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Michter’s Releases Its 2016 Limited Production US*1 Barrel Strength Rye

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LOUISVILLE /PRNewswire/ — This Spring will mark the second time that Michter’s Distillery, based in Louisville, Kentucky, is releasing its US*1 Barrel Strength Rye. The release will be on a limited basis.

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A Kentucky Straight Rye, Michter’s Barrel Strength Rye is bottled at barrel strength rather than the 84.8 proof alcohol level of Michter’s US*1 Single Barrel Rye.  The barrel entry proof for the product was 103 proof, a strength that Michter’s believes yields a richer, smoother product than a higher entry proof would.  After aging, the barrel proof for the majority of barrels of this second release bottled so far have fallen between 110.2 proof and 114.8 proof.

“To enter the distillate for our US*1 Rye and our US*1 Bourbon into the barrel at 103 proof instead of a higher, more industry standard proof is very expensive, but our goal at Michter’s is to produce the greatest whiskey possible, regardless of the cost,” said Michter’s President, Joseph J. Magliocco.

Michter’s has a rich legacy of offering traditional American whiskeys of uncompromising quality with each type of whiskey aged to its peak maturity.  Michter’s highly acclaimed portfolio includes single barrel rye, small batch American whiskey, sour mash whiskey, single barrel bourbon, and small batch bourbon.

Michter’s US*1 Barrel Strength Rye is offered in the U.S. at a suggested retail price of $75 per 750ml bottle.

Contact: Joseph J. Magliocco
+1-502-774-2300 x580

Logo –

Source: Michter’s Distillery

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DSM and SMU Announce Partnership to Advance Tri-sector Collaborations for Sustainability in Asia

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — DSM, a global company active in health, nutrition and materials, today announced its latest commitment to sustainable development by establishing a DSM Senior Fellow in Partnership and Sustainability at the Singapore Management University (SMU) through a S$200,000 grant. The announcement was made today, 28 April 2016, at the Annual Tri-sector Forum organized by SMU.

Pieter Nuboer, Asia Pacific Vice President, said “We are delighted that, through the Masters of Tri-Sector Collaboration program at SMU, this Fellowship will help to advance knowledge, foster best practices, help shape policies, facilitate networks and promote partnerships in sustainable development. This collaboration with SMU marks a further milestone in DSM’s commitment to promoting sustainable activities through the collaborative efforts of Government, Civil Society and Business. We firmly believe that the cohorts of SMU’s Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration program will play a critical catalyst role in this context.”

The DSM Senior Fellow appointed by SMU is Simon Zadek, a Senior Fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute and the International Institute of Sustainable Development. Simon’s work is focused on the intersection of economic policy, business strategy and transformation, and sustainability outcomes. During the course of his fellowship, Simon will be teaching a course on ‘Partnership Mindset and Sustainability’; looking at the rationale behind the three sectors working together more closely to build businesses and societies that are able to thrive in an interconnected 21st century environment.

Ann Florini, Professor of Public Policy at the School of Social Sciences at SMU and Academic Director of the Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration program, said SMU greatly appreciates DSM’s farsighted support for our efforts to advance the theory and practice of cross-sector collaboration through our teaching and research programmes. As DSM’s experience demonstrates, such partnerships among business, government, and civil society are crucial to solving the great challenges of the 21st century.”

The partnership with SMU sets the foundation for tri-sector collaborations to discover new opportunities and new solutions to overcome societal challenges, such as climate change, energy, health and wellbeing. This in turn will boost economic prosperity, environmental quality and social responsibility, in line with the DSM mission to improve the lives of people today and for generations to come.

At the Forum, Royal DSM Chief Technology Officer Marcel Wubbolts will also be part of the panel on Food Security inAsia. The panel is set to explore current partnerships that are actively addressing the issues of food security, hunger and malnutrition in Southeast Asia.

DSM remains one of the global leaders in Sustainability having been ranked among the very top in the Chemical sector of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index five times and held the worldwide sustainability leader position in the Materials industry six times since 2004. Sustainability is recognized by DSM not just as a responsibility but also as a key differentiator and driver of value in its markets, enabling the company to address the challenges of the present while ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

DSM – Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

Royal DSM is a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. By connecting its unique competences in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences DSM is driving economic prosperity, environmental progress and social advances to create sustainable value for all stakeholders simultaneously. DSM delivers innovative solutions that nourish, protect and improve performance in global markets such as food and dietary supplements, personal care, feed, medical devices, automotive, paints, electrical and electronics, life protection, alternative energy and bio-based materials. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about EUR10 billion with approximately 25,000 employees. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. More information can be found at

Or find us on:


For more information:

DSM Nutritional Products  

BDB (Barrett Dixon Bell) Asia

Victoria Oei  

Roy Chen

tel. +65 6632 6624 

tel. +65 6408 0738



Source: DSM
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Visa Opens its First Innovation Centre in Asia

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-Visa’s Innovation Centre in Singapore Opens Doors to Clients, Partners, Retailers and Developers
-Visa Developer Platform Extends Network Access to a Growing Community of Fintech Entrepreneurs Across Asia Pacific Region

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) today announced the opening of its Singaporeinnovation centre, the first in a network of new innovation centres that Visa is opening around the world. The new 7,000 square foot facility in Singapore has been established as a destination for clients, partners and developers across the region to work alongside Visa experts and jointly create the next generation of commerce applications.

