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A Statement from Quest on Behalf of the Campaign Team for the FIFA Presidency of HRH Prince Ali of Jordan

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LONDON, May 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Prior to announcing his candidacy in January, Prince Ali engaged Quest, under the leadership of Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, to ensure the highest levels of integrity and ethical standards throughout his campaign for the presidency of FIFA. This included ensuring ethical behaviour by everyone associated with Prince Ali’s campaign, as well as guarding against any threats to the integrity of the election process, attempts to smear Prince Ali’s reputation or campaign dirty tricks, by any source.

In keeping with this guidance from Prince Ali, his campaign team has routinely referred unsolicited inquiries that appeared to involve questionable behaviour to Quest to determine whether offers made presented any threat to Prince Ali, his reputation or the integrity of the election process.

Today’s report on Agent France Presse (AFP) of what appears to be an attempt to “blackmail” Prince Ali is one of several unsolicited offers from individuals claiming to have information that could be helpful to his campaign that was turned over to Quest.

The first approach which was the subject of today’s report was received in January.

In April, Prince Ali’s campaign team was contacted by another individual who claimed the ability to deliver 47 votes, in addition to what appeared to be illegally obtained information relating to the financial activities of Mr. Sepp Blatter. The campaign referred the matter to Quest, instructed them to reject the offer and to engage with relevant law enforcement agencies. The individual’s claims to have obtained information illegally are now under police investigation.

Prince Ali’s campaign has not received any offers involving questionable behaviour or potential illegalities from FIFA Member Associations or individuals claiming to act on their behalf.

A senior member of HRH Prince Ali’s campaign team said: “These unethical and seemingly illegal offers are indicative of the current aura of corruption that continues to tarnish FIFA’s reputation. All such approaches have been referred to the police. Prince Ali will continue to work with the correct authorities in his determination to root out intimidation at FIFA.”

Source: QUEST

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Audio Precision Appoints Chief Technology Officer

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— Welcomes Jayant Datta as new CTO

BEAVERTON, Ore. /PRNewswire/ — Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced the appointment of Jayant Datta as Chief Technology Officer, with responsibilities that will focus on the organization’s technology strategy, product platform evolution, and innovation efforts. In his role as CTO, Datta will collaborate closely with Tom Kite, Ph.D., VP of Engineering, and Bruce Hofer, Co-Founder and Chief Analog Engineer.

Jayant Datta, Audio Precision's new Chief Technology Officer.
Jayant Datta, Audio Precision’s new Chief Technology Officer.

Photo –

“We’re delighted to have Jayant as part of the Audio Precision team,” said Dave Schmoldt, Audio Precision CEO. “His design experience, broad audio expertise, and standards-based work will be key assets as we strive to continue bringing innovative solutions to audio and electro-acoustic test applications in a wide array of markets.”

Datta, who most recently served as Assistant Vice President for Audio R&D at THX, Ltd., brings to AP two-plus decades of audio experience and a track record of developing and implementing audio technologies across a broad range of industries and applications. In addition to his corporate career and various roles with Discrete Laboratories, Motorola, and Wheatstone, Datta has been an adjunct professor with Syracuse University’sElectrical Engineering & Computer Science Department since 1999.  Datta holds a bachelor’s degree (Electrical Engineering) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT, Bombay) and two master’s degrees (Electrical & Computer Engineering; Music Engineering) from the University of Miami.

“Within the audio industry, AP is widely recognized as the gold standard for both the quality and performance of their products, and their measurement expertise,” adds Datta. “I am excited to be joining such a well-respected organization, one that is dedicated to enabling measurement accuracy and precision for design and manufacturing engineers around the globe.”

About Audio Precision
Audio Precision is the recognized standard in audio test. Since 1984, AP has offered high-performance audio analyzer instruments and applications to help engineers worldwide design and manufacture all types of consumer, professional, and industrial audio products. For more information, visit

Eric Hodges
+1 503 805 0053

Photo –

Source: Audio Precision
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Darling Ingredients Inc. Announces Private Offering of EUR515 Million of Unsecured Senior Notes

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IRVING, Texas /PRNewswire/ — Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR) (the “Company”) today announced that Darling Global Finance B.V. (the “Issuer”), a wholly-owned indirect subsidiary of the Company incorporated under the laws of The Netherlands, has launched an offering of EUR515 million in aggregate principal amount of its unsecured senior notes (the “Notes”). The Notes will be guaranteed by the Company and by all of the Company’s restricted subsidiaries, other than any foreign subsidiary, the Issuer or any receivables entity, that guarantee the Company’s senior secured credit facilities under its Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement dated January 6, 2014 (the “Senior Secured Credit Facilities”). The offering is subject to market and other conditions.

