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Victoza(R) (liraglutide) Provides Significantly Greater HbA1c Reduction than Lixisenatide in New Clinical Trial

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden, /PRNewswire/ —

This material is intended for global medical media only.

For journalistic assessment and preparation before publication.

Abstract #75

Findings from a head-to-head trial comparing Victoza® (liraglutide) and lixisenatide, both in combination with metformin, demonstrated a significantly greater reduction in HbA1c of -1.83% for liraglutide vs -1.21% for lixisenatide in adults with type 2 diabetes.[1] Results from the LIRA-LIXI trial were announced today in an oral presentation at the 51st Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Stockholm, Sweden.

The 26-week LIRA-LIXI trial compared the efficacy and safety of Victoza® versus lixisenatide, both as add-on to metformin in 404 people with type 2 diabetes.[1] People with type 2 diabetes treated with Victoza® achieved a significantly greater reduction in HbA1c versus lixisenatide at 26 weeks, meeting the trial’s primary endpoint (-1.83% vs -1.21%; estimated treatment difference [ETD] -0.62% [-0.80;
-0.44]; P<0.0001).[1] In addition, more people treated with Victoza® achieved HbA1c targets of <7% (74.2% vs 45.5%; odds ratio (OR) 4.16; [2.58; 6.73]; P<0.0001)[1] and ≤6.5% (54.6% vs 26.2%; OR 3.66; [2.31; 5.81];P<0.0001) compared with lixisenatide.[1]

“The significant difference in blood glucose control between liraglutide and lixisenatide reported in the LIRA-LIXI trial reinforces the value of liraglutide as an efficacious treatment for those with type 2 diabetes otherwise treated with oral glucose-lowering drugs,” said Professor Michael A Nauck, director and diabetologist, Division of Diabetology, St. Josef Hospital, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany and principal investigator of the LIRA-LIXI trial. “Many people living with type 2 diabetes remain uncontrolled and it is crucial for these patients to gain control of their blood glucose levels to help prevent further complications from this disease.”

Furthermore, Victoza® demonstrated significantly greater reductions in fasting plasma glucose (-2.85 mmol/L vs -1.70 mmol/L; ETD -1.15 mmol/L [95% CI -1.51; -0.80]; P<0.0001) and mean 9-point self-measured plasma glucose (-2.64 mmol/L vs. -1.89 mmol/L; ETD -0.75 mmol/L [95% CI -1.08;
-0.42]; P<0.0001) compared with lixisenatide.[1] Lixisenatide, however, had smaller postprandial increments for the meal following injection compared to Victoza® (morning meal: -2.12 mmol/L vs -0.88 mmol/L; ETD 1.24 mmol/L; [0.69; 1.79]; P<0.0001; and evening meal: -1.88 mmol/L vs -0.53 mmol/L; ETD 1.36 mmol/L; [0.44; 2.27];P=0.0039).[1]

Weight loss was observed in both treatment groups (Victoza®: -4.26 kg vs lixisenatide: -3.67 kg; ETD -0.59 kg [-1.55; 0.38]; P=0.2347).[1] Systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased with both Victoza® and lixisenatide treatment (systolic blood pressure: -4.70 mmHg vs -3.49 mmHg; ETD -1.21 mmHg [-3.87; 1.45]; P=0.3722; diastolic blood pressure: -2.62 mmHg vs
-2.69 mmHg; ETD 0.07 mmHg [-1.53; 1.67];P=0.9318, respectively).[1]

The safety profile in the LIRA-LIXI trial was similar between the two treatment groups. The most common adverse events were gastrointestinal, which included nausea and diarrhoea. No severe hypoglycaemic episodes were reported.[1]

About the LIRA-LIXI Trial

The trial was a 26-week, parallel group, open-label trial involving 404 adults with type 2 diabetes randomised 1:1.[1]The trial participants were randomised to Victoza® 1.8 mg or lixisenatide 20 µg, both as add-on to metformin (at maximum tolerated dose, 1000−3000 mg daily).[1] Dose escalation and administration of Victoza® and lixisenatide were according to the approved label for both drugs at the time of the trial.[1] Victoza® was administered once-daily at any time of the day irrespective of meals. Lixisenatide was administered once-daily within an hour prior to the morning or evening meal.[1]

