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David Allen Joins Epsilon as Managing Director of International

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-Industry Leader with Extensive Global Experience to Oversee Epsilon International

HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Epsilon, a global leader in creating connections between people and brands, today announced that David Allen has joined as Managing Director of International, reporting to Cathy Lang, Global Client Officer, Epsilon.

David Allen Joins Epsilon as Managing Director of International
David Allen Joins Epsilon as Managing Director of International


In his role, Mr. Allen will be responsible for driving global expansion, leading strategy and overseeing day-to-day business operations throughout the EMEA and APAC regions, including Australia, China, India, Japan,Singapore, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, France and Spain. In addition, Mr. Allen’s global team will be responsible for client management, delivering data-driven marketing solutions to large global brands such as Dell, Jaguar Land Rover and Johnson & Johnson.

“I’m excited to have David on the Epsilon team to run our international operations as we continue to grow and expand overseas and support multinational brands in their effort to engage with consumers in a truly personalized manner,” said Lang. “With over thirty years of global experience, including leadership roles acrossEurope, the U.S. and the Middle East, David’s strategic vision, creativity and drive will enable our associates and our clients to achieve success.”

Mr. Allen most recently served as Managing Director of PrivacyStar, charged with launching the company across European markets. Previously, he held senior executive and advisory roles at Marketing Radar, Navigant Consulting and Acxiom.

“CMOs are increasingly tasked with meeting the needs of the global consumer, by connecting on an emotional level, at scale. This requires a partner that can bring together the tools, strategy, insights and ideas to engage in a personalized way in the moments that matter,” explained Mr. Allen. “Epsilon has a proven track record of not only understanding consumers better than anyone else, but delivering innovative technology, great ideas and, most important to clients, meaningful results. I am thrilled to help the company continue to grow and transform this exciting industry.”

Mr. Allen will be based in Epsilon’s Teddington office in the UK.

About Epsilon

Epsilon is a global leader in creating connections between people and brands. An all-encompassing global marketing company, we harness the power of rich data, groundbreaking technologies, engaging creative and transformative ideas to get the results our clients require. Recognized by Ad Age as the #1 World CRM/Direct Marketing Network, #1 U.S. Digital-Agency Network and #1 U.S. Agency from All Disciplines, Epsilon employs over 7,000 associates in 70 offices worldwide. Epsilon is an Alliance Data company.

Epsilon International is an operating unit of Epsilon, with local offices in Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong,India, Japan, Singapore, U.K., France, Germany and Ireland. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @EpsilonAPAC or email to

Asia Pacific Media Contact:

Rickie Hobbie
+852 3589 0717

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Logo –

Source: Epsilon
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Gordagen Successful in Securing Winding-up Order against Felda Wellness Corporation

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— Felda Wellness Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of FELDA Group, owes debts totalling $652,083.60 to Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd. and its wholly owned subsidiary Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.
— Gordagen and its subsidiary issued statutory demands followed by a winding-up petition in the High Court of Malaysia due to Felda Wellness Corporation’s inability to pay the debts as and when they fell due.
— Gordagen has been successful in securing a winding-up order from the High Court of Malaysia against Felda Wellness Corporation.

MELBOURNE, Australia /PRNewswire/ — Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd., a privately-held company commercializing evidence-based nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals, has secured a winding-up order from the High Court of Malaysia against Felda Wellness Corporation (FWC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of FELDA, on 3 March 2016.

The winding-up proceedings were initiated when FWC, after numerous requests from Gordagen over a period exceeding 14 months, refused to pay genuine and admitted debts related to services provided by Gordagen and its subsidiary, Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (GPM).  Services were provided to FWC under the express instructions of former FWC director and former FELDA Group Deputy Director General, Muhammad Sufi Mahbub, and also FWC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mohd Nasir bin Shafion.  FWC, through these two senior officers, executed contractual agreements which bound FWC to the payment and reimbursement of all expenses incurred by Gordagen and GPM in the provision of these services.

Importantly, under a contractual agreement executed by Mohd Nasir bin Shafion on behalf of FWC, funds sourced from FWC were used to pay for the employment costs and living expenses of Muhammad Sufi Mahbub’s daughter, Athirah Sufi, while she was living in Australia.  All the arrangements were initiated and coordinated by FWC’s officers,Mohd Nasir bin Shafion and Muhammad Sufi Mahbub, on behalf of FWC.  However, during the winding-up proceedings, FWC for reasons best known to itself, attempted to mis-state to Court that it had no knowledge of this contractual arrangement.

