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#88 Interush Aston Martin Team Returns to the Race Track for the Third Race of the 2015 GT Asia Series

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IRVINE, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — The #88 Interush-sponsored Aston Martin driven by the formidableFrank Yu and Richard Lyons has been off to a winning start at the 2015 GT Asia Series, boasting of a second place podium win at the recently concluded race in Okayama, Japan. Having proven their tenacity and competence in the series, the #88 AMR team is gearing up for yet another strong outcome in the third race on July 18 and 19. Interush and their Affiliates are ready to lend support to their favorite team and cheer them on through the exciting motorsports competition.

“We are extremely pleased with the stellar performance of the #88 team in the exciting 2015 GT Asia Series,” saidChris Simonian, Vice President of Marketing of Interush. “We have high hopes that Frank Yu and Richard Lyons will once again emerge victorious in the Fuji Speedway and secure another podium win for the team.”

The race will be held at the historic Fuji International Speedway, a world-class circuit that is a versatile venue for all kinds of motorsports. The iconic location has also served as a place for concerts and television and movie locations. The race track was built in the 1960s and was home to the first Japan Formula One race in 1976. It was featured in various media, including Pole Position, well-known by gaming enthusiasts, and the Japanese television drama, Engine. It stands in the foothills of Mount Fuji and is known for having one of the longest straights in race tracks.

Public practice sessions will commence at the speedway on July 15 and 16, while an official practice round will occur on July 17. The race will be initialized with two qualifying sessions on Saturday, July 18, with the official race starting at 12:20 pm. The next round of the race on Sunday, July 19 will begin at 4:20 pm. (local time)

The GT Asia Series is the sixth season of the GT Asia Championship and is a part of the Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS). The next race in the series will be in Sepang, Malaysia on September 4-6 at the Sepang International Circuit.

For more information on Interush-sponsored racing events, visit Fans can follow the Interush Racing Facebook page at for highlights from this and upcoming races in the series.

Interush® Racing is a website where all Interush Affiliates can discover the latest news about company-sponsored race information. Interush Racing is powered by Interush Media, LLC of Irvine, California, which markets within the rapidly expanding information technology sector in Asia. For more information, visit Interush and the Interush logo are registered trademarks of Interush Technology, Ltd., a member of the Interush group of companies, registered in the United States and other countries. Other trademarks referenced are the property of their respective owners.

Source: Interush
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June a Down Month for Hedge Funds, but Funds Still Outperform Key Indexes; eVestment Report Expands International View With Added Asia, Middle East Coverage

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ATLANTA /PRNewswire/ — The hedge fund industry produced an aggregate return of -0.93% in June, according to eVestment’s just-released June and 2Q 2015 Hedge Fund Performance Report. While a down month, June’s performance was just over 100 basis points ahead of the S&P 500, which fell -1.94% during the month. The industry’s Q2 2015 return of +0.65% also outperformed the S&P (+0.28%) and a balanced index of 60% MSCI World/40% Citi WGBI (-0.42%).

June’s report features an expanded look at Asian, Middle East and other regional hedge fund trends as the hedge fund industry and investor base becomes increasingly global. A few interesting points from this expanded coverage, according to report author Peter Laurelli, eVestment vice president and head of research, include:

  • Despite nearly 5% declines from funds focused on both China and Russia in June, emerging market hedge funds were a highlight for the industry in Q2 and H1 with returns of +3.72% and +4.18%, respectively.
  • Hedge funds focused on Chinese markets outperformed indexed exposure to the country in Q2 and H1. Average hedge fund returns of +12.91% and +20.46% beat the S&P China BMI which rose +8.96% and +15.46% in Q2 and H1 2015, respectively.
  • Firms domiciled within Asia have outperformed all other major domiciles in 2015, driven primarily by exposure to Chinese markets. Firms located in mainland China and Hong Kong have performed best while those domiciled in Japan have lagged.
  • Firms domiciled in the Middle East have performed well in 2015, +6.14%. Despite its small relative size, the universe of Middle East domiciled firms is comprised of a diverse mix of strategies including dedicated EM, global LS and market neutral equity, FX and credit.

Going forward, the report will highlight key hedge fund trends from various global markets, in addition to overall hedge fund industry trends.

To download a full copy of the report, please click here—june-2015

About eVestment

eVestment provides a flexible suite of easy-to-use, cloud-based solutions to help the institutional investing community identify and capitalize on global investment trends, better select and monitor investment managers and more successfully enable asset managers to market their funds worldwide. eVestment’s mission is to help make smart money smarter.

