open Network Environment. The SSH-C48Q is a 100Gbps 1U 48-port top-of-rack switch based on the Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.
  • Server Management Software – Multifunction suite of tools that can perform health monitoring, power management and firmware maintenance to help deploy and maintain servers in data centers.

Visit Supermicro at ISC 2016 in Frankfurt, Germany, June 20th through June 23rd at the Frankfurt Tor Ost Messe, Booth #1130.

For more information on Supermicro’s complete range of high performance, high-efficiency Server, Storage and Networking solutions, visit

Follow Supermicro on Facebook and Twitter to receive their latest news and announcements.

About Super Micro Computer, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMCI)

Supermicro® (NASDAQ: SMCI), the leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology is a premier provider of advanced server Building Block Solutions® for Data Center, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, Hadoop/Big Data, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro is committed to protecting the environment through its “We Keep IT Green®” initiative and provides customers with the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

Supermicro, Building Block Solutions and We Keep IT Green are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Intel, Xeon, Pentium, Core, Atom and Xeon Phi are trademarks or a registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries.

All other brands, names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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Source: Super Micro Computer, Inc.

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Pop Artist Sean Danconia and Experiential Designer Henry Chebaane to launch new joint-venture, “SupaPop Space” at Licensing Expo 2016

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LOS ANGELES /PRNewswire/ — Pop Artist Sean Danconia and Experiential Designer Henry Chebaane join forces to launch a new cutting edge hospitality and retail enterprise, “SupaPop Space” at this year’s Licensing Expo 2016 (Mandalay Bay Convention Center) in Las Vegas, June 21-23rd.

Following his trailblazing debut of the “SupaPop” creative universe last year, Disney® Artist and Anime Expo® Guest of Honor, Sean Danconia has now joined forces with Blue Sky Hospitality’s Henry Chebaane, the acclaimedLondon-based brand, product and interior designer.

Danconia’s dynamic take on the comic & animation worlds has made him a household name among Pop-Art aficionados. Designer and Brand Strategist Henry Chebaane has built a reputation for creating highly innovative branded hospitality and entertainment spaces with deeply immersive experiential content across the globe with clients like Marriott, Four Seasons, InterContinental Hotels in addition to numerous individual investors.

“SupaPop Space” is the sum of Danconia and Chebaane’s hyper-inventive creative energy combined with solid business savvy and deep understanding of market trends; now to launch at Licensing Expo 2016 and debut simultaneously from their respective bases of operation in Los Angeles and London.

The two artist-designers are joint creative and managing partners in this newly formed enterprise with the ambitious aim to create, produce, develop and license characters and art into experiential concepts, hospitality spaces and retail products based on their shared art & design vision – shaping the next generation of 21st century entertainment across broad consumer demographics, leveraged on a global scale.

SupaPop Space” functions as both a Creative Lab for their latest and future inventions and an umbrella brand developing new lines of individually branded properties conceived and designed to be produced, developed and distributed in collaboration with the most visionary retailers, hoteliers, restaurateurs and entertainments studios worldwide.

Chebaane will also be joining Danconia as a partner in “SupaPop Universe”, launched in 2015. Media division SupaPop Studios has animation development deals in place with Rollman Entertainment and Manga Entertainment in addition to a 6-11 toy-gaming-anime property with Pokemon-pioneer, Al Kahn.

About: SupaPop® Space is the brainchild of artist/designer Sean Danconia and designer / brand strategist Henry Chebaane, developed as part of new media company – SUPAPOP UNIVERSE – with offices in Los Angeles,London and Singapore.

For press inquiries, please contact Rebecca Hilton at (

Photo –

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6 Easy Ways to Increase your Email List Subscribers

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NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — The trick to creating a successful email marketing program is to produce content that is engaging and valuable all the while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Logo –

Email marketing is a cost effective way to increase your brand’s exposure, but the program can only be effective if you have a solid email subscriber list put into place first. To build your list:

  • Sign-Up forms.  Have these located throughout your business website including the homepage.
  • Make requests. During the checkout purchase, offer a button that will allow your customers to easily sign-up since they have already expressed interest in your products/services.
  • Entice with free. Offer top-quality free content such as white papers and case studies to spark interest and encourage additional sign-ups.