Visa's first innovation centre in Asia Pacific opens doors to clients, partners, retailers and developers
Visa’s first innovation centre in Asia Pacific opens doors to clients, partners, retailers and developers

The innovation centre in Singapore builds on the success of Visa’s flagship innovation centre, One Market Center, which was opened in July 2014, and is located at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco.  Additional innovation centres will be opened in other regions later this year, and in 2017.

Accessible to both local and global clients, the innovation centre in Singapore will provide Visa partners access to Visa APIs and software developer kits (SDKs) available through the company’s Visa Developer Platform.  A hands-on, real-time work space staffed by Visa technologists and business leaders, the innovation centre in Singapore will operate as a commercial gateway, helping Visa partners from across the world to build market-relevant payment and commerce solutions that extend their service offerings into Asia.

“We are pleased that Visa has chosen Singapore to set up its first innovation centre in Asia Pacific,” said Dr. Beh Swan Gin, Chairman of the Singapore Economic Development Board. “The centre will focus on the development of leading-edge technology, new applications and business model innovation for clients and key partners in this region. Visa seeks to collaborate with the broader corporate ecosystem in Singapore, including start-ups. Visa’s decision is a strong affirmation of Singapore’s growing role as an innovation hotbed in this region.”

Last year, fintech investments globally rose 75 percent to US$22 billion.  In Asia Pacific, growth more than quadrupled to $4.3 billion, coming mostly from China ($1.97 billion) and India ($1.65 billion)[1].  These investments mean those innovation startups with the most potential have more access to funding to bring their solutions to market than ever before.

“The pace of technological innovation across Asia Pacific is unprecedented and creating enormous opportunity for any company that touches the growing payment ecosystem,” said Chris Clark, Group Executive, Asia Pacific, Visa. “With the doors of the innovation centre in Singapore now officially open, we look forward to working alongside clients and partners to imagine and build the creative and leading-edge mobile and digital experiences Asia Pacific is known to deliver to the rest of the world.”

Visa Global Innovation Centres

As the payments industry shifts from plastic to digital and new entrants join traditional stakeholders in payments, Visa’s mission is to ensure that every Internet-connected device, appliance or wearable, can become a secure place for commerce. Visa’s global network of innovation centres are an important part of this overall approach to fostering innovation by helping enable clients to:

  • Engage: The centre’s immersive environment provides clients and partners with everything they need to work on new digital solutions that will address important business needs and opportunities
  • Experience: Visa utilises human-centered design and new technologies to ensure any product development delivers real benefits for users
  • Collaborate: Interact with Visa payment experts and access Visa technology, including APIs and SDKs available through Visa Developer Platform  all in a physical space designed to encourage dynamic interaction, real-time experimentation and rapid prototyping

“Visa has put a tremendous focus on opening up its network literally and figuratively to help our clients and partners solve their business objectives,” said Matt Dill, Senior Vice President of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships and Head of Visa Innovation Centre in Singapore.  “Sitting at a virtual crossroads of tech and finance, and a smart city at the centre of one of the world’s most diverse and populous regions, Singapore is the ideal place to bring this collaborative approach to life.”

Dill helped launch Visa’s San Francisco One Market Center and led commercial partnerships with large Silicon Valley companies prior to his Asia Pacific role.

Note to editors:

About Visa

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V) is a global payments technology company that connects consumers, businesses, financial institutions, and governments in more than 200 countries and territories to fast, secure and reliable electronic payments. We operate one of the world’s most advanced processing networks  VisaNet  that is capable of handling more than 65,000 transaction messages a second, with fraud protection for consumers and assured payment for merchants. Visa is not a bank and does not issue cards, extend credit or set rates and fees for consumers. Visa’s innovations, however, enable its financial institution customers to offer consumers more choices: pay now with debit, pay ahead with prepaid or pay later with credit products. For more information, visit, and @VisaNews.