The gross proceeds of the Notes offering are expected to be used to refinance the outstanding borrowings under the euro term loan B under the Company’s Senior Secured Credit Facilities, to pay the initial purchasers’ commission, to pay fees and expenses related to the Notes offering and to use any remaining proceeds for general corporate purposes. The Notes will be offered inside the United States to qualified institutional buyers in reliance on Rule 144A under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), and outside the United States to non-U.S. persons in reliance on Regulation S under the Securities Act. The Notes will not be registered under the Securities Act or any state securities laws and, unless so registered, may not be offered or sold in the United States except pursuant to an applicable exemption from the registration requirements of the Securities Act and applicable state securities laws.

This press release shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy the Notes, nor shall there be any sale of the Notes, in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful prior to registration or qualification under the securities laws of any such state or other jurisdiction.

About Darling

Darling Ingredients Inc. is the world’s largest publicly-traded developer and producer of sustainable natural ingredients from edible and inedible bio-nutrients, creating a wide range of ingredients and specialty products for customers in the pharmaceutical, food, pet food, feed, technical, fuel, bioenergy, and fertilizer industries. With operations on five continents, the Company collects and transforms all aspects of animal by-product streams into broadly used and specialty ingredients, such as gelatin, edible fats, feed-grade fats, animal proteins and meals, plasma, pet food ingredients, organic fertilizers, yellow grease, fuel feedstocks, green energy, natural casings and hides. The Company also recovers and converts used cooking oil and commercial bakery residuals into valuable feed and fuel ingredients. In addition, the Company provides grease trap services to food service establishments, environmental services to food processors and sells restaurant cooking oil delivery and collection equipment. For additional information, visit the Company’s website at

Cautionary Statements Regarding Forward-Looking Information:

{This media release contains “forward-looking” statements regarding the business operations and prospects of Darling Ingredients Inc. and industry factors affecting it. These statements are identified by words such as “believe,” “anticipate,” “expect,” “estimate,” “intend,” “could,” “may,” “will,” “should,” “planned,” “potential,” “continue,” “momentum,” and other words referring to events that may occur in the future. These statements reflect Darling Ingredient’s current view of future events and are based on its assessment of, and are subject to, a variety of risks and uncertainties beyond its control, each of which could cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements. These factors include, among others, existing and unknown future limitations on the ability of the Company’s direct and indirect subsidiaries to make their cash flow available to the Company for payments on the Company’s indebtedness or other purposes; unanticipated costs or operating problems related to the acquisition and integration of Rothsay and Darling Ingredients International (including transactional costs and integration of the new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system); global demands for bio-fuels and grain and oilseed commodities, which have exhibited volatility, and can impact the cost of feed for cattle, hogs and poultry, thus affecting available rendering feedstock and selling prices for the Company’s products; reductions in raw material volumes available to the Company due to weak margins in the meat production industry as a result of higher feed costs, reduced consumer demand or other factors, reduced volume from food service establishments, reduced demand for animal feed, or otherwise; reduced finished product prices; continued decline in fat and used cooking oil finished product prices; changes to worldwide government policies relating to renewable fuels and greenhouse gas emissions that adversely affect programs like the Renewable Fuel Standards Program (RFS2) and tax credits for biofuels both in the Unites States and abroad; possible product recall resulting from developments relating to the discovery of unauthorized adulterations to food or food additives; the occurrence of Bird Flu including, but not limited to H5N1 flu, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (or “BSE”), porcine epidemic diarrhea (“PED”) or other diseases associated with animal origin in the United States or elsewhere; unanticipated costs and/or reductions in raw material volumes related to the Company’s compliance with the existing or unforeseen new U.S. or foreign regulations (including, without limitation, China) affecting the industries in which the Company operates or its value added products (including new or modified animal feed, Bird Flu, PED or BSE or similar or unanticipated regulations); risks associated with the renewable diesel plant in Norco, Louisiana owned and operated by a joint venture between Darling Ingredients and Valero Energy Corporation, including possible unanticipated operating disruptions; risks relating to possible third party claims of intellectual property infringement; increased contributions to the Company’s pension and benefit plans, including multiemployer and employer-sponsored defined benefit pension plans as required by legislation, regulation or other applicable U.S. or foreign law or resulting from a U.S. mass withdrawal event; bad debt write-offs; loss of or failure to obtain necessary permits and registrations; continued or escalated conflict in the Middle East, North Korea, Ukraine or elsewhere; and/or unfavorable export or import markