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Fusionex Honored as One of the Top Most Promising Big Data Providers in 2015

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LONDON/PRNewswire/ — California-based CIO Review has, in its Big Data Special publication, featured Fusionex International plc (Fusionex), a software vendor at the forefront of tackling Big Data challenges, as one of the Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in the World for 2015.

The Intelligent Data Management Platform offered by London Stock Exchange listed Fusionex International plc, and how well it has helped clients around the world, has further cemented the software company’s stature within the international IT sphere, resulting in its being featured by the CIO Review.

CIO Review is a technology magazine which explores revolutionary solutions that power forward-thinking businesses. CIO Review notes the uphill task of analyzing data and converting it into useful information. The prominent tech magazine recognized how critical it is for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to select the best vendors that are at the forefront of tackling Big Data issues.

After the initial teething period of appreciating the value of Big Data and being convinced to take advantage of it, companies the world over are now struggling to utilize Big Data Analytics to make effective and lasting improvements to their work processes in order to derive tangible value that can propel their businesses to greater heights.

Fusionex’s user friendly solution, Fusionex Insights (GIANT), was identified because of its ability to offer businesses the opportunity to visualize and understand their data better in a user-friendly, humanized manner. Providing a streamlined approach to processing data, GIANT uses a “plug-and-play” method linking multiple data sources without requiring additional software.

With its ability to consolidate myriads of data, Fusionex GIANT crunches the numbers and provides its business users the results of variables such as the identifying of customer purchasing trends, avoidable costs due to wastage, and understanding how location and seasonal factors affect one’s business.

To help CIO Review achieve their objective of identifying high-performing Big Data solution providers, a panel of notable chief executive officers (CEOs), CIOs and analysts were identified to facilitate in this exercise alongside the CIO Review editorial board.

The CIO Review features companies and how their products work in the real world, so that its readers can gain an extensive understanding on the relevant solutions and how they stack up against the competition.

Low productivity and ineffective processes can lead to an escalation in costs while the slow generation of reports can result in missed business opportunities. This is problematic especially in today’s fast-moving world of ubiquitous internet connections.

All these are looking to be a thing of the past as Fusionex GIANT offers the most comprehensive Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics product in the market. With a simple-to-use drag-and-drop feature, people of all skill levels are able to use GIANT to analyse their data.

The ability for ordinary business users to access such a quantity of information in such a user-friendly package cannot be understated.

Per the CIO Review, “It has become critical for the CIOs to choose proper technology and select best vendors that are at the forefront of effectively tackling the impediments across the Big Data realm. …We believe this information will help you while you make Big Data strategies for your organization.”

Source: Fusionex

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Largest Pre-seed Value Start Up in Asia Online Healthcare Platform, BookDoc Appoints Advisory Group

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-Creating value add services in the healthcare community in Asia region

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia /PRNewswire/ — Online healthcare platform, BookDoc, has established the Advisory Group (AG) of Malaysia comprising of respected and reputable healthcare leaders fromMalaysia to further enhance the expansion of its services in a responsible and ethical manner.

Founder Dato' Chevy Beh
Founder Dato’ Chevy Beh

BookDoc, a start-up launched in October this year, is the 1st Healthcare Online Platform in Malaysia that promises to connect and unite patients and healthcare professionals, bringing forth timely access, resource optimisation, and informed choices. It is founded by Dato’ Chevy Beh – former Managing Director of BP Healthcare Group and Joel Neoh – founder of Groupon Malaysia and former CEO of Asia Pacific for Groupon.

The recently established AG is to advise BookDoc on strategic areas related to contents, medical ethics, prevailing and forthcoming regulatory matters. In addition, the AG will also provide insights, suggestions and feedback on issues of interests to the public and medical communities. This will enable BookDoc to continue toadd value to the very communities that it serves.