About Victoza®

Victoza® (liraglutide) is a human glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogue with an amino acid sequence 97% similar to endogenous human GLP-1. Like natural GLP-1, Victoza® works by stimulating the beta-cells to release insulin and suppressing glucagon secretion from the alpha cells only when blood sugar levels are high. Due to this glucose-dependent mechanism of action, Victoza® is associated with a low rate of hypoglycaemia.[*],[2] In addition, Victoza®reduces body weight and body fat mass through mechanisms involving reduced appetite and lowered energy intake.[2]

Victoza® was launched in the EU in 2009 and is commercially available in more than 80 countries with more than 3 million patient years of use in people with type 2 diabetes globally.[2],[3] In Europe, Victoza® is indicated for treatment of adults with type 2 diabetes to achieve glycaemic control in combination with oral glucose-lowering medicinal products and/or basal insulin when these, together with diet and exercise, do not provide adequate glycaemic control.[2]

[*]Hypoglycaemia has primarily been observed when Victoza® is combined with a sulfonylurea or basal insulin.

About Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with more than 90 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care. This heritage has given us experience and capabilities that also enable us to help people defeat other serious chronic conditions: haemophilia, growth disorders and obesity. Headquartered in Denmark, Novo Nordisk employs approximately 39,700 people in 75 countries and markets its products in more than 180 countries. For more information, visit, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.


1. Nauck M, Rizzo M, Pirags V, et al. Once-daily liraglutide vs. lixisenatide as add-on to metformin in type 2 diabetes: a 26-week randomised controlled clinical trial. Oral presentation. Abstract number 75. 51st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Diabetes (EASD). 2015

2. EMA. Victoza® EU Summary of Product Characteristics. Available at: Last accessed 17.06.2015.

3. Internal Calculations based on IMS Midas Quantum data. April 2015.

Further information

Katrine Sperling

Åsa Josefsson

Peter Hugreffe Ankersen

Melanie Raouzeos

Daniel Bohsen

Frank Daniel Mersebach (US)

Source: Novo Nordisk
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Global Rockstar United: A Song Tying the Continents Together

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VIENNA, /PRNewswire/ —

Music knows no borders: This is the motto of the song To the Moon, co-written by six artists from six continents, and released on September 16, 2015. The occasion: The relaunch of the music platform

Global Rockstar United

To celebrate the relaunch of, the Viennese startup invited one registered artist from each continent to Vienna, Austria. Jhanniel (ARG), Katie Thompson (NZL), Christian Rabb (SWE), Syssi Mananga (COG), A Yeon (KOR) and Murray Yates (CAN) traveled over 53,000 kilometres to collaborate with each other. A week after starting on August 14, they finished the single “To the Moon” which will be released worldwide onSeptember 16, 2015.

This project exceeded the expectations of all involved and shows that borders, that cause endless pain in today’s world, don’t exist in the world of music.

Global Rockstar 2015: The world’s largest online music contest

Until October 15, musicians worldwide can upload their original songs to Fans vote through social media shares or by casting paid votes. Artist’s reward paying fans with exclusive goodies like signed CDs or private concerts.

How it works

First, fans choose their country’s representative to compete in the global finals, where the winner is rewarded with the $25,000 (US) grand prize. The top three finalists win valuable gear from AKG by HARMAN, Paiste and ADAM. Additionally, all participating artists receive up to 90% of their fans’ paid-vote revenue.

About Global Rockstar

In 2013, Global Rockstar was co-founded in Vienna by songwriter/producer Christof Straub and marketing expertRonny Steibl. In 2014, artists from more than 140 countries entered the contest and over 1.5 million votes were cast. Argentina’s Jhanniel won the grand prize.