For further discussion on the three remaining ways to increase your email list subscribers, read the latest article posted to PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit here:

PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that provides small businesses and entrepreneurs the tools to develop an affordable public relations and marketing plan that helps generate interest from potential customers, engage with key audiences and grow their businesses. The toolkit features relevant content such as informative white papers, interactive webinars and how-to articles and premium access to educational resources, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of special offers designed specifically for small businesses. To request information on how PR Newswire can help your small business, click here. You can receive updates on new Small Business PR Toolkit content by following @prnsmallbiz on Twitter.

About PR Newswire
PR Newswire, a Cision company, is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution that marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers leverage to engage key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry over 60 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to- end solutions to produce, optimize and target content — and then distribute and measure results. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire powers the stories of organizations around the world. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.

Cision is a leading global media intelligence company, serving the complete workflow of today’s communication professionals.

Amanda Eldridge
Director, Strategic Channels

Source: PR Newswire Association LLC

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MAKE UP FOR EVER, ICONA POP & COLBY SMITH Set the Stage to Reveal Artist Rouge Lipsticks

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PARIS /PRNewswire/ —


#myArtistRouge @makeupforeverofficial @iconapop @colbymakeup

Driven by a shared passion for the stage, MAKE UP FOR EVER, chart topping Swedish duo ICONA POP and celebrity makeup artist COLBY SMITH bring together the world of makeup and music to reveal the new ARTIST ROUGE campaign. Combining the artists’ vision and the brand’s expertise, MAKE UP FOR EVER and ICONA POP co-create an exclusive and exuberant video content for the hit “Emergency” highlighting the transformative power of ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks.

Discover the music video here:

To view the Multimedia News Release, please click:

Makeup is so important for us when we are on stage, to do something fun for people. You can become a superwoman with just some blush and a black lipstick. We express ourselves through musicbut also through how we dress and how we wear our makeup. MAKE UP FOR EVER is perfect for us because its edgy and coolplus there are so many different colors to play with! ICONA POP

Resisting the extreme conditions of live performances and reflecting their exuberant personalities, ARTIST ROUGE is an essential tool for ICONA POP. The Swedish group ICONA POP, formed by Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, takes its inspiration from electro house, punk and indie pop music. The two singers, who shot to international stardom with their 3x RIAA certified platinum hit “I Love It” ft. Charli XCX, and opened for Katy Perry, Miley Cyrusand One Direction on their respective tours. Returning to the center stage with their 2015 single “Emergency”, the duo joins forces with MAKE UP FOR EVER in all their artistic creations and stage performances, in collaboration with the band’s makeup artist COLBY SMITH.

Its a brand that celebrates artistry, creativity and bold self-expression, and this unique partnership betweenICONA POP, myself and the Artist Rouge collection truly brings those to life.  COLBY SMITH, ICONA POPs Makeup Artist

Featuring 46 intense colors – 31 cream shades and 15 matte shades, ARTIST ROUGE LIPSTICKS offer a spectacular wear and an outstanding comfort. MAKE UP FOR EVER is releasing two limited-edition lipsticks featuring ICONA POP’s signature. Caroline chose a velvety matte deep red (#M401), while Aino chose a creamy, dark blue (#C603).

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Glispa Demonstrates Mobile Performance Marketing Leadership & Opens New Office in High-Growth Southeast Asia

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-Glispa Helps Top SEA Brands and App Developers with Mobile Growth & Hires Christian Nguyen as New General Manager

BERLIN, SINGAPORE, SAN FRANCISCO, BEIJING and SÃO PAULO/PRNewswire/ — Glispa Global Group, the high performance mobile marketing pioneer, unveils its adtech marketing traction in the Southeast Asian (SEA) market and as a dominant player in Indonesia’s m-commerce explosion. As a natural extension, Glispa also announces a new office, located in Singapore, with former Google executive and mobile marketing veteranChristian Nguyen as General Manager.

Photo –

For more information on working with Glispa in SEA go to:

“From years of doing business in the SEA region and listening to advertisers and publishers, we have unparalleled expertise in each market,” says Gary Lin Founder and CEO, of Glispa. “Now is the perfect time to establish a permanent presence in the region, to further strengthen our roots there and continue to provide our SEA clients with world-class service.”

Massive Market Growth Continues in SEA
Glispa Global Group has been executing mobile advertising campaigns for Southeast Asian clients since 2013, and will continue to grow its regional presence in this rapidly-expanding mobile advertising environment. As smartphone penetration grows, so too do the advertising opportunities: eMarketer predicts mobile ad spend will grow over 150% year-on-year by the end of 2016. By 2019, more than 50% of digital ad spend will be attributed to mobile.