Source: eVestment

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Oxitec ‘Self-limiting Gene’ Offers Hope for Controlling Invasive Moth Without Using Pesticides

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OXFORD, England /PRNewswire/ — A new pesticide-free and environmentally-friendly way to control insect pests has moved ahead today with the publication of scientific results showing that Oxitec diamondback moths (DBM) with a ‘self-limiting gene’ can dramatically reduce populations of DBM, an invasive species and serious pest of cabbages, kale, canola and other crucifer crops around the world.

Published in the journal BMC Biology, today’s results provide another successful proof of concept for the novel approach developed by Oxitec, an Oxford University spinout company pioneering insecticide-free methods to control pest insect populations. The self-limiting gene technique has already been trialled against dengue fever-carrying mosquitos, successfully reducing their populations by over 90% in Brazil, Panama and the Cayman Islands – an unprecedented level of control by any method, and one that is leading to municipal projects following approval by the national biosafety group in Brazil for releases throughout the country.

The approach was inspired by the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT), which has been used worldwide for more than 50 years, where male insects are sterilized by radiation and released to mate with pest females. Without offspring the population crashes. Oxitec’s approach harnesses the natural reproductive instincts of the male insects, but doesn’t rely on radiation to sterilize them, which can affect many genes and the insect’s ability to mate. Instead, a self-limiting gene is carried by the insects, in this case diamondback moths. The engineered male moths are released to mate with the pest females, and because their female offspring do not survive to reproduce, the number of pest moths dwindles. The Oxitec moths also carry a color marker for monitoring.

In the new results published today, scientists from the US, UK and China show that diamondback moth populations in greenhouses were well controlled within 8 weeks.

Unlike insecticides, which can affect a broad variety of insect life including bees and other beneficial insects, this approach is entirely species-specific, affecting only the targeted pest population. The self-limiting gene is also non-toxic, so the moths can be eaten by birds or other animals with no adverse effects.

“This research is opening new doors for the future of farming with pest control methods that are non-toxic and pesticide-free,” said Dr Neil Morrison, lead DBM Research Scientist at Oxitec and a co-author on the paper. “We all share an interest in safe and environmentally friendly pest control, so this is a very promising tool that could be put to good use by farmers as part of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies for healthy and sustainable agriculture.”

Co-author Tony Shelton, Professor of Entomology at Cornell University, is also an expert on IPM, and hopes that the new technology can be used as a part of more agro-ecological farming systems, including organic production. “Both conventional and organic pesticides are failing to control DBM, so it’s time for scientists and farmers to work together to find new tools,” he said.

The struggle with diamondback moth for cruciferous vegetable production costs farmers around the world up to $5 billion dollars each year. DBM is poorly controlled by current methods, especially as the moths are becoming increasingly resistant to insecticides.

“Diamondback is a serious problem for farmers in New York State and around the world – anywhere cruciferous vegetables and field crops are grown. These moths invade and attack the crops, and they are developing resistance to insecticides, so we urgently need new tools to better control them,” added Professor Shelton, who is planning follow-up studies to test the Oxitec moths under harsher, outdoor conditions in upstate New York.

These studies include field cage tests this summer, with plans for small-scale field releases in future. The upcoming trials have already been approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) following extensive review by independent experts and a public consultation last year.

Oxitec’s Dr Morrison concluded: “As agricultural challenges make the coexistence of diverse pest control methods increasingly important, farmers will – more than ever – need the support of their governments, public, and the scientific community to help provide them with the tools they need to put food on our tables.”

For the open-access paper, ‘Pest control and resistance management through release of insects carrying a male-selecting transgene’, published in BMC Biology, visit:

About Oxitec

Oxitec is a pioneer in using genetic engineering to control insect pests that spread disease and damage crops, and was founded in 2002 as a spinout from Oxford University (UK).

About the diamondback moth

DBM is the world’s worst insect pest of crucifer crops such as cabbage, canola, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. This moth is not sufficiently controlled by natural enemies or other integrated pest management practices, so growers throughout the world typically spray their crops many times with insecticides. This has led to DBM developing resistance to most insecticides. There is also growing concern about pesticide residues on crops, worker safety, and potential hazards to the environment, so new approaches are needed.

