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Papertrail, An Essential Tool for Re-Finding Academic Papers and PDF Files

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MELBOURNE, Australia /PRNewswire/ — Papertrail App Pty Ltd has recently released its new app to the public. Papertrail is a Windows desktop application which helps users re-find PDF files. What makes this application unique is that it searches through PDF files like a human would do, using different sets of memory cues, such as colour, date of accessing the file, page layout, keywords, sources, other documents viewed at the time, or even the time of the day. Papertrail currently allows for searches for misplaced PDF files by using 26 different types of cues.

To view the full multimedia release, click here:

Application Screenshot 1

Application Screenshot 2.
Application Screenshot 3
Application Screenshot 4

This application has been primarily designed with academics, research students and professors in mind. However, it is useful to anyone who has to deal with significant amounts of PDF files in their work. It helps save precious time and keeps files always a click or two away.

Papertrail is a product of research in information management and episodic memory and aims to help people re-find information they have once viewed. It is currently available under a study participant license. The study is conducted at Monash University, Melbourne, under ethics approval as student research.

The application is freely available on Papertrail’s website, but only for a limited time. The creators of Papertrail are using this release to invite users to download the app and provide potentially insightful feedback. Once the application has been downloaded, users will be able to rate it and give their opinion on its functionality and use.

A Mac version is planned for future release.

For additional information and updates, please visit Papertrail’s website at or follow Papertrail on Twitter at @PapertrailAca.

Papertrail is a Papertrail App Pty Ltd registered trademark.

Contact details:

Vedran Askraba
+613 9005 0822

DataBranch, Suite 504, 365 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9005 0822

An explanatory video is available at:

Software screenshots can be found at:

Video –
Photo –
Photo –
Photo –
Photo –

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