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XOLUTION GmbH, Germany, a World Leading Resealable Beverage Can End Company, Closes EUR45 Million Investment Round to Set the Stage for 1 Billion Annual Production Capacity in 2016 and Beyond

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MUNICH /PRNewswire/ —

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XOLUTION GmbH announced today the successful closure of a EUR45M equity investment round with INVENTURE Management Pte. Ltd., Singapore to fund the production capacity increase for XOLUTION’S next generation XO2.0 resealable beverage can technology in order to meet global market demand. XOLUTION plans to use the investment proceeds to increase its world-wide production capacity to over 1 billion can-ends annually.

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INVENTURE brings to XOLUTION an extensive manufacturing experience from the aluminum can and plastics industry. Its focus is in packaging solutions and more specifically with multinational beverage companies and brands in its portfolio.

In order to meet the market demand from global and regional beverage brands for its next generation XO2.0 resealable beverage can-end technology, XOLUTION has partnered with world class suppliers such as ALPLA,HEKUMA, and Z-MOLDS, to design and roll-out over 1 billion lids annually. The new XO production architecture are designed as fully automated, independent production units, which can each produce up to 200M XO can-ends per year. XOLUTION plans to locate these production units in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Asia.

The XO system is a revolutionary and innovative solution for beverage cans ranging from 200ml to 1 litre, enabling beverage cans to be resealed multiple times and enjoyed at leisure. Unlike conventional beverage cans, which can only be opened once, XO equipped beverage cans have lids with an integrated plastic opening mechanism that enables the can to be resealed and portioned for later consumption. A tamper-proof seal covers and secures the opening strap and breaks when initially opened, providing consumers with a guarantee that the can has not been previously opened. When driving a car, playing sport or shopping – beverages will remain perfectly fresh and carbonated. Resealed cans are also pressure stable and entirely gas- as well as liquid- tight – so there is no risk of spilling or dripping. The system is suitable for a wide variety of beverages and can be used in existing filling lines without major modifications or capital investment. The XO system is currently enjoyed by consumers in a number of markets around the world.

“The equity investment by INVENTURE will help facilitate our growth as we look to capitalize on multiple opportunities within the global beverage can marketplace,” said Marc von Rettberg, Chief Executive Officer, XOLUTION. “It took more than six years of intense R&D to finish the current XO re-sealable can end design, which is able to withstand even the toughest demands on a beverage can. We are confident that the current XO can-ends will provide consumers with the opportunity to take their favorite beverage can anywhere they want to go. This investment also enables us to continue new development projects in order to supply the beverage can industry with innovative packaging solutions.”

INVENTURE joins forces with XOLUTION’s current major shareholder INVENTAGES Venture Capital (one of the world’s few venture capital firms with a focus on innovation of this kind) to provide a solution for some of the last remaining challenges in the aluminum beverage can industry: portion-control and resealability. Erich Sieber, INVENTAGES, commented: “I am extremely happy that we now have on our side an investor who will support making XOLUTION the most innovative player in the 330bn annual aluminum can industry.”

“We are excited INVENTURE decided to invest in XOLUTION and fully share our vision. Resealability and portion-control have been the “holy grail” in this industry. Around the world, consumers are demanding packaging solutions that fit their life styles and XOLUTION’s technology is by far the most advanced and scalable solution in this space. We’re looking forward to working closely with INVENTURE to change the way people use beverage cans in the future,” says John R. Friedery, former President of Ball Corporation’s metal beverage packaging business in the Americas and Asia, and XOLUTION’s current Chairman.

XOLUTION GmbH was founded in 2003 and has sales/representative offices in the U.S.A., the People’s Republic of China and in Russia, to drive the company’s aggressive expansion plans.

For press contacts on behalf of XOLUTION and the XO closure system, please contact: or Telephone: +49-89-6283-2990


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Seaborn Networks completes total funding of US$500 million for Seabras-1

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-Manufacturing commenced on first direct point-to-point subsea cable between New York City and São Paulo

BOSTON /PRNewswire/ — Seaborn Networks announced today the completion of its US$500 millionproject funding for Seabras-1, a new transoceanic subsea fiber optic cable system directly connecting points of presence (POPs) in New York City (US) and São Paulo (Brazil). All conditions to this project financing have been fully satisfied; debt and equity funds have been drawn.