After Gordagen made numerous attempts to negotiate an acceptable settlement of the debts during the last 14 months, statutory demands pursuant to Section 218 of the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 were issued by Gordagen’s and GPM’s Malaysian legal counsel, Izral Partnership, to FWC on 20 August 2015.  FWC ignored these statutory demands, the debts remained unsettled and Gordagen presented a winding-up petition in the High Court of Malaysiaon 14 September 2015.

“FWC is a shareholder of Gordagen and they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of a major statutory body in Malaysia, FELDA, so Gordagen fully exhausted every option available to us prior to initiating winding-up proceedings in court.  This is simply too much money for a development-stage biopharmaceutical company like Gordagen to write off as a bad debt and the Board of Directors was left with no choice but to initiate proceedings in court,” said Dr. Glenn Tong, Gordagen’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

During the winding up proceedings, overwhelming evidence including a number of emails from Mohd Nasir bin Shafionand Athirah Radzali (FWC’s accountant) to Gordagen together with written confirmation of debts from FWC’s auditor Price Waterhouse Coopers Malaysia, was presented by Gordagen’s counsel to the Court which clearly demonstrated that FWC had fully accepted and admitted the genuine debts and they had not raised any genuine disputes regarding the debts.  Subsequently, during the court proceedings, FWC made numerous assertions which were inconsistent with the evidence presented by Gordagen.

“The conduct of FWC to date has been extremely disappointing in that you would expect a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Malaysian Government statutory body to be both a model corporate citizen and a model litigant.  Instead, they defaulted on a substantial debt due and owing to Gordagen and GPM and throughout these court winding up proceedings, FWC’s officers were prepared to say and do anything, even if it meant deliberately misleading the Court and us, in order to evade a genuine debt,” said Dr. Glenn Tong.

Media Enquiries:


Dr Glenn Tong

Managing Director & CEO

Tel: +61 (0) 412 193 350

About Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd

Gordagen Pharmaceuticals is a privately-held Australian company developing and commercializing novel supplements and prescription medicines based on natural tocotrienols, found in vitamin E.  The Company has developed a novel approach to delivering highly potent tocotrienols to target tissues using its proprietary and patent-pending “melt-then-swallow” delivery technology (MELT3TM). The Company is focusing on tocotrienols with wide therapeutic potential, initially targeting heart health, muscle soreness and exercise endurance.

Source: Gordagen Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
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ArtScience Museum Unveils Landmark Exhibition FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science

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-Imagine, play and explore in Singapore’s largest permanent digital art gallery

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Come March 12th, visitors can embark on an interactive journey of exploration and play at Future World – ArtScience Museum’s new permanent exhibition, where 15 digital art installations come to life through cutting-edge science and technology.

For the full multimedia release, click here:


FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science is co-curated with teamLab, a globally renowned Japanese group of ultra-technologists and multi-award winning art collective. Together with ArtScience Museum, the art collective has built Singapore’s largest digital playground spanning 1,500 square meters, which is approximately a quarter of the museum’s total gallery space. The immersive and interactive exhibition allows audiences to become an intrinsic part of the artworks on display, as the installations dynamically evolve through their presence and participation.

“We are thrilled to launch Future World, ArtScience Museum’s new permanent exhibition to mark our fifth anniversary. At ArtScience Museum, we explore the intersection between art, science, technology and culture. Our exhibitions and programmes show that it is the interplay between these areas that creates innovation and new ideas. We believe that where art and science meet, the future is made. So, we are naturally drawn to teamLab’s extraordinary work. Their fluid combination of artistic expression, technological ingenuity, scientific enquiry and their insistence that, ‘we are the future’ makes them ideal partners for ArtScience Museum,” said Ms. Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum.

“Together, we have created a digital world that consists of major art installations and interactive projects for visitors of all ages, set in an ever-changing, always-evolving environment which puts visitors at the heart of the artworks. Future World is an invitation to have fun, to play and explore, but also to reflect on our own position relative to the natural world, other people and the universe. We hope to evoke in visitors a new and imaginative sense of wonder in the world around us,” added Ms. Honor Harger.

“We are fortunate to have this opportunity to work with the magnificent people at ArtScience Museum to create Future World. For this unique exhibition, we have selected 15 artworks that best showcase art, science and education. We intend to continually refresh the exhibition as science and technology evolve. In doing so, we hope to encourage visitors to keep coming back to the exhibition and co-create with other visitors in the space,” said Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko, founder of teamLab. FUTURE WORLD: Where Art Meets Science is also teamLab’s first and largest permanent Artwork exhibition outside of Japan.

“We are proud to be one of the key partners to bring this immersive art playground to life. Traditionally, artists express their creativity through the use of materials such as paint, glass, wood or metal to create their art pieces. The presentation is usually static with limited audience interaction. Now, technology has opened new opportunities for artists to stretch their imagination. Panasonic’s technological advancements have brought it closer to the arts over the years,” said Fujiwara Tetsuya, Managing Director of Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific.