– Cross reference: Picture is available at AP Images (

Global Rockstar GmbH
Mirella Maiolo
office: +43-1-89-00-849

Source: Global Rockstar

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Global Unveiling of Jaguar Land Rover Bond Cars

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FRANKFURT, Germany, /PRNewswire/ —

  • Jaguar and Land Rover stunt vehicles Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and Land Rover Defender make international debut in Frankfurt, Germany
  • SPECTRE cast members Naomie Harris and David Bautista attend star-studded event ahead of reveal at motor show
  • Guests entertained by British singer and musician John Newman
  • Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations [SVO] as well as Jaguar and Land Rover Design worked with filmmakers on the conception and creation of the Bond
  • SVO is responsible for the most luxurious and highest performing cars that Jaguar Land Rover makes
  • Jaguar and Land Rover to release exclusive and interactive behind-the-scenes SPECTRE content on and

(Photo: )
(Photo: )
(Photo: )
(Photo: )
(Photo: )

Tonight, Jaguar Land Rover celebrated their vehicles appearing in the new Bond adventure, SPECTRE. Cars, including the Jaguar C-X75, Range Rover Sport SVR and the iconic Land Rover Defender, stole the show as they were unveiled in public for the first time at the palatial Thurn und Taxis in Frankfurt.

Naomie Harris (Moneypenny) and David Bautista (Hinx) were guests of honour at the glamorous event showcasing special stunt vehicles used in the latest instalment of the James Bond series.  Guests were entertained by British singer and musician John Newman, who performed a number of top ten hits from his album.

SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond film, from Albert R. Broccoli’s EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment, sees the Jaguar C-X75 drive through the moonlit streets of Rome in one of the movie’s most iconic high speed chase scenes.   Driven by Hinx, played by David Bautista, the C-X75 supercar, named the most advanced Jaguar ever created, was provided by Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) in collaboration with development partner Williams Advanced Engineering headquarters in Oxfordshire, England.

SVO was created in June 2014 to focus on meeting the increasing expectations of today’s most discerning and enthusiastic Jaguar and Land Rover customers.  Working on the development of high performance versions of existing models, luxury bespoke commissions and limited run collector editions, it represents the very pinnacle of the two iconic brands.

Specially modified Land Rover Defenders and the fastest, most powerful Land Rover ever, the Range Rover Sport SVR also star in major action sequences shot in Austria. The highly capable Defenders were constructed by the JLR Special Operations division with huge 37-inch diameter off-road tyres and enhanced body protection to tackle the challenging terrain of the snow-covered mountain roads used for filming.

Actor David Bautista said, To have the opportunity to be a part of an iconic chase scene in a Bond movie and to drive the C-X75 supercar was like a dream come true for me. It truly is a beautiful beast of a car that will go down in movie history.

Naomie Harris, who will reprise the role of Moneypenny in SPECTRE said: I made my Bond debut in the Defender, and I have so many fond memories shooting that sequence in Turkey. Its such a special franchise to be a part of, and Im thrilled to be here in Frankfurt with the Jaguar Land Rover team.

Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, John Edwards, said: “For Jaguar Land Rover to once again be a part of the iconic vehicle line ups in one of the most celebrated film franchises in the world represents a proud moment for us.   Its an incredible opportunity to showcase production and concept cars alike and we look forward to continuing this relationship well into the future.

Fans around the world will be treated to a host of exclusive SPECTRE content on Jaguar and Land Rover’s social channels and brand new websites, including special access to unseen footage and interviews with the design, SVO and stunt teams as well as a stunning 360 dynamic walk-around of the Jaguar C-X75.

SPECTRE is released worldwide from October.

For high resolution video files visit

About Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations

Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Operations team focus on delivering halo vehicles, bespoke commissions, heritage products and branded goods.

Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has the responsibility within Special Operations to create a range of high performance production models for both Jaguar and Land Rover, vehicle personalisation products and low volume, high value Limited Edition models for both brands.


A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organisation. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE. Directed by Sam Mendes, the film is written by John Logan and Neal Purvis & Robert Wade and produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli.

About Albert R. Broccolis EON Productions

EON Productions Limited and Danjaq LLC are wholly owned and controlled by the Broccoli/Wilson family. Danjaq is the US based company that co-owns, with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, the copyright in the existing James Bond films and controls the right to produce future James Bond films as well as all worldwide merchandising. EON Productions, an affiliate of Danjaq, is the UK based production company which makes the James Bond films. The 007 franchise is the longest running in film history with twenty-three films produced since 1962.  Michael G Wilson and Barbara Broccoli succeeded Albert R ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and have produced some of the most successful Bond films ever including CASINO ROYALE, QUANTUM OF SOLACE and SKYFALL. The 24th film, SPECTRE, is currently in post-production.

About Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is a leading entertainment company focused on the production and distribution of film and television content globally. The company owns one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content. In addition, MGM has investments in domestic and international television channels and is the majority owner of and distributor for United Artists Media Group (UAMG). For more information, visit

About Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition and distribution; television production, acquisition and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. For additional information, go to

Land Rover Channels;

– Facebook:

– Twitter: @LandRover

– Instagram: LANDROVER

– YouTube:

Jaguar Channels:

– Facebook:

– Twitter: : @JaguarUK

– Instagram:

– YouTube:

For further information go to or

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

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Merck Launches Partnership With Department of Health and Philippine Thyroid Association

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DARMSTADT, Germany and MANILA, Philippines, /PRNewswire/ —

  • Merck Philippines joins forces with Health Department and Thyroid Association to put spotlight on health and wellbeing of Filipino women

Merck Serono, the biopharmaceutical business of Merck, today announced the launch of a partnership with the Department of Health, Philippines, and the Philippine Thyroid Association (PTA). The partnership focuses on the implementation of jointly agreed activities to advance the diagnosis and treatment of the Filipino population suffering from thyroid disorders. Specifically, the partnership aims to increase population awareness of thyroid disorders and to improve the capacity of health care professionals to diagnose and manage thyroid disorders.

(Logo: )
(Logo:  )
(Photo: )

We believe that partnering with governments and patient associations is fundamental to increase awarenessaround disease symptoms and treatment options,” said Belen Garijo, Member of the Executive Board and CEO Healthcare of Merck. We are very pleased to join forces with the Department of Health and the PhilippineThyroid Association to advance the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders across the Philippines and at the same occasion put a spotlight on womens health and well-being as thyroid disorders are one of the most prevalent yet untreated health disorders among women in the country.

The launch of the partnership takes place in the context of the Philippines hosting the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings this year. One specific topic – Healthy Women, Healthy Economies – is being championed by the Philippines to bring to light that increasing women’s economic participation is important for sustainable economic development. Ensuring the health of women is key to economic empowerment.

We are proud to be a key partner in the APEC Healthy Women, Healthy Economies initiative and workedwith the Philippines Department of Health to help develop a policy toolkit which includes access to thyroid treatment,” added Belen Garijo. The toolkit provides evidence and good practices on how to improve womens health for greater economic participation and ultimately higher economic growth.

Paulyn Ubial for the Department of Health, Ruben V. Ogbac, President of the PTA, and Belen Garijo, Member of the Executive Board and CEO Healthcare of Merck, and Ramonito Tampos, President and Managing Director Merck Inc. Philippines, were participating in the partnership launch during which stories of women were presented who were suffering from thyroid disorders and have been already successfully treated.

The thyroid gland is located in the neck in front of the windpipe and secretes hormones necessary for the body’s growth and development. Iodine Deficiency is the main cause of thyroid disorders such as endemic goiter and hypothyroidism. An estimated 9 million Filipinos suffer from goiter.[1] If left untreated hypothyroidism is associated with a wide range of mild to severe health conditions including among others heart disease, infertility, osteoporosis, depression, poor memory and concentration. In children, hypothyroidism cause delays in growth and development, as well as intellectual impairment.[2] In pregnancy, hypothyroidism can increase the risk of pre-eclampsia and may lead to miscarriage, anemia as well as to low birth weight and neurocognitive defects of newborn babies.[3]Hypothyroidism is eight to ten times more common in women than men and there are certain times in a woman’s life when she is most vulnerable to thyroid problems, such as during pregnancy and menopause.


  1. Estimate based on Raboca et al. The Philippine Thyroid Diseases Study (PhilTiDeS 1): Prevalence of Thyroid Disorders Among Adults in the Philippines. JAFES. and Philippine Statistics Authority, 2010 Census-based Population Projections in collaboration with the Inter-Agency Working Group on Population Projections
  2. Counts, D; Varma, SK (Jul 2009). “Hypothyroidism in children”. Pediatrics in Review 30 (7): 251-8. doi:10.1542/pir.30-7-251. PMID 19570923
  3. Vissenberg, R; van den Boogaard, E; van Wely, M et al. (July 2012). “Treatment of thyroid disorders before conception and in early pregnancy: a systematic review”. Human Reproduction Update (Review) 18 (4): 360-73. doi:10.1093/humupd/dms007.