Logo –

Seabras-1, owned jointly by Seaborn and global private markets investment manager Partners Group, uses next-generation coherent technology to deliver high-capacity and low latency telecommunications for one of the fastest-growing transoceanic routes in the world. This six-fiber pair system with initial maximum design capacity of 72Tbps is the first system to provide a direct point-to-point route between the commercial and financial centers of the United States and Brazil. Seabras-1 also includes branching units installed on certain of its fiber pairs that point towardsHalifax (Canada), Ashburn (US), Miami (US), St. Croix (US), Fortaleza (Brazil), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), and Las Toninas (Argentina).

Seaborn-managed Seabras-1 offers a wide range of capacity options (including lit, spectrum, and portions of fiber pairs) for POP-to-POP service on the New York to São Paulo route.

Full project equity capital was provided by Partners Group and development capital was provided by Seaborn. The project funding also includes total project debt of up to US$267 million provided by Natixis, Banco Santander, Commerzbank and Intesa Sanpaolo, which debt is backed by COFACE, the French Export Credit Agency.

“We are extremely pleased to announce that Seabras-1 is fully funded and that manufacturing of this system is ongoing,” said Larry Schwartz, Chairman & CEO of Seaborn Networks. “As global telecommunications demands continue to grow, we are determined to offer the most compelling range of alternatives for purchasers of international broadband capacity.”

“Seabras-1 is a key telecommunications infrastructure project for the Americas and will bring tangible benefits to businesses and individuals in Brazil and neighboring countries,” stated Todd Bright, Managing Director and Head of Americas Private Infrastructure at Partners Group.

Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, now part of Nokia, is currently constructing Seabras-1 for Seaborn under a contract in force. Diverse, dark fiber backhaul and metro routes at each end of the system have been fully secured. Manufacturing of the Seabras-1 system is in progress, and the committed ready-for-service date is in the second quarter of 2017.

In the 165-year history of the subsea communications cable industry, Seabras-1 represents the first export credit agency-backed project financing of a subsea cable system.

About Seaborn Networks

Seaborn Networks is a developer and operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems with an independent cable operator model, including Seabras-1 which is the first direct point-to-point submarine cable system between the financial centers of the US and Brazil. Seabras-1 is a 72Tbps system that will connect New York and São Paulo. Seaborn was founded by successful submarine cable and wholesale carrier executives with experience in designing, building and operating many of the world’s largest submarine and terrestrial networks. For additional information, see

Seaborn Press Contact:

About Partners Group

Partners Group is a global private markets investment management firm with over EUR 42 billion (USD 47 billion) in investment programs under management in private equity, private real estate, private infrastructure and private debt. The firm manages a broad range of customized portfolios for an international clientele of institutional investors. Partners Group is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, and has offices in San Francisco, Houston, New York, São Paulo, London, Guernsey, Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, Munich, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyoand Sydney. The firm employs over 800 people and is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (symbol: PGHN) with a major ownership by its partners and employees.

Partners Group Press Contact:

Source: Seaborn Networks

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EXPIM selects CenturyLink Cloud platform to support businesses in Israel

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LONDON /PRNewswire/ — CenturyLink, Inc. (NYSE: CTL) today announced that the CenturyLink Cloud platform was selected by Israeli managed services provider EXPIM to power its private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. EXPIM will use CenturyLink’s cloud-based infrastructure, bare metal and storage services to provide high-traffic bespoke web services to businesses of all sizes across Israel.

Logo –

EXPIM, one of the leading web hosting providers in the Israeli market, joins CenturyLink’s global channel partnership programme as a reseller.

“Working with CenturyLink as a trusted partner gives us huge benefits, including providing optimised, tailored services to our clients with the power and bandwidth we need,” said Ofir Hadad, managing director at EXPIM. “The CenturyLink Cloud platform also enables us to host cloud and hybrid IT services that power our customers’ digital transformation to become modern, agile companies, fit for the 21st century.

“We switched to the CenturyLink Cloud platform from a competing cloud services provider as we needed a more robust, customer-focused and agile service. The installation and on-boarding process with CenturyLink was as smooth as I’ve ever seen, and the performance, from the very first switch on, has been of the highest calibre. This platform will allow us to expand and develop services to meet our clients’ needs in the future,” he added.