Media Contacts

Sheo S. Rai

Photo –

Source: Visa

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UK Jumps Ahead of Singapore As the Second Largest Offshore RMB Clearing Centre

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-40% of all payments made between the UK and Mainland China/Hong Kong are exchanged in RMB

HONG KONG  /PRNewswire/ — According to SWIFT’s latest RMB tracker, the United Kingdom’sRMB payments value increased by 21% between March 2014 and March 2016, positioning the United Kingdomas the first offshore RMB clearing centre after Hong Kong. Singapore overtook the United Kingdom in February 2014, but the trend started to reverse as of January 2016. Hong Kong still remains the world’s largest offshore RMB centre, processing 72.5% of all RMB payments, followed by United Kingdom with a share of 6.3% andSingapore with 4.6%.

Currency usage for payments between United Kingdom and China/Hong Kong; Top 5 offshore centres (Source: SWIFT Watch)
Currency usage for payments between United Kingdom and China/Hong Kong; Top 5 offshore centres (Source: SWIFT Watch)


RMB's share as an international payments currency (Source: SWIFT Watch)
RMB’s share as an international payments currency (Source: SWIFT Watch)

SWIFT data also shows that 40% of all payments made between United Kingdom and Mainland China/Hong Kong are exchanged in RMB. The Chinese currency is by far the most used in this corridor, followed by the Hong Kong dollar (24%) and the British pound (12%).

“Since the China Construction Bank (London branch) became a clearing bank in the United Kingdom in June 2014, there has been a steady growth of RMB payments between the United Kingdom and Mainland China/Hong Kong,” says Stephen Gilderdale, Managing Director, UK, Ireland & Nordics at SWIFT. “Offshore RMB clearing centres are driving greater use of the currency in global trade, and countries such as the United Kingdom, are reaping the benefits.”

In March 2016, the RMB remained stable in its position as the fifth most active currency for global payments by value with a share of 1.88%, a slight increase from 1.74% in February 2016. Overall, RMB payments value increased by 18.46% compared to February 2016, whilst in general all payments currencies increased by 10.67%.

About SWIFT and RMB Internationalisation

Since 2010, SWIFT has actively supported its customers and the financial industry regarding RMB internationalisation through various publications and reports. Through its Business Intelligence Solutions team, SWIFT publishes key adoption statistics in the RMB Tracker, insights on the implications of RMB internationalisation, perspectives on RMB clearing and offshore clearing guidelines, supports bank’s commercial RMB product launches and provides in-depth analysis and business intelligence, as well as engaging with offshore clearing centres and the Chinese financial community to support the further internationalisation of the RMB.

The SWIFT network fully supports global RMB transactions, and its messaging services enable Chinese character transportation via Chinese Commercial Code (CCC) in FIN or via Chinese characters in MX (ISO 20022 messages). It offers a suite of dedicated RMB business intelligence products and services to support financial institutions and corporates. In addition, SWIFT collaborates with the community to publish the Offshore and Cross-Border RMB Best Practice Guidelines, which facilitate standardised RMB back office operations.

Please click here or here for more information about RMB Internationalisation or join our new ‘Business Intelligence Transaction Banking’ LinkedIn group.


SWIFT is a global member-owned cooperative and the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services.

We provide our community with a platform for messaging and standards for communicating, and we offer products and services to facilitate access and integration, identification, analysis and financial crime compliance.

Our messaging platform, products and services connect more than 11,000 banking and securities organisations, market infrastructures and corporate customers in more than 200 countries and territories, enabling them to communicate securely and exchange standardised financial messages in a reliable way.  As their trusted provider, we facilitate global and local financial flows, support trade and commerce all around the world; we relentlessly pursue operational excellence and continually seek ways to lower costs, reduce risks and eliminate operational inefficiencies.

Headquartered in Belgium, SWIFT’s international governance and oversight reinforces the neutral, global character of its cooperative structure. SWIFT’s global office network ensures an active presence in all the major financial centres.

For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter: @swiftcommunity and LinkedIn: SWIFT


+44 (0)20 7426 9400


SWIFT does not guarantee the fitness for purpose, completeness, or accuracy of the RMB Tracker, and reserves the right to rectify past RMB Tracker data. SWIFT provides the RMB Tracker on an ‘as is’ basis, and for information purposes only. As a mere informative publication, the RMB Tracker is not meant to provide any recommendation or advice. Any person consulting the RMB Tracker remains solely and fully responsible for all decisions based, in full or in part, on RMB Tracker data. SWIFT disclaims all liability regarding a person’s use of the RMB Tracker. The RMB Tracker is a SWIFT publication. SWIFT © 2016. All rights reserved.