Glispa’s SEA Market Dominance
Glispa’s strong SEA market presence has been based out of its headquarters in Berlin, where market experts and native speakers from Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines provide services to clients from the region. Opportunities throughout all these markets continue to grow, leading to the decision to open an office inSingapore. Glispa’s vision is to be the mobile performance marketing leader in SEA, and already services major mobile players including Bukalapak, Traveloka, Lazada, Shopee, GrabTaxi, Matahari Mall and Gumi.

Glispa has been tracking with the region’s market needs where advertisers have progressed from volume app installs to now being more focused on mobile user quality and return on ad spend, which is aligned with Glispa’s approach to user acquisition and proprietary optimization technology.

Glispa’s presence in Singapore rounds out the company’s market reach in Asia as a whole, with the Beijing office servicing the Chinese-speaking market, reaching both international and domestic opportunities.

New Office in Singapore & New Regional General Manager
Glispa’s office in Singapore provides even stronger local services to its existing clients and builds rapport with potential new clients, both domestically and internationally for expansion.

Christian Nguyen joins Glispa Global Group as General Manager of the newly-established Singapore office. Christian is deeply knowledgeable in mobile marketing, especially for the SEA region, navigating the differences between mature markets like Singapore, hyper-growth m-commerce markets like Indonesia, and emerging mobile markets like Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Christian brings with him extensive adtech and market growth experience, having held positions such as Head of Mobile (SEA) for over four years at Google, Head of Brand Salesat AdMob as well as Country Sales Manager at Microsoft.

Christian Nguyen, Glispa General Manager of Southeast Asia says, “With mobile advertising set to grow to half of all digital advertising by 2020, I’m thrilled to join Glispa to lead this growth regionally.”

About Glispa Global Group
Glispa Global Group is a mobile marketing pioneer empowering clients to activate global audiences and move markets. Providing a full suite of technology-based services, Glispa partners with global advertisers, app developers and publishers, enabling them to reach their user acquisition and monetization goals. With its recently-launched ad mediation platform, Ampiri, app developers can now gain full transparency and control over their entire mobile app inventory to maximize revenue potential, working with the largest global publishers and app developers.

Headquartered in Berlin with offices in Beijing, Bangalore, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Singapore and Sao Paulo, Glispa employs a multinational team representing 40 nationalities speaking 25 languages. To get started with glispa, connect with us:

Press contacts:
USA: Code Morris: Katie Campisano,, +1.908-247-8678
Germany: Glispa: Melissa Bohlsen,, +49.30.6098.48374
Southeast Asia: PRecious: Soraya Rosadha,, +65-9272 3133

Business Development/Sales
Southeast Asia: Christian Nguyen,

Source: Glispa Global Group
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YES BANK Launches Revamped ‘Mobile First’ Website

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— New State-of-the-Art Website Optimized Across Latest Browsers, Tablets and Mobile Phones
— Provides Superior Customer Experience With Enhanced Tools and Functionalities
— Accessible at Domain – First Bank in India to Migrate to .bank Domain Platform

MUMBAI, India /PRNewswire/ — YES BANK, India’s 5th largest private sector bank has launched its new revamped website to offer a consistent, superior customer experience optimized across latest browsers, tablets and mobile phones. This launch is yet another step in establishing YES BANK as a truly digitized bank, and towards fulfilling its commitment to offer consistent and superior customer experience. This website will also be accessible at, which makes YES BANK the first bank in India to leverage the .bank domain providing an additional layer of security for our website.

(Logo: )

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Rana Kapoor, MD & CEO, YES BANK  said, “With increasing proliferation of digitized banking, YES BANK’s website will play a critical role in providing a world-class cutting-edge experience for all our customers which is customized based on the user’s product interests and geography. By leveraging the pillars of new age technology and innovation, our new website will offer segmented user interactions, which are as fulfilling as visiting one of YES BANK’s state-of-art branches.”

Besides a vibrant new look, this website has even more advanced features to improve your experience and simplify your banking decisions. Some of the unique features are:

  • Interactive features like Product Finder Tool, Product Comparator tool, Fixed Deposit calculators and more, thereby resulting in intuitive product discovery
  • Personalized user experience based on your last visit, searched product, geography and time of visit
  • Upgraded Search functionality for faster and accurate results
  • Extensive information about our products and services
  • Interactive tools allowing the website to serve as a platform for product application and service request
  • Clutter-free design providing easy customer navigation

YES BANK had also recently launched the Star Star service, which enables customers to customers to reach the bank by dialling Star Star BANK (**2265) from the smartphone keypad. This service, which is popular in global markets like USA and Australia is expected to significantly aid customer call to action, especially for a generic call number as **BANK.

