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Asia Plantation Capital Berhad Continues to Invest in Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia  /PRNewswire/ — In strategic alignment with Asia Plantation Capital Berhad’s expansion plans in Malaysia, the award-winning, sustainable plantation management company has been collaborating with several small- to medium-sized plantations in the country. A pioneer in the industry, Asia Plantation Capital has been cultivating agarwood since 2009, and is known to be the market leader in terms of scientific knowledge and the techniques required to stimulate the resinous heartwood of the endangered Aquilaria tree by inoculation.

Aquilaria trees that were inoculated last November see resin produced (darkened area) in just three months.
Aquilaria trees that were inoculated last November see resin produced (darkened area) in just three months.


Sallie Foo, Director, and Veronica Lee, Company Director of Eco BlackGold, with the highly prized 80-year old agarwood feature at Asia Plantation Capital’s regional head office in Kuala Lumpur.
Sallie Foo, Director, and Veronica Lee, Company Director of Eco BlackGold, with the highly prized 80-year old agarwood feature at Asia Plantation Capital’s regional head office in Kuala Lumpur.

The purpose of the various joint ventures is to enable local plantations that lack the necessary skills and expertise to set up and manage their own Aquilaria tree plantations by providing knowhow and support. One such local plantation, Eco BlackGold, has been one of Asia Plantation Capital’s joint venture partners since late 2014.

Located in Negeri Sembilan, just south of Kuala Lumpur, Eco BlackGold’s plantation has two parcels of land measuring out at four hectares. Since the beginning of a five-year agreement with Asia Plantation Capital, Eco BlackGold has had a total of 5,655 Aquilaria Sinensis trees and recently, in April 2016, acquired another 2,345 mature trees — for a total of some 8,000 trees.

“At Asia Plantation Capital, we’ve set out to lead the way in sustainable plantation management,” said Steve Watts, Asia Plantation Capital’s CEO, Asia Pacific. “We consider very carefully, therefore, when deciding who we partner with, and we are very pleased to be in a partnership with Eco BlackGold in the management of their plantations. They are one of our largest partners, and have been extremely supportive and receptive towards our ideas and the work that we do. Throughout the past year, we have used our patented technology to inoculate 2,627 Aquilaria trees on this plantation, and have seen results in a relatively short space of time. With more and more trees being acquired, we are confident of delivering robust and consistent results.”

He continued, “I believe that the collaboration between our two companies will be extremely beneficial to the development and sustainability of the Aquilaria species, and could possibly establish certain benchmarks for the industry. It has been very exciting, and we look forward to breaking new ground and seizing more growth opportunities as they continue to come our way.”

Sallie Foo, Director of Eco BlackGold said, “With the combination of Asia Plantation Capital’s expertise and our supply of trees, this partnership is set to be a game changer for the industry. It is clear that when we met Asia Plantation Capital, we shared a common vision, as we are both equally concerned with the future of these endangered trees. We believe that we have made the right choice in working with Asia Plantation Capital, and allowing them to manage our plantations in a sustainable manner; at the same time consistently producing the optimal quality and quantity of agarwood and Oud oil.”

Eco BlackGold has also generously loaned an exquisite and highly prized 80-year old agarwood feature to Asia Plantation Capital’s regional head office, which opened officially last month, in downtown Kuala Lumpur.

In nature, infected trees typically produce resin after 20 years or more. However, in the setting of an Asia Plantation Capital managed plantation, agarwood is produced in as little as seven years, and is utilised for a wide variety of end products.

To date, Asia Plantation Capital has inoculated a total of 3,482 Aquilaria trees in Malaysia. The inoculated trees are assiduously monitored by globally recognised experts in Asia Plantation Capital’s research and development team, using individual GPS coordinated tags. Furthermore, a thorough tree audit is carried out every three months, up to the time of harvest.

This joint venture is a part of Asia Plantation Capital’s growth strategy of investing further and expanding operations in Malaysia over the next few years.

