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The IRIS Application Suite™: Communication Tools for Increased Productivity

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IRVINE, Calif.,/PRNewswire/ — Communication is a key contributor to the success of every business, small and large, and can help foster profitable collaboration and productivity. This is where the IRIS Application Suite™ comes in: a complete suite of online communications tools that addresses your business’ central needs. Included in the IRIS Applications Suite is PHYTTER®, a user-friendly and portable VoIP application; IRIS Meet2™, an efficient video conference application; and IRIS Webcast™, an advanced application that allows users to easily broadcast presentations online.

PHYTTER makes online calling, faxing and instant messaging simple and effective. With this excellent online communication solution, you will be able to talk with or message your business associates at the most crucial times, while at the same time making yourself easily accessible. Furthermore, collaboration is efficient and effective, with PHYTTER always being accessible through mobile and desktop platforms. And because in-network calling is free, users are able to cut down on business expenses while still prioritizing the business need to constantly stay in touch.

IRIS Meet2 enables users to set up, operate and share desktop video conferences using the latest multimedia web technology. When business associates are unable to meet in person, IRIS Meet2 provides the perfect solution, making you feel that you are speaking with someone face-to-face. Physical distance is no longer an issue with IRIS Meet2 and you are also able to get in touch with up to nine conference participants at once. Essential virtual meetings are now possible with the help of IRIS Meet2.

IRIS Webcast is the perfect tool for broadcasting sales, training or motivational presentations, enabling you to share your ideas, cutting-edge business strategies, new product details and company updates through its practical and convenient functionality to up to 150 attendees. With IRIS Webcast, you can share links, files, polls, chats and videos while showing your presentation. It is also built with a recording capability that allows you to record a video of up to 45 minutes, so your friends and associates can view it later.

Get connected with the IRIS Application Suite today and have a selection of the best online communication tools for every purpose and need, to help you grow your business more efficiently, while also maximizing your profitability and productivity.

Please visit to learn more about Interush and the IRIS Application Suite. Interush, the Interush logo and Phytter are registered trademarks of Interush Technology, Ltd., a member of the Interush group of companies, registered in the United States and other countries. The IRIS Application Suite, IRIS Meet2 and IRIS Webcast are trademarks of Interush Technology, Ltd.

Source: Interush
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