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CarsNow: Intuitive Buy and Sell For The Digital Age

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MANILA, Philippines /PRNewswire/ — To say that the digital age has shortened attention spans would be an understatement. The age of swipes and shares means all-new consumer needs every day, challenging businesses to work for their attention and loyalty. The millennials are entering the marketplace, and making their influence felt as the generation to impress across several industries.

The Philippine motoring industry, for instance, is booming following the economic growth the country is currently experiencing. According with data released by CAMPI (Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines) the new light passenger vehicle segment is up 24% in 2014. Mitsubishi hit a record sale of 50,085 cars in 2014, while Toyota became the first carmaker to achieve cumulative sales of 1 million units in the country in April 2015.

The younger generation is contributing for this boom. They are not only becoming an attractive market for the car industry, but they are also finding new and better ways to buy and sell cars.

Online marketplace keeps up with a sleek, modern platform designed for the digital natives. With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, CarsNow allows its users to list and classify cars and motorbikes. Its integrated “peer-to-peer” system enables sellers to list their vehicles, while providing a customized and advanced search experience for buyers.

The interface was designed and optimized for ease of access and portability, while the advanced dashboard enables quick and uncomplicated navigation. Driving newbies and seasoned car aficionados alike will find it as easy as a swipe or two.

The site foregoes interfering with payment, including service fees of any kind. This way, the platform provides the ultimate convenience and allows the user to focus solely on getting the best deal. Dealers and private sellers can list their vehicles for free, at any time.

Aiming to work closely with dealerships in the Philippines, CarsNow provides a dealer-dedicated page, where each dealer can have their own page within CarsNow website. It is like having a shop in a large mall.

The location-based feature sets it apart from any other website: search results display available cars around the area, which can be viewed using Google Maps. The portal has vehicles listed in all main metropolitan areas of the Philippines — Quezon, Manila, Mandaue, Cebu, Davao — and is looking to expand into Vietnam, Myanmar,Cambodia and Thailand. It’s as easy as setting your location and finding your match; with cars, that is. The best part: signing up is completely free.

With a highly accessible and ultramodern platform of trading cars and motorbikes, the future has arrived in the Philippine motoring market, and CarsNow has raised the norm in the fast-paced digital landscape.

Source: CarsNow
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