CenturyLink offers infrastructure and application solutions that give customers and partners the flexibility to manage their entire IT environments based on the rapidly changing needs of their businesses. A broad range of managed services are available across traditional infrastructure and cloud services. CenturyLink also has the ability to support hosting, colocation and cloud environments in CenturyLink facilities, on the customer premise and in third-party data centers, enabling hybrid IT environments with seamless integration and management.

“EXPIM knows the Israeli market and shares CenturyLink’s growth ambitions, and we provide expertise and infrastructure solutions that add value to the provider’s go-to-market strategy,” said Ralph Varcoe, regional sales director, channels and alliances, EMEA, at CenturyLink. “EXPIM customers will continue to see new benefits as we expand the services available through our CenturyLink Cloud platform. We’re always looking for ways to expand the availability of our services into new global regions, like we have done in Israel through EXPIM, to help more companies develop and grow their existing and new customer bases.”

About CenturyLink
CenturyLink (NYSE: CTL) is a global communications, hosting, cloud and IT services company enabling millions of customers to transform their businesses and their lives through innovative technology solutions. CenturyLink offers network and data systems management, Big Data analytics and IT consulting, and operates more than 55 data centers in North America, Europe and Asia. The company provides broadband, voice, video, data and managed services over a robust 250,000-route-mile U.S. fiber network and a 300,000-route-mile international transport network. Visit CenturyLink for more information.

Source: CenturyLink, Inc.

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Macrogen Deploys Multiple DRAGEN Processors from Edico Genome to Speed its Large-Scale Genome Analysis and Clinical Sequencing Service

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SEOUL, South Korea and SAN DIEGO /PRNewswire/ — Macrogen, a global leader in genome sequencing services, and Edico Genome today announced Macrogen has chosen multiple DRAGEN™ Bio-IT Processors to reinforce its big data processing and analysis capacity for large-scale genome analysis and clinical sequencing services. Macrogen has world-class next-generation sequencing (NGS) facilities, which are equipped with Illumina’s HiSeq™ X Ten, HiSeq 2000, HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 4000 and MiSeq® sequencing systems; Thermo Fisher’s Ion PGM™ and Ion Proton™ systems; Roche’s GS-FLX system; and PacBio instruments. Macrogen’s IT infrastructure capacity exceeds 11 petabytes of storage and more than 3,000 core clusters. Using DRAGEN, Macrogen was able to analyze each genome (30x coverage) produced by their HiSeq X Ten sequencing system in only 26 minutes, while maintaining high sensitivity and specificity. This analysis included conversion from BCL, the file that is delivered by the sequencing instrument, to variant call format (VCF).

Logo –

Macrogen provides various genome analysis services, including HiSeq X Ten platform-based, large-scale whole-human genome sequencing service, also known as X-Genome (Xpressway to Genome). Macrogen Corp (USA), a subsidiary of Macrogen, now provides clinical sequencing-based healthcare services for physicians and patients through its CLIA-certified Clinical Laboratory. Furthermore, Macrogen is planning to launch a healthcare information and contents business using the genomic big data obtained from the Asian Genome Project and its global genome networks.

“While we have the capacity to generate over 500 gigabytes of NGS data per day with our range of NGS platforms, speeding up analysis of this big data allows us to operate our NGS facilities at maximum capacity and further increase our customer’s satisfaction,” said Dr. Jeong-Sun Seo, chairman and founder of Macrogen. “After evaluating several data analysis options, we found DRAGEN’s ability to provide enormous time savings, while simultaneously reducing infrastructure costs and maintaining high accuracy, to be the best solution to offer our customers in their efforts to advance personalized medicine and genomic research.”

DRAGEN is the world’s first processor designed to analyze NGS data. The processor is integrated on a PCIe card and available in a pre-configured server, enabling seamless integration into bioinformatics workflows.

“As one of the largest sequencing centers in the world and the first commercial organization to offer the $1,000genome, Macrogen is a true leader in genomics and continues to provide the most cutting-edge technologies to their customers,” said Pieter van Rooyen, Ph.D., CEO of Edico Genome. “DRAGEN is designed to process big data generated by high-throughput sequencing instruments quickly, cost effectively and accurately, and we look forward to working with Macrogen to implement DRAGEN across multiple sites and offer the benefits of our Bio-IT Processor to their 17,000 customers around the world.”

DRAGEN recently enabled the record-breaking 26 hour-diagnosis of critically ill newborns using whole genome sequencing while achieving a sensitivity and specificity of 99.5 percent, with results published in Genome Medicine. Since then, DRAGEN’s Genome Pipeline has been further accelerated to analyze a whole genome, from BCL to variant call format, in only 26 minutes.

