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ViiV Healthcare Announces Phase II Study Results for First Two Drug, Long-acting Injectable Regimen for HIV-1 Treatment

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-32 week maintenance data presented at CROI showed comparable viral suppression rates between injectable regimen and three drug oral regimen

LONDON /PRNewswire/ — ViiV Healthcare, the global specialist HIV company majority owned by GSK, with Pfizer Inc. and Shionogi Limited as shareholders, today presented positive results from the LATTE-2 study at the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) in Boston. Headline results were announced in November 2015.


LATTE-2 is a phase IIb, open label study investigating the long-acting, injectable formulations of cabotegravir (ViiV Healthcare) and rilpivirine (Janssen Sciences Ireland UC) as a two-drug treatment for patients with HIV-1 infection who had already achieved HIV viral suppression with a three drug oral regimen of cabotegravir plus two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). The primary endpoint evaluated antiviral activity and safety through 32 weeks of maintenance treatment.

Following 32 weeks of maintenance treatment, viral suppression rates (%) for the two drug regimen dosed every eight weeks (95%) or every four weeks (94%) were comparable to the rate observed in patients continuing with a three drug oral regimen (91%). One patient in the eight week dosing group and one patient in the oral regimen group met protocol defined virologic failure criteria; neither patient had evidence of resistance at failure.  The most common drug-related adverse event reported by patients receiving injectable study medication was injection site pain (92%), most of which were mild (82%) or moderate (17%) in severity.

John C Pottage, Jr., MD, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer, ViiV Healthcare commented “There continues to be a need for new HIV medicines, including those that could offer more flexible dosing regimens for people living with HIV. The LATTE-2 study results provide the first evidence that a long-acting two-drug injectable regimen may offer an alternative to daily oral three-drug therapy for people who have achieved viral suppression.  We are aiming to commence Phase III studies this year.”

Adverse Events in LATTE-2

During the maintenance period, the most commonly reported adverse events not related to injection site reactions for the injectable treatment groups were nasopharyngitis (20%), headache (14%) and diarrhoea (12%). For patients randomised to oral treatment, the most common adverse events during the maintenance period were nasopharyngitis (25%), headache (7%), and diarrhoea (5%). Serious adverse events occurred in 6% of patients receiving injectable treatment (one drug-related) and 5% of patients receiving oral cabotegravir (none drug-related).  One patient in the eight week injectable treatment group died due to an event unrelated to study drug (seizure).  Nine patients withdrew from the study due to adverse events. Lab abnormalities that emerged during the maintenance phase (≥ Grade 3 severity) occurred in 16% of injectable treatment patients and 14% of oral treatment patients through week 32.

LATTE-2 (NCT02120352) is an ongoing international multicentre, parallel group, open-label study that included 309 HIV infected adults who had not received prior anti-retroviral treatment. Enrolled patients were suppressed virologically (HIV-1 RNA <50 c/mL) during a 20-week induction period with daily oral cabotegravir (30mg) + 2 NRTIs and subsequently randomised to one of three study arms in the maintenance period: intramuscular cabotegravir long acting formulation (400mg) + rilpivirine long acting formulation (600 mg) every four weeks; intramuscular cabotegravir long acting formulation (600mg) + rilpivirine long acting formulation (900mg) every eight weeks;  or oral cabotegravir (30mg) + 2 NRTIs. The primary endpoint evaluated antiviral activity and safety through 32 weeks of maintenance treatment and the study will continue up to 104 weeks of treatment.

About HIV

HIV has largely become a chronic treatable disease, with improved access to antiretroviral treatment leading to a 22% drop in global HIV mortality between 2009 and 2013[1] but more can be done for the estimated 37 million people living with HIV and 2 million individuals newly infected each year worldwide[2].

About cabotegravir  

Cabotegravir is an investigational integrase strand transfer inhibitor and analogue of dolutegravir. Cabotegravir is being developed by ViiV Healthcare for the treatment and prevention of HIV and is currently being evaluated as a once-daily oral tablet formulation and as a long-acting nanosuspension formulation for intramuscular injection.

