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ChinaCache’s New HPCC Platform Assisting Cloud Service Transformation

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BEIJING /PRNewswire/ — The development of the Internet and mobile Internet has given rise to heavyweight Internet companies and a large number of mobile Internet applications. The diversified applications, a variety of terminals, spread across network access, complex network environment, and the increase of user expectation in network quality all set higher requirements on CDN service providers. Some of the challenges to the CDN market are the ability to scale operations, assisting customers in order to make speedy distributions and the continually evolving Internet.

ChinaCache, the leading total solutions provider of Internet content and application delivery services in China, has taken technology research and development as its first competitive strength, constantly leading the industry’s technology improvements with proactive innovations, optimized services, and a superior R&D team. In 2015, ChinaCache officially launched its next generation of CDN base core platform based on efficient cloud computing technology — HPCC (High Performance Cloud Cache) platform. The HPCC platform has core functions such as a distributed system, separated business storage, node resource pooling, content intelligent awareness.  It also can increase its stability and availability by about 3%, improve response delay by 5% to 10%, while greatly optimizing the overall operating management efficiency, and improving delivery capacity.

The HPCC platform offers service for ChinaCache’s core business such as page viewing acceleration, file distribution/downloading, video streaming media, mobile Internet, reducing resource costs and improving user experience. Due to its flexible caching mode and faster adaptability to changes, the HPCC platform can fully increase various performance indicators.

Cache clustering — lowering customer cost

The HPCC platform features cache clustering, using personalized service of hierarchical caching. This can not only achieve sharing of all channel resources to ensure the balance of equipment flow by having each node resource utilization rate fluctuate by 10% at most, but also enables the number of single node file storage to exceed 1 billion, which means increasing access hit ratio by 20% and increasing hit rate by 10%. This way customer costs can be lowered significantly.

High availability, fault tolerance against super faults

The HPCC platform offers high availability and high performance. Its comprehensive time delay function and superior fault tolerance capacity, in the case of sudden burst of mass customer traffic, can respond quickly and with ease, to minimize negative effects on users due to some operations such as equipment downtime. At the same time, it can also make real-time tracking and analysis of user access hotspots and establish memory databases, to better analyze customer’s network demands, provide technical support for more diverse customers, and achieve great service with high quality.

Resource allocation optimization, achieving efficient management

The HPCC platform carries out major node deployment through resource integration of original fragmented nodes, thus effectively improving major node input and output capability, and reducing network transmission pressure due to minor node congestion. At the same time, the HPCC platforms and integrates internal resources to achieve automation platform operation management and enhance output efficiency of each link. With comprehensive optimization deployment and resource allocation, the HPCC platform has improved customer delivery capacity and service response speed.

The official launch of the HPCC platform is a significant step for ChinaCache to step into the CDN cloud era, also indicating that ChinaCache has thoroughly completed the transformation of its CDN cloud distribution platform. ChinaCache will start its strategic cooperation with many enterprises in the cloud field through the HPCC platform, to have the complete solution applied on the client’s side and provide a more stable and efficient network operation service with its more flexible caching mode and faster adaptability to changes.

Source: ChinaCache

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May 29, 2015 at 4:46 pm

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