Photo –
Photo –

Source: SWIFT
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SPIL Reports a 7.1% Quarter-over-Quarter Decline in Revenues Resulting in Earnings per Share of NT$ 0.39 or Earnings per ADS is US$ 0.06 for First Quarter 2016

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan /PRNewswire/ — Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (“SPIL” or the “Company”) (Taiwan Stock Exchange: 2325, NASDAQ: SPIL) today announced that its consolidated sales revenues for the first quarter of 2016 were NT$ 19,299 million, which represented a 7.1% decline in revenues compared to the fourth quarter of 2015 and a 7.2% decline in revenues compared to the first quarter of 2015. SPIL reported a net income of NT$ 1,604 million for the first quarter of 2016, compared with a net loss of NT$ 212 million and a net income of NT$ 2,615 million for the fourth quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of 2015, respectively.

Diluted earnings per ordinary share for this quarter was NT$ 0.39, and diluted earnings per ADS was US$ 0.06.

All figures were prepared in accordance with T-IFRS on a consolidated basis.

Operating results review:

  • For the first quarter of 2016, net revenues from IC packaging were NT$ 17,109 million and represented 89% of total net revenues. Net revenues from testing operations were NT$ 2,190 million and represented 11% of total net revenues.
  • Cost of goods sold was NT$ 15,329 million, representing resemble compared to the fourth quarter of 2015 and a decrease of 0.2% compared to the first quarter of 2015.
    • Raw materials costs were NT$ 6,454 million for the first quarter of 2016 and represented 33.4% of total net revenues, whereas raw materials costs were NT$ 6,457 million and represented 31.1% of total net revenues for the fourth quarter of 2015.
    • The accrued expenses of bonuses to employees accounted for under cost of goods sold totaled NT$ 147 million.
  • Gross profit was NT$ 3,970 million for the first quarter of 2016, representing a gross margin of 20.6%, which decreased from a gross margin of 26.2% for the fourth quarter of 2015 and decreased from 26.2% for the first quarter of 2015.
  • Total operating expenses for the first quarter of 2016 were NT$ 2,082 million, which included selling expenses of NT$ 243 million, administrative expenses of NT$ 919 million and R&D expenses of NT$ 920 million. Total operating expenses represented 10.8% of total net revenues for the first quarter of 2016.
    • The accrued expenses of bonuses to employees, directors accounted for under operating expenses totaled NT$ 77 million.
  • Operating income was NT$ 1,888 million for the first quarter of 2016, representing an operating margin of 9.8%, which decreased from 15.7% for the fourth quarter of 2015 and decreased from 16.7% for the first quarter of 2015.
  • Non-operating items:
    • Our non-operating income was NT$ 234 million, including net gains of NT$ 161 million on fair value change of financial liabilities at fair value through profit or loss.
  • Net income before tax was NT$ 1,898 million for the first quarter of 2016, which increased from a net loss before tax of NT$ 6 million for the fourth quarter of 2015 and decreased from a net income before tax of NT$ 3,014 million for the first quarter of 2015.
  • Income tax expense was NT$ 294 million for the first quarter of 2016, compared with income tax expense ofNT$ 206 million for the fourth quarter of 2015 and income tax expense of NT$ 399 million for the first quarter of 2015.
  • Net income was NT$ 1,604 million for the first quarter of 2016, which increased from a net loss of NT$ 212 million for the fourth quarter of 2015 and decreased from a net income of NT$ 2,615 million for the first quarter of 2015.
  • Total number of shares outstanding was 3,116 million shares as of March 31, 2016. Diluted earnings per ordinary share was NT$ 0.39, and diluted earnings per ADS was US$ 0.06.

Capital expenditure and balance sheet highlight:

  • Our cash balances totaled NT$ 25,406 million as of Mar 31, 2016 from NT$ 25,191 million as of Dec 31, 2015, and NT$ 28,264 million as of Mar 31, 2015.
  • Capital expenditures for the first quarter of 2016 totaled NT$ 3,080 million.
  • Total depreciation expenses for the first quarter of 2016 totaled NT$ 3,186 million.

IC packaging service:

  • Net revenues from IC packaging operations were NT$ 17,109 million for the first quarter of 2016, which represented a decrease of NT$ 1,340 million or 7.3% compared to the fourth quarter of 2015.
  • Substrate-based packaging, leadframe-based packaging and wafer bumping & Flip Chip accounted for 30%, 17% and 42%, respectively, of total net revenues for the first quarter of 2016.
  • As of Mar 31, 2016 we had 7,584 wirebonders installed, of which 270 were added and 9 were disposed in the first quarter of 2016.

IC testing service:

  • Net revenues from testing operations were NT$ 2,190 million for the first quarter of 2016, which represented a decrease of NT$ 126 million or 5.4% compared to the fourth quarter of 2015.
  • As of Mar 31, 2016 we had 562 testers installed, of which 15 were added in the first quarter of 2016.

For more information, please visit:

Revenue Analysis


  • Breakdown by end applications:

By application















  • Breakdown by packaging type:

By application



Bumping & Flip Chip  



Substrate Based  



Leadframe Based






About SPIL

Siliconware Precision Industries Ltd. (“SPIL”)(NASDAQ:SPIL, Taiwan Stock Exchange:2325) is a leading provider of comprehensive semiconductor assembly and test services. SPIL is dedicated to meeting all of its customers’ integrated circuit packaging and testing requirements, with turnkey solutions that range from design consultations, modeling and simulations, wafer bumping, wafer probe and sort, package assembly, final test, burn-in, to shipment. Products include advanced leadframe, substrate packages, wafer bumping and FCBGA, which are widely used in personal computers, communications, Internet appliances, cellular phones, digital cameras, cable modems, personal digital assistants and LCD monitors. SPIL supplies services and support to fabless design houses, integrated device manufacturers and wafer foundries globally. For further information, visit SPIL’s web site at

Safe Harbor Statement

The information herein contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the U.S. Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the U.S. Securities Exchange Act of 1934. We have based these forward-looking statements on our current expectation and projections about future events. Such forward-looking statements are inherently subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions about us and other factors that may cause the actual performance, financial condition or results of operations of SPIL to be materially different from what may be implied by such forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that actual events and results could differ materially from those statements as a result of a number of factors, including, among other things:

  • the intensely competitive personal computer, communications, consumer ICs and non-commodity memory semiconductor industries and markets;
  • cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry;
  • risks associated with global business activities;
  • non-operating losses due to poor financial performance of some of our investments;
  • our dependence on key personnel;
  • general economic and political conditions;
  • possible disruptions in commercial activities caused by natural and human induced disaster, including terrorist activities and armed conflicts and contagious disease, such as the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome;
  • fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates; and
  • other risks identified in our annual reports on Form 20-F filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission each year.

The words “anticipate,” “believe,” “estimate,” “expect,” “intend,” “plan” and similar expressions, as they relate to us, are intended to identify a number of these forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. In light of these risks, uncertainties and assumptions, the forward-looking events discussed herein might not occur and our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements.

All financial figures discussed herein are prepared pursuant to TIFRS on a consolidated basis. The investment gains or losses of our company for the three months ended Mar 31, 2016 reflect our gains or losses attributable to the first quarter of 2016 unaudited financial results of several of our investees which are evaluated under the equity method. The consolidated financial data for our company for the three months ended Mar 31, 2016 is not necessarily indicative of the results that may be expected for any period thereafter.

Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
No.45, Jieh Show Rd.
Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 30056

Janet Chen, IR Director

Mike Ma, Spokesperson



As of Mar 31, 2016 and 2015

(Expressed in Thousands of New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) and U.S. Dollars (USD))

Mar 31,2016

Mar 31,2015










Current Assets

Cash and cash equivalent








Accounts receivable
















Other current assets







Total current assets








Non-current Assets

Available-for-sale financial assets








Long-term investment under equity method







Property, plant and equipment








Intangible assets






Other assets








Total non-current assets








Total Assets










Current Liabilities

Short-term loans








Financial liabilities at fair value through
profit or loss – current








Accounts payable








Current portion of long-term debt








Other current liability








Non-current liabilities

Bonds payable








Long-term loans








Other liabilities








Total  Liabilities








Stockholders’ Equity

Capital stock







Capital reserve








Legal reserve








Retained earnings








Other equities








Total Equity








Total Liabilities & Shareholders’ Equity








Forex ( NT$ per US$ ) 



(1)All figures are under T-IFRS.  





(Expressed in Thousands of New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) and U.S. Dollars (USD))

3 months ended on Mar 31

Sequential Comparison

1Q 2016

1Q 2015


1Q 2016

4Q 2015






change %



change %










Cost of Goods Sold









Gross Profit









Operating Expenses

Selling Expenses









Administrative Expenses









Research and Development Expenses

















Operating Income









Non-operating Items







Income(Loss) Before Income Tax 








Income Tax Expenses









Net Income(Loss)








Other comprehensive income

Items that will not be reclassiflied to profit or loss

      Remeasurements of post employment benefit obligations         


      Income tax relating to items that will not be reclassified to profit or loss


Items that may be subsequently reclassified to profit or loss

      Exchange difference on translation of foreign financial statements





      Unrealized gain on available-for-sale financial assets





      Share of other comprehensive income of associates and joint ventures





Income tax relating to items that may be reclassified to profit or loss





Total other comprehensive income





Total comprehensive income





Earnings Per Ordinary Share- Basic

NT$  0.51

NT$   0.84

NT$  (0.07)

Earnings Per Ordinary Share- Diluted 

NT$  0.39

NT$   0.83

NT$  (0.07)

Earnings Per ADS- Diluted 

US$  0.06

US$   0.13

US$  (0.01)

Weighted Average Outstanding Shares – Diluted (‘k)




Forex ( NT$ per US$ ) 




(1) All figures are under T-IFRS.  