About ViiV Healthcare

ViiV Healthcare is a global specialist HIV company established in November 2009 by GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK) and Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) dedicated to delivering advances in treatment and care for people living with HIV. Shionogi (TYO: 4507) joined in October 2012. The company’s aim is to take a deeper and broader interest in HIV/AIDS than any company has done before and take a new approach to deliver effective and new HIV medicines, as well as support communities affected by HIV. For more information on the company, its management, portfolio, pipeline, and commitment, please visit

About EDURANT® (Rilpivirine)

EDURANT® (rilpivirine) is a prescription HIV medicine that is used with other antiretroviral medicines to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus-1 (HIV-1) in patients:

  • Who have never taken HIV medicines before, and
  • Who have an amount of HIV in their blood (called “viral load”) that is no more than 100,000 copies/mL. Your healthcare professional will measure your viral load

EDURANT® should be taken in combination with other HIV medicines. Your healthcare professional will work with you to find the right combination of HIV medicines

It is important that you remain under the care of your healthcare professional during treatment with EDURANT®

EDURANT® is not recommended for patients less than 12 years of age

EDURANT® does not cure HIV infection or AIDS. You should remain on your HIV medications without stopping to ensure that you control your HIV infection and decrease the risk of HIV-related illnesses. Ask your healthcare professional about how to prevent passing HIV to other people.

Please read Important Safety Information below, and talk to your healthcare professional to learn if EDURANT® is right for you.

Important Safety Information

Can EDURANT® be taken with other medicines?

EDURANT® may affect the way other medicines work and other medicines may affect how EDURANT® works and may cause serious side effects. If you take certain medicines with EDURANT®, the amount of EDURANT® in your body may be too low and it may not work to help control your HIV infection, and the HIV virus in your body may become resistant to EDURANT® or other HIV medicines that are like it. To help get the right amount of medicine in your body, you should always take EDURANT® with a meal. A protein drink alone does not replace a meal.

Do not take EDURANT® if:

  • Your HIV infection has been previously treated with HIV medicines
  • You are taking any of the following medicines:
    • Anti-seizure medicines: carbamazepine (Carbatrol®, Equetro®, Tegretol®, Tegretol-XR®, Teril®, Epitol®), oxcarbazepine (Trileptal®), phenobarbital (Luminal®), phenytoin (Dilantin®, Dilantin-125®, Phenytek®)
    • Anti-tuberculosis (anti-TB) medicines: rifampin (Rifater®, Rifamate®, Rimactane®, Rifadin®), rifapentine (Priftin®)Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) medicine for certain stomach or intestinal problems: esomeprazole (Nexium®, Vimovo®), lansoprazole (Prevacid®), omeprazole (Prilosec®, Zegerid®), pantoprazole sodium (Protonix®), rabeprazole (Aciphex®)
    • More than 1 dose of the steroid medicine dexamethasone or dexamethasone sodium phosphate
    • St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Especially tell your doctor if you take:

  • Rifabutin (Mycobutin®), a medicine to treat some bacterial infections).  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the right amount of EDURANT® you should take if you also take rifabutin  
  • Medicines used to treat HIV
  • An antacid medicine that contains aluminum, magnesium hydroxide, or calcium carbonate. Take antacids at least 2 hours before or at least 4 hours after you take EDURANT®
  • Medicines to block acid in your stomach, including cimetidine (Tagamet®), famotidine (Pepcid®), nizatidine (Axid®), or ranitidine hydrochloride (Zantac®). Take these medicines at least 12 hours before or at least 4 hours after you take EDURANT®
  • Any of these medicines (if taken by mouth or injection): clarithromycin (Biaxin®), erythromycin (E-Mycin®, Eryc®, Ery-Tab®, PCE®, Pediazole®, Ilosone®), fluconazole (Diflucan®), itraconazole (Sporanox®), ketoconazole (Nizoral®), methadone (Dolophine®), posaconazole (Noxafil®), telithromycin (Ketek®), voriconazole (Vfend®)

This is not a complete list of medicines. Before starting EDURANT®, be sure to tell your healthcare professional about all the medicines you are taking or plan to take, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements.

Before taking EDURANT®, also tell your healthcare professional if you have had or currently have liver problems (including hepatitis B or C), have ever had a mental health problem, are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. It is not known if EDURANT® will harm your unborn baby.

You and your healthcare professional will need to decide if taking EDURANT® is right for you.

Do not breastfeed if you are taking EDURANT®. You should not breastfeed if you have HIV because of the chance of passing HIV to your baby

What are the possible side effects of EDURANT®? EDURANT® can cause serious side effects including:

  • Severe skin rash and allergic reactions. Call your doctor right away if you get a rash. Stop taking EDURANT® and seek medical help right away if you get a rash with any of the following symptoms: severe allergic reaction causing swelling of the face, eyes, lips, mouth, tongue, or throat (which may lead to difficulty swallowing or breathing); mouth sores or blisters on your body; inflamed eye (conjunctivitis); fever; dark urine; or pain on the right side of the stomach area (abdominal pain)
  • Depression or mood changes. Tell your doctor right away if you have any of the following symptoms: feeling sad or hopeless, feeling anxious or restless, have thoughts of hurting yourself (suicide), or have tried to hurt yourself
  • Liver problems. People with a history of hepatitis B or C virus infection or who have certain liver function test changes may have an increased risk of developing new or worsening liver problems during treatment. Liver problems were also reported during treatment in some people without a history of liver disease. Your healthcare professional may need to do tests to check liver function before and during treatment
  • Changes in body shape or body fat have been seen in some patients taking HIV medicines. The exact cause and long-term health effects of these conditions are not known
  • Changes in your immune system (immune reconstitution syndrome).
  • Your immune system may get stronger and begin to fight infections. Tell your healthcare professional right away if you start having any new symptoms of infection
  • Other common side effects of EDURANT® include depression, headache, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and rash.

This is not a complete list of all side effects. If you experience these or other symptoms, contact your healthcare professional right away. Do not stop taking EDURANT® or any other medications without first talking to your healthcare professional.

You are encouraged to report side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088.  You may also report side effects to Janssen Products, LP at 1-800-JANSSEN (1-800-526-7736).

Please see accompanying full Product Information for more details.



Source: ViiV Healthcare

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Xura Elements: Creating Rewarding Customer Engagement Experiences Through Real-Time Communication

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WAKEFIELD, Mass. /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ —

Easy to integrate click-to-communicate and click-to-call web and app service, enables an intuitive and enhanced customer experience while reducing TCO

Xura, Inc. (MESG), a leading provider of digital communications services and innovator in WebRTC technology, today launched Xura Elements, making it easy for enterprises to customize the way they communicate with customers using web tools and native mobile apps. Xura Elements fuzes simplicity, mobility and the social aspects of real-time communications with business process optimization, creating new customer engagement experiences with easy to add click-to-call and click-to-communicate options, while reducing contact center costs.

Built on Xura’s WebRTC technology via the forge SDK, Xura Elements completely transforms the user experience, providing immersive, engaging, and intuitive customer dialogue with the human touch. The SDK infrastructure means that all media is encrypted end-to-end, while also providing today’s latest authentication methods, ensuring that personal data is always private and secure.

“The overall goal of Xura Elements is to make it easy for companies to integrate touch of the button communications into apps while ensuring compliant outreach to customers, improving customer representatives and agent’s productivity and streamlining overall operations,” said JF Sullivan, CMO and EVP Enterprise, Xura. “By integrating Xura Elements, companies have complete flexibility to tailor their solution for their customers’ and processes’ needs within their contact centers. For example, look and feel can be customized, wait time animations or product marketing videos can be played, and call routing options can be refined for business needs – so giving customers priority status or routing calls to agents based on availability and specialization – as well as easy and seamless integration to existing call center systems.”

The rich capabilities and features that Xura Elements can add to web or native mobile applications include:

  • Multi-Party Conferencing: Providing an enhanced set of collaboration tools, Xura’s Elements solution can help optimize customer engagement with a conferencing architecture designed to receive multiple media streams and intelligently determine which of these streams should be sent to which participant. The result: an optimal and bandwidth efficient customer experience.
  • User Identity and Authentication: Providing an array of options to support and protect user identity authentication and validation requirements (including facial recognition), Xura Elements enables applications to use opaque identities so that users cannot be identified by third-parties from the Xura cloud logs. As an added layer of security the user database is always held externally to the Xura platform.
  • Recording: Audio and video streams for each participant in a call can be recorded separately and merged if needed so that companies have complete flexibility to define the layout/structure of the merged recordings.
  • Secure Storage: Leveraging the Xura Cloud, Elements can store recordings or they can be stored on premise (at the site of your choice). This gives companies greater flexibility in terms of the cost, location and security.