Notes for Editors

For further information, please contact:

Zaahira Muhammad
Senior PR & Marketing Executive
Office: +6012 203 5344

Samantha Tham
PR & Marketing Executive
Mobile: +65 9144 0933

About Asia Plantation Capital

Asia Plantation Capital Berhad in Malaysia is currently investing heavily in the Malaysian plantation sector, developing new plantations and factories for the production of agarwood (gaharu) and other associated products for the international export markets. The company is further strengthening its presence in Malaysia by moving its headquarters to downtown Kuala Lumpur, a year after opening Southeast Asia’s biggest Agarwood processing factory and distillery in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The Asia Plantation Capital Group is a multi-award-winning sustainable plantation operator and management company, with projects across four continents, and a global workforce in excess of 2,000. A market leader in the industry, our Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading academics from various countries (China,Thailand, Malaysia, India, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates), who have, between them, developed and patented industry-leading technologies and systems.

Photo –
Photo –

Source: Asia Plantation Capital Berhad

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Dawney & Co Posts Letter To Top Hillgrove Resources Ltd Shareholders

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— Highlights Board Underperformance
— Raises Questions For Shareholder Consideration
— Announces the Nomination of Dawney & Co Founder and Managing Director Mitch Dawney for Hillgrove Directorship

BRISBANE, Australia /PRNewswire/ —

The letter was as follows:

A.C.N. 168 708 503

3 May 2016


Fellow Remaining Shareholders,

You may recall my attendance at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) last year where I repeatedly asked for cash flow figures and for Board and financier cash flow models to be released to the market so we could make an informed decision about the viability of Kanmantoo. This was refused.

By background, I am a stockbroker and private investor. Through personal entities, I have been a shareholder of Hillgrove Resources since 2013. Like all of you, I have watched my investment almost disappear. Other shareholders have jumped ship, driving the share price to new lows. There are many reasons our shares now trade at concerning levels. The most critical being that the Board failed to meet key cash flow and operational targets and mistimed and underestimated capital expenditure. These mistakes are unacceptable because frankly, the Directors only had one job to do: oversee the successful operation of our Kanmantoo project. Hillgrove is not a diversified miner stretched across jurisdictions, currencies and commodities where a Board may be forgiven for neglecting a lesser asset. Now, as a direct result of mismanagement, our company is in dire straits and we are paying the price.

The 31 March 2016 announcement to change the mining plan AGAIN is the final straw. At the time of writing, our company’s market capitalisation is a miserable $8 million. Putting this in perspective, $10 million was raised through the 3 for 11 rights issue in May last year. At that time, we were told considerable value remains in the project as is (with exploration upside) and the primary focus was “returning value to shareholders”. The change of mine plan announcement is virtually identical, but with further substantial delays in cash flow available for distribution. Hillgrove’s auditor Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu made this disturbing comment about our company in their FY15 report: “These conditions, along with other matters as set forth in Note 1(a)(i), indicate the existence of material uncertainties which cast significant doubt about the ability of the company and the consolidated entity to continue as going concerns and whether they will realise their assets and discharge their liabilities in the normal course of business”.

Thoughts to consider:

