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GlobeRanger Expands its Suite of Aviation RFID Offerings, Receiving FAA Letter of Operational Suitability

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-FAA Operational Suitability distinguishes the GlobeRanger Aviation RFID system as an RFID-based turn-key means of compliance encompassing multiple airborne and ground-based applications and airplane configuration management.

RICHARDSON, Texas/PRNewswire/ — GlobeRanger, a Fujitsu Company, has received a letter of Operational Suitability from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AFS 300 Aircraft Maintenance Division for its “Next Generation” aviation RFID solution.

GlobeRanger Corp., a Fujitsu Company
GlobeRanger Corp., a Fujitsu Company

More than just a simple hardware and software solution, the GlobeRanger Aviation RFID system is a complete and “turn-key” supplemental aircraft maintenance program encompassing multiple RFID-based airborne and ground-based applications including;

  • Emergency Equipment Management
  • Rotables and Repairables Management
  • Aging Airframe Management
  • Tool Management including lockout / tagout

Coupled with its GR-AWARE software suite, the next generation RFID based system allows airlines to perform non-line-of-sight inspections of aircraft safety equipment and track aircraft assets such as rotable and repairable components through their entire lifecycle. On the ground, the GR-AWARE system is coupled with the operator’s Enterprise Resource Planning system to provide fleet-wide situational awareness which enables just-in-time management and forward deployment of replacement spares as well as continuous, “real-time” as-flying airplane configuration.

“This is not simply an inventory tracking system, it’s a supplemental aircraft maintenance program built for optimum airline operational efficiency,” said Monty Cook, Vice President GlobeRanger Business Development. “There are a few RFID systems out there today which can verify an asset’s presence and serviceability. But our system takes that to the next level by enabling airline operators to ‘replace’ current manual inspection procedures with our RFID based procedures contained within our supplemental maintenance program. This is an alternative means of performing aircraft maintenance,” said Cook.

“Receiving FAA Operational Suitability reflects on the Fujitsu-GlobeRanger team’s degree of technical due diligence it exercised to ensure the delivery and lifecycle management of its RFID based aviation solution. The aviation solution encompasses all aspects of maintenance operations from supply chain management to maintenance planning and execution and regulatory compliance,” said Phil Coop, Director GlobeRanger Aviation Solutions. This system ensures a virtually “hands-off” deployment and integration into an operator’s maintenance program which drastically reduces deployment lead time and cost typically associated with a “do-it-yourself” approach.

For more information about GlobeRanger’s next generation RFID and AIT offerings, visit our website at or email

About GlobeRanger

GlobeRanger is a leading technology provider of enterprise sensor, IoT and Edge Computing software, and offers robust end-to-end solutions and professional services. Its innovative iMotion™ IoT Edgeware™ Platform provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise, enabling real-time visibility and response. iMotion serves as the foundation for GlobeRanger and its partners to rapidly develop, deploy and manage edge solutions. Founded in 1999, GlobeRanger is a wholly owned Fujitsu company with headquarters in Richardson, Texas, and global support Centers of Excellence located inRichardson, London and Sydney.

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