For further information, please contact:

Jitesh Patel
Ph.: +91 22 3347 9753, +91 9820813570

Delna Irani
Ph.: +91-98206 60467

Source: YES BANK Ltd

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Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres and Dr. Mike Evans Met His Holiness Pope Francis, and Thanked Him for His Friendship and Support for the Jewish People and State of Israel

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ROME /PRNewswire/ — Peres stated, Nothing is greater than the cause of friendship among human beings.”

His Holiness Pope Francis, Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres, Chairman of the International Board of the Friends of Zion museum in Jerusalem and Dr. Mike Evans, the Museum’s Founder made a joint statement promoting peace and calling for an end to acts of violence in the name of religion. Peres also presented his Holiness Pope Francis with a unique piece of art from the Friends of Zion Founders gallery. The piece depicts a dreamlike biblical scene of Abraham answering to the high calling on a backset with the Hebrew word Hinneni, meaning Here Am I.

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(Photo: )

Peres and Evans also shared the story of Irena Sendler, one of the heroes depicted in the museum. Sendler, a young Catholic nurse, smuggled approximately 2,500 Jewish children out of the Warsaw Ghetto and then provided them with false identity documents and shelter outside the Ghetto. In 1965, Sendler was recognized by the State of Israel as one of the Righteous among the Nations. Dr. Mike Evans, founder of the FOZ museum, spoke of the importance of friendships between all people and nations, which is even more important today with rising anti-Semitism worldwide.

The FOZ museum is one of the newest attractions in the very heart of Jerusalem, inviting visitors from all over the world to experience the courageous stories of those who stood by in support of the Jewish people and the state ofIsrael in the last 200 years. Magnificently told, the museum uses groundbreaking technology, allowing visitors to experience the unfolding story as though stepping back in time. From 3D presentation and giant touch screens to projection mapping on unique sculptures and complex roto scope animations that transform live-action video footage into a painted media.

The heroes presented in the museum include US President Harry Truman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Prof. George W. Bush, Orde Wingate, and Righteous Among the Nations such as Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg, Irena Sendler and the Ten Boom family, who risked their lives to save Jews persecuted throughout the world

The Friends of Zion Museum opened in Jerusalem last September and has set itself a goal of serving as a bridge, connecting people from around the world and motivating more communities to come out in support of Israel.

Museum Address: Friends of Zion Museum, 20 Yosef Rivlin Street, Jerusalem. The Museum is currently open to visitors, reservation recommended on the Museum’s website: or by emailing our reservation department at or +972-2-532-9400.

Source: Friends of Zion

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Half the World’s Women Have Given up on Their Dreams: Kids Challenge Them to Dream Again

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Yesterday, across ten major cities in the world, from the Great Wall of China to Seoul’s iconic Gangnam and New York’s magical Madison Square Park, children partnered with local personalities to rally adults to reconnect with their dreams. The question is, why?

SK-II's "Dream Again" Art Installation on the Great Wall of China
SK-II’s “Dream Again” Art Installation on the Great Wall of China

This was to premiere luxury skincare brand SK-II’s heartwarming “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film ( which was inspired by the startling results from the first Global Dreams Index Survey.

The first Global Dreams Index Survey conducted by SK-II uncovered alarming results; half the world’s female population have given up on dreams and are not satisfied with their current lives. The survey of 5,400 women in 14 countries across 6 continents found that key barriers to pursuing childhood dreams were limited financial support, fear of going out of one’s comfort zone and not fitting traditional definitions of success.

The sentiment was more alarming in Asia with women becoming less satisfied with their lives as they grow older while their Western counterparts were the opposite[i]. Japan (81%) followed by Korea (67%) had the highest number of women who revealed they had stopped pursuing their dreams. In contrast, the results highlighted 82% of women around the world who pursue their dreams were satisfied with life and strongly identified their personal definition of success with “doing what you love.”[ii]

The knowledge that dreams fade with age and adults who still dream are happier than those who don’t[iii] inspired SK-II to create the “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film; a social experiment featuring children — who are still full of dreams — as surprise counselors for dreamless adults.

Throughout the film it becomes clear how societal limitations and feelings of low self-esteem are preventing many women from pursuing their dreams; interviewees voice how they drifted away from childhood dreams as they grew up and life responsibilities became more demanding. At the end of the experiment, the ‘adult expert’ is revealed as a cover for young girls hidden behind cameras and earpieces. The dramatic unveil puts the women face-to-face with smiling children who remind them, in simple yet powerful words of encouragement, to never give up on dreams.

“Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” is the latest installment in the brand’s #changedestiny campaign, following the success of Marriage Market which was awarded a Glass Lion and Gold PR Lion in the recent Cannes Lions 2016.

“The #changedestiny campaign challenges the belief that destiny is set at birth and celebrates women who have gone beyond limitations to achieve success,” said Markus Strobel, President Global SK-II. “By encouraging women to pursue to their dreams and empowering them to overcome personal and societal limitations, we hope to inspire more women to change their destiny.”

The “Dream Again | SK-II #changedestiny” film can be viewed here

About the Global Dreams Index Survey

The Global Dreams Index Survey is aimed at understanding a woman’s willingness to pursue her dreams and how it can have influence on her quality of life. The purpose of the Global Dreams Index Survey is to create positive change among women by encouraging them to dream again and empower them ultimately to change their destinies. This survey was conducted online by Procter & Gamble in May 2016 among 5,484 women ages 18 years of age or older in 14 countries spanning 6 continents.

About SK-II

For more than 35 years, SK-II has touched the lives of millions of women around the world by helping them to “Change Destiny” through the miracle of crystal clear skin and life. The fascinating story behind SK-II began at a sake brewery in Japan, where scientists noticed the elderly workers had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful-looking hands. These hands were in constant contact with the sake fermentation process. It took years of research for scientists to isolate the miracle ingredient PiteraTM, a naturally-derived liquid from the yeast fermentation process. Since then, SK-II with PiteraTM has become a special secret shared by celebrities such as Cate Blanchett around the world, transforming skin along the five dimensions of texture, radiance, firmness, spot control and wrinkle resilience critical to crystal clarity. A leading skincare brand in 13 markets, SK-II continues to deliver the transformative power of crystal clear skin and life through well-loved products including the Facial Treatment Essence, R.N.A. Power, and GenOptics Aura Essence. For the latest news and in-depth information about SK-II, please visit


Brand: SK-II
Product: skincare
Title: Dream again | SK-II #changedestiny
Description: simultaneous ‘Dream again’ campaign activation in 10 cities across the world on June to premier the ‘Dream again’ film

SK-II Global: Kylene Campos, Brand Director; Alexandra Vogler, Digital Communications Senior Manager; ShuQi Fu, Communications Manager

Global creative agency (film): Karen Ellis, Leo Burnett Singapore
Global creative agency (out-of-home): Jun Ogasawara, Grey Japan
Global PR agency: Samantha Shuttleworth & Yoonah Kim, DeVries Global Singapore
Global Media agency: Thor Otar Nielsen, AOL / BeOn

SK-II local teams:
Tokyo: Kaori Tsuchiya, Nicklaus Sy, Naohiro Koroki, Tasuku Cho, Mariko Horii
Great Wall of China: Weiyan Liu, HeaJeong Noh, EchoLin Lin, Iris Xuan
Seoul: Sunmyung Kang, JaeYeon Lim, YoeGin Chang
Hong Kong / Taipei: Flora Chan, Tinna Nien, Claire Kao, Christopher Lui, Fumihiko Nishida
Singapore / Kuala Lumpur / Jakarta / Bangkok: ShuQi Fu, Vorasit Turongsomboon, Aditya Bansal
New York: Buffy Hersly, Gheisa Cruz, Alvaro AndresHeredia

Local PR agencies:
Tokyo: Yukari Nomura, PRAP Japan
Great Wall: Irene Li, DeVries Global China
Seoul: YeonHwa Hong, True PR
Taipei: Jeannie Lin, Strong Public Relations
Hong Kong: Sherraine Chan, Flare Communications
Singapore: Rafidah Rashid, DeVries Global Singapore
Kuala Lumpur: Foo Mei Ling, Priority Communications Malaysia
Jakarta: Choky Halomoan, Proximity Indonesia
Bangkok: Ong-on Sahachairungrueng, ARC Worldwide Thailand
New York: Courtney Pereira, PR Consulting

Contact Information

Alexandra Vogler
SK-II Digital Communications Manager, P&G

Fu ShuQi
SK-II ASEAN Communications Manager, P&G

Yoonah Kim
Account Supervisor, DeVries Global


Data on file. Procter & Gamble Co. [Global Dreams Index Survey. 2016]





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Source: SK-II
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