Diamondback Moth FAQ and video via Oxitec:

Professor Shelton’s DBM page at Cornell University:

For more information:

Press contact:
Chris Creese

Source: Oxitec

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glispa Offers Brands Direct Access to Over Half of the World’s Smartphone Users Through its gNative Native Advertising Platform

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— glispa reaches 1 Billion mobile users on its gNative advertising platform offering the largest native CPI (cost per install) supply in the mobile industry

BERLIN, SAN FRANCISCO and BEIJING /PRNewswire/ — After a strategic investment of $77MM from Market Tech Holdings this year, glispa, the leading platform in global performance marketing, is proud to officially introduce its proprietary native ad solution out of beta: gNative. glispa defines native ads as non-intrusive ad formats (not limited to banner ads) that blend into the flow and content of an application where the advertisement is running. glispa’s exclusive ad inventory effectively and accurately reaches hundreds of millions of mobile users, allowing advertisers to dramatically increase customer value through native ad placement. glispa already has the largest native CPI (cost per install) supply in the mobile industry.

In the last quarter gNative has increased its reach from 643MM addressable mobile users to over 1 Billion. glispa is currently delivering over 9 million quality app installs per month to advertisers and with this current growth rate expects to deliver a total of 100 million installs by the end of 2015.

glispa clients, including Zalora, Flipkart and (subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group) have seen a significant increase in the number of high quality engagements and true conversions, measured by post install events [e.g. in app purchases, subscriptions]. Each transaction is optimized via glispa’s Quality Optimization Engine (QOE). QOE is glispa’s business intelligence tool that delivers advertisers quality traffic and turns big data into valuable, actionable metrics. As gNative adoption increases, revenue increases as clients continue to see growth in conversions and installs, proving an increase in advertising efficiency from gNative’s scalable programmatic buying for native ad environments.

Learn more about gNative at:

“We selected glispa’s gNative solution for running user acquisition due to their extensive reach in some of our key geographies. glispa is able to deliver on our campaign objectives at scale. With glispa we look forward to a more strategic growth,” said Kaushal Bhalotia, Head of Online Marketing, Zalora.

Gary Lin, Founder & CEO of glispa, said, “gNative has been showing excellent ROI for global mobile advertisers who want to think outside of the (ad) box and who seek targeted users via our data-driven technology. Our significant global advertising demand along with deep expertise in the BRIC markets benefits the largest app developers looking to monetize their inventory. We are aggressively investing in technologies that are critical to the success of app developers, including robust supply-side solutions for native and video advertising and algorithm-based big data platforms for advanced profiling and targeting.”

For publishers and app developers, gNative provides several benefits including:

  • The flexibility to go beyond banner and interstitial ads, by extending advertising into the native app experience as well as the app launcher interface (e.g. app recommendations on phone homescreen)
  • Variety of immersive ad placements: offerings within app wall, editorial section, app categories, etc.
  • Contextual ads, based on current user behavior
  • Ongoing investment in the glispa Quality Optimization Engine (QOE) for continuously improving ROI.

“gNative has provided us with immense global reach that translates, simply, into better revenue potential,” saidThomas Zhu, VP of Global Business, Sungy Mobile. “We looked for a scalable, flexible native solution to monetize through native ads in a way that we couldn’t before. glispa has delivered for us and will continue to play a major role in our ad strategy.”

About glispa
glispa is a digital marketing pioneer empowering our clients to activate global audiences and move markets. Providing a full suite of technology based services – gBoost, gPerform, gNative and Media Services – glispa partners with global advertisers helping them outperform user acquisition and monetization goals. glispa maintains an international reach of one billion active users and serves 400 billion ad impressions monthly. Winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50™ for innovation and entrepreneurialism, glispa is headquartered in Berlin with offices in Beijing, San Francisco Bangalore, Sao Paulo and Tel Aviv, and employs a multinational team representing 40 nationalities speaking 24 languages. Connect with us at

Photo –
Logo –

Source: glispa
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Magna Enters Into Agreement To Acquire Getrag

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AURORA, Ontario /PRNewswire/ — Magna International Inc. (TSX: MG, NYSE: MGA) today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire the Getrag Group of Companies (“Getrag”), one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive transmissions.

Getrag has an 80-year history in transmissions and is a technology leader, offering a range of transmission systems which include manual, automated-manual, dual-clutch, hybrid and other advanced systems. We believe the architecture of Getrag’s product line is well-positioned to support current and future automotive powertrain configurations. In particular, Getrag is a leader in the growing market for dual-clutch transmissions (“DCTs”), which is expected to be one of the highest growth segments globally over the next decade.