About Merck Serono

Merck Serono is the biopharmaceutical business of Merck. With headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany, Merck Serono offers leading brands in 150 countries to help patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis, infertility, endocrine and metabolic disorders as well as cardiovascular diseases. In the United States and Canada, EMD Serono operates as a separately incorporated subsidiary of Merck Serono.

Merck Serono discovers, develops, manufactures and markets prescription medicines of both chemical and biological origin in specialist indications. We have an enduring commitment to deliver novel therapies in our core focus areas of neurology, oncology, immuno-oncology and immunology.

For more information, please visit

All Merck news releases are distributed by e-mail at the same time they become available on the Merck website. Please go to to register online, change your selection or discontinue this service.

Merck is a leading company for innovative and top-quality high-tech products in healthcare, life science and performance materials. The company has six businesses – Merck Serono, Consumer Health, Allergopharma, Biosimilars, Merck Millipore and Performance Materials – and generated sales of EUR 11.3 billion in 2014. Around 39,000 employees work for Merck in 66 countries to improve the quality of life for patients, to foster the success of customers, and to help meet global challenges. Merck is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company – since 1668, the company has stood for innovation, business success and responsible entrepreneurship. Holding an approximately 70% interest, the founding family remains the majority owner of the company to this day. Merck, Darmstadt, Germany holds the global rights to the Merck name and brand. The only exceptions are Canada and the United States, where the company operates as EMD Serono, EMD Millipore and EMD Performance Materials.

Source: Merck Serono

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Cooperation of Daimler and Renault-Nissan Alliance Accelerates, Strengthens in 2015

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FRANKFURT, Germany, /PRNewswire/ —

  • Original project portfolio has more than quadrupled to 13 projects on three continents
  • Significant 2015 milestones include groundbreaking of joint assembly plant in Mexico, expansion of cooperation portfolio into pickup trucks
  • Infiniti Q30 production starts later this year; car on display at Frankfurt International Motor Show
  • EV versions of new smart fortwo and forfour to be powered by Renault electric motors

The partnership between the Renault-Nissan Alliance and Daimler AG accelerated and strengthened as it entered its sixth year in 2015, the companies’ leaders said today in their annual media update during the Frankfurt International Motor Show.

(Logo: )

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of the Alliance, described the partnership as “one of the most productive in the auto industry.”

“It has accelerated the time-to-market for vehicle launches and has been an obvious strategic advantage for each partner,” Ghosn said. “We look forward to its continued growth, with more joint projects in the future.”

Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, agreed.

“Since the start of our cooperation in 2010, our joint projects have created value for our customers worldwide,” Zetsche said. “This year we further deepened the collaboration and announced two completely new projects. We cooperate when it is mutually beneficial. And that is the way we will keep it.”

Major milestones so far in 2015 include:

  • Groundbreaking of a jointly owned assembly plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico: Nissan and Daimler recently broke ground on the U.S. $1 billion Aguascalientes plant, which will produce next-generation premium compact vehicles for Infiniti from 2017, and Mercedes-Benz starting in 2018. Nissan and Daimler will co-develop the vehicles. The plant is expected to produce more than 230,000 cars a year by 2020. They will also be produced at other Daimler and Nissan plants in Europe and China. The joint assembly plant is located next to the Nissan plant in Aguascalientes.
  • Development of a 1-ton pickup truck for Mercedes-Benz : Earlier this year, Daimler and Nissan announced development of the first Mercedes-Benz entry into the pickup segment. The new pickup will share some of its architecture with the all-new Nissan NP300, but will be engineered and designed by Daimler to meet the specific needs of its customers in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America.

Full release available here:


Jorg Howe, Daimler AG
Phone: +49-711-17-41341

Mia Nielsen, Renault-Nissan Alliance
Phone: +33-(0)6-10-83-31-33

Source: Renault-Nissan Alliance

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Vocalcom Launches Click2Start Cloud Call Center to Deliver More Customers to SMBs

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PARIS, /PRNewswire/ —

Vocalcom, a global provider of cloud-based call center software and sales acceleration technology, announced that it has launched Click2Start for the SMB market. The true cloud solution simplifies call center set up or modernization for small and mid-sized businesses, enabling them to leverage up-to-date solutions without bearing the burden of upfront capital or additional IT investments.

(Logo: )
(Photo: )

Available for up to thirty users, Click2Start is a compliant, multi-tenant cloud call center, that provides all the benefits of enterprise-level call center software without the cost or hassle, meaning businesses can invest their money in further expansion and scale the use of Click2Start to support their growth.

For simplicity, no call center solution comes close to our call center software provided as a Service (SaaS). All is needed is a computer, and an internet connection. Vocalcom Click2Start is fully functional in five minutes, and enables home-based and remote agents – so all users log in to the same system, regardless of their geographical location. No phones or hardware required.

With Vocalcom Click2Start, sales and service professionals benefit from a great value customer contact solution which ensures teams can continually improve performance, win more customers, and deliver a personalized customer service experience all in one place.

A single screen provides rich customer context and insight, guiding the agent through resolution – consistently, giving agents valuable customer context and insight – empowering them to engage and support your customers.

With features such as enhanced caller ID, IVR, skills-based routing, CTI screen-pop, virtual hold, call recording, predictive dialing, business analytics and smart automations, winning new customers or making them happy has never been this easy.

Managers can monitor and take action while on the go. On-Screen Caller Info offers immediate insight into customer data, and enhances the experience for both customers and agents. Skills-Based Routing gets calls to the right agent. Smart Dialer gives sales more time with live prospects. And everything is automatically logged to your CRM. The release also features a new multichannel interface for Salesforce to increase ease of use and agent productivity.

“We are excited to launch Click2Start to help SMBs accelerate their growth and stay ahead of the competition,” comments Anthony Dinis, CEO of Vocalcom.  “Vocalcom Click2Start offers call center solutions that have been purpose-built to bring you the simplicity and operational advantages of the cloud. Click2Start is opening up a wide range of possibilities and options for small and mid-sized organizations that do not have big budgets to invest or the staff to support it. Our solution will help both sales and service teams get the most out of their time and think big even if they’re just getting started.”

About Vocalcom

Vocalcom is a global provider of cloud technology which helps businesses win more customers, serve better, and grow faster. With more than 3,600 customers in 47 countries, Vocalcom is one of the foremost players in cloud contact center software, omnichannel customer experience, and sales acceleration technology.

Contact: Myriam Ghedas, +33155373050,

Source: Vocalcom

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BORGWARD Returns to Automotive World Stage

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FRANKFURT, Germany, /PRNewswire/ —

  • The Stuttgart-based group unveils two world premieres at the IAA: the BX7 SUV and the TS version of the BX7
  • Medium-term sales target of well over 500,000 vehicles a year
  • Company with rich heritage announces further new models

Market launch in Germany and the rest of Europe within the next two years

The time-honoured German automobile brand BORGWARD is returning to the world stage. BORGWARD has unveiled two world premieres at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main: the BX7 SUV and the TS version of the BX7. “Our goal is to turn BORGWARD back into the major international automobile manufacturer that it was in its heyday,” said Ulrich Walker, CEO of BORGWARD Group AG, in Frankfurt am Main on Tuesday.

Walker said that BORGWARD is scheduled to be launched in Germany and the rest of Europe sometime within the next two years. The company is to introduce its first vehicles to the Chinese and other emerging markets in the first half of 2016. Walker described the current developments on the Chinese market as a process of normalisation. “China remains a growth market,” he added. The first BORGWARD plant has already been completed in Beijing.

The market launch in China and further emerging markets will only be the beginning. “Our goal for the medium and long term is to be present not only in China and Europe but in all the other major markets as well – and, in particular, in the emerging economies,” said Walker. The entry into new markets and the achievement of corresponding sales volumes will be accompanied by the establishment of new production locations.

