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Virtual Reality Shows First Cut of VR ‘G2A Land’ at Comic Con, Mumbai

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RZESZOW, Poland, LONDON and HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ —

VR News – G2A Unveils Most Advanced Platform of Virtual Reality to Game Lovers at Comic Con Convention.

G2A, the Global Leader in the Digital Market Place, thrilled game lovers at Comic Con with a virtual reality, 3D experience called G2A Land.

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G2A Land combines never-before-seen techniques to create virtual reality experiences in gaming. G2A invested more than 20 million Euros to develop the marketplace and advanced cutting edge technology in the form of G2A Land. The project, started in 2014, has now become the first of its kind, a virtual reality game platform delivering an ‘out of this world’ gaming experience to game lovers around the world. Gamers and VR fans visited Comic Con,Mumbai to experience the G2A Land application using Oculus glasses for full 3D impact.

Virtual reality creates artificial sensory experiences for users including sight, hearing, touch, and smell. VR is more like a simulator controlled by multimedia or a computer device that replicates an environment of real world or imagined world to the user. While experiencing VR, the user ‘feels and believes’ that they are in a real world and interacting with each and every object created by the simulator, be it: battlefield, sports ground, coaster ride, racing, jungle hunt or a killer game. Before the global launch, shared the technology at Comic Con to offer their supporters a real experience of virtual reality.

Rohit Dahda, India Head – says: “India is a very big market of gamers with 25-30 thousand visiting Comic Con in Mumbai this year. As a global leader, G2A focus on creating innovative products, something out of the box. G2A Land is the latest breakthrough for game lovers who can experience the full effect of virtual reality wearing the Oculus headset which tricks the eyes and mind into believing that what they see is completely real. At Comic Con visitors had the full explanation of virtual reality as well as experiencing directly the latest technology.”

Marcin Kryszpin, Head of Oculus Team at explained that working on the G2A Land project was a big adventure: “It was a journey of discovery with many challenges along the way.” He added: “We continue to experiment in order to create something luxurious and friendly for all players.”

G2A Land is available free for all game lovers in the first quarter of 2016. At Comic Con, gamers took a first look at G2A Land to experience a new virtual reality era of digital gaming.

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