  1. The Chairman’s letter in last year’s rights offer document stated: “The total financing package will also ensure an adequate buffer is available as we advance the Giant Pit cutback to access higher grade ore”. We now know the capital raised was not enough. Who was responsible for calculating the adequate buffer?
  2. The change of mine plan announcement admits “the anticipated near term production levels coupled with the need to continue the pre-strip and cut-back of the Giant pit are likely to result in a cash shortfall in 2016 and 2017 at current performance levels and commodity prices”. According to the FY15 annual report 8,479 tonnes of copper hedging matures in less than 12 months and 7,997 tonnes matures between 1-2 years. If a cash shortfall occurs during a period of favourable hedging, what happens when over 50% matures in less than 12 months? How does our company fare in an unhedged, sustained low copper price environment?
  3. The change of mine plan announcement also mentions “Hillgrove has begun discussions with key stakeholders including employees, major contractors, suppliers and service providers, financiers and the South Australian Government” and that “pre-emptive action [is] being taken”. Considering the company breached financial covenants, I would say the action being taken is more reactive than pre-emptive. The change of mine plan update on 15 April 2016 says “senior management has carried out discussions with all key stakeholder groups and it has received strong support for the project and the stakeholder response has been very positive”. However, to cover all bases, lets assume this new undertaking proves to be as overly optimistic as the rights documentation and stakeholders cannot deliver sufficient cost reductions. How will the Board proceed? Will we be asked to participate in another rights issue, be heavily diluted, take on additional debt or forfeit the asset to our financier?
    Equally worth noting is that Directors salaries increased year on year. Clearly, the “fee reduction” in December was again, a reaction, after realising there are fundamental problems at the company.
  4. Despite a series of blunders, the Board decided it would not make any change to the carrying value of the asset. In what theory can free cash flow be postponed and not impact the net present value?

Hillgrove now represents a small part of my investment portfolio and I have mentally prepared for it to go to zero. Nevertheless, while we still have a fighting chance, I am committed to pursuing the best possible outcome for shareholders. Given the remuneration report was voted down at the 28 May 2015 AGM, it is likely that the Board will be spilled at the upcoming AGM on 26 May 2016. As we were refused important financial information last year, my intention is to become a Director to obtain this and be briefed on all issues facing our company. I am a stark supporter of shareholder interests and value preservation and will do everything I can to avoid total loss. If you are as frustrated as I am, I ask that you vote as follows:

  • AGAINST Resolution 1 — To Adopt the Remuneration Report
  • FOR Resolution 3 to elect me, Mitchell David Dawney as a Hillgrove Director
  • FOR Resolution 7 — Spill Resolution
  • If the spill resolution passes, I support the re-election of Mr Maurice Loomes at the subsequent Spill Meeting (to be held within 90 days of the AGM).

I welcome all enquiries.


Mitch Dawney
Managing Director
Dawney & Co Pty Ltd
Twitter: @MitchDawney

Source: Dawney & Co Pty Ltd

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Chubb Name Officially Launches in Singapore

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Chubb today announced that effective 1 May 2016, the legal entity integration of legacy ACE and Federal operations in Singapore is complete.

The integration and new company name in Singapore follows ACE Limited’s acquisition of The Chubb Corporation that was completed on January 14, 2016, creating a global insurance leader operating in 54 countries under the renowned Chubb name. The new company combines Chubb, a venerable U.S.-based insurer with over 130 years of history, and ACE, a global leader — both well-known for their underwriting excellence. The new Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer.

Mr. Greg Dodds, Country President of Chubb in Singapore, said: “I’m pleased with the completion of the integration which marks a significant milestone for us as we commence a new chapter in the Republic as Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited. Our name is new, but our commitment remains the same — to provide our customers, business partners, employees and other stakeholders with superior quality and service.”

“The new Chubb is defined by superior underwriting, service and execution. Together, these three elements form the basis for what we believe is superior insurance craftsmanship,” said Mr. Dodds. “The company is also distinguished by its extensive product and service offerings, broad distribution capabilities, exceptional financial strength, superior claims handling expertise and local operations globally.”

With the completion of the integration and name change, customers and business partners will begin to see the company’s new and colourful brand identity. The new logo is a simple expression of the Chubb name — a clear, refined, modern expression of Chubb. To balance the simplicity of the logo, the company has chosen an out-of-the-boxapproach by using nine colours to represent the new Chubb brand, reflecting the diversity and energy of its culture, thinking, global presence, the many different customers it serves and the many products it offers. All this will be backed by the company’s signature — “Chubb. Insured.” — a mark of craftsmanship.

Mr. Dodds continued, “As one of the first countries in Chubb’s global network to undergo full legal entity integration and brand change, we are excited to introduce the new brand to the local market. Focused on the craft of insurance, we have a team of professionals with the expertise, energy and passion to deliver unmatched quality and service to our customers and distribution partners.”

About Chubb in Singapore
Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited, via acquisitions by its predecessor companies, has been present in Singaporesince 1948. Chubb in Singapore provides risk management and underwriting expertise for all major classes of general insurance, including Property & Casualty, Marine, Liability, Financial Lines and Group Personal Accident insurance. As one of the leading providers of Accident & Health insurance through direct marketing, the company partners with financial institutions and other companies to tailor individual policies for their clients and employees. In addition, it offers a suite of customised Personal & Specialty insurance solutions to meet the needs of consumers.

Over the years, Chubb in Singapore has established strong client relationships by offering responsive service, developing innovative products and providing market leadership built on financial strength. The company has been assigned a financial strength rating of AA-/Negative and the highest ASEAN credit rating of axAAA by Standard & Poor’s. It has also been awarded the Singapore Quality Class STAR (SQC STAR) and Singapore Service Class (S-Class) certification for achieving all-round business excellence and high levels of service respectively by SPRINGSingapore, the national standards and accreditation body.

More information can be found at

About Chubb
Chubb is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company. With operations in 54 countries, Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients. The company is distinguished by its extensive product and service offerings, broad distribution capabilities, exceptional financial strength, underwriting excellence, superior claims handling expertise and local operations globally. Parent company Chubb Limited is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CB) and is a component of the S&P 500 index. Chubb maintains executive offices inZurich, New York, London and other locations, and employs approximately 31,000 people worldwide. Additional information can be found at:

Facts about the New Chubb (pro forma ACE-Chubb as of December 31, 2015)

  • $37 billion in gross premiums written
  • $4.8 billion in operating income
  • $154 billion in total assets
  • Financial strength ratings of AA from S&P and A++ from A.M. Best

Media Contact
Juliana Lim

Chubb Insurance Singapore Limited
138 Market Street
#11-01 CapitaGreen
Singapore 048946

Source: Chubb Insurance Singapore

Related stocks: NYSE:CB

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2016 WISE Awards Finalists Revealed

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-Fifteen projects have been chosen for their innovative and impactful approaches to today’s most urgent challenges in education

DOHA, Qatar  /PRNewswire/ — The World Innovation Summit for Education revealed today the names of the fifteen projects selected as 2016 WISE Awards Finalists. Inaugurated by Qatar Foundation in 2009, under the leadership of its Chairperson, Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, the WISE Awards identify and promote the most innovative and effective approaches to key global education challenges, and build a network of change-makers to inspire others around the world.

Selected by a pre-Jury of international education experts, the 2016 WISE Awards Finalists offer creative solutions in access, quality education, the teaching of STEM and entrepreneurial skills. Together they address a wide range of issues that represent common global challenges. The members of pre-Jury include Mr. Kamel Braham, Program Leader at World Bank Human Development Program for the Maghreb, Dr. Rajika Bhandari, Director, IIE Center for Academic Mobility Research, USA and Dr. Joyce Akumaa Dongotey-Padi, the Executive Director of Mama Zimbi Foundation, 2009 WISE Awards Winner from Ghana.

Dr. Florence Tobo Lobé, the Founder and President of the Rubisadt Foundation in Cameroon commented on her experience of being part of pre-Jury: “I feel honored and proud to have had the opportunity to assess enriching projects fostering peace, well-being and growth in communities worldwide. The previously scrutinized finalists are inspiring projects, addressing youth unemployment, fighting poverty, helping vulnerable children in refugee camps, addressing gender inequality with innovative practices to access quality, inclusive, equitable, sustainable and holistic education. The WISE Awards are an excellent way to scale and update strategies for more beneficiaries and for better lives worldwide.

The WISE Awards Finalist projects were selected according to strict criteria. They had to demonstrate innovative thinking and a concrete positive impact on communities and societies, as well as the potential to be replicated in other contexts and regions.

The 2016 WISE Awards Finalists:

Source: WISE

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Ad Blocker Integrated Across Opera’s Mobile and Computer Browser – New Technology Significantly Increases Browser Speed

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OSLO, Norway /PRNewswire/ — A native ad blocker is integrated into both the stable version of theOpera browser for computers, as well as the Opera Mini browser for Android.


Some 60 million people use Opera for computers, while almost 120 million people use Opera Mini for Android every month. These users no longer need to install an ad-blocking extension or download an app, to experience faster browsing.

By integrating the ad-blocker technology directly into the browser code, the new Opera for computers speeds up page loading by as much as 89% compared to browsing without ad blocking.

New Opera Mini is 40% faster

Ad blocking is also very useful on a mobile device, where online ads take up precious screen space, slow down the browsing, and adds to the user’s data bill.

For cost-conscious mobile users, there is an added advantage to removing online ads, and that is saving money on the data bill. Opera Mini is known for its compression technology. By also blocking ads, Opera Mini users can achieve up to an additional 14% in data savings on top of that, so that less is deducted from a user’s mobile data allowance.

How to activate the native ad-block technology

Opera Mini:

Under the “O” menu in Opera Mini, tap the data-savings summary. From there, simply toggle “block ads” on and off. On Android, the ad blocker is available in both high- and extreme-savings modes.

Opera for computers:

The integrated ad blocker can be enabled with a single click in settings. The dialog shows statistics on how many ads you’ve blocked overall, as well as on the current page. You can also compare the webpage’s load speed with and without ad blocking.

Learn more

Download the Opera browser for computers, or take ad blocking for a spin in Opera Mini for Android.

Source: Opera Software AS

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AACSB International Names Annie Lo as Senior Vice President and Chief Officer of the Asia Pacific

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TAMPA, Fla.  /PRNewswire/ — AACSB International (AACSB) announced today the appointment ofAnnie Lo, as its new senior vice president and chief officer of Asia Pacific. Lo, who currently serves as the director of Global Investment Performance Standards at the CFA Institute, will assume her role in July 2016.

Photo –

As senior vice president and chief officer, Lo will guide the association’s efforts across the Asia Pacific region, and will direct the AACSB headquarters based out of Singapore. Lo will succeed Eileen Peacock, who will be retiring after seven years of service. As AACSB’s first chief officer of the Asia Pacific, Peacock founded the organization’sSingapore headquarters in 2009. Since, AACSB has seen interest in its membership network grow by 130%, and interest in its quality assurance programs grow by more than 228%.

Building upon this foundation, and her expertise in leading global teams within the financial services and not-for-profit industries, Lo will focus on strengthening regional relationships, while advocating the value of business education across the greater Asia Pacific business education ecosystem.

“Recognizing our framework of informed, peer-centered support, many Asia Pacific institutions have turned to AACSB to better foster engagement, accelerate innovation across their programs and services, and amplify the impact of their business school,” said Thomas R. Robinson, president and CEO of AACSB.

“We are pleased that Annie is joining AACSB to lead our Singapore team,” continued Robinson. “Her extensive knowledge in setting performance standards, as well as working with volunteers will further enhance our already strong portfolio of services for business schools, and ultimately business, across the Asia Pacific.”

“I am delighted to be joining AACSB at such an inspiring time in the business education industry,” said Lo. “I look forward to collaborating with the Asia Pacific team, extended staff, and the greater AACSB Network. Together we can build on an already impressive level of reach and expertise, while continuing to grow and enhance the standards for quality business education worldwide.”