Featuring 15 digital installations specially selected and put together from teamLab’s extensive collection of works,Future World take visitors on a journey of discovery through four key narratives — Nature, Town, Park and Space.

(i)            Nature

The adventure begins with an enchanting stroll through an interactive world of flora and fauna comprised entirely of digital technology, recreating the experience of being connected to nature. As visitors move through these galleries, they are invited to reflect on the intricate relationship they share with their environment.

Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together — A Whole Year per Year
Ever Blossoming Life II — A Whole Year per Year, Dark
Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders

Future World at ArtScience Museum - Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together - A Whole Year Per Year
Future World at ArtScience Museum – Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together – A Whole Year Per Year

Three recent artworks of teamLab are presented in one gallery, bringing visitors into a beautiful ecosystem of digital flowers and butterflies. The artwork is both generative – the plants and butterflies are created algorithmically, and reactive – they respond to our presence and subtly change based on our behaviour.  The work is instantly evocative of a natural environment as it replicates the cycle of life, death and rebirth in real time.  The flowers gently blooms in tune with the four seasons of the year, and thus this installation can be said to be one of the few places in Singaporewhere visitors can experience the four seasons.

100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

This larger-than-life installation gives a glimpse into the future, as it illustrates the rising sea levels wrought by climate change, based on scientific data derived from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). The prediction of the world’s rising sea levels over a century is condensed into a ten-minute time frame. As the borders between the screen and the viewer dissolve, it creates the illusion of the viewer eventually being swallowed by the rising sea, encouraging visitors to reflect on the long-term environmental effects of climate change.

(ii)          Town

The journey continues as visitors playfully glide via a slide into ‘Town’ — a bustling and lively cityscape where visitor-generated input builds up and populates virtual towns. Adults and children alike will have a chance to try their hands at urban planning and building architectural elements through fun and innovative ways.

Sketch Town
Sketch Town Paper Craft

Future World at ArtScience Museum - Sketch Town
Future World at ArtScience Museum – Sketch Town

This highlight artwork depicts a fictitious town based on Singapore, including recognisable landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, ArtScience Museum, the Merlion, and the Singapore Flyer. It is the first time the installation has been adapted to feature the city in which it is displayed.

Kids can let their imagination run wild, as they colour in and draw objects such as cars, buildings, and spaceships. These two-dimensional pictures become animated and move around as they enter a large projected screen. The artwork grows and evolves constantly as different images are added. The objects in town move at different speeds and in different directions, as the audience touch them, bringing the town to life.

Connected to Sketch Town is Sketch Town Paper Craft, a special installation that enables visitors to turn their drawings into paper craft patterns, which can then be assembled into original three-dimensional paper craft models. This is where the visitor’s experience materializes into a physical souvenir to take home with them.

Connecting! Train Block

In this interactive artwork, children work and play together to design their own transportation network. Wooden blocks, distinguished by shape and color, are used to design roads, railways and rivers. Cars, airplanes, boats and helicopters can also be added to bring life to the infrastructure. As more blocks are placed on the surface, the table becomes busier, ultimately developing a cityscape.

Media Block Chair

Future World at ArtScience Museum - Media Block Chair
Future World at ArtScience Museum – Media Block Chair

Consisting of fiberglass light cube chairs, these cubes can be seen as the building blocks of ‘Town’. Adults and children alike are invited to construct high-tech furniture, like chairs and benches, or architectural structures such as walls and partitions. Each block communicates information to each other when they are connected, changing colour in the process. The installation encourages visitors to be both innovative and practical in the process of creation.

A Table Where Little People Live

Future World at ArtScience Museum - A Table where Little People Live
Future World at ArtScience Museum – A Table where Little People Live

The little people are a community of miniature characters who live inside circular tables.  When visitor place their hands, or an object, on the table, the little people jump onto it. The actions of the little people change in response to the shape and colour of the objects which they interact with. The more they are interacted with, the more the little people become animated and playful.

(iii)         Park

The third chapter of this exhibition invites visitors to play and have fun, and to appreciate ‘play’ as an integral and essential part of human life. Here, children and their families are encouraged to learn and play together using a combination of physical and digital technology.

Universe of Water Particles

As the visitors move away from the busy urban life of ‘Town’, they will be reconnected with nature through the spectacular center-piece of the exhibition, Universe of Water Particles. An eight-metre tall waterfall created in a virtual space with thousands of water particles cascades down the façade of the wall. The installation replicates the magnificence of an actual waterfall, inviting visitors to be immersed in a moment of magic as they encounter the grandeur of nature. The water particles are digitally programmed and generated to produce an accurate water fall simulation flowing in accordance to the law of physics, producing an uncannily real waterfall that appears to be alive.

Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses

This unique installation lets visitors design their own customised hopscotch game by arranging circles, triangles and squares on an electronic tablet, which are then projected onto the floor. When participants expertly land on the same shapes in succession, they trigger off beautiful colors and sounds. Special connections exist between the shapes, which are discovered through practice. It is a game of discovery that tests the skills and imagination for all ages.

Light Ball Orchestra

As the central work of ‘Park‘, these light balls form an electrifying orchestra of sound and color. Touching one of the large balls changes the color and sound of the balls around it, creating a ripple-like effect. Movements from other areas send ripples in different directions, creating dynamic and playful interactions throughout the space. Participants of all ages playfully collaborate by pushing, bouncing and rolling the balls, continuously changing the composition, color and sound of the space.

Sketch Aquarium

Future World at ArtScience Museum - Sketch Aquarium
Future World at ArtScience Museum – Sketch Aquarium

A favourite among children of all ages, this installation features a digitally rendered aquatic world where the two-dimensional sea creatures that visitors draw on paper come to life in a virtual ocean. The artwork grows and evolves constantly with the different images that the visitors add. Visitors can feed the fish and sea creatures by touching specific images of fish food bags on the screen. In Sketch Aquarium, individual creative processes become part of a unified, shared experience.

Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere

In this digitally projected world, visitors of all ages can create their own environment by touching Chinese and Japanese characters, which then transform into natural elements such as wind, rain, trees and mountains. When visitors touch the characters, the story begins and the movement of their bodies further changes and evolves the world. Just as in nature where no two moments are repeated, the visitor experiences a new story each time he encounters the artwork.

(iv)         Space

Beyond nature, city life and recreational sport, the journey through the exhibition ends by embarking outward and upward into astronomical space, taking visitors to the heart of the universe.

Crystal Universe

Future World at ArtScience Museum - Crystal Universe
Future World at ArtScience Museum – Crystal Universe

This monumental, immersive and interactive artwork enables visitors to experience astrophysical phenomena such as planets, stars, galaxies, and even the very recently detected gravitational waves, which Einstein predicted would exist a century ago.  This stunning artwork utilizes teamLab’s Interactive 4-D Vision technology, which allows users to control over 170,000 LED lights which together give the illusion of stars moving in space.  Thus, visitors experience the Universe from within it, as surrounds them, and enfolds them, and responds to their presence, thus helping visitors understand themselves as part of the vastness of celestial space.

To celebrate the opening of Future World, the museum has also put together an interesting line-up of special activities for visitors:

Conversations: Seeing the Light

Sat 12 Mar, 2pm – 4.30pm

The debut programme to open ArtScience Museum’s permanent exhibition, Conversations: Seeing the Light seeks to investigate the intersection between art, science, technology and creativity, in dialogue with a new generation of ultra-technologists and digital creatives, and how these initiatives manifest for Singapore. Held in conjunction with i Light Marina Bay 2016, join in the conversation with i Light Marina Bay’s co-curator – Randy Chan, architectural lighting designer and director of Nipek – Shigeki Fujii, owner of Ikkan Art International – Ikkan Sanada and founder of teamLab –Toshiyuki Inoko, who is making an exclusive public appearance at the talk.

ArtScience Late: Syndicate Ft. Kiat and Lee Mun Wai

Thu 24 Mar, 8pm

Be enthralled by this special edition of ArtScience Late featuring audiovisual collective, Syndicate, electronic music producer, Kiat and contemporary dance artist, Lee Mun Wai. ArtScience Museum will be taken over by sonic-scapes of live electronica beats and be transformed into a digital playground for site-specific dance and movements.

Spotlight Gallery Talks and Workshops

Discover the ideas and themes in Future World through a creative workshop, as well as a series of lively spotlight talks happening at various exhibition zones.

Spotlight Gallery Talks

Sat & Sun 12 & 13 Mar,

11.30am & 5pm

20 & 26 Mar,


Permanent Exhibition, Various Locations

Boundaries between art and technology are becoming increasingly blurred as new grounds are broken in digital artistic expression. Discover the ideas and themes in Future World through this series of lively pop-up talks. Join us for interactive play happening at various exhibition zones.

Creative Aquarium

Family Friday 18 & 25 Mar, 4.30pm – 5.30pm   

Sat & Sun, 12, 13, 20 & 26 Mar, 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Permanent Exhibition, Workshop Space

Celebrate the diversity of life and create your own digital sea creature. Join us as we discover what makes a healthy ecosystem and have fun putting together your own environments.