DRAGEN is highly reconfigurable, using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genome pipeline algorithms, such as BCL conversion, compression, mapping, alignment, sorting, duplicate marking and haplotype variant calling. The flexible DRAGEN platform allows Edico to develop custom algorithms as well as refine and improve existing pipelines. Updated versions are made available for customers through simple remote downloads.

About Macrogen
Macrogen, Inc. (, based in Seoul, Korea, is a world leading service provider in high-quality gene analysis and has enjoyed stable and steady growth since 1997. The company’s diverse offerings include DNA sequencing, next-generation sequencing, microarray analysis, oligonucleotide synthesis, and genetically engineered mice services. In addition, Macrogen has been expanding its business scope into other areas such as molecular diagnostics and consumer genomics. With a global presence, Macrogen operates through U.S. subsidiaries in Rockville, New York, and Cambridge; in the Netherlands in Europe; and in Tokyo, Japan. Macrogen is listed on the Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (ticker symbol: A038290).

About Edico Genome
Edico Genome has created the world’s first bioinformatics processor designed to analyze next-generation sequencing data, DRAGEN™. The use of next-generation sequencing is growing at an unprecedented pace, creating a need for a technology that can process this big data rapidly and accurately. Edico Genome’s computing platform has been shown to speed whole genome data analysis from hours to minutes, while maintaining high accuracy and reducing costs, enabling clinicians and researchers to reveal answers more quickly. For more information, visit or follow @EdicoGenome.

Source: Edico Genome

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The Predictive Index® Announces the Addition of the New PI Learning Indicator to its Product Suite

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WELLESLEY, Mass. /PRNewswire/ — The Predictive Index (PI), a company that empowers businesses to realize what drives workplace behaviors, today announced the addition of the PI Learning Indicator™ to its product suite.

Logo –

Launching today as the PI Learning Indicator, formerly known as The Professional Learning Indicator™ (PLI), this world-class scientifically validated cognitive ability assessment measures an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace. When paired with PI’s flagship Behavioral Assessment™, the PI Learning Indicator (a 12-minute timed assessment), significantly increases the ability to predict on-the-job performance.

The Predictive Index acquired PLI from Morten Lokkegaard, principal owner of PLI and Managing Partner of Humanostics, a Denmark-based management consulting firm and PI Certified Partner that assists companies and organizations in creating measurable results by focusing on their key resource: people.

“General cognitive ability assessments like the PI Learning Indicator are among the best predictors of training success and job performance across all job levels and industries,” said Mike Zani, CEO of The Predictive Index. “Several studies show that when you assess a candidate’s behavioral make-up and cognitive ability, you are many times more likely to be able to predict if they will meet or exceed job performance expectations. This one-two punch gives us the ability to provide companies with a complete solution that can be used to assess and develop employees through the hire-to-retire lifecycle.”

The PI Learning Indicator is being fully integrated into the company’s methodology and workforce assessment platform. It will be sold as part of The Predictive Index suite of workforce assessments and management training workshops. The PI Learning Indicator is a scientifically validated measure of general mental ability. It was built following strict standards of test construction set by professional organizations such as the American Psychological Association (APA), Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC).

“Our clients have had amazing success leveraging both behavioral and cognitive assessments to ensure the most efficient and effective candidate selection, hiring, and onboarding process,” said Lokkegaard who has offered The Predictive Index system to his clients alongside PLI for the last 5 years. “They need to identify people who are highly trainable and are able to distill large amounts of information in a short period of time, and this tool does just that.”

This year marks significant growth and change for The Predictive Index. In addition to adding the Learning Indicator to its product offerings, the company is moving into new offices in Westwood, Massachusetts this February and reached a milestone of 67 PI Certified Partners and added a record number of 934 clients in 2015 with global interest increasing more than ever.

Please visit to learn more about the PI Learning Indicator.

For more information, contact:
Karen Pantinas
+1 781-418-2413

About The Predictive Index
Serving more than 8,000 clients across 142 countries and delivering solutions in 70 languages, The Predictive Index is a simple methodology that allows businesses to understand what drives their people so they can take them where they want to go. Through a unique blend of scientific assessments, groundbreaking software, top-notch management training, and professional consulting from the world’s best workplace behavior experts, The Predictive Index can help you overcome the most complex business challenges.

