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Casting a Big Net for Business in Kaohsiung

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KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan/PRNewswire/ — Taiwan’s first-ever dedicated show on commercial fishing, equipment and tech launches today to better serve every facet of the industry.

It’s Taiwan Fishery (the 2015 Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood Show) and it opens in the face of growing pressure on fish stocks and alternative marine resources. This venue joins 210 leading companies using 412 booths to profile Taiwan’s leading role in fish production and exports.

The event’s success is virtually guaranteed since it is jointly organized by TAITRA and My Exhibition Co. Ltd.

The three-day event, Nov. 19-21, unfolds at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in seven themed areas:

  • Fishery Equipment & Technology
  • Aquaculture
  • Seafood and Value-added Seafood
  • Processing Equipment
  • Fishery Services
  • Local Government and Academia
  • Overseas Exhibitors

The fisheries and seafood industry know some big catches beckon at Taiwan’s first large-scale exhibition that joins the up-, mid- and down- streams to welcome a projected 6,000 international and domestic buyers with business expected to exceed US$20 million.

The expo has received robust support from industry, government and academia. Both the Taiwan Fishing Gear Manufacturing Industries Association and the Fish Breeding Association of Taiwan have urged their member companies to join the show.

The Fisheries Agency, Council of Agriculture, with Kaohsiung City Government and Tainan City Government all have displays profiling projects by state agencies and local government to promote the industry.

Exhibitors from academic and research institutes include ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) and NTOU (National Taiwan Ocean University) who are showcasing Taiwan’s latest fisheries and aquaculture achievements.

Leading Taiwanese companies exhibiting at Taiwan Fishery include:

  • Jong Shyn Shipbuilding
  • Y-FANG Sealing Machine Ltd.
  • Go-Rising Trading Ltd.
  • Grobest, Toford Plastic Mfg
  • Wen Chi Seafood
  • Jaw Feng Machinery
  • Anko Food Machine
  • Chi-Yuan Ships Tech
  • Samsan
  • Sun Rise E&T
  • Wei-I Foodstuff Co

The vast array of exhibited products profiles the entire industry and region. Oversea exhibitors are here from 14 different countries including country pavilions from South Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Taiwan fishing and maritime history dates back hundreds of years with the island growing up on the sea. Taiwanstands out among the top 20 global producers as a leader in fishing.

Decades of dedicated work by government and the private sector has helped let the regions excel in numerous areas, including fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, equipment manufacturing and logistics.

Facts say it all:

  • Taiwan’s deep-sea fishing catch 3rd largest in world!
  • Production of Taiwan’s fishing & seafood exceeds NT$100 billion
  • The industry employs 330,000 people
  • Taiwan’s a marine culture with advanced fishing and seafood industries.
  • Great foreign currency earner that drives peripheral industries like:
    • Shipbuilding/ ship-repair & supply / seafood processing / refrigerated storage / fishing tackle   
    • Manufacturing / seafood distribution & sales / international trade in feed & seafood products.

For the best prospects TAITRA has for the past year mobilized its 60 overseas offices to invite select corporations to attend the Show. As a result buyers from more than 30 countries  including mainaland China, the U.S.A.,Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia and Egypt will be scouting the venue and joining one-on-one purchasing discussions at the feature “Fishing Industry Cluster Purchasing Day.” At the request of participating exhibitors, TAITRA by special has also arranged targeted 1-on-1 appointments with visiting buyers.

With the expo come a major feature forum “Taiwan Ocean Equipment, Technology & Aquaculture Industry Trends” that focuses on deep-sea fishing and aquaculture two areas in which Taiwan can be very proud of its technological achievements.

The Forum joins industry leaders who share tips on the latest fishery tech including that used for squid and Pacific saury fishing as well as the latest aquaculture facility set-up methods.

To build awareness for humanity to coexist in harmony with the ocean, Taiwan Fishery is displaying some art exhibits from the “Blue Dancer – 2015 Fish Art of Taiwan Exhibition”. This on-site art aims to promote the sustainable element of environmentally-friendly fishing and aquaculture.

For the best way into the trade, cast out your line at Taiwan Fishery!

Taiwan International Fisheries & Seafood is open free to trade-related professionals with the presentation of a relevant business card.

For further details on Taiwan Fishery click:

TFSS Secretariat
Stenly Yonardi
4F-11, No.9, Dehuei Street, Taipei 10461, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2587-5802
Fax: +886-2-2598-2650

Source: TAITRA

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