The founding members of the AG of Malaysia consists of the following leaders:

  • Tan Sri Dato‘ Dr. M. Jegathesan, the former Deputy Director-General of Health Malaysia, who is also the Pro-Chancellor of University Science Malaysia;
  • Major General Dato’ Pahlawan Dr Mohanadas Ramasamy (Rtd), former Director General of Health Services, Malaysian Armed Forces & Deputy Chairman, Board of Governors of the Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences;
  • Datuk Professor Dr Fawzia Dato‘ Abdullah, the former Senior Director of Dental Health Division, Ministry of Health and is currently the Foundation Dean, Faculty of Dentistry of SEGI University & College;
  • Dato’ Professor Dr Mrs ST Kew, Dean of School of Medicine at International Medical University and previously Master of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia and
  • Dr Milton Lum who is a member of the Council of University of Tunku Abdul Rahman, member of the Malaysian Medical Council and had held leadership positions in international and national professional healthcare organizations.

Founder of BookDoc, Dato’ Chevy Beh felt extremely honoured and privileged to have such illustrious line-up of advisors to enrich and enhance BookDoc in its key stages of development from planning, evaluation to execution. Having received constructive and robust feedbacks, Dato’ Chevy Beh is assured of the great value that the AG could bring, and affirms to invite additional advisors from the overseas markets that BookDoc intends to expand into. This will ensure BookDoc is relevant and could adapt value-adding solutions to those communities with unique sets of regulatory, ethical and market considerations.

BookDoc is backed by a diverse group of investors from entrepreneurs to seasoned healthcare and insurance professionals, banker, regulators as well as ICT professionals. It has recently raised millions of US dollars and has achieved the highest pre-seed valuation in the history of Asia Tech App. BookDoc, in its effort to make healthcare more accessible to the customers, has to-date entered into MOUs with Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital and Institute Jantung Negara (IJN) Hospital and signed up a few hundred clinics in Malaysia.

The initial investors of BookDoc include Danny Yeung – founder of Groupon Hong Kong and the former CEO Groupon East Asia,  Datuk Yvonne Chia – former CEO of Hong Leong Bank Berhad, Kenny Thing – Chief Marketing Officer of Manulife Insurance Berhad, Dato’ Sharil Tarmizi – former Chairman of Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Dato’ Dr Maimunah – the former Deputy Director General of Health Malaysia, Dato’ Syed Budriz Putra – founder and former CEO of Sepang Aircraft Engineering which is an Airbus Group Company and Lee Mean Yeit – former Head of Strategy of Sime Darby Healthcare.

More information on BookDoc by clicking to:

For more information on this press release, or to arrange interviews with company management, please contact:

Dato’ Chevy Beh
Tel.:  1300-88-2362 (BDOC)

Photo –

Source: BookDoc
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MIMOS launches made-in-Malaysia PMSM Motion Controller IC Solution

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-A fully hardware-Implemented Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) Motion Controller Integrated Circuit Solution
-Energy efficient controller for use in hybrid cars, air-conditioners, automatic gates, elevator, conveyor belts, washing machines, printers, and more
-Ease of product system development
-Fast to market
-Facilitate better cost structure

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia /PRNewswire/ — Malaysia’s national research and development agency in information and communications technology, MIMOS, together with two local collaborators, My Technology and Emerald Systems, has revealed a new integrated circuit (IC) solution that can efficiently control and manage the performance of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM).

Edward V. Bautista, Jr., Senior Staff Engineer (MIMOS) showcasing the GMC, to Datuk Panglima Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Looking on is Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed The Minister of International Trade and Industry (on the right).
Edward V. Bautista, Jr., Senior Staff Engineer (MIMOS) showcasing the GMC, to Datuk Panglima Madius Tangau, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation. Looking on is Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed The Minister of International Trade and Industry (on the right).

The MCGP021 or Green Motion Controller (GMC) would potentially replace existing controllers for PMSM motor. This product would significantly reduce the time taken to market for existing PMSM motor solution designers.

“With firmware and assembly code requirement removed from the process, motor solutions designers will have more time to focus on other aspects of the system while gaining better cost structure,” MIMOS R&D Director for Nano and Semiconductor Technology, Mohd Shahiman Sulaiman said.

“The solution can be used in hybrid cars, air conditioners, automatic gates, washing machines, printers, conveyor belts, lifts and escalators.

“The PMSM motor has a huge market potential.  With PMSM motor being used in a large number of consumer appliances, economic opportunity for GMC is tremendous,” he added.

Mohd Shahiman said local and International distributors for this product have been identified.

Technical Notes

While traditional solutions for controlling Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors (PMSM) motor use software written for a microcontroller or microprocessor, MIMOS’ MCGP02I motion controller solution uses a new design approach in which complex mathematical calculations required for Field Oriented Control (FOC) of PMSM motors are directly implemented using specialised logic gates into an integrated circuit (IC).