(2) 1 ADS is equivalent to 5 Common Shares.   




For 3 Months Ended on Mar 31, 2016 and 2015

(Expressed in Thousands of New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) and U.S. Dollars (USD))

3 months, 2016

3 months, 2015




Cash Flows from Operating Activities:

   Income before income tax












   Change in working capital & others




Net cash flows provided from operating activities




Cash Flows from Investing Activities:

   Acquisition of property, plant, and equipment




   Proceeds from disposal of available-for-sale financial assets



   Proceeds from disposal of property, plant, and equipment             




   Payment for other changes




Net cash used in investing activities




Cash Flows from Financing Activities:

   Repayment of long-term loans








Net cash used in financing activities




Foreign currency exchange effect 




Net increase  (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents




Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of period




Cash and cash equivalents at end of period




Forex ( NT$ per US$ ) 



(1) : All figures are under T-IFRS.  



Source: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

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SPIL and Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. Executed a Termination Agreement to Terminate the Strategic Alliance Agreement and Share Subscription Agreement

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TAICHUNG CITY, Taiwan /PRNewswire/ — Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (TWSE: 2325, NASDAQ: SPIL) (the “Company”) had previously resolved to conduct a private placement of common shares (the “Private Placement”) pursuant to a board resolution on December 11, 2015 and had on even date executed a Share Subscription Agreement and Strategic Alliance Agreement with Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd. (“Unigroup”). Upon consideration of subjective and objective factors of the Company and Unigroup, the Company’s board of directors resolved to terminate the Private Placement on April 28, 2016 and execute a termination agreement with Unigroup, mutually agreeing to terminate the aforementioned Share Subscription Agreement and Strategic Alliance Agreement. To this end, the Company’s board of directors will authorize the chairman and/or another designated person to represent the Company in executing a termination agreement with Unigroup and to fully handle all matters relating to terminating the Private Placement in accordance with law.


Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
No.45, Jieh Show Rd.
Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu
Taiwan, 30056

Janet Chen, IR Director

Mike Ma, Spokesperson

Source: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

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IoT to Account for 28% of Wireless Connectivity IC Market by 2021; Driven by Fast-Growing Smart Home, Wearables, and Beacons

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LONDON /PRNewswire/ — ABI Research, the leader in transformative technology innovation market intelligence, finds that smart home, beacon, wearable, and other nascent IoT applications including energy management and smart cities are to propel the wireless IoT connectivity market forward. The market’s trend toward multi-protocol connectivity IC adoption will ease development time, boost scale, and reduce complexity and cost for manufacturers across these different sectors in the years ahead.

Logo –

“2015 witnessed a growing trend toward the development of multiprotocol connectivity SoCs for the IoT, some of which support both Bluetooth Smart and 802.15.4,” says Andrew Zignani, Industry Analyst at ABI Research. “Devices that incorporate multiprotocol chipsets will be more futureproof. While a product might utilize Bluetooth in the short term, a device manufacturer may want to switch to Thread in the future or have the ability to talk to multiple connectivity protocols once deployed.”

Moving forward, it might not be a case of either Bluetooth or ZigBee or Thread, but rather utilizing a combination of these technologies in a single device. The recently announced acquisition of GreenPeak by Qorvo and the resulting expansion in their RF portfolio with low-power SoCs, 802.15.4, and Bluetooth solutions, illustrates the growing importance of both of these technologies for the IoT.

ABI Research also expects to see a growing presence of smart home hubs that incorporate multiple connectivity solutions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, Z-Wave and 802.15.4 (ZigBee/Thread). These solutions will have a significant role to play in the development and consolidation of wireless connectivity solutions for the smart home. These hubs are already being already offered by the likes of Google, Samsung, and Huawei.

ABI Research forecasts that Bluetooth smart home devices will show a 75% growth rate between 2016 and 2021, though 802.15.4-based ZigBee and Thread will lead with 34% volume share of the home automation and 29% of the smart lighting markets by this time. 802.15.4 will also see growth in smart metering, building automation, industrial, and street lighting market, accounting for almost one third of 802.15.4 shipments by 2021.

A majority of fitness and activity trackers are utilizing Bluetooth Smart, with the solution extending to medical applications moving forward. It also promises significant opportunity for beacons across numerous verticals, such as retail and advertising, with ABI Research forecasting a 129% growth rate between 2016 and 2021. However, looking ahead there will be increasing competition in the connectivity sphere across numerous IoT verticals.