Tickets for Future World are available at all Marina Bay Sands box offices and on the website. Terms and conditions apply.


Singapore resident




Senior (65 years and above)



Child (2- 12 years)



Family package

(2 kids and 2 adults)



Season Pass

INDIVIDUAL: $90          

Unlimited Visits, Valid until Dec 31st 2016, Open to Tourists and Locals alike.

FAMILY: $150  

Unlimited Visits, Valid until Dec 31st 2016, Open to Tourists and Locals alike.

For more information, please visit

About Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd
Marina Bay Sands is the leading business, leisure and entertainment destination in Asia. It features large and flexible convention and exhibition facilities, 2,560 hotel rooms and suites, the rooftop Sands SkyPark, the best shopping mall inAsia, world-class celebrity chef restaurants and an outdoor event plaza. Its two theatres showcase a range of leading entertainment performances including world-renowned Broadway shows. Completing the line-up of attractions is ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands, which plays host to permanent and marquee exhibitions. For more information, please visit

About ArtScience Museum

ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands is Southeast Asia’s leading cultural institution that explores the inter-relationship between art, science, technology and culture. Featuring 21 galleries totaling 50,000 square feet, the iconic lotus-inspired building has staged major exhibitions by some of the 20th century’s key artists, including Salvador Dalí,Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh, as well as major exhibitions which explore aspects of scientific history.

About teamLab

Formed in 2001 in Tokyo, teamLab is a collective and interdisciplinary creative group that brings together professionals from various fields of practice in the digital society: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers and editors. Referring to themselves as “Ultra-technologists,” their aim is to achieve a balance between art, science, technology and creativity.




About Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific

Based in Singapore, Panasonic System Solutions Asia Pacific is the B2B solutions division of Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, the South East Asia and Pacific (APAC) subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic System

Solutions Asia Pacific delivers B2B solutions for government and commercial enterprises of all sizes that cover unified business communications, mobile computing, data storage, security and surveillance, retail point-of-sale, visual communications (projectors, professional displays, digital signage) and imaging network solutions (broadcast and professional video). For more information:

For Media Enquiries

Dawn Wang   (+65) 6688 0042/
Sarah Tang    (+65) 6688 0206/

Logo –
Video –

Source: Marina Bay Sands

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Strategy Analytics: Worldwide Business Smartphone Shipments Reached 116.8 Million Units Shipped In Q4 2015, an Increase Of 24.3% from the Previous Quarter

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-Over the Past 4 Quarters, Worldwide Business Smartphones Grew at 7.3% CAGR

BOSTON /PRNewswire/ — Worldwide business smartphone shipments reached 116.8 million units in Q4 2015, an increase of 24.3% from the previous quarter, and 12.7% increase from Q3 2014. Android was the dominant platform worldwide, accounting for almost 2/3 of all business smartphone shipments in Q4 2015. Apple iOS had 37.9% of all shipments, while Microsoft and Blackberry accounted for merely 2.4% and 0.5% of shipments respectively. Worldwide, Personal Liable smartphones are still the dominant type of business smartphone, with over two-thirds of shipments falling into this category, versus 34% of shipments being corporate liable.

Logo –

According to the Strategy Analytics Mobile Workforce Strategies (MWS) latest report, “Global Business Smartphone Quarterly Tracking Q4 2015“, “although BYOD remains a fast growing trend within enterprises, corporate liable purchasing continues to increase as companies still want full control over mobile access to corporate networks for many of their users,” said Gina Luk, Senior Analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies and author of the report.

“In terms of OS performance, iOS took significant corporate-liable market share from Android, and emerged as the top choice for businesses in terms of corporate-liable devices. Apple’s vision for the enterprise has really taken shape over the past year, and we believe the standardized OS approach across iPhone and iPad as well as the partnership with IBM, have played a significant role in boosting that,” added Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise Research at Strategy Analytics.

About Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides the competitive edge with advisory services, consulting and actionable market intelligence for emerging technology, mobile and wireless, digital consumer and automotive electronics companies. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Strategy Analytics delivers insights for enterprise

Contact: Gina Luk, +44(0) 1908 423 632,

Other Contact: Andrew Brown, +44(0) 1908 423 630,

Source: Strategy Analytics

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Strategy Analytics: Mobile NFC Payments Growth (Finally) on the Horizon

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-Total Handset-Based NFC Payments Users to Break 100 Million in 2016

BOSTON /PRNewswire/ — Mobile payments made via NFC-enabled handsets will approach$240 Billion in total value by 2021, according to a new Strategy Analytics forecast “Mobile NFC Payment Forecast Update: 2004-2021.” Increasing competition between mobile wallets from device vendors Apple and Samsung, payment card issuers, and mobile operators, combined with a maturing contactless payment infrastructure across most regions, will finally catalyze in-store handset-based NFC purchases. Furthermore, Strategy Analytics expects consumer readiness to adopt mobile payments to improve as providers of mobile wallets increasingly support coupons and loyalty cards.