To see Xura Elements in action please visit Xura at Mobile World Congress 2016 on Stand 8.1A41 in Hall 8.1 – the App Planet – where its experienced team will be providing live demos across its Digital Communications, Monetization and Enterprise portfolio.

About Xura, Inc.

Xura, Inc (MESG) offers a portfolio of digital services solutions that enable global communications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms. We help communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises navigate and monetize the digital ecosystem to create innovative, new experiences through our cloud-based offerings. Our solutions touch more than three billion people through 350+ service providers and enterprises in 140+ countries. You can find us at

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release includes “forward-looking statements.” Forward-looking statements include statements of plans and objectives for future operations, statements of future economic performance, and statements of assumptions relating thereto. In some cases, forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of terminology such as “may,” “expects,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “estimates,” “believes,” “potential,” “projects,” “forecasts,” “intends,” or the negative thereof or other comparable terminology. By their very nature, forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other important factors that could cause actual results, performance and the timing of events to differ materially from those anticipated, expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements in this press release. These risks and uncertainties discussed above, as well as others, are discussed in greater detail in our filings with the SEC. The documents and reports we file with the SEC are available through us, or our website,, or through the SEC’s Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system (EDGAR) at

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i2c and TIS Form Strategic Partnership to Bring Innovative Payment Solutions to Japan and Other Key Asian Markets

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-Multi-Year Agreement Spans Prepaid, Credit, and Debit Card Processing Services

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.,  /PRNewswire/ — i2c, a global provider of smarter payments and integrated commerce solutions, and TIS Inc., a leading payments solution provider supporting the end-to-end IT needs of banks and card issuers in Japan and Asia, today announced a strategic partnership to standardize prepaid payment solutions on the i2c processing platform. Under terms of the multi-year partnership, TIS will adopt the i2c platform as its standard for prepaid card processing and expand its use to support credit and debit card payment processing in key Asian markets in the near future.

Logo –

TIS is a leading payments solution provider with a long track record of working with banks and issuers and a deep understanding of trends in Japanese and other Asian markets. The partnership gives TIS greater flexibility to work with banks and card issuers to deliver customized solutions that can scale up and down to meet the requirements of different markets. With i2c’s proven platform, TIS can offer card control features that significantly enhance the cardholder experience, such as the ability to set spending limits and parental controls via online or mobile device. This functionality allows banks and their groups to offer consumers the ability to tailor their own solutions to meet individual needs.

“Leveraging i2c’s global cloud-based platform allows TIS to deliver an expanded set of reliable and flexible payments capabilities that deliver enhanced features and services,” said Mitushi Nishida, Executive Vice President of TIS. “The technology and partnership will help us strengthen our market position while enabling us to expand our reach to new customers and markets, supporting our strategic growth in Japan and across Asia.”

“i2c has expanded rapidly in Asia, and a strategic relationship with TIS, which has broad and deep experience inJapan and throughout Asia, will help accelerate our growth in the region,” commented Amir Wain, i2c’s founder and CEO. “Our scalable, global technology and services platform gives our customers and partners around the world the flexibility to deliver next-generation payments solutions. We are proud to team with TIS to deliver a new class of highly differentiated products specific to the unique market needs across Japan and Asia.”

About i2c Inc.
From its Silicon Valley headquarters, i2c provides smarter payments and integrated commerce solutions financial institutions, corporations, brands, and governments around the world rely on to deliver high impact, personalized experiences today’s consumers expect. i2c’s single, global cloud-based platform supports virtually any card payment program in plastic, virtual, or mobile form. Our customers use the i2c platform to deliver profitable credit, debit, and prepaid solutions that meet the highly differentiated needs of cardholders in 216 countries and territories. For more information, visit

About TIS
In addition to being a leading payments solution provider, TIS of IT Holdings Group provides a number of IT solution services, including Data Center and Cloud solutions. Simultaneously, we are also arranging a global support system focused in the China and ASEAN regions, contributing to the development of our valued customers as a business partner of more than 3,000 companies in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, distribution in service, public, communication. For more details, please refer to

Source: i2c Inc.
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SPIL Board of Directors Proposes NT$ 3.8 Cash Dividend

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan /PRNewswire/ — Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd. (“SPIL” or “the Company”) (Taiwan Stock Exchange:2325.TT, NASDAQ:SPIL) today held a meeting of Board of Directors, at which the Board adopted a proposal recommending distribution of NT$ 2.8 cash dividend per share and NT$ 1.0 capital reserve per share. The proposal will be discussed and brought to a vote at the Company’s general shareholders’ meeting scheduled on May 16, 2016. The Board of Directors also approved:

  1. Approved the 2015 Business Report and Financial Statements.
  2. Approved a proposal for distribution of 2015 profits:
    (1)  A cash dividend of NT$ 2.8 per share will be distributed to the common shareholders.
    (2)  In SPIL’s 2015 net income of NT$ 8.76 billion, it is proposed to distribute Employees’ profit sharing bonus ofNT$ 1.13 billion and Directors’ compensation of NT$ 0.11 billion.
  3. Approved a cash distribution to the common shareholders amounted to NT$ 3.8 per share, of which NT$ 1.0 per share is from capital reserve, and NT$ 2.8 per share is earnings distribution.
  4. Approved to amend the Company’s Articles of Incorporation. Mainly the amendments are the revision according to Article 235 of the Company Act and the deletion of relevant article of Supervisors.
  5. Approved to schedule the 2016 Regular Shareholders’ Meeting at 9:30 AM on May 16, 2016 at Room 101, 1F Administration Building of Taichung Science-based Industrial Park (No.2, Zhongke Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City)


Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Janet Chen, IR Director

No.45, Jieh Show Rd.

Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu


Taiwan, 30056

Mike Ma, Spokesperson


Source: Siliconware Precision Industries Co., Ltd.

Related stocks: NASDAQ-NMS:SPIL Taiwan:2325

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LABWorld China 2016 to Take Place June 21-23 at Shanghai New International Expo Center

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-Grasp the opportunity in Emerging Markets for High Growth of Life Science and Chemical Instrumentation

SHANGHAI  /PRNewswire/ — The global life science and chemical instrumentation market will reachUSD48.84 billion by 2019, with a compound average growth rate of 6.9%. Geographically, North America is the world’s largest life science and chemical instrumentation market, however developing regions such as emerging countries in Asian-Pacific will, with the highest rate of growth, be expected to become important strategic markets for analytical instrument manufacturers.

LABWorld China
LABWorld China


LabWorld China
LabWorld China



In particular, China, India and Singapore, where consistent growth of the pharmaceutical industry and new investment of local government in national pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry development have stimulated the growth of the Chinese life science and chemical instrumentation market.

LABWorld China 2016, hosted by UBM EMEA and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo, will be held on June 21-23, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Thanks to the ongoing collaboration between “CPhI & BioPh China 2016”, LABWorld China will offer a great opportunity to meet with over 20,000 R&C and C-level visitors from both domestic and international pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and new drug R&D enterprises, while establishing a trade platform for broad instrument manufacturers to showcase the latest technologies and products, thus becoming a booster for the sound and stable development of the Chinese scientific instrument industry.

Top instrument brands including Mettler-Toledo, Corning, Sartorius, Pall, DKSH, Anton Paar, Tegent, Buchi,Thermo Fisher, LAUDA, AkzoNobel, Genstech, Hanbon Sci. & Tech., Sinoinstrument, Lisure Science, and Hanguang Industry have confirmed to participate. During the show, buyers will be able to see the most advanced instruments and equipment in Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological fields, such as biochemical and analytical instruments, laboratory equipment/corollary equipment, detecting (industry specific), optical, and measuring (metering) instruments, laboratory consumables, and water purification products to be displayed at Hall N1 in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The exhibition will once again become an annual industry event for Chinese and foreign life science and chemical instrumentation.