Scientific validation and a 60-year proven track record has shown that business challenges big and small are no match for our unique approach to client education and knowledge transfer, which ensures swift adoption, direct ROI, and high impact on performance metrics. Each year, 2.5 million PI assessments are administered and over 7,000 professionals are trained in our workshops.

Visit to learn how to select, hire, and onboard the best-fitting talent, increase employee engagement, develop teams, discover high potential employees, and more!

Source: The Predictive Index

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JONCKERS Named As Leader In Technology

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-JONCKERS, the world’s foremost global communications company, has been awarded top-20 fastest growing software company by Silicon Review magazine.

SAN FRANCISCO /PRNewswire/ — Companies rely on JONCKERS to fully manage their translation and localization requirements. JONCKERS cloud-based Globalization Information System, and its supporting services deliver faster time to market, reduce costs, and allows for more effective coverage of target markets.


In their analysis of JONCKERS Globalization Information System, the panel of CEO’s, analysts and industry experts said “JONCKERS have developed a technology platform unlike any other, delivering actionable business information at the same time as empowering the translation process itself,” and concluded, “No other company has the ability to do this.

The award adds to the crowded JONCKERS trophy case. Most recently, JONCKERS made the list in the top-25 most promising outsourced testing companies and won two customer service awards for technology and innovation in localization.

“JONCKERS portfolio of technology, and the translation and localization services that underpin them change the way our customers approach the preparation and delivery of content for global markets,” said JONCKERS CEOPeter Smith, “It is rewarding to see we are respected as an innovator in our industry.”

JONCKERS is the world’s foremost global communications company. Our award winning technology and service provides solutions for global adaptation across linguistic and cultural boundaries. Learn how JONCKERS can help you reach customers everywhere. Visit

Contact: David Ashton,, +1.512.517.4055

Photo –

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ComplyGlobal Ltd. Joins The BDO Alliance USA

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NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — ComplyGlobal Ltd., the SaaS company that is revolutionizing how global companies manage compliance in the ever-changing complex regulatory environments, has joined the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms with similar client service goals. As an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, ComplyGlobal Ltd. can expand the services offered to clients by drawing on the resources of BDO USA, LLP, one of the nation’s leading professional services firms, and other Alliance members. The firm serves clients through 63 offices and more than 450 independent Alliance firm locations nationwide. As an independent Member Firm of BDO International Limited, BDO serves multi-national clients through a global network of more than 1,300 offices in over 150 countries.

Logo –

“Our client base is increasingly exploring business opportunities in other domestic markets and foreign countries. The BDO Alliance USA allows us to better serve these clients as they expand regionally, nationally and globally, while maintaining our autonomy,” said Kishore Mirchandani, CEO of ComplyGlobal Ltd. “In addition to the geographic benefits, our firm will have access to greater technical knowledge and specialty services of BDO USAand its international organization.” “We are particularly excited to explore ways in which these firms and their clients can leverage the ComplyGlobal platform to increase revenue streams through a ‘Managed Compliance Services’ offering, wrapping professional services in risk and compliance around a cloud-based platform.”

The BDO Alliance USA enhances Member firm capabilities through the availability of supplementary professional services, comprehensive management consulting services, focused industry knowledge, customized state-of-the-art computer systems, and internal training programs.

“We believe the professionals of ComplyGlobal Ltd. share BDO’s commitment to exemplary client service and we want to welcome them into the BDO Alliance USA,” said Michael Horwitz, BDO USA,LLP Partner and Executive Director of Alliance Services.

About ComplyGlobal Ltd.

ComplyGlobal™ provides real-time visibility and greater transparency to finance and compliance professionals, enabling them to track the organization’s Corporate Secretarial, Tax, Financial and HR compliance requirements, ultimately saving them costly time and budgetary dollars. With its proprietary algorithm and continually updated compliance library, ComplyGlobal provides all of the information an organization needs to comply with seamlessly integrated in one location.

ComplyGlobal™ is founded by a team of highly experienced technology and compliance professionals and has offices in Singapore, New York, London, and Bangalore. Visit to learn more.