Logo –

Click here for the report:

Strategy Analytics is encouraged by rising use of contactless payments over the past twelve months, particularly in cities like London where the acceptance of contactless payments has become nearly ubiquitous. Nitesh Patel, Director, Strategy Analytics’ Mobile Payments, noted, “Transport for London has highlighted the importance of wide reaching contactless payment acceptance in driving adoption and use. With three percent of all journeys paid for using contactless driven by mobile phones in December 2015, just six months after the launch of Apple Pay, it is clear that NFC-based payments have strong potential for future growth.”

Rising overall adoption of contactless payments will boost handset-based contactless payments, but underlines a strong need for mobile wallets to differentiate from cards.

Strategy Analytics Mobile NFC Payments Forecast
Strategy Analytics Mobile NFC Payments Forecast

Photo –

David Kerr, Senior Vice President, Strategy Analytics’ stated, “handset-based contactless payment need to go beyond the convenience offered when paying by contactless cards. The success of non-NFC based mobile payment services from Starbucks shows that combining loyalty and offers into mobile payment applications provides incentive for users to switch to mobile wallets. Additionally, with recent Strategy Analytics’ user research highlighting security concerns as a key barrier of mobile payment adoption it is clear mobile wallet providers must continue to educate consumers about the additional security provided by biometric authentication and tokenization.”

About Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides the competitive edge with advisory services, consulting and actionable market intelligence for emerging technology, mobile and wireless, digital consumer and automotive electronics companies. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Strategy Analytics delivers insights for enterprise

European Contact: Nitesh Patel, +44(0) 1908 423 621,

US Contact: David Kerr, +1 617 614 0720,

Photo –

Source: Strategy Analytics

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World Federation of Advertisers Research Shows ASEAN Marketers Seek Enhanced Digital Capabilities

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-Survey highlights need to boost consumer insight, integrated activity planning, innovation, digital marketing and analytics to drive digital transformation
-Research conducted in collaboration with national advertiser associations; respondents were regional and local marketers from brands that spend in excess of US$54b per annum globally
-Full results to be released at Global Marketer Week- #GMWKL- in Kuala Lumpur on March 17th

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Marketers in ASEAN have highlighted the key areas of marketing capability with the greatest potential to improve as part of a survey conducted by the World Federation of Advertisers in conjunction with its local advertiser association members in Indonesia (APPINA), Malaysia (MAA), the Philippines(PANA) and Singapore (SAA).

Marketers in the region recognize the need to improve in certain areas if they are to optimize their digital transformation strategies. Key areas of focus include their ability to generate consumer insights, integrated activity planning, innovation, digital marketing and marketing analytics.

Respondents broadly felt that they were on top of areas such as design, brand positioning and shopper/point of sale marketing but, coincidently, these are areas less affected by the move to digital.

The main challenges where marketers said they need greater assistance in the transformation process from their agency partners were media, creative and digital. Getting these three areas right is essential in terms of understanding behavior on fast-changing consumer platforms and creating content and experiences that work on digital screens.

The findings are based on a survey of more than 100 marketers representing 65 companies, which spend in excess ofUS$54 billion globally. It highlights the challenges identified by brands to win in a region with a population of 633m people, double that of the US and 100m more than that of the European Union. ASEAN is the second-fastest growing economy in Asia after China and has expanded 300% since 2001[1].

The results have been released by the WFA ahead of Global Marketer Week (#GMWKL), which is being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, between March 15th and 18th and will be presented as part of an ASEAN Accelerator panel session during the Global Marketer Conference.

The need to improve capabilities in agencies was also identified by survey respondents, with PR performing worst, followed by creative and digital. Media and marketing research partners performed best with 54% of survey respondents describing the latter as good to excellent.

The main challenges with agencies included a rapid turnover in staff with 61% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing with the statement that “our agencies cannot hold on to their best people”.

Conversely, 63% also agreed or strongly agreed that “there are plenty of very exciting new agency start-ups emerging;” that same churn seems to be creating new potential agency partners often in emerging areas, such as social and content where traditional agencies have not been as quick to adapt.