In the medium term, BORGWARD is targeting global sales of significantly more than 500,000 vehicles. In addition, the product portfolio is to be continuously expanded over the coming years, with at least two new models presented for market launch every year. Initially, the SUV family of vehicles is to expanded, with other segments to follow later. “The BORGWARD family will be competitive,” said Walker. “And our business model is based on sound financial and strategic foundations,” he added with reference to the brand’s continuing commitment to the basic values that already applied in the time of company founder Carl F. W. Borgward.

As in the past, BORGWARD stands once again for outstanding engineering and design, and for quality, innovation, sustainability and affordability. “It’s what we call ‘accessible premium’,” said Walker.

Similarly, in terms of design, the aesthetic shapes of the new BORGWARD embody the traditional values of the BORGWARD brand and help create the modern self-confidence of superior vehicles. BORGWARD models also combine the most advanced communication and entertainment systems with an extensive online service. BORGWARD likewise employs the very latest connectivity systems to enhance the driver’s safety and comfort. Outstanding product quality combined with uncompromising reliability and extreme longevity will ensure that upcoming model series become classics of the future.

And, last but not least, sustainability is firmly anchored in BORGWARD’s corporate goals. For example, BORGWARD is in favour of an electric drive train. Initially, BORGWARD is launching the BX 7 PHEV – a plug-in hybrid model that will lead the way in the mid-size SUV segment, by offering, for example, excellent driving performance and competitive electric ranges.

Further information

Kriegsbergstrasse 11
70174 Stuttgart, Germany
Marco Dalan
Head of Global Communications
Telephone +49-711-794-785 1000/1009

Source: BORGWARD Group AG

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HAIG CLUB(TM) Takes on Miami

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MIAMI, /PRNewswire/ — Global icon and HAIG CLUB™ business partner David Beckham and long-time friend and entrepreneur Simon Fuller hosted a star-studded private event for HAIG CLUB™ Single Grain Scotch Whisky in Miami last night.

(Photo: )
(Photo: )
(Photo: )

The event marks the second in a series of extraordinary pop-up experiences in stylish cities around the globe where HAIG CLUB™ is served. Each evening’s event opens up the world of the House of Haig, where Scotch Whisky is introduced in unexpected ways to influential guests.

The residency takes place until the 18th September on a stunning Miami estate that epitomises the city’s unique architectural style. David Beckham commented, “Miami is one of my favourite cities and it’s a place which means a lot to me. It has such energy and vibrancy – people here are always looking for new experiences and so it’s great to be able to present HAIG CLUB™ here in this way for friends old and new.”

HAIG CLUB™ Miami continues the celebration of the Haig “clubman” heritage – where raising a toast with a glass of Haig in private clubs was the cornerstone of every stylish social occasion.

The event series which began in the heart of London last March will also move to Shanghai in January 2016.

Welcome to HAIG CLUB™ – Enjoy Responsibly


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The Holmes Report: Fonterra, Li & Fung, Edelman Join Next Week’s In2Summit HK Lineup

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-Fonterra group communications director Kerry Underhill and Li & Fung community engagement head Karen Seymour to feature at Hong Kong conference.

HONG KONG/PRNewswire/ — Fonterra group communications director Kerry Underhill has joined the lineup for next week’s In2 Innovation Summit organized by The Holmes Report in Hong Kong.

Lenovo China CMO Arthur Wei addresses last year’s In2Summit in Beijing.
Lenovo China CMO Arthur Wei addresses last year’s In2Summit in Beijing.

Underhill joins a session led by Edelman APACMEA CEO David Brain, that will focus on how innovation needs to be communicated, amid rising public scepticism.

In addition, Li & Fung community engagement director Karen Seymour will feature in a session on ‘Tomorrow’s CSR’. Seymour, who is responsible for global community service initiatives across Li & Fung’s 40 markets and 26,000 employees, will help explore how community engagement strategies are rapidly changing.

Both speakers join a lineup that includes Microsoft senior communications director Andrew Pickup, who will discuss the ‘disruptive power of technology’ at the conference, which will again explore how the world of communications and public relations is changing.

Registration for the conference, which also features the In2 SABRE Awards at lunchtime, is now open. The 23rd evening will see the Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards at the same venue.