About the BDO Alliance USA

The BDO Alliance USA is a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms with similar client service goals. The BDO Alliance USA presents an opportunity for these firms, by accessing the resources of BDO USA, LLP and other Alliance members, to expand services to their clients without jeopardizing their existing relationships or their autonomy. The BDO Alliance USA was developed to provide Member firms with an alternative strategy for gaining competitive advantage in the face of a changing business landscape. The Alliance represents an opportunity for BDO to enhance relationships with reputable firms that share a mutual business understanding. The BDO Alliance USA is a subsidiary of BDO USA, LLP, a Delawarelimited liability partnership.


For more than 100 years, BDO has provided quality service through the active involvement of experienced and committed professionals. The firm serves clients through 63 offices and more than 450 independent Alliance firm locations nationwide. As an independent Member Firm of BDO International Limited, BDO serves multi-national clients through a global network of more than 1,300 offices in over 150 countries.

BDO USA, LLP, a Delaware limited liability partnership, is the U.S. member of BDO International Limited, a UK company limited by guarantee, and forms part of the international BDO network of independent member firms. BDO is the brand name for the BDO network and for each of the BDO Member Firms.

Ashwin Uttamchandani

Source: ComplyGlobal Ltd.

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BioAtla Receives $45 Million Funding Commitment From U.S. Investment Fund

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-Global BIO Impact Fund commits to invest $15 million in equity and $30 million in program funding

SAN DIEGO/PRNewswire/ — BioAtla LLC, a global biotechnology company focused on the development of Conditionally Active Biologic (CAB) antibody therapeutics, today announced that Global BIO Impact Fund (Global BIO), a U.S.-based bioscience investment fund, has committed to invest $45 million in BioAtla. The investment will be $15 million in BioAtla equity by the end of January 2016 and $30 million by the end of March 2016in direct funding for the early development of several CAB antibody candidates for BioAtla’s proprietary portfolio. Through the program funding, Global BIO will share in the risks and the potential returns of BioAtla’s first four CAB candidates that receive Investigational New Drug (IND) approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The specific CAB candidates under the Global BIO agreement would be at BioAtla’s decision and could include CAB products in development under BioAtla’s May 2015 collaboration with Beijing Sinobioway Group Company Limited (Sinobioway), or BioAtla CAB-ADC products resulting from BioAtla’s December 2015 agreement with Pfizer Inc. or other BioAtla CAB products under consideration. BioAtla and Sinobioway are working collaboratively to develop several CAB candidates. Sinobioway has exclusive rights to, and will fund the development, manufacturing, clinical trials and commercialization costs of selected CAB antibodies in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau andTaiwan. BioAtla retains the rest of world (ROW) rights to these products. The Pfizer agreement advances the development and commercialization of a new class of antibody therapeutics based on BioAtla’s CAB platform and utilizing Pfizer’s proprietary antibody drug conjugate (ADC) payloads. Under the agreement, BioAtla and Pfizer will each have a license to the other’s respective technology to pursue the development and commercialization of several CAB-ADC antibodies.

This investment by Global BIO, especially the non-dilutive funding of $30 million for program development, is an important component in BioAtla’s strategy to build a robust proprietary portfolio of novel cancer therapeutics based on the CAB platform. BioAtla’s patent protected Conditionally Active Biologics platform represents a disruptive technology for the development of a powerful new class of immunotherapeutics that are activated in selected microenvironments within the body, such as those indicative of cancerous tumors. CABs can be generated in several different formats including naked monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody drug conjugates, immune checkpoint inhibitors, bispecific antibodies, and chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells.

“BioAtla’s strategy is to maintain control of the development and the prospects of its CAB candidates, potentially through commercialization, to maximize value to our equity holders and to allow BioAtla to pursue therapeutic strategies of CAB combinations made possible by the CAB technology,” said Jay M. Short, Ph.D., president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of BioAtla. “We augment our strategy with collaborations in important specific geographic markets like China and with agreements on key technologies like ADCs. Development efficiency and cost effective financing, such as that provided by Global BIO, are crucial elements in our plans.”

The Global BIO Impact Fund managers are intent on accelerating delivery of disruptive technologies to the world—across the spectrum from the life sciences and medicine to agriculture—in order to enhance the future for people everywhere, according to John Evey, a co-managing director.  “Rapidly advancing BioAtla’s novel cancer antibody development technology directly aligns with our strategy at Global BIO, and the fund’s managers are pleased to help deliver a new generation of cancer therapeutics to patients globally.”