Other topline findings include:

  • Most companies are using on average five different tools to measure return on marketing investment with internal sales data at 79%, brand tracking at 74% and media tracking, also at 74%, the most common.
  • However, these metrics are hampered by the lack of reliable industry data. 58% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement that “the lack of robust media audience data is preventing us from investing more” and 36% agreed or strongly agreed that it was “impossible to accurately measure ROMI in our market/region”.
  • When comparing results against the same survey from other regions, South East Asian Marketers are less bullish than their Latin American counterparts when it comes to generating actionable consumer insights, the capability to deliver effective marketing solutions and understand return on media and marketing investment. This is likely to be cultural; ASEAN is a region of great complexity and little homogeneity. Such rapid changes might reflect the fact that no one ever feels they are fully on top of the challenges. For example, of the ASEAN marketers surveyed, just 29% said they were fairly advanced at generating actionable consumer insights compared to 45% of their Latin American counterparts.
  • Local agencies are regarded as having a superior understanding of local business issues compared to international entrants, with 51% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing with this sentiment and just 21% disagreeing or strongly disagreeing.

“ASEAN is a fast-moving and fast-changing region with multiple markets and multiple ethnicities. Managing digital transformation in such a complex part of the world challenges even the very best marketers. The winners will be those that effectively deliver innovation, achieve data understanding and maintain brand relevance with diverse target groups while accessing regionally relevant experiences, insights and case studies,” said Ranji David, Marketing Director, Asiaat the WFA.

For all media enquiries please contact:

Will Gilroy in Singapore
+65 92300629

Alastair Ray in UK
+44 1600 713 987
+44 7941 428 243

Note for editors:

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) is the voice of marketers worldwide, representing 90% of global marketing communications spend — roughly US$700 billion per annum — through a unique, global network of theworld’s biggest markets and biggest marketers. WFA’s champions responsible and effective marketing communications worldwide. More information at

The Global Marketer Week is the annual event for client-side marketers. The WFA hosts the week of events every year in collaboration with one of its national advertiser association members. The Global Marketer Week was held inMarrakech in 2015, Sydney in 2014, Brussels in 2013, New York in 2012 and Beijing in 2011.

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Source: World Federation of Advertisers
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March 11, 2016 at 12:06 pm

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PC Platform is Evolving, Not Dying: Chromebooks and Ultraportable PCs to Gain Volume Market Share in 2016

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OYSTER BAY, N.Y. /PRNewswire/ — ABI Research, the leader in transformative technology innovation market intelligence, finds that 163 million notebook PCs shipped globally during 2015. The majority of shipments were laptops, which constituted nearly 80% of the category. The data suggests that despite a floating myth speculating that it will only be a matter of time before personal computers meet their demise, the market is still going strong and shows no sign of slowing down in the immediate future.

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“Industry experts greatly exaggerated the death of the PC,” says Jeff Orr, Research Director at ABI Research. “The platform is continuing to evolve its designs to provide flexibility for productivity purposes, while also adapting its shape to support tablet-like, touch applications. Chromebooks and ultraportable PCs will continue to drive the most growth within the notebook PC market.”

Notebook PC Segment YoY Change (%)















Notebook PC Segment Shipments (Millions)




















Though ultraportable PCs hit the shelves at premium prices, consumer interest for the 2-in-1 systems is increasing due to the supreme versatility that the models provide. As such, ABI Research predicts that new, low-cost models will emerge from a broader range of system OEMs in 2016 and forecasts ultraportable PCs will constitute more than 24% of total notebook PC unit volume in 2021.

Meanwhile, ABI Research anticipates Chromebooks to continue to dominate the education market in 2016, as school initiatives drive toward 1:1 student deployments with a technology device. And though the majority of Chromebooks historically shipped in the U.S., the education trend is beginning to see growth in other regions, notably Western Europe. ABI Research predicts that Chromebooks will represent nearly 7% of all notebook PC shipments in 2021.

From an operating system standpoint, however, there remains room for further notebook PC development. “Intel architecture powers the majority of notebook PCs, and its introduction of the Core M SoC processor greatly enhanced the number of potential systems manufacturers that can participate in the 2-in-1 market,” concludes Orr. “With ARM processors dominating mobile devices, many in the industry wonder if an ARM-based PC will eventually surface. With no Windows 10 desktop support for ARM processor architecture, only a handful of Chromebooks are using ARM-based processors in their designs. As such, we do not expect ARM-based PCs to emerge during the forecast period.”

In all, data suggests regional growth from the notebook PC category will stem from Latin America, the Middle East, andAfrica over the next five years as computing penetration in both the workplace and consumer markets expands.

These findings are part of ABI Research’s Tablets and Pervasive Computing Service (, which includes research reports, market data, insights, and competitive assessments.