Prior to joining CFA Institute, Lo was senior manager for Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. in San Francisco, where she led the firm’s initiative to become GIPS compliant and verified. She was previously an institutional product manager and proposal specialist with Franklin Templeton Portfolio Advisors in San Mateo,USA, an associate with Goldman Sachs in Tokyo, Japan, and a client service officer with Merrill Lynch International Private Client in San Francisco, USA.

Lo holds an MBA from HEC School of Management, Jouy-en-Josas, France and a BA from University of California, Berkeley, USA. She also holds certifications as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), and a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®), as well as her Certificate in Investment Performance Measurement (CIPM®).

About AACSB International
As the world’s largest business education network connecting academe with business, AACSB provides business education intelligence, quality assurance, and professional development services to more 1,500 member organizations across 91 countries and territories. Founded in 1916, AACSB Accreditation is the highest standard of quality in business education, with over 760 business schools accredited worldwide. AACSB’s global headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, USA; its Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore; and itsEurope, Middle East, and Africa headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information, visit

Source: AACSB International

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Haven Raises $11 Million to Automate Freight Procurement for Commodity Traders, CPG Companies

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-Haven is pleased to announce a Series A round of $11 million to automate freight procurement and improve global supply chain efficiency

SINGAPORE  /PRNewswire/ — Haven, a Singapore-based company with offices in San Franciscoand Basel, is excited to announce its USD $11 million Series A round. The round was led by Spark Capital and joined by new investor AITV, with follow on funding from existing investors O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures, Data Collective, and First Round Capital. Kevin Thau, General Partner at Spark Capital, will join the board.

Logo –

Haven launched its online booking platform for ocean freight in March 2014. It has since expanded into a full-service programmatic logistics platform that automates freight procurement for the world’s largest commodity traders, food producers, and CPG companies. Haven enables customers by improving execution speed and efficiency, while eliminating the middlemen that introduce unnecessary complexity into the global supply chain.

“Rate volatility is currently a serious problem for both sides of the industry,” said Haven CEO Matt Tillman. “Freight is the largest variable cost for many shippers and technology has the power to smooth volatility. Incorporating data and increasing automation reduces overall supply chain risk.”

The new money will be used to grow European and Asian operations and to continue development of Haven’s automated platform. Haven recently opened its European headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, and plans to expand the office to better serve European customers.

“Transforming commodity transportation gets the materials that build our houses and the food we eat to where we need it, with less friction and at lower cost,” said Tillman. “Automating freight procurement will transform global trade, and this financing enables us to remain focused on technology.”


Source: Haven

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ISN Releases Updated Mobile App

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-The updated ISNetworld mobile app is available for iOS and Android

DALLAS  /PRNewswire/ — ISN is pleased to announce the release of a new mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that will provide customers access to the most widely used features of its online contractor management platform, ISNetworld. Available at no extra charge to active ISNetworld subscribers worldwide, the app will offer the same strict level of security as the web-based version of ISNetworld.

Photo –
Logo –

There are many benefits to using this new app, such as enabling Hiring Clients to search for contractors, view company scorecards and upload evaluation reports on the go, while contractors can view their scorecards and Hiring Client requirements with greater ease. It also allows users to view bulletins and messages in addition to Operator Qualification (OQ) and Training Qualification (TQ) reports.

Enhanced functionality provides Hiring Clients with access to QuickCheck, allowing them to view the qualifications of personnel entering their facilities or heliports. Hiring Clients will be able to scan ISN employee ID cards to ensure that individuals have the required qualifications and certifications prior to being allowed on-site. Further, contractors’ employees will be able to access their own ISN employee ID and barcode for scanning prior to entering their clients’ job sites.

Brandi Surine, Associate Vice President/Enterprise Architect at ISN, says, “The new app is part of our commitment to providing our customers with technology options that will make their businesses run more smoothly and seamlessly.” Joseph Eastin, President & CEO of ISN, continues, “When it comes to workplace safety and communication, we believe that listening to our customers is critical. The updated app was developed in response to customer requests for mobile access to ISNetworld in the field and we will continue to enhance its capabilities based on customer feedback.”