The show will specially invite academic experts, researchers and international pharmaceutical enterprise R&D personnel from home and abroad to provide the latest product consulting and technology optimization schemes. A number of high-end onsite events will be held during LABWorld China including the Pharmaceutical R&D Innovation and Outsourcing Management Conference, Laboratory Capacity Building Seminar and LABWorld enterprise technical exchange meeting, to create and provide a powerful industrial and social platform to share the latest development information with the industry leaders.

Online visitor registration is now open. For more information please visit to register or contact:

Tina Zheng

Photo –
Photo –
Logo –
Logo –

Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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BioPh China 2016 to Begin June 21 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre

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SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — BioPh China 2016, hosted by UBM EMEA and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo, will be held on June 21-23, 2016 at Hall E2 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.


The emerging industry of bio-medicine has become one of the strategic directions and focal development points of the pharmaceutical industry for the coming years. This focus is supported by a number of factors: recent completion of theDevelopment of Pharmaceutical Industry for the Thirteenth Five-Year Plan Period in 2015, as well as by Made in China2025 listing biomedicine represented by gene drugs, monoclonal antibody/protein drugs and vaccines as one of the ten key sectors to be develop in the future. The improvement of the overall technological content, the added economic value of the bio-medical industry, and fostering of innovative drugs are further contributing factors.

With biomedicine being one of the highlights of the Nobel Prize and Prix Galien Awards, the biomedical industry has undoubtedly entered another fast growing golden age. As an annual professional biopharmaceutical technology event highly anticipated in the Asia-Pacific region, BioPh China has received more focus from Europe and the U.S. in recent years.

BioPh China 2016 will provide a one-stop trade, exchange and learning platform for the biopharmaceutical industry and the latest biomedical R&D achievements and technologies.

Up to now, domestic pharmaceutical giants such as Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, Tonghua Dongbao, Shenzhen Mellow Hope and Dongcheng Biochemicals have all confirmed their participation at BioPh China 2016, showcasing the most advanced R&D achievements, technologies and solutions of biomedical technical fields, including protein, antigen, polypeptide, enzyme, bioprocessing, antibody, biological agent, bio-manufacturing, cell biology, clinical trial, new drug R&D, genomics, genetics, personalized medicine, stem cell research, therapeutics, vaccine, biofuel, nanotechnology, biological information, biological information technology, and platform technology.

To enhance the communication and cooperation between Chinese biomedical enterprises and international enterprises, the 3rd BioPh Summit China, as the most important concurrently held onsite event, will gather industry-university-research elites and leaders in the biomedical industry to discuss the course for future development of the industry.

The summit will focus on the recent dynamics of Chinese and foreign policies, global market opportunities and other strategic topics, as well as the latest Chinese and foreign research achievements in recombinant protein drugs, antibodies and vaccines, to provide industry practitioners with an excellent platform for sharing industry information, R&D experience and case analysis.

BioPh China 2016 will merge new thinking and concepts into the Chinese biomedical industry through linkage of “exhibition” and “conference”. Online visitor registration is now open. For more information please visit to register or contact:

Tina Zheng

Logo –
Logo –

Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Excipient & Dosage Market Among Main Features of CPhI China 2016

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-An unprecedented annual event for China’s pharmaceutical industry set for Shanghai June 21-23, 2016

SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — CPhI China, hosted by UBM EMEA and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo, will be held on June 21-23, 2016in Shanghai New International Expo Center. After fifteen years of experience and accumulation, CPhI China 2016 is poised for a larger size of exhibition, more elaborate zoning division and richer conferences and activities which combine to form an unprecedented annual event in China’s pharmaceutical industry.


Continued rising momentum in BPC exports

In the first three quarters of 2015, the gross amount of import and export of western medicine slowed down, growing as little as 2.19% YoY. However, the rigid demand in export remained unchanged. Data showed that the demand for western medicine in North America, Europe, Asia and other major export markets continued increasing steadily and Chinese BPC export accounted for as high as 81.6%. Therefore, China has kept its position as the largest BPC supplier.

Additionally, the State Council had deployed policies and measures to boost foreign trade growth in July 2015, supplying a system support for the sustainable growth in China’s drug import and export. Under these circumstances, CPhI China is expected to continue to give full play to its export oriented advantages and build a global one-stop pharmaceutical trading platform.