“Wi-Fi HaLow, or 802.11ah, operating in the sub-1GHz band will be of increasing importance for the Wi-Fi Alliance and chipset suppliers over the coming years as it tries to target various IoT verticals with low-power requirements,” concludes Zignani. “These solutions will also face new challenges from LPWAN technologies, such as Sigfox and LoRa, but most importantly, by emerging cellular technologies, such as NB-IOT and eMTC.”

These findings are part of ABI Research’s IoE Semiconductors Service ( and Wireless Connectivity Service (, which includes research reports, market data, insights, and competitive assessments.

About ABI Research

For more than 25 years, ABI Research has stood at the forefront of technology market intelligence, partnering with innovative business leaders to implement informed, transformative technology decisions. The company employs a global team of senior analysts to provide comprehensive research and consulting services through deep quantitative forecasts, qualitative analyses and teardown services. An industry pioneer, ABI Research is proactive in its approach, frequently uncovering ground-breaking business cycles ahead of the curve and publishing research 18 to 36 months in advance of other organizations. In all, the company covers more than 60 services, spanning 11 technology sectors. For more information, visit

Contact Info: Mackenzie Gavel
Tel: +44.203.326.0142

Source: ABI Research

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LaRose Industries Announces Safety Measures

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RANDOLPH, N.J. /PRNewswire/ — LaRose Industries, LLC., the parent company of Cra-Z-Art, a prime manufacturer and leader in trendy toy, art and stationery products, announced today that the Company has enacted additional safety measures in response to recent claims by the New York State Attorney General’s Office of alleged high levels of lead in a part contained in a very small number of its toy items.

The items in question passed rigorous testing by a third party laboratory accredited by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) and were found to have complied with all applicable product safety requirements.  Nevertheless, LaRose has already launched its own thorough investigation into the matter with respect to these claims, which the company only learned of last Friday, April 22nd.  Additionally, in cooperation with the NY State Attorney General’s Office,  LaRose has suspended sales of the three products identified and has instructed retailers that sell the products to remove them from store shelves immediately.  LaRose will continue to cooperate fully with the NY State Attorney General’s Office and also provide all necessary information to the CPSC.

“The safety of our products and the welfare of our consumers is our highest priority.  All of our items go through stringent testing to ensure they comply with all U.S. product safety requirements,” said Nellie Mahabir, President of LaRose.  “We take great pride that the Cra-Z-Art name is known for safe, imaginative play for kids.  We are acting swiftly to responsibly investigate these claims and take all appropriate action.  We remain committed to ensuring that our products continue to be a safe and enjoyable experience for consumers, particularly kids.”

LaRose contracts with third-party vendors to produce some of their products including the three products identified.  As part of its investigation, LaRose is also conducting a review of all of its manufacturing partners to determine if additional procedures need to be put in place to further insure product safety.

The affected products are:

  • Shimmer N’ Sparkle Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations Ultimate Gem Machine (UPC 884920174504);
  • Shimmer N’ Sparkle Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations Gem Charm and Slider Bracelets (UPC 884920174849).
  • My Look Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Jewelz Gem Creations Ultimate Gem Machine (UPC 884920174849).

For additional information, contact Cra-Z-Art at (800) 598-3800, or visit the company’s website at

CRA-Z-ART, based in Randolph, NJ, offers original, creative, exciting and trendy activity, toy, art and stationery products. The CRA-Z-ART management team has over 120 years of experience in creating, manufacturing and marketing stationery and activities products. At CRA-Z-ART, we clearly understand the needs of the retailer and the desires of our consumers. We make it a point daily to be – Always creative!  To learn more, please visit

CONTACT: Charlie Zakin, Cra-Z-Art – 973-598-3800 x 256

Source: LaRose Industries, LLC
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HubSpot Opens Official APAC Headquarters in Singapore, Will Create 150 New Jobs over Next 3 Years

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Today, HubSpot officially opened the doors of its Singapore officeand announced it will hire 150 Singapore-based employees over the next three years. HubSpot’s Singapore office – affectionately known as SingSpot — joins Sydney, Australia as the second HubSpot office in Asia Pacific and will serve as the company’s regional headquarters.

Logo –

HubSpot first came to Asia Pacific in 2014 in an effort to extend HubSpot’s global reach and make an impact with the many mid-market companies and data-driven marketing and sales professionals in the region looking for a more personalized and integrated way of doing business. With a larger presence in Singapore and employees spanning nearly all aspects of HubSpot’s business including sales, marketing, services, and support, HubSpot can build on the tremendous momentum and growth that has taken place over the past two years.

“HubSpot has an incredible opportunity for growth in Asia Pacific and we could not be happier to be celebrating that with a new office and a goal of hiring 150 new employees in the next three years,” said JD Sherman, HubSpot President & COO. “HubSpot’s Singapore-based team will be core to the impact that we’re making across Asia Pacific and the growth and success of our customers in the region.”