A PMSM is a rotating electric machine which uses permanent magnets in its rotor whereby an alternating current flow in its stator windings would generate a rotating magnetic field to cause the rotor to rotate.  PMSM motors can be found in consumer appliances such as air-conditioners, washing machines, printers and commercial products such as lifts, elevators and conveyor belts.

The FOC method is the most efficient control method to squeeze maximum performance out of the PMSM motor. This method produces reduced torque ripple resulting in smoother motor performance and quieter operation. There is also no need to write firmware to implement the complex FOC algorithm, thus total development cost of the system is greatly reduced.  The programmability of all control parameters enables maximum flexibility and quick design of control systems.

The MCGP02I comes in a 40-pin small footprint QFN package with an integrated on-chip oscillator, ADCs, voltage references and regulator. With the MCGP02I, the complete control system can be constructed with minimal number of components and occupies a small PCB area. The MCGP02I is compact, economical and can be implemented without the need for complicated firmware or assembly code.

This solution is expected to increase the application of PMSM motor development, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises. With PMSM motors being used in a variety of applications, business opportunities for this solution are tremendous.

Click here to view the datasheet.


MIMOS is Malaysia’s Premier Applied Research and Development Centre in Information and Communications Technology, Industrial Electronics Technology and Nano-Semiconductor Technology. As a strategic agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), MIMOS contributes to raising Malaysia’scompetitiveness by pioneering market creation for Malaysian technopreneurs through patentable technology platforms, products and solutions. Over the past 10 years, MIMOS has filed more than 900 Intellectual Properties in various technology domains and across key socio-economic areas. Serving a central role in Malaysia’stransformation journey and ICT Vision, MIMOS endeavours to create a culture of innovation by nurturing relationships with internal and external stakeholders, in the spirit of smart partnerships and inclusive growth models and strategies. To learn more about MIMOS, please visit

For more information about this news release, please contact:

Laurence Sebastian
Contact Telephone: +60 3 89955000
Mobile: +60 19 2364938

Photo –

Source: MIMOS Berhad
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Overwhelming “Rendering Change — A New China under the Brush” Exhibition to Amaze Shanghai from 26 November with Artistic Recall of New China

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SHANGHAI /PRNewswire/ — M K Lau Collection and China Guardian will co-present “Rendering Change – A New China under the Brush” exhibition to be held from 26 November to 10 December 2015 at Long Museum in Shanghai, showcasing over 100 selected paintings and calligraphy depicted during New China era. This well-acclaimed and overwhelming event has achieved remarkable success in Hong Kong and Beijing this April and October with heavy discussion on the artistic expression and historical significance of this special era across the art circle.

Lin Fengmian (1900 – 1991) - Steel Foundry; Lin Fengmian's Steel Foundry illustrated "The Great Leap Forward" campaign launched in 1958. Here, the artist seems to have stayed awake while the whole country was swept up in this nationwide craze: his painting solely illustrates the calm, orderly, everyday work in a steel plant.
Lin Fengmian (1900 – 1991) – Steel Foundry; Lin Fengmian’s Steel Foundry illustrated “The Great Leap Forward” campaign launched in 1958. Here, the artist seems to have stayed awake while the whole country was swept up in this nationwide craze: his painting solely illustrates the calm, orderly, everyday work in a steel plant.


A Collective Work of Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Paintings Academy -- People's Communes are Great; Free Meals Offered People's Communes are Great – Free Meals Offered was painted in 1958. That was the year when "people's communes" were set up in China's rural areas. This elaborate piece of work does present a utopia filled with joy.
A Collective Work of Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Paintings Academy — People’s Communes are Great; Free Meals Offered People’s Communes are Great – Free Meals Offered was painted in 1958. That was the year when “people’s communes” were set up in China’s rural areas. This elaborate piece of work does present a utopia filled with joy.

M K Lau Collection aims to explore New China’s social landscape and promote multi-perspective art and history appreciation through its 25 years of top-notch private collection of Chinese ink and brush paintings and calligraphy from 55 renowned Chinese artists like Bai Xueshi, Cheng Shifa, Fu Baoshi, He Tianjian, Li Keran, Lin Fengmian, Liu Jiyou, Lu Yanshao, Qi Baishi and Zhu Qizhan, documenting those defining moments, from the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 to late 1970s.