About Conditionally Active Biologics (CABs)

Conditionally Active Biologic proteins are generated using BioAtla’s proprietary protein evolution and expression technologies. These proteins can be mAbs, enzymes and other proteins designed with functions dependent on changes in microphysiological conditions (e.g., pH level, oxidation, temperature, pressure, presence of certain ions, hydrophobicity and combinations thereof).

Studies have shown that cancerous tumors create highly specific conditions at their site that are not present in normal tissue. These cancerous microenvironments are primarily a result of the well understood unique glycolytic metabolism associated with cancer cells, referred to as the Warburg Effect, which was first described in the early 1900’s and is the basis of the widely-used PET scan cancer detection method today. CAB-designed mAbs can be programmed to deliver their therapeutic payload and/or recruit the immune response in specific and selected locations and conditions within the body. CABs increase safety because the drug’s activation depends on its presence in a particular cellular microenvironment thereby preferentially binding to its intended target protein in the area of disease. In addition, the activation is reversible and can repeatedly switch ‘on and off’ should the CAB product move from a diseased to a normal cellular microenvironment and vice versa further reducing chances the CAB would bind to the same protein located in healthy tissue or in other parts of the body and cause undesirable toxicity.

CABs allow for higher dosing, the development of effective, non-immunogenic drugs, and the use of targets that are validated for cancer cells but traditionally considered too prevalent among normal cells to be used safely in current drug therapies. This opens a potentially rich range of targets for CABs that cannot be addressed using existing technologies. CABs may also be employed as diagnostic tools to reveal and pinpoint conditions indicative of cancerous activity.

About Global BIO Impact Fund

Organized to give investors the opportunity to realize exceptional financial returns while stimulating positive change through accelerating the development and global adoption of disruptive technologies in the biosciences, the Global BIO Impact Fund, a U.S. investment fund with leadership based in California, was founded by five individuals with extensive experience in biotechnology, corporate leadership, entrepreneurship, medicine, real estate fund management, impact investing and the nonprofit sector.  The Global BIO managers derive additional insight and guidance from Code Blue Innovations and from MedSci International, an entity that facilitates international equity investment and joint venture partnerships for American companies with disruptive technologies that will enhance the future.

About BioAtla LLC

BioAtla is a global biotechnology company with operations in San Diego, California, and Beijing, China. BioAtla develops novel monoclonal antibody and other protein therapeutic products with more selective targeting, greater efficacy, and more cost-efficient and predictable manufacturing. By utilizing its proprietary technologies of product design and development, from target discovery to manufacturing and preclinical studies, BioAtla develops differentiated, patentable therapeutic proteins for its partners and for its internal programs. BioAtla has over 100 patents issued and pending that cover its platform technologies representing a full complement of therapeutic protein development capabilities. Learn more at

Source: BioAtla LLC
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Cascadiant Green Energy Solutions Exceed Two Million Hours

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JAKARTA, Indonesia /PRNewswire/ — PT Cascadiant Indonesia announced today that its Managed Energy Service has provided over 2,000,000 hours of green energy for Indonesia’s leading wireless operators. This is the first such milestone for any green energy deployment in the world’s fourth largest nation.

To date, this significant milestone has generated in excess of 5,300 megawatts of green energy, has abated over 17,000 tons of CO2 and helped Indonesia to avoid the use and importation of over 6,500,000 liters of diesel fuel by replacing it with domestically produced hydrogen and methanol fuel stocks.

This achievement fully complements the latest Paris climate agreement, “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by 193 countries and is a very welcome development.  It has however been two years since CO2 levels reached 400 parts per million setting the global benchmark.  The last time the worldwide carbon level was most likely that high was two million years ago. The Paris agreement clearly represents the recognition by the 193 countries that immediate and concrete action is long overdue.

Cascadiant applauds the recent developments and ambitious goals from Paris.  “It is time to turn all the talk into action and for governments and companies alike to aggressively seek out alternatives to fossil fuels,” said Marshall Towe, Founder and CEO of Cascadiant. “The broad based adoption of Cascadiant’s solution by the operators inIndonesia clearly demonstrates that they work, are benefiting the environment and are providing tremendous value to our customers.”

“These are commercially viable and very effective ways for companies to eliminate CO2,” Towe continued. “Building on this success and accelerating real environmental benefits will require action from companies, such as those in the wireless industry, to put a stop to using 100 year-old polluting technologies, become leaders in corporate social responsibility and do the right thing by moving to green energy much faster and more aggressively.”

