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Connect with the Unique NUU Konnect Global Roaming Solution

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-A world on the move needs NUU Konnect for secure, low-cost international roaming

ROCHESTER, Minn. /PRNewswire/ — For business travelers tied to their mobile phones, international roaming has long been a torturous experience, and often a very expensive one. Thanks to the Hong Kong-based NUU Mobile, those days are now over.

The NUU Konnect, from NUU Mobile, enables seamless local-SIM switching for travelers to over 100 countries
The NUU Konnect, from NUU Mobile, enables seamless local-SIM switching for travelers to over 100 countries

NUU Mobile is now offering its NUU Konnect device, which enables seamless local SIM switching for international travelers to over 100 destination countries. The NUU Mobile vision is no less than a world without telecomm borders.

The NUU Konnect i1 allows the user to connect up to five devices by Wi-Fi (versions 802.11b/g/n), and these devices can then access multiple phone networks from multiple locations, enabled by NUU Mobile’s unique hybrid solution, which can switch automatically between a SIM bank and a multiple network-identity e-SIM, supported by multi-IMSI technology.

The result is low-cost roaming for both voice and data, with minimal set-up requirements based on simple Wi-Fi pairing, and support for multiple devices and form factors. NUU Mobile services include a comprehensive management tool and report, maintained with full service consistency, developed and supported by NUU Mobile’s in-house R&D team.

“The NUU Konnect can be used with any brand or type of mobile device,” explained Danny Sit, CEO at NUU Mobile. “The NUU Konnect automatically selects the fastest networks, delivering optimal service and support for more than 100 destinations. No time-consuming activation or registration procedures are required, making the NUU Konnect the perfect cost-effective roaming device for enterprises and their multi-destination travelers. For those who wish to optimize their productivity, the NUU Konnect is the industry-first, must-have answer.”

NUU Konnect – Optimized network availability

The NUU Konnect’s hybrid solution provides enormously enhanced service availability. Normally, a SIM bank can only provide a fixed amount of connections in a limited number of countries. As a result, when a MiFi device is oversubscribed at times of peak network traffic, travelers might experience service interruption. The NUU Konnect i1’s hybrid design eliminates this type of network latency. It ensures immediate service availability and enables support for quality of service (QoS).

The NUU Konnect i1, a 4G LTE device, is available now. This LTE version supports both normal voice calling, via the PSTN, and SMS. The NUU Konnect i1 enables PSTN voice-call service through the NUU Konnect app, and consequently there is none of the reduction in voice quality typical of VoIP (voice over IP).

In addition, the NUU Konnect i1 offers a virtual private network (VPN) option. Should corporate users wish to increase the access control of their travelers, this VPN option can enhance the level of access security. When this is combined with web-based access control and traffic reporting, the result is a total communications solution for enterprises with employees frequently on the move.

NUU Mobile provides a complete access-control, data-management, QoS and billing infrastructure, which delivers company and personal-usage profiling and billing. In addition, NUU Mobile offers a corporate management tool. Its capabilities include access control, traffic control, and separate billing based on access. Corporate employees can manage it over a web-based administration console.

NUU Mobile’s complete spectrum of customer service includes round-the-clock customer and technical support, staffed by both English and Chinese speaking representatives.

Specifications of NUU Konnect i1


124.6 x 68.6 x 12.6 mm





Battery capacity:

3600 mAh





802.11 b/g/n


GPS supported


FDD-LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/17/20

TDD-LTE: Band 39/40/41

WCDMA: Band 1/2/4/5/8


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900

Data interface:

Micro-USB v2.0

About NUU Mobile

NUU Mobile is a designer and manufacturer of smartphones and related accessories, headquartered in bothRochester, Minnesota, and Hong Kong. The NUU Mobile brand was established in 2012, and the NUU Konnect solution was developed in 2015. The company has over 3,000 employees and more than 250 R&D staff. Annual revenues total over US$180 million. In the US, NUU Mobile products are available at major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Best Buy. For more information, visit

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Source: NUU Mobile
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