The exhibition is organized by theme and chronologically displayed. It begins with Lu Yanshao’s Calligraphy – Quotations from Chairman Mao, an excerpt presented in white pigment on red paper for the perceived purpose of arts in New China. This is followed by paintings depicting agricultural reform and collective activity like Jiangsu Traditional Chinese Paintings Academy’s collective work Peoples Communes are Great – Free Meals Offered and Wu Zuoren’s Happy Life at the Commune, rapid industrialization like Lin Fengmian’s Steel Foundry, Dam Site andVillage Construction (II), Fu Baoshi’s Spectacular Coal City and Lu Yanshao’s An Emerging Industrial City, military endeavors like Qian Shoutie’s two Wartime and Tang Daxi’s widely circulated The People’s Apples, New China portraits like Wang Yingchun and Yang Lizhou’s Endless Digging and Bai Bohua’s A Great Life! A Glorious Death!, as well as over 20 key paintings inspired by Chairman Mao’s poetry or traditional Chinese ink and brush paintings from 1949-1979, portraits for leaders’ cult like Jiang Zhaohe’s Portrait of Lenin and Portrait of Chairman Mao, a collective work by Wu Zuoren, Guan Shanyue and Shen Yinmo, and powerful paintings during the Cultural Revolution like Liu Jiyou’s Beijing Opera – The Red Lantern and Ballet – White Hair Woman.

Photo –
Photo –

Source: M K Lau Collection

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Megaport Announces IPO

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BRISBANE, Australia /PRNewswire/ — Megaport, a leading software-based elastic connectivity provider today announced that it had lodged a Prospectus with the Australian Securities Commission (ASIC) to raise $25 million and had applied to list on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Denver Maddux, CEO Megaport
Denver Maddux, CEO Megaport

Megaport was founded in 2013 by one of Australia’s leading technology entrepreneurs and the Company’s Executive Chairman, Bevan Slattery, with the aim of becoming a global leader in the fast-growing elastic interconnection services market.

“Rather than enterprises needing to purchase long term, fixed bandwidth circuits between data centres and their cloud providers, Megaport has developed a platform that uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) to enable our customers to the provision of secure, dedicated, and highly scalable circuits otherwise known as ‘elastic interconnects’ between their network and other networks connected to the Megaport Fabric. With Megaport, customers can be provided with elastic interconnects for as long as a year and as short as one day, as slow as one megabit per second or as fast as 100 gigabits per second,” said Mr Slattery.

Officially commencing operations in January 2014, Megaport now operates in 34 data centres across six markets inAustralia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In less than two years, Megaport already has over 200 active customers and partnered with some of the world’s major cloud service providers, network operators, and content providers. Megaport is an Amazon AWS Technology Partner, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner and a Google Cloud Interconnection partner, providing elastic interconnectivity into their respective platforms.

Megaport CEO, Denver Maddux said that the Initial Public Offer (IPO) of Megaport and planned ASX listing represented the next step in the Company’s international growth plans. “To achieve our vision we plan to extend the platform deeper into existing markets and expand into new markets, particularly key markets within North America,Europe, and Asia. The capital raising under the IPO helps the business accelerate those plans,” said Mr Maddux.

In 2016, Megaport plans to expand into 45 data centres in North America and Europe in key markets including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco Bay Area, Toronto, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.

Mr Maddux said: “This is a tremendously exciting time for Megaport as I believe we are at the centre of a revolution brought about by the rise of software defined networking and cloud computing. We have built a great platform and a great team, and I look forward to expanding the Megaport platform into North America and Europe, as well as further into our existing markets in the Asia Pacific region.”

In addition to Mr Slattery who serves as Executive Chairman, the Megaport Board includes Chief Executive OfficerDenver Maddux (previously Microsoft and Limelight Networks), and Non-Executive Directors Drew Kelton (also managing director, Docusign Asia Pacific) and Simon Moore (also managing director and a global partner of The Carlyle Group).

At the A$1.25 Offer Price, Megaport will have a market capitalisation of A$87.5 million on completion of the Offer. Proceeds from the Offer will be used to complete the construction of the North American and European networks, operate and maintain those networks, hire additional sales professionals and continue to evaluate new growth opportunities.

The Offer is fully underwritten by Morgans Corporate Limited.

Completion of its IPO will see Megaport shares commence trading on the ASX during December this year.


Offer Price per Share

$1.25 per Share

Total number of Shares offered under the Offer

20  million

Total cash proceeds received under the Offer

$25 million

Total number of Shares on issue at completion of the Offer

70 million

Market capitalisation at the Offer Price

$87.5 million

Pro forma Net Cash

$33.5 million

  Adjusted Pro-forma Net Cash and bank balances

$29.1 million

Enterprise value at the Offer Price

$58.4 million


Prospectus lodgement date

20 Nov 2015

Broker Firm Offer opens

30 Nov 2015

Broker Firm Offer closes

8 Dec 2015

Allotment of Shares under the Offer

11 Dec 2015

Expected dispatch of holding statements

14 Dec 2015

Expected commencement of trading of Shares on the ASX

17 Dec 2015

These dates are indicative only and may change. The Company, with the agreement of the Lead Manager, reserves the right to amend any and all of the above dates without notice (subject to the Listing Rules and the Corporations Act).


Australian residents only

The Offer is available to Australian residents in each state and territory of Australia. The distribution of the Prospectus in jurisdictions outside Australia may be restricted by law. Seek advice on and observe any restrictions. The Prospectus is not an Offer in any place where, or to any person to whom, it would not be lawful to make the Offer.

Capitalised words used in this media release have the meanings given to them in the Prospectus unless otherwise provided.

Megaport Limited ACN 607 301 959 is the entity that is offering shares under the initial public offering referred to in this document (Offer). The Offer is contained in the Prospectus, which is available and can be obtained electronically by contacting the broker firm Morgans Corporate Limited on 1800777946 or You should read and consider the Prospectus in its entirety before deciding whether to acquire shares in Megaport. If you wish to acquire shares in Megaport, you will need to complete the application form that accompanies that Prospectus.

For further details, please read the Prospectus which contains detailed information about Megaport and its business, the details of the Offer and a description of the key risks associated with an investment in Megaport.

The Megaport Limited Prospectus is available from the Lead Manager and Underwriter, Morgans Corporate Limited, or by downloading it from the Megaport Website at:

For further comment or other information please contact:

Media enquiries about Megaport:

PH: +61427173203

Megaport Share Offer Information Line:
Telephone: Morgans: 1800777946 (Australia toll-free)
(9:00am to 5:00pm AEST Monday to Friday during the Offer period)

About Megaport

Megaport began offering services in 2014 creating a new way for networks and cloud services to interconnect.  Megaport now provides on-demand, elastic connectivity to over 100 network and cloud services providers across multiple countries and continents. With plans to expand further in Asia, Europe, and North America in 2016, Megaport will service dozens of major markets around the world.

About Bevan Slattery

Bevan Slattery comes from a background in building successful Australian IT and telecommunications companies, and an earlier career in administration in local and state government. In 2010 Mr Slattery founded NEXTDC Limited, with a vision to become Australia’s largest independent data centre provider. As the founding CEO of NEXTDC, he oversaw its listing on the ASX and initial facility rollout.

Today, NEXTDC has facilities in Australia’s largest cities and is the largest regional data centre provider in terms of geography and IT power capability.  In 2002, Mr Slattery co-founded PIPE Networks which became Australia’slargest Internet Exchange and third largest metropolitan fibre provider with over 1,500km of fibre in 5 cities connecting 80 data centres, 250 Telstra exchanges and over 1000 buildings. In 2009, PIPE Networks completed construction of Pipe Pacific Cable 1 (PPC-1), a $200 million submarine cable system linking Sydney to Guam. PIPE Networks was sold to TPG for an enterprise value of $420m in May 2010. He is also Executive Chairman and founding shareholder of Superloop Limited.

Mr Slattery is a former Non-Executive Director of Asia Pacific Data Centre Trust. He is also a Director on the board of Swimming Australia. Mr Slattery holds an Honorary Master of Business Administration from Central Queensland University.