In addition to its wholly-owned operations, Getrag has significant joint-venture relationships with Ford, as well as Chinese auto makers Jiangling and Dongfeng. Other Getrag customers include BMW, Daimler, Renault, Volvo and Great Wall. Including joint-venture locations, Getrag has approximately 13,500 employees and operates 13 manufacturing and 10 engineering centres in nine countries in Europe, Asia and North America. Getrag’s 2014 consolidated sales were approximately €1.7 billion, which excludes approximately EUR1.6 billion in sales generated in its non-consolidated joint-ventures.

Don Walker, Magna’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “As part of our ongoing product portfolio review, we have identified the expansion of our powertrain business as a strategic priority. Getrag is an excellent fit with this strategy. Getrag is a technology leader in a product area that we believe is
well-positioned to benefit from industry trends that are driving increased vehicle fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions. Getrag’s joint venture relationships also provide significant growth potential in China, the world’s largest automotive market and the fastest growing market for DCTs. Lastly, Getrag has a highly capable and experienced workforce, including deep powertrain engineering expertise.”

The purchase price for 100% of the equity of Getrag is approximately EUR1.75 billion. This represents an enterprise value of approximately EUR2.45 billion less proportionate net debt and proportionate pension liabilities, which together are estimated to be approximately EUR700 million at closing. The purchase price is subject to working capital and other customary purchase price adjustments.

The transaction is expected to close near the end of 2015, subject to a number of conditions including obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals.

We will hold a conference call for interested analysts and shareholders to review the acquisition onThursday, July 16, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. EDT. The conference call will be chaired by Don Walker, Chief Executive Officer. The number to use for this call is 1-800-768-9481. The number for overseas callers is 1-416-981-9031. Please call in at least 10 minutes prior to the call. We will also webcast the conference call A slide presentation accompanying the conference call will be available on our website Thursday morning prior to the call.

For anyone unable to listen to the scheduled call, the rebroadcast numbers will be: North America 1-800-558-5253 and overseas 1-416-626-4100 (reservation number is 21772389) and will be available until Thursday, July 23, 2015.

For further information, please contact Vince Galifi, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, at 905-726-7100 or Louis Tonelli, Vice-President, Investor Relations, at 905-726-7035. For teleconferencing questions, please contact Nancy Hansford at 905-726-7108.

We are a leading global automotive supplier with 316 manufacturing operations and 87 product development, engineering and sales centres in 29 countries. We have approximately 133,000 employees focused on delivering superior value to our customers through innovative processes and World Class Manufacturing. Our product capabilities include producing body, chassis, interior, exterior, seating, powertrain, electronic, vision, closure and roof systems and modules, as well as complete vehicle engineering and contract manufacturing. Our common shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MG) and the New York Stock Exchange (MGA). For further information about Magna, visit our website at