Well-developed product zoning and potential industrial development

Located in Shanghai New International Expo Center, CPhI China 2016 is expected to cover over 200,000m2 of the area and attract over 65,000 visitors from both, China and abroad. The show provides end-to-end scope experience, including pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients & dosages, contracting, biotechnology, natural extracts, intermediates, and industry of fine chemicals.

The most anticipated zone in 2016 will be Excipient & Dosage, a popular sector for the modern pharmaceutical industry. Accounting for over 80% of a drug in its content, the quality of a pharmaceutical excipient determines the risks of drug safety and plays a key role in the quality of dosages.

The Excipient & Dosage zone, one of CPhI China’s main draws, has been well-established after two years of growth. So far, the zone has converged North China Pharmaceutical, Huahai Pharmaceutical, Qilu Pharmaceutical, CSPC, Hisoar Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang No.4 Pharmaceutical, Livzon Pharmaceutical, Sunhere Pharmaceutical, NKY Pharmaceutical, ER-KANG Pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical and other domestically well-known excipient and dosage makers.

Rich onsite conference program and forums covering the latest trends

A series of high-quality conferences and forums will take place during CPhI China, bringing the latest market news for exhibitors and visitors, as well as establishing the platform for mutual study, dialogue, communication and rendering perfect chances for industry peers to build abundant interpersonal links.

The well-established forums under the CPhI China brand include the Seventh China-World CEO Summit, CPhI, ICSE & P-MEC China Innovation & Development Forum and CPhI International Agencies Updates, that will focus on methods to tackle fluctuating global pharmaceutical patterns and analyze relevant problems of things such as supervision and policy in pharmaceutical transformation and upgrading, committed to helping pharmaceutical companies further enhance their competitiveness.

Exhibiting Profile

  • General zone: pharmaceutical ingredients, antibiotics, alkaloids, amino acids.
  • Excipient, formulation and dosage zone: preservatives, emulgators/ solubilizers, microcapsules, solvents, pharmaceutical chemicals, TCMs, TCM ingredients, TCM decoction pieces, OTC drugs, biopharmaceutical product, biological product, health products.
  • ICSE zone: Composite customization, pre-clinical and clinical test, technology development/optimization, customized manufacturing.
  • BioPh zone: Protein/ antigen/ polypeptide, enzyme, protein purification/ modification/ inspection/ analysis, biological preparations, vaccines, antibodies.
  • NEX zone: Plant extracts, animal extracts, health product ingredients, TCM ingredients.
  • Intermediates and fine chemical zone: Intermediates (general classification), biocatalysts, chiral intermediates, fine chemical industry (general classification).

Online visitor registration is now open. For more information please visit to register or contact:

Ms. Tina Zheng

Logo –
Logo –

Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Leading Natural Extract Manufacturers to Appear at NEX China 2016 from June 21-23 in Shanghai

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SHANGHAI, Feb /PRNewswire/ — NEX China 2016, hosted by UBM EMEA and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo, will be held on June 21-23, 2016 at Hall E2 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). As one of the crucial sectors presented at CPhI China, NEX China plays a vital role in supporting the export of natural extract manufacturing enterprises.

Over recent years, the event has become the first choice for many natural extracts manufacturers and other similar companies to do business.

Export of plant extracts achieved a growth rate of 29.6% year on year throughout January-June 2015 reaching USD 1.09 billion. This industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in TCM product export.

Furthermore, the future extract market can be described as full of opportunities, with the application areas of plant extracts constantly being expanded, the emerging markets slowly rising, and the concept of people returning to nature strengthened. “Lead the industry innovation, co-create a healthy future”-“NEX China” will make every effort to provide a trade and exchange platform helping professional buyers in pharmaceutical, health product, food and cosmetics industries.

The exhibition site in 2016 will gather more than 500 professional plant extract enterprises from all over the world, in addition to the industry’s latest products and innovative technologies, covering a 16,000m2 area of the SNIEC.

This exhibition will serve as the best platform for extract suppliers to showcase new products, exchange new technologies, and establish cooperation with quality buyers from China and abroad.

Among the exhibits contributing to the event will be Chongqing Joywin showcasing its advantageous product inulin, and Layn Natural Ingredients’ featured product siraitia grosvenorii extract. In innovative technology, Xi’an Honson Biotechnology will display its newly researched and developed nebulization extraction and separation technology, and Xi’an Changyue will show its supercritical method for extracting serenoa serrulata fruit.