About Cascadiant
Cascadiant is a leading green energy solutions integrator and managed energy services company with offices inAsia, the Middle East, and Africa.  The firm partners with best-in-breed green technology companies delivering integrated solutions combined with in-house developed products specifically focused on lowering customers’ costs while dramatically reducing their emissions and carbon footprint.

Contact Information:
Yayuk Yuniaswati
Marketing Manager
PT Cascadiant Indonesia
62 21 2961 2669

This release was issued through WebWire(R). For more information, visit

Source: Cascadiant Pte Ltd

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Global Genomics Company, GENEWIZ, Receives Investment

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SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. /PRNewswire/ — GENEWIZ, a leading global genomics services provider, announced today that it had received an investment to support its growth activities. The terms of the investment were not disclosed. The financing was led by OrbiMed, a healthcare-dedicated investment firm, and participated in by Ampersand Capital Partners and Prime Value Capital Management (PVCM).

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“We are excited about the strategic partnership that this investment brings,” said Dr. Steve Sun, GENEWIZ Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO. “GENEWIZ’s steady and strong growth since the company’s founding in 1999 has been organic. With the additional resources and expertise that these investors bring, we are confident about our future success as we enter the next phase of growth.”

With laboratories across the Unites States, as well as in China and Europe, GENEWIZ provides DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, high throughput/next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and GLP-CLIA regulatory services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as research facilities around the world.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to finance GENEWIZ’s growth as a long-term partner.  With an excellent track record and outstanding reputation among its customers, GENEWIZ is a clear leader in genomics services,” said Dr. Jonathan Wang, Senior Managing Director, OrbiMed Asia. “We are impressed by the strong management team and look forward to supporting them for many years to come.”  Dr. Wang has joined GENEWIZ’s Board of Directors.

“The partnership with OrbiMed and the other investors will allow GENEWIZ to strengthen customer value through enhanced services and advanced technologies,” states Dr. Amy Liao, GENEWIZ Co-Founder, President and COO. “Due to the growth and evolution potential, the genomics R&D services market continues to be invested in by both public and private sectors, and GENEWIZ is proud and excited to be a part of this advancement in supporting scientists with their research discoveries.”

GENEWIZ is a global leader in R&D genomics services that enable research scientists within pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture, environmental and clean energy, academic, and government institutions to advance their discoveries. Customers rely on our unique and proprietary genomics technologies and services, backed by our specialized experts in DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, molecular biology, high throughput sequencing, bioinformatics, and GLP regulatory-compliant services.

Headquartered in South Plainfield, NJ, GENEWIZ is privately-held with a global network of laboratories in Boston, MA; Washington, DC Metro; Research Triangle Park, NC; San Diego, CA; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; and Seattle, WA. International locations include Beijing, China; Suzhou, China; London, United Kingdom; andTokyo, Japan.  For more information, visit, and connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook,YouTube, and Weibo.

About OrbiMed
Established in 1989, OrbiMed is the world’s largest healthcare and life sciences-dedicated investment firm. It manages approximately USD$16 billion assets, including several PE/VC funds, hedge funds and mutual funds. Since the inception of its private equity investment activities in 1993, OrbiMed has successfully invested in over 200 private companies across a wide range of therapeutic categories and stages of development, over 100 of which have been either listed or acquired. OrbiMed has continued strong performance in public equity as well. OrbiMed’s investment team includes over 80 experienced professionals with backgrounds in science, medicine, industry, finance and law. OrbiMed Asia, with offices in Shanghai and Mumbai, manages OrbiMed Asia Partners (OAP), one of the first pan-Asia healthcare and life sciences-dedicated private equity funds.  With over USD$500 million under management, OAP has made PE investments in over 30 companies.

About Ampersand Capital Partners
Ampersand is a middle market private equity firm with a focus on growth equity investments in the healthcare sector. Over the past two decades, Ampersand has managed over $1 billion in private equity partnerships. Ampersand leverages its unique blend of private equity and operating experience to build value and drive superior long-term performance alongside its portfolio company management teams. Additional information about Ampersand is available at

About PVCM
PVCM is an investment firm that focuses on providing financing to companies with technologies and services in healthcare and clean energy, as well as more traditional industries such as consumer products and agriculture. PVCM was founded by Ms. Sue Chen and Mr. Chenhui Wen in 2009. It is registered in Cayman Islands and it has operation offices in Beijing and Shanghai in China and Dublin in Ireland.

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