This press release contains statements that constitute “forward-looking statements” or “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable securities legislation, including, but not limited to, statements relating to: strategic benefits expected to result from the acquisition; anticipated growth of the DCT market and our ability to capitalize on such expected growth; potential growth opportunities in China with Getrag’s joint venture partners; and our ability to benefit from industry trends related to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The forward-looking information in this document is presented for the purpose of providing information about management’s current expectations and plans and such information may not be appropriate for other purposes. Forward-looking statements may include financial and other projections, as well as statements regarding our future plans, objectives or economic performance, or the assumptions underlying any of the foregoing, and other statements that are not recitations of historical fact. We use words such as “may”, “would”, “could”, “should”, “will”, “likely”, “expect”, “anticipate”, “believe”, “intend”, “plan”, “forecast”, “outlook”, “project”, “estimate” and similar expressions suggesting future outcomes or events to identify forward-looking statements. Any such forward-looking statements are based on information currently available to us, and are based on assumptions and analyses made by us in light of our experience and our perception of historical trends, current conditions and expected future developments, as well as other factors we believe are appropriate in the circumstances. However, whether actual results and developments will conform with our expectations and predictions is subject to a number of risks, assumptions and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control, and the effects of which can be difficult to predict, including, without limitation: the satisfaction or waiver of conditions to complete the transaction, including obtaining required regulatory approvals, and the consummation of the transaction; our ability to successfully identify, complete and integrate acquisitions or achieve anticipated synergies; our ability to conduct appropriate due diligence on acquisition targets; risks of conducting business in foreign markets, including China, India, Russia, Eastern Europe, Thailand,Brazil, Argentina and other non-traditional markets for us; ongoing pricing pressures, including our ability to offset price concessions demanded by our customers; our ability to consistently develop innovative products or processes; warranty and recall costs; pension liabilities; the impact of economic or political conditions on consumer confidence, consumer demand for vehicles and vehicle production; fluctuations in relative currency values; restructuring, downsizing and/or other significant non-recurring costs; continued underperformance of one or more of our operating Divisions; our ability to successfully launch material new or takeover business; shifts in market share away from our top customers; inability to grow our business with OEMs; shifts in market shares among vehicles or vehicle segments, or shifts away from vehicles on which we have significant content; a prolonged disruption in the supply of components to us from our suppliers; shutdown of our or our customers’ or sub-suppliers’ production facilities due to a labour disruption; scheduled shutdowns of our customers’ production facilities (typically in the third and fourth quarters of each calendar year); our ability to successfully compete with other automotive suppliers; reduction in outsourcing by our customers or the loss of a material production or assembly program; the termination or non-renewal by our customers of any material production purchase order; impairment charges related to goodwill and long-lived assets; exposure to, and ability to offset, volatile commodities prices; risk of production disruptions due to natural disasters or other catastrophic events; the security and reliability of our IT systems; legal claims and/or regulatory actions against us, including the ongoing antitrust investigations being conducted by German and Brazilian authorities; changes in our mix of earnings between jurisdictions with lower tax rates and those with higher tax rates, as well as our ability to fully benefit tax losses; other potential tax exposures; changes in credit ratings assigned to us; changes in laws and governmental regulations; costs associated with compliance with environmental laws and regulations; liquidity risks as a result of an unanticipated deterioration of economic conditions; our ability to achieve future investment returns that equal or exceed past returns; the unpredictability of, and fluctuation in, the trading price of our Common Shares; and other factors set out in our Annual Information Form filed with securities commissions in Canada and our annual report on Form 40-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and subsequent filings. In evaluating forward looking statements, we caution readers not to place undue reliance on any forward-looking statements and readers should specifically consider the various factors which could cause actual events or results to differ materially from those indicated by such forward-looking statements. Unless otherwise required by applicable securities laws, we do not intend, nor do we undertake any obligation, to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent information, events, results or circumstances or otherwise.

Source: Magna International Inc.

Related stocks: NYSE:MGA Toronto:MG

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Thermarium Build the Largest Spa in Norway

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BUCH IN TIROL, Austria /PRNewswire/ — Thermarium strengthens its position as a global key player in spa planning and realisation.


One of the most outstanding projects is the Kongeveien Eiendom Spa Complex in Norway, now rebranded to “THE WELL”. The largest spa facility in Norway is funded by a private investor and is scheduled to open in December 2015.

The overall planning area of the project amounts to 10.500 sqm, with 6.500 sqm of Day Spa area.

Thermarium has brought its entire range of know-how and expertise to this project. This includes the overall concept, the engineering and interior design services as well as the final construction.

“On The Well project Thermarium has added unique know how and superior quality, and at the same time showed great flexibility in a complex constructional project,” says Thomas Gundersen, project manager, THE WELL.

Some of the project’s highlights are the pool areas, which have been designed as a lavish landscape, and a shower grotto featuring a realistic stream with several trickles of water cascading down the sides of the rock grotto.

The hot rooms entice guests to explore the spa as it creates a unique and interesting well-being ambiance. The art deco area, for instance, will feature a pool and a steam room designed with state-of-the-art materials and a highly creative interplay of different shapes and colours.

In a world of lights the Aurora Laconium features shifting lighting moods that enhance relaxation, while the Ambilight Cinema Sauna provides visual well-being with lights on a TV screen.

The Japanese area with its distinctive design and finishes offers unique well-being experiences in a sauna, steam room, fire room and a meditation room. A Turkish bath / Hamam serves as a secret haven for guests paying for this treatment.

This project is unique in its appearance and constructional complexity in all of Norway and reflects the recent growth and development of the country’s spa industry.

Media contact

Bundesstrasse 154a, A-6220 Buch in Tirol
Tel: +43-(0)5244-6566-0
Fax: +43-(0)5244-63489-19

Source: THERMARIUM SPA-Anlagenbau GmbH

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PW Power Systems Awarded Frame 7FA.03 Long Term Contract for Parts, Component Repair Services and Outage Services by Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power)

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GLASTONBURY, Conn. /PRNewswire/ — PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS) recently entered into a long term agreement for the supply of gas turbine hot gas path and combustion parts, component repair services and outage services with the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) for the combined cycle facility at the Wansley Unit 9 Power Plant, located in Franklin, Heard County, Georgia.

The combined cycle facility at the Wansley plant consists of two Frame 7FA.03 natural gas-fired turbines and a steam turbine.

Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) was formed in 1975 by the State of Georgia for the purpose of owning and operating electric generation and transmission facilities and supplying bulk electric power. Currently, 48 cities and one county have contracted with MEAG Power to purchase wholesale power.

According to PWPS senior vice president Charles Levey, “PW Power Systems is expanding its presence and customer base in the ‘F Class’ industrial gas turbine market by offering superior technology with significant cost savings.  The gas turbine user community continues to embrace the ability to operate and maintain its generation assets more cost effectively facilitated by PWPS technology offerings and depth of experience.”

About PW Power Systems, Inc.
PW Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS), headquartered in Glastonbury, Conn., is a world leader in the supply of energy solutions for the power generation industry. PWPS provides an array of products and services, including gas turbine packages, industrial gas turbine aftermarket services, and engineering, procurement and construction services. PWPS is a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI). MHI, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world’s leading heavy machinery manufacturers, with consolidated net sales of approximately $32.5 billion for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. MHI’s diverse lineup of products and services encompasses shipbuilding, power plants including distributed power, chemical plants, environmental equipment, steel structures, industrial and general machinery, aircraft, space systems and air-conditioning systems. To learn more about PWPS, visit

Source: PW Power Systems, Inc.
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8th Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia Calls for Entries And Nominations

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SINGAPORE/PRNewswire/ — The 8th Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia, which recognises individuals and companies for their outstanding contributions to Asia’smaritime industry, will be held on Monday, 16 November 2015 at the Convention Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Individuals and corporates have till31 July 2015 to submit their entries and nominations to Seatrade to shout about their achievements in 12 different competitive award categories.

For the first time, the awards scheme has introduced a new competitive category, the Maritime Logistics Award, to acknowledge achievements made within the maritime logistics sector. Judging criteria in this new category include achievements in areas such as productivity improvements and level of value-added services. All entries and nominations in the 12 competitive award categories will be adjudicated by an independent panel of judges who are all industry stalwarts with decades of trade experience.

In addition to the competitive categories, Seatrade will be presenting the Young Person of the Year, Personality of the Year, Contribution to the development of the Maritime Cluster in Hong Kong and Lifetime Achievement Awards in recognition of exceptional contributions by luminaries in the region’s maritime industry. Past recipients include influential industry heavyweights like Tan Sri Frank Tsao and CC Tung.

Marcus Hand, Seatrade Maritime Review Asia Editor and Chairman of the Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia Judging Panel, comments, “We are really excited that the Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia are returning to Hong Kong as part of the Hong Kong Logistics and Maritime Week. Winning an award is a testament of excellence and success and will position the winners in the forefront of the region’s maritime industry.”

Widely acknowledged as one of the region’s most prestigious industry awards, the Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia, to be held during Hong Kong Logistics and Maritime Week, is a partner event of the Asian Logistics Maritime Conference (ALMC) and strongly supported by the Hong Kong Shipowners Association and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). The black tie gala dinner is expected to be attended by over 400 leading industry executives to recognise and reward outstanding performances and achievements of fellow industry peers and friends.

Visit to find out more and how you can submit your entries and join the night of celebration.

For more information, please contact:

Daphne Yuen
DID: +65 6922 3740

About Seatrade

Seatrade provides a range of global events, websites and publications that covers every aspect of the cruise and maritime industries, bringing together key people to encourage innovation and to produce powerful learning, networking and promotional platforms. Founded in 1970, Seatrade was acquired in 2014 by UBM, the world’s second largest media and event organiser. Seatrade sits with UBM EMEA, which connects people and creates opportunities for companies to develop new business, meet customers, launch new products, promote brands and expand markets. Operating in over 23 countries, UBM EMEA organizes many of the world’s largest, most important exhibitions, conferences, awards, directories, websites and publications in a wide variety of industries.

Find out more about Seatrade and UBM. Visit and


Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia 2015 Award Categories

  1. Environment Protection Award
  2. Technical Innovation Award
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Award
  4. Safety Award
  5. Ship Manager Award
  6. Ship Owner/Operator Award
  7. Emerging Terminal Operator Award
  8. Maritime Logistics Award
  9. Maritime Law Award
  10. Ship Finance Award*
  11. Shipbuilding & Repair Yard Award
  12. Deal of the Year
  13. Contribution to the development of the Maritime Cluster in Hong Kong**
  14. Young Person of the Year**
  15. Personality of the Year**
  16. Seatrade Lifetime Achievement Award**


Open to ship finance lawyers


Not open for nominations.

Judging Panel


Mr Marcus Hand, Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

The Judges:

  • Mr Gerardo Borromeo, Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc
  • Mr Arthur Bowring, Managing Director, Hong Kong Shipowners Association (HKSOA)
  • Mr Peter Cremers, CEO, Anglo Eastern Group
  • Mr Sunny Ho, Executive Director, Hong Kong Shippers Council
  • Mr Esben Poulsson, Vice Chairman, International Chamber of Shipping
  • Mr Torgeir Sterri, Vice President and Regional Manager for Region Greater China, DNV GL
  • Mr Noboru Ueda, Chairman and President, ClassNK
  • Mr Tim Wilkins, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, INTERTANKO Asia
2014 Seatrade Asia Awards Winners
2014 Seatrade Asia Awards Winners

Photo –
Photo –

Source: Seatrade Communications

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4ipnet Introduces WHG201, the Smallest and Most Affordable WLAN Controller with Enterprise-grade User Access Control

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TAIPEI /PRNewswire/ — 4ipnet, a leading provider of competitive and comprehensive wireless LAN solutions for meeting the Wi-Fi demands of tomorrow, today announced the launch of its latest wireless LAN controller, the WHG201. Able to manage up to 10 4ipnet access points, the WHG201 is ideal for distributed site deployments and SMBs that require the same degree of wireless security and performance as large enterprises, but without the hefty price tag. The WHG201 is also easy to deploy and has streamlined management functionality, minimizing the total cost of ownership and catering to smaller organizations with limited IT resources.

With a newly designed setup wizard, the WHG201’s initial configuration can be easily completed even by those without a profound knowledge of wireless networking. For example, in addition to the automatic discovery and provisioning of access points, administrators are asked to provide an estimated quantity of users for the Wi-Fi network and whether or not bandwidth control per user is required. Based on the results, the system will then automatically generate optimized AP settings and user access policies. Finally, the administrator can separately configure the Ethernet port in single-WAN or dual-WAN operation, catering to deployment scenarios that need functions such as WAN port failover and load balancing.

Once the network is up and running, the WHG201’s user access control and policy enforcement guarantees secure, reliable, and high performance Wi-Fi connectivity. Unauthorized users are prevented from accessing sensitive network resources, while individual user bandwidths are limited so that a single user does not congest the entire network. With the multitude of mobile devices in use today, many SMBs now realize that a stable Wi-Fi network cannot be maintained without proper access control functionality.

Finally, for large-scale distributed site and chain store deployments, multiple WHG201 and their respective access points can be centrally monitored by 4ipnet’s upcoming Network Management System, the NMS100. Featuring multi-tenancy and a large storage capacity for remotely storing device configurations and system logs, the NMS100 helps administrators quickly detect and troubleshoot network issues at any of the locations. The WHG201 allows each site to independently perform user access control and monitoring with a minimal cost per site, striking a perfect balance between cost and performance.


The WHG201 is available immediately.

Please visit to make an inquiry.

About 4ipnet

Founded in 2002, 4ipnet offers an affordable all-in-one wireless LAN solution that combines AP management, user access control, social media login, multi-site cloud management, and network activity monitoring all within the same platform. With this design, many complexities of traditional WLAN deployments are simplified while simultaneously increasing cost-savings.

Along with a complete suite of guest Wi-Fi functionality, enterprise-grade security, and wireless performance optimization features, 4ipnet delivers a comprehensive and reliable Wi-Fi architecture at only a fraction of the cost of traditional WLAN solutions.