Such diversified new products and leading technologies are set to provide NEX China participants with fruitful results this June. Online visitor registration is now open. For more information please visit register or contact:

Tina Zheng

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Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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P-Logi 2016 to Experience the Latest Intelligent Pharmaceutical Logistics!

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SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — P-Logi 2016, hosted by UBM Live and China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters and co-organized by UBM Sinoexpo will be held on June 21-23, 2016 in Shanghai New International Expo Center.


As a newcomer among logistics industry exhibitions, the 2016 edition will bring the latest pharmaceutical logistics technology and the most exclusive exhibitor lineup, and construct the best display and trade exchange platform for pharmaceutical logistics industry.

The event will comprehensively showcase the latest technologies, services and products of the whole industry chain, including pharmaceutical cold chain, pharmaceutical third party logistics, intelligent logistics, logistics equipment and services, logistics materials, storage, and dangerous goods logistics.

Hall N4: a stage for intelligent logistics equipment

To comply with the development demands of the pharmaceutical industry chain, P-logi will launch the automatic intelligent logistics area where visitors will have a chance to see various freshly-launched optimization technologies, including A-frame split case picking technology, TTS technology and earphones, RFID, multishuttle system and automatic product information identification.

Moreover, onsite conferences will invite industrial experts to interpret market demands on centering e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries, and share knowledge of brand-new technology and innovation as well as present cutting-edge technological innovation and policy interpretation.

Pharmaceutical Logistics Forum 2016: to lead the sound development of the industry on the basis of new version GSP

Each place has successively started follow-up unannounced inspections. As the time limit of certification work for pharmaceutical product operating enterprises approaches, the certification work of pharmaceutical product wholesalers almost ends, and the certification work of pharmaceutical product retail enterprises is half done.

The Measures for Unannounced Inspections of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices implemented from September 1, 2015 has formally begun the era of GSP unannounced inspections. Under such background, the main event — the Pharmaceutical Logistics Forum 2016 — will focus on the development hotspots of the industry, and discuss how to avoid the “worst-hit area” in GSP unannounced inspections on the basis of the new version GSP.

More than ten important guests and over 150 industry elites will gather to obtain fresh ideas, break away from traditional concepts, and grasp the key of future development.

Online visitor registration is now open. For more information please visit to register or contact:

Tina Zheng

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Source: Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co., Ltd

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Robert Mondavi Winery Kicks Off 50th Anniversary Celebrations with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Sponsorship

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HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Robert Mondavi Winery is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Napa Valley winery will celebrate the man whose passion and determination brought Californian wine to the world and whose ambition continues to inspire. In Asia, Robert Mondavi Winery is kicking off the celebrations with its sponsorship of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Robert Mondavi Winery kicks off 50th Birthday Celebrations in Asia with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.
Robert Mondavi Winery kicks off 50th Birthday Celebrations in Asia with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.


“As we look to build upon the successful partnership of the past three years, we are thrilled to continue our association with Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. The List becomes a reference point for foodies Asia-wide; and we are honored to be a part of such an initiative that encourages the same philosophies as Robert Mondavi Winery — innovation, excellence and passion.

“Just as important, however, is that such partnerships help the evolvement of our wine culture — the bringing together of fine wine, great food, family and friends,” said Mr. Jake Jacob, Vice President, Asia, Constellation Brands.

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants has been providing an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 300 restaurant industry experts across Asia as to the hottest venues to dine across the region since 2013; with Robert Mondavi wines being poured throughout the three-day program since its inception.

In addition to Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, Robert Mondavi Winery anniversary celebrations will continue throughout the year; including a through-the-line integrated marketing campaign to support the sponsorship and a brand newBordeaux blend in honor of Mr Mondavi.

Sourced throughout Napa Valley, including the iconic To Kalon and Wappo Hill vineyards, Maestro is a celebration ofRobert Mondavi’s work and wisdom. This Bordeaux blend is smooth and rich with black fruit and mocha aromas and fresh, mouth filling cherry flavors. It will be available selectively throughout Asia from April 2015.

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Source: Robert Mondavi Winery

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