Photo –
Logo –

Source: Megaport

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Celebrate ‘Christmas by the River’ with Food and Fun Activities for the Whole Family

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SINGAPORE/PRNewswire/ — Visitors to the Singapore River during the months of November and December can look forward to a host of unique activities and festive treats to get in the Christmas mood atSingapore’s iconic three quays – Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay.

“The Singapore River has developed into a thriving location frequented by locals and tourists who come to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Singapore nightlife.” expressed Ms Michelle Koh, Executive Director of Singapore River One. “This year, visitors can look forward to a fun filled programme along with lots of surprises.”

Festive Feasting Begins

Foodies can satisfy their festive cravings with a wide array of traditional favourites and modern dishes to suit the Yuletide season from 13 F&B outlets along the river ranging from French to Japanese cuisine.

For more traditional fare, diners can head down to Cafe Brios located at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront and enjoy the Christmas Ballotine stuffed with foie gras, chestnut, bacon and spinach pate served with baby vegetables and roasted potato accompanied with cranberry sauce and port wine jus. This delicately crafted dish is a skilful combination of savoury, crunchy and sweet flavours in one bite with the seasoned greens and sauces provided complementing the flavourful meat.

At Town Restaurant in Fullerton Hotel another traditional favourite awaits diners, the Beef Wellington with Mushroom Duxelle, which serves up to five guests and is also available for takeaway.

For more unconventional festive delights, My Little Spanish Place located at Boat Quay will be serving the Tabla de Salchichas Artesanales (Handmade Sausage Platter) for their festive menu. Comprising of three parts — theButifarra and Morcilla sausages as well as the Sobrasada terrine, the Butifarra and Sobrasada is handcrafted in small batches each week. The Butifarra is a Balearic staple made from minced pork and an assortment of spices and sherry vinegar, and was traditionally prepared as part of the festive rites in Majorca to mark the coming of the autumn and spring seasons.

Seafood lovers will be delighted with the Hot Stones Premium Surf and Turf with Australian Tenderloin; fresh succulent Tiger Prawns and Salmon served on a sizzling serpentinite stone platter. Served with sea salt flakes, bearnaise, salsa and red wine Jus, diners can choose to further flavour their meats with their choice of seasoning.

And finally for those with a sweet tooth, Harry’s at Clarke Quay will be serving their rendition of the classic Sticky Date Pudding served warm with toffee sauce and topped with a scoop of indulgent vanilla ice cream.

Meet Santa and Rock along the Singapore River with The Coronas!

Kids too have lots in store for them this festive season. On 10 Dec 3 to 5pm, meet & greet the cast of the live showDear Santa — UK’s most popular family touring Christmas musical – at Clarke Quay Central. Besides this, there will be magic shows; cookie and cupcake decorating classes; and even a chance to sing with carollers, during the weekends between 14 to 27 December.

What’s Christmas without carolling? SRO has lined up Singapore’s best choir groups (IFC Singapore, KR Acapella, Vox Camerata) to perform at various locations around the Singapore River over two weekends to get everyone in the festive spirit. (4th/5th December and 18th/19th December)

Partygoers looking for something more upbeat can look forward to an electrifying free outdoor performance on 9thDecember by Irish band ‘The Coronas’ at the Clarke Quay Fountain Square where they intend to bring the house down with their infectious alternative rock songs.

There’s always something for everyone at this year’s Christmas by the River!

For more details on Christmas by the River F&B promotions & activities, please click here.

For more information on Christmas by the River, please visit www.singapore-

About Singapore River One (SRO)

Singapore River One (SRO) is a private sector-led partnership charged with the day-to-day management, maintenance, enhancement and marketing of the Singapore River. SRO is a legally-established not-for-profit company with a singular focus on leveraging public and private investments, increasing footfall, and enhancing property values within the Singapore River precinct.

SRO is responsible for place management of the entire Singapore River precinct – including Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay. It is the intent of SRO that the river be managed as one precinct — one destination — with specialized programs and service delivery methods utilized in each quay as needed, and as directed by a five-year business plan.

For more information on the Singapore River, please visit

For media enquiries please contact:

Right Hook Communications Pte Ltd

Wesley Gunter

PR Director

Irene Soh

Senior Account Executive

Debbie Pereira

Account Manager

t: +65-9679-8574

t: +65-9699-3941

t: +65-9880-9848




Source: Singapore River One (SRO)

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