Active ISNetworld subscribers can download the mobile app for their mobile devices via the following links: iOS orAndroid.

To learn more about ISN, visit About ISN.

Brandi Surine
Associate Vice President/Enterprise Architect
+1 (214) 303-4900

Source: ISN

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T Cell Therapy’s Most Valuable IP Placed On Open Market

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PHOENIX and FRIBOURG, Switzerland  /PRNewswire/ — In the midst of the most promising advance in the successful treatment, some even say, “cure,” for cancer, perhaps the most elusive and frightening of all the world’s widely-spread and often terminal diseases, $10’s of billions are presently being invested by companies worldwide, in the development and forthcoming commercialization of a relatively new, yet recently proven, modality for successfully treating and frequently annihilating, various forms of cancer – T Cell Therapy AKA T Cell Immunotherapy, and its various sub-types, including Cellular Immunotherapy, Adoptive Immunotherapy, etc.

Photo –

To assist the aforementioned corporate and biotechnology organizations in the forthcoming marketing, commercialization and sales of their various T Cell Therapy and T Cell Immunotherapy products to tackle cancer, 19-year veteran .COM Domain Name Broker, Neal Sutz, is today offering the world’s most important, valuable and effective pieces of Internet Real Estate for this industry to the worldwide T Cell Therapy and T Cell Immunotherapy marketplace, via his project website –

Industry analysts and experts indicate in their analytics and subsequent industry growth and projected revenue reports that this “new, safer and more effective” treatment for various types of cancer is expected to attain a minimum of $30 Billion in annual revenues in the forthcoming five years, and then increasing at a rate of at least 100% for each subsequent year thereafter.  This growth is said to have been determined via intensive studies of the methodologies used in the creation of the reengineering the efficacy of T Cells to treat cancer in the most effective and apparently safest methods ever developed.  As the efficacy of T Cell Therapy becomes more accelerated and the efforts towards marketing and commercialization of the various T Cell Immunotherapy modalities (sub-types) become more aggressive and successful by those organizations wishing to achieve 1stplace in the race to lead this burgeoning industry, the largest percentages of this projected industry market revenue is sure to be won by the companies most willing to invest in the appropriate and directly-targeted marketing methodologies and pieces of marketing-related Intellectual Property.

With major players such as Sean Parker, of Facebook and Napster fame, entering the T Cell Immunotherapy space, as well as every major and nearly every minor pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cancer research and treatment facility in the world diligently striving to be this infant industry’s sales leader, it made unquestionably clear sense to Domain Broker, Neal Sutz, to acquire and centralize the largest collection ever assembled of T Cell Immunotherapy .COM domain names and offer them for sale in the open market via a worldwide PR campaign previously unmatched in the URL aftermarket sale space.

Sutz, via his project website at, is presenting his URLS, without question the most important, valuable and pertinent .COM domain names ever offered to the open market, in an industry so groundbreaking so as to redefine the very way in which the world’s most deadly disease, cancer, is approached with which to do battle.

Sutz’s industry-wide .COM domain name offering is based upon Big Pharma’s 20-year pattern of spending millions of dollars of their annual marketing budgets on the acquisition and utilization of “generic” .COM domain names such as,,,, etc.

That fact, in addition to the $10’s of millions that the aforementioned pharmaceutical and cancer treatment giants each spend annually to secure, strengthen and drive into the mind of the consumer the branded and trademarked names of their products, makes Sutz’s T Cell Immunotherapy .COM domain names the most valuable and important marketing-related pieces of IP which any company, from Novartis to GSK to Celgene and the many other industry players, could possibly acquire and then utilize to dominate this new, highly-competitive marketplace.

Sutz is confident that the acquisition of any, if not all of his T Cell Therapy, et al. .COM domains, including but not limited to,,,,, will be, by the right organization(s), the, “…most intelligent, powerful and effective IP acquisition that any of them could implement when determining their corporate strategies as to how best dominate the commercialization and profiting aspect of the world’s most promising treatment avenue to tackle and lead the world’s race to commercialize and profit from cancer therapy, unlike anything that the last 100 years have ever seen.”

Sutz continued, “Based upon previous industry .COM domain name sales, in the mid-seven to low-eight figure range, such as for $9.5M in an industry 2/3rds smaller than the projected T Cell Therapy industry revenue figures of at least $30 Billion in the first official year, I anticipate the sale of the URLS I have collected and am making available to companies which wish to have the most powerful tools to market their T Cell Therapy, et al. products, will join the ranks of the domain name resale industry’s largest sales ever.”

Sutz continued, “There is no other property currently on the open market that even compares to what I am offering.  After 19 years in this industry, having sold effective and valuable .COM domain names to over a dozen Big Pharma companies, and thousands of domain names to hundreds of other small, medium and large corporations in numerous other industries, I feel my skill set in the acquisition and offering of powerful, generic .COM domain names, especially a veritable monopoly as I have put together and am offering in this soon-to-be multi-billion dollar industry, has finally been put to the ultimate test in how to have acquired and how to properly promote the sale of, what are unquestionably the most valuable domain names currently on the market in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.”

Sutz’s Immunotherapy Domain Name Auction can be reviewed and is being presented at the project URL,  All contact information with which to make an inquiry or bid can be found on the project’s Home Page.


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AWS Truepower Acquires Energy-Related Forecasting Assets From Longtime Partner, MESO Inc.

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ALBANY, New York  /PRNewswire/ — AWS Truepower, an international leader in wind and solar energy consulting and engineering services, announced that it has acquired the energy-related forecasting assets of MESO, Inc., their long-term partner in wind and solar forecasting and grid services.

MESO, a founding partner of the former TrueWind Solutions, and AWS Truepower have collaborated for years in providing wind and solar power forecasting services to the utility and renewable energy industries around the world. Major clients include the California ISO, ERCOT, Hawaiian Electric, New York ISO, Ontario IESO, E.ON, Enel, and others. Thanks to this partnership, AWS Truepower has become the top wind and solar forecaster inNorth America, with forecasts being provided for over 50,000 MW of capacity.

MESO and AWS Truepower have also worked closely together on numerous ground-breaking research projects around forecasting and grid integration, and MESO has provided key support for the development of AWS Truepower’s wind mapping and modeling systems, which continue to lead the industry in accuracy.

“By joining together, we expect to achieve even more success in the future,” said Bruce Bailey, CEO of AWS Truepower. “This move consolidates the MESO and AWS Truepower operations, enabling us to serve our clients more effectively, and positions us to invest in new markets for forecasting and other grid solutions.”

The acquisition of MESO’s forecasting assets occurred on April 1, 2016. MESO’s 14 staff joined AWS Truepower as part of the company’s Grid Solutions business unit. John Zack, who is President of MESO, will lead the new unit as Vice President for Grid Solutions.

“I’m very excited to be joining the company I’ve worked with so closely over the years,” commented Zack. “My former MESO colleagues bring a lot of skills and experience that I feel confident will help AWS Truepower grow and succeed, not just in forecasting, but in other areas. We are all looking forward to the new opportunities that will be facilitated by the integration of MESO and AWS Truepower capabilities.”

About AWS Truepower:

For over 30 years, AWS Truepower has been a global leader in renewable energy. Through our expertise in engineering services, energy and resource solutions, software, and data platforms, we help develop, acquire, and support renewable energy projects throughout the complete wind and solar project lifecycle. Our expert advice, accurate assessments, and innovative tools ensure renewable energy projects evolve into durable operating assets, which are both reducing humanity’s global carbon footprint and generating healthy financial returns. Headquartered in Albany, New York, AWS Truepower has offices in North America, Europe, Latin America andAsia. Learn more about the company online at

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