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Source: 4ipnet, Inc.
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Peninsula Hotel Planned for Hyde Park Corner

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-First image revealed of new hotel and apartments in Belgravia, central London

LONDON /PRNewswire/ — Plans have been submitted with Westminster City Council for a new 190-room hotel, to be known as The Peninsula London, at one of the city’s most celebrated addresses.

First image revealed of The Peninsula London in Belgravia, central London
First image revealed of The Peninsula London in Belgravia, central London

Joint venture partners Grosvenor Britain & Ireland (Grosvenor) and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited are proposing a new landmark at 1-5 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia in the West End of London. Designed by British-based Hopkins Architects, the new building will replace the existing offices at the site, built in the 1960s, with a design that responds to the heritage of its immediate neighbours, providing a new focal point and vibrancy to Hyde Park Corner.

The Peninsula London is planned to cater for both hotel guests and local customers. In addition to guestrooms and spa, the hotel will have shops, bars, restaurants and a ballroom. A grand pedestrian entrance on Grosvenor Place will be accessed from a colonnade linking to an internal ‘Palazzo-style’ courtyard, approximately 30 x 30 metres, allowing vehicle access. The proposed building also includes 24-28 residential apartments with a separate leisure and spa facility, reception and entrance on Halkin Street.

Plans include improved public realm in Grosvenor Place, Halkin Street and Grosvenor Crescent, with easier road crossings, wider footpaths and new trees planted along Halkin Street and Grosvenor Crescent. The public realm proposals around 1-5 Grosvenor Place are designed by BDP, a major international practice of architects, designers and engineers, which has worked with Grosvenor since 2007. Grosvenor and The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited aim to start construction in summer 2017.

Peter Vernon, Chief Executive Officer of Grosvenor Britain & Ireland said: “This is an exciting opportunity to shape a very special corner of London. For over 300 years Grosvenor has carefully curated its London estate in Mayfair and Belgravia and The Peninsula London is another important step in our journey. This high-quality development is sensitive to its surroundings, sustainable and will support around 2,800 jobs in the wider economy. It will enhance the West End’s reputation as one of the world’s foremost places to visit and a driving force for the UK economy.”

Clement Kwok, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited said: “We are delighted to partner with Grosvenor to bring the Peninsula brand to London. As a company with 150 years of history, HSH is genuinely committed to the long term and focuses on developing, as an owner-operator, a small number of the highest quality Peninsula hotels in key international gateway cities. Each of our hotels embraces the local culture, style and history to deliver a unique experience for guests. As one of the world’s most important destinations for business and tourism, London will be an exciting addition to our global network.”

For more information please contact:

Hamish McDougall, Interim Head of Media Relations, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland: 020 7312 6479 /

Lynne Mulholland, Director, Corporate Affairs, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited
T: +852 28407152 or +852 67188219 /

About Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland is part of the Grosvenor Group.

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s mission is to create and recreate inspiring places and neighbourhoods, delivering value for customers, shareholders and co-investors with its place-making expertise.

It owns, develops and manages a diverse property portfolio in cities across Britain and Ireland. Business units are focused on its London estate, comprising 300 acres of Mayfair and Belgravia in the heart of the UK’s capital, and developments elsewhere in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Oxford, Cambridge and Southampton.

As at 31 December 2014, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland had GBP5.2bn of assets under management. 
Twitter: @Grosvenor_GBI

About The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

Incorporated in 1866 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00045), The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited is the holding company of a Group which is engaged in the ownership, development, and management of prestigious hotels and commercial and residential properties in key locations in Asia, the United States and Europe, as well as the provision of tourism and leisure, club management and other services. The Peninsula Hotels portfolio comprises The Peninsula Hong Kong, The Peninsula Shanghai, The Peninsula Beijing, The Peninsula Tokyo, The Peninsula Bangkok, The Peninsula Manila, The Peninsula New York, The Peninsula Chicago, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, and The Peninsula Paris. Projects under development include The Peninsula London and The Peninsula Yangon. The property portfolio of the Group includes The Repulse Bay Complex, The Peak Tower and St. John’s Building in Hong Kong; The Landmark in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; 1-5 Grosvenor Place in London, UK, and 21 avenue Kléber in Paris, France. The clubs and services portfolio of the Group includes The Peak Tram inHong Kong; Thai Country Club in Bangkok, Thailand; Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, California; Peninsula Clubs and Consultancy Services, Peninsula Merchandising, and Tai Pan Laundry in Hong Kong.

Photo –
Logo –
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Source: The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Limited

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