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ChinaCache Officially Launches NovaCDN for Global Markets

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BEIJING /PRNewswire/ — ChinaCache (Nasdaq: CCIH), the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China, has announced the official launching of its NovaCDN website ( Aimed at international companies entering global markets, especially in China, it offers high-quality CDN services and ICP licensing to suit customer’s needs.

NovaCDN, a star member of ChinaCache, offers web and digital content delivery solutions for global markets, with business focus on enabling service providers to introduce new services to their customers. NovaCDN has been running in an “always-available” mode for five consecutive years, covering 100,000+ websites, such as Volkswagen and Also, NovaCDN has over 20 business partners in China including Microsoft and ChungHwa Cloud. As the most trusted partner for web performance optimization, NovaCDN can provide various modules of cooperation with agents, resellers, and licensed CDN for operators and enterprises.

For those who are truly serious about entering global markets while having their websites and digital assets hosted locally, NovaCDN is a CDN service provider which can offer one-stop solutions for in-country hosting, saving infrastructure costs and eliminating trouble in dealing with multiple vendors.

With broad network coverage both overseas and domestically, plus the two data centers in Beijing and Shanghai, NovaCDN can offer global CDN services through integration and fusion technology of partners, guaranteeing optimized transmission speed with measureable performance improvements, including webpage acceleration, file delivery acceleration and smarter streaming media delivery. Based on NovaCDN’s TCP proprietary technology and optimized end-to-end, the total time of downloading, as well as connecting and DNS will improve significantly. By adopting NovaCDN service, website access performance can more than double even with no services in China. Content can be delivered to any device anywhere in China, covering most Chinese ISPs, providing consistent user experience to intranet and internet users. In addition, NovaCDN can offer high availability of above 99% with guaranteed service uptime, and increase concurrent connection count 50 times with 200% performance improvement in terms of origin offload.

At present, all the foreign websites entering the Chinese market should have an ICP license to operate, according to Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Otherwise, they will be penalized and shut down, resulting in negative impact on their business. To solve customer’s difficulty, NovaCDN offers full support and service to help customers complete registering their ICP license.

With NovaCDN, you will have an entire global network to deliver your content rapidly to any devices, anywhere, at any time. With NovaCDN, you will be able to provide your customers with the speed and scalability of a CDN. With NovaCDN, you will take advantage of localized and trusted CDN and cloud based solutions to help you meet your business needs, improve your user satisfaction, save your costs, and speed up your business.

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Source: ChinaCache

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