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Urban pest control specialist Titan Pest opens office in Yangon

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YANGON, Myanmar /PRNewswire/ — Titan Pest Management, a trusted provider of safe and effective pest management solutions, recently launched its presence in Yangon, Myanmar. Titan Pest is the first overseas subsidiary of one of the most established and reliable pest control providers in Singapore, Killem Pest Pte Ltd.

Specializing in urban pest control, Titan Pest aims to provide Myanmar customers with quality products that meet international standards, using environment-friendly chemicals and the safest, most effective pest control technology.

Titan Pest was set up by siblings Nicole Zycinski – Singh and Krystian Zycinski-Singh in February 2016 to address the increasing demand for effective pest management solutions in Myanmar’s key cities. Their customers include restaurants, hotels, residential and commercial buildings, construction sites, schools, factories, industrial warehouses, and parks and greeneries.

“We are pleased to establish our first international subsidiary here in Myanmar. Yangon, the country’s commercial capital and largest city, is in the midst of rapid urbanization. Over the next few years, there will be hundreds of homes, communities, restaurants and hotels rising as a result of the population and economic boom. Safe and effective pest management is vital to make this city truly livable for the long-term.” said Nicole Zycinski – Singh, Founder and Director of Titan Pest Management Co. Ltd.

Pests pose a serious threat to human health and economic losses to business. Globally, property damage due to termite infestation is billions of dollars. Meanwhile, rodents, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes spread infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid fever and leptospirosis.

Integrated pest management

Titan Pest offers an integrated approach to pest management. They focus on prevention and long-term reduction of pest infestation using safe, eco-friendly, least invasive and most efficient methods. Their services are divided into three broad categories: general pest control, mosquito control, and termite control.

Titan Pest conducts detailed consultation with customers, and then inspects the premises if required, before prescribing and implementing the optimal pest control solution. They also provide housekeeping advisory, mould-removal, routine inspection and training services to ensure that premises are free of all pests and thoroughly sanitized.

“Pests are not just a nuisance. They carry diseases and they are economically-destructive. Our solutions create preventative barriers so that pests do not multiply to a point where buildings are crumbling because of termite infestation or there is an outbreak of dengue,” Ms Zycinski-Singh explained.

Prevention is as important as the cure

The onset of the monsoon season in Myanmar further raises the importance of preventive pest control as part of general sanitation. “The rainy season is here and with it comes increased mosquito breeding and higher incidence of diseases like dengue. It is important to have good housekeeping to ensure all possible mosquito breeding areas are kept dry. Mosquitoes only need as little as 5mm of water to lay their eggs,” said Krystian Zycinski-Singh, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Titan Pest Management Co. Ltd.

Myanmar’s Ministry of Health reported an outbreak of dengue throughout the country in 2015, with 35,993 cases, including 120 deaths, reported as of end-September. The figures were three times higher than the previous year. In February this year, the Ministry of Health also launched a public awareness campaign about the Zika virus, which is spread to people through the bite of the Aedes mosquito that also transmits dengue.

“We are committed to partner with government and other institutions to help raise public understanding of the importance of proper pest management. Prevention is as important as the cure. There are innovative solutions and methods available that are very safe and very effective in controlling pests so they don’t harm people, businesses, and the environment,” he added.

About Titan Pest Management

Titan Pest Management Co. Ltd. Is a subsidiary of the highly successful Killem Pest Pte Ltd. based in Singapore. We are committed to working in harmony with the environment to bring integrated urban pest management solutions to our clients.

We use environmentally-friendly, low toxicity, target-pest specific pesticides and have access to a range of standard as well as highly specialised technology and equipments to ensure that we provide a service that is the most effective and least disruptive. For more information, please visit:

Media Contact:

Ko Ko Gyi
Rice Communications on behalf of Titan Pest
: +95 973-181-337 / +95 997-009-4819

Source: Titan Pest Control

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