Located at Mapletree Anson, Hubspot’s new Singapore location features some unique and exciting features, including:

  • Dedicated quiet space
  • Mother’s room
  • Snack-stocked kitchen with on-tap beer
  • Games room
  • “Hidden” lounge space with game console

The office also includes key characteristics that have become HubSpot staples across all of our global offices, as well as a few that are uniquely Singaporean. The office is decorated with an “East-Meets-West” theme featuring corrugated metal to give a nod to the area’s history as a major shipping hub. All 90+ desks in the space are electronic and can convert from sitting to standing position at the push of a button. The office is equipped with varying conference rooms, collaboration spaces and nomad desks so that employees can choose the space that best meets their needs. And, SingSpot employees will now have a dedicated IT help desk and board room.

As HubSpot expands its presence across Asia Pacific, the team will be led from Singapore by Jeetu Mahtani, Managing Director of International for HubSpot. Of the announcement, he said, “HubSpot has just scratched the surface of what we can achieve in Asia Pacific. We’re looking forward to creating remarkable experiences and results for our customers across the region and so excited to do so with a full team on the ground in Singapore. With the right team in place, we’ll be unstoppable.”

About HubSpot

HubSpot ($HUBS) is a leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Since 2006, HubSpot has been on a mission to make the world more inbound. Today, over 18,000 customers in more than 90 countries use HubSpot’s software, services, and support to transform the way they attract, engage, and delight customers. HubSpot’s inbound marketing software, ranked #1 in customer satisfaction by VentureBeat and G2Crowd, includes social media publishing and monitoring, blogging, SEO, website content management, email marketing, marketing automation, and reporting and analytics, all in one integrated platform. HubSpot Sales, HubSpot’s award-winning sales application, enables sales and service teams to have more effective conversations with leads, prospects, and customers. HubSpot has been recognized by Inc., Forbes, and Deloitte as one of the world’s fastest-growing companies and the Glassdoor, Fortune and Entrepreneur as a best place to work. HubSpot is headquartered inCambridge, MA with offices in Singapore; Dublin, Ireland; Sydney, Australia, and Portsmouth, NH. Learn more

Source: HubSpot

Related stocks: NYSE:HUBS

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Anonos Selected for Inaugural TED Residency Program

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-Big Data Needs BigPrivacy™ is a Breakthrough Idea Worth Spreading

NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Anonos Inc. announces its selection for the highly competitive inaugural TED Residency innovation program for breakthrough ideas.

TED’s mission of supporting “Ideas Worth Spreading” reaches far beyond the conference and video series, encompassing a variety of projects and initiatives that leverage the power of ideas. According to TED, participants in its residency program are selected based on passion, expertise, the strength of their idea, their character, and their ability to bring a fresh perspective and positive contribution to the diverse TED community.

“The Anonos Big Idea worth spreading is BigPrivacy™” said Ted Myerson, Co-Founder of Anonos. “BigPrivacy is a software-based product that makes it easier to safely collect, combine, share, and publish large volumes of data. As Big Data paves the way for new discoveries in diverse disciplines, Anonos’ BigPrivacy product enables breakthroughs in the life sciences, including personalized and precision medicine, while at the same time protecting the privacy of the sensitive data sources on which new insights depend,” said Myerson.

Dr. Jonas Almeida, Professor and Chief Technology Officer at the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Stony Brook University, and an advisor to the company observed, “Anonos was ahead of the curve in anticipating the world awash in data that we live in today. Streams from myriad web-enabled devices make it difficult to manage privacy through traditional access controls alone. This is what excites me about Anonos: they saw de-identification as a way to bolster the governance of gigantic sensitive data ecosystems at a time when this scenario was only academic conjecture.”

Realizing the promise of Big Data depends on secure access to personal data, including sensitive health data. However, outdated methods of privacy protection (such as data masking, traditional access controls, and static de-identification) undermine research by reducing the accuracy of data, restricting access to data sets, and/or requiring the deletion of data, minimizing its value. Anonos BigPrivacy technology overcomes these limitations by dynamically de–identifying data, maintaining a high level of accuracy, and by separating data sets into components, enabling selective access to varied gradations of sensitive information under controlled conditions.

“Restoring privacy protection to a realistic possibility rather than just an aspirational goal creates great value for both individuals and society,” said Mary Abrams, Executive Director & Chief Strategist at Information Accountability Foundation. “Anonos’ selection for the TED Residency is clear evidence that the company’s vision and success in implementing it thus far address this need.”

Anonos’ patented BigPrivacy technology simultaneously protects data privacy and accuracy so researchers and other data users can leverage the value of Big Data and comply with federal, state and international laws.

To learn more, visit

Press Inquiries: +1-212-658-1132;

Source: Anonos Inc.
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