About ABI Research

For more than 25 years, ABI Research has stood at the forefront of technology market intelligence, partnering with innovative business leaders to implement informed, transformative technology decisions. The company employs a global team of senior analysts to provide comprehensive research and consulting services through deep quantitative forecasts, qualitative analyses and teardown services. An industry pioneer, ABI Research is proactive in its approach, frequently uncovering ground-breaking business cycles ahead of the curve and publishing research 18 to 36 months in advance of other organizations. In all, the company covers more than 60 services, spanning 11 technology sectors. For more information, visit

Contact Info: Christine Gallen  

Tel: +1.516.624.2542   


Source: ABI Research

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March 11, 2016 at 12:02 pm

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Fashion: Barbara Berlusconi’s Statements Yesterday in Paris at the Valentino Show

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PARIS and MILAN /PRNewswire/ — In France for business meetings involving the AC Milan soccer team, its CEO, Barbara Berlusconi, took the opportunity yesterday to attend the Valentino show as the guest of the fashion house’s two designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli.


These are the statements of CEO, Barbara Berlusconi, after the catwalk show:

“I came to Paris to support the excellence of Italian fashion. Valentino perfectly represents this excellence. Even though, in recent years, the company has changed hands, thanks to its designers, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, it continues to represent Italy’s trailblazing style, through the simplicity of its forms and meticulous attention to detail. Ever masterful in enhancing women’s femininity. In this collection, I particularly admired the soft colors and flowing lines that recall an often forgotten romanticism.”

Source: A.C. Milan Spa

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March 11, 2016 at 11:54 am

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Statement of Daniel A. Pollack, Court-Appointed Special Master, March 9, 2016

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NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — Daniel A. Pollack, the Court-appointed Special Master in the Argentina Debt Litigation, issued the following statement today:

“I am very pleased to report that the Republic of Argentina continues to reach Agreements in Principle with Bondholders, both large and small, holding defaulted Argentine bonds. As of today the Republic has reached  additional settlements in excess of $190 million with the following institutions and individuals: BN Paribas, $52.4 million, GMO (Boston) $119 million, Carlo Regazzoni $1.7 million, Elazar Romano $11.3 million, Grazia Valenti$172,000, La Societa Ymus SRL $375,000 and Tomaso Zappoli Thyrion $5.2 million. Both the range and diversity of these settlements are encouraging to me as Special Master. All such settlements are subject to two conditions: first, the lifting of the Lock Law and the Sovereign Payment Law by the Congress of Argentina, and second, the lifting of the Injunction by Judge Griesa. All such settlements are within the terms of the Propuesta (Proposal) issued by Argentinaon February 5. I will have no further comment today on these settlements.”

Source: Daniel A. Pollack

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March 11, 2016 at 11:52 am

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Cielo Supercharges Talent Acquisition for Energizer

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LONDON /PRNewswire/ — Cielo, the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, today announced its partnership with Energizer Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products.

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The RPO specialist will provide teams of dedicated, local recruiters supporting nearly 200 hires throughout Europe,Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Africa, Russia, China and Latin America, in support of Energizer’s global growth goals.

The three year partnership agreement will allow Energizer’s Human Resources leadership to benefit from Cielo’s technology-enabled candidate assessment and selection process, employer brand services, and ongoing consultation and training expertise.

For more information about Cielo’s services, please visit

About Cielo
Cielo (formerly Pinstripe), is the world’s leading strategic Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner. Cielo leverages its global reach, local talent acquisition expertise and customized solutions to help clients achieve a sustained advantage and outstanding business outcomes through their talent practices. Under its WE BECOME YOU™ philosophy, Cielo’s dedicated recruitment teams primarily serve clients in the financial and business services, consumer brands, technology and media, engineering, life sciences and healthcare industries. Cielo’s global presence includes 1,400 employees, serving 130 clients across 69 countries in 32 languages. The industry has verified Cielo’s reputation for executing innovative solutions that provide business impact through numerous awards and recognitions, including its annual top three leadership position on the HRO Today RPO Baker’s Dozen listing, Peak Matrix Leader placement by Everest Group and Industry Leader designation by NelsonHall. Cielo knows talent is rising – and with it, an organization’s opportunity to rise above. For more information, visit

About Energizer
Energizer Holdings, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of primary batteries and portable lighting products and is anchored by its two globally recognized brands Energizer® and EVEREADY®.  As a global leader in power solutions, our mission is to lead the charge to connect our brands, our people and the products we offer to the world better than anyone else.  Visit for more details.

Cielo Contact:
Bethany Perkins

+1 262.439.1443

Source: Cielo

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