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Source: The Holmes Report

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September 21, 2015 at 5:16 pm

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Singapore’s Smart Nation Programme Head to open Inaugural IoT Show Asia conference

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — The Head of Singapore’s Smart Nation Programme, Mr Tan Kok Yam will give an opening address at Terrapinn’s IoT Show on 22 September. In his presentation, Mr Tan will address Singapore’s plans and initiatives towards becoming a smart nation.

Speaking to Terrapinn, Mr Tan said, The breath-taking advances in computing, robotics, use of sensors and the data sciences promise much. There is tremendous potential to improve lives, create new opportunities and build a closer community. Singapore has what it takes to make it work, but the challenge is always to keep our endeavours people centric, to solve real and practical issues that our city and society faces.

Leader of Intel’s Industry Solutions Group for Asia Pacific & Japan, Leighton Phillips added, “The Internet of Things has gone from vision to reality in just a few short years. We’re now at the point where the technology is enabling powerful insights and transformative new models. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on what businesses and governments can do to get smarter with IoT.”

The IoT Show will address the new business possibilities from the internet of things and contextual technology, featuring 4 conference tracks covering cities and government, energy and home, manufacturing and logistics, cars and transport. Joining Mr Tan will be a host of leading speakers from these sectors including:

  • Misko Kancko, Director of Global Strategy & Partnerships, Canada Post
  • Dr Jong-Sung Hwang, Head, The Centre for Gov3.0, National Information Society Agency
  • Mike Pederson, Director, Solution Architecture Group, Intel Corporation
  • Hideyuki Ando, Senior General Manager, Monohakobi Technology Institute (NYK Group)
  • Datuk Ismail Bin Ibrahim, Chief Executive, Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)
  • Bernard Faustino DY, Cauayan City Mayor, City of Cauayan
  • Mike Gascoyne, Chief Executive Officer, MGI Consultancy
  • Doug Parker, Chief Operating Officer, nuTonomy
  • Wayne Pales, Head of Smart Grid Program, CLP Power Hong Kong
  • Olivier Metzger, General Manager, Volvo Trucks
  • Rodell A. Garcia, Chief Technology Adviser, Manila Water Company
  • Dr Gregory Blokkeel, Research, Innovation and Advanced Technologies Division, Innovation Cell@Singapore,PSA Peugeot-Citroen
  • Keen Sing Lee, Chief Engineer, Technology Management Office, SMRT Trains
  • Eugene Toh, Director, Policy Department, Energy Market Authority
  • Leif Nielsen, Director, Vertical Solutions and Technical Excellence, Solutions Group, Intel Asia-Pacific andJapan
  • Mike Bates, Global Energy Director, Intel Corporation
  • Osamu Tanabe, Head of Fundamental Technology Department, Tokyo Gas Co Ltd
  • Shinichiro Motomiya, Director, Airport Planning Office, Corporate Planning Division, Narita International Airport
  • Alistair Legge, General Manager, Customer and Technology, United Energy Distribution & Multinet Gas
  • Thomas Hoff Andersson, Director of Airport Optimization, Copenhagen Airports

Alongside the conference is an exhibition that brings the entire eco-system together: platforms, integrators, cloud infrastructure, sensors, chips, components, devices, semiconductors, security, big data, regulators, financiers, investors and big brands. Amongst the exhibitors include key industry players such as Intel, NTT Communications, Bosch, Entrust Datacard and Infineon, amongst others.

The event will take place from 22-23 September 2015 at Suntec Convention Centre and set to host 350 conference attendees, 30 sponsors, exhibitors and start-ups and will see over 1,500 attendees in 2 days. The IoT Show 2015 is co-located with The Cyber Security Show 2015.

About The IOT Show/The Cyber Security Show Asia
Date: 22  23 September 2015
Conference opening hours: 09:00 am
Venue: Level 4, Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

About Terrapinn
Terrapinn is a business media company. Its products are trade exhibitions, conferences, training solutions and electronic and print publications. For more information, please visit

Note: Press registration for the conference is compulsory and advance scheduling for speaker/ sponsor interviews is recommended. Final issuance of press passes is subjected to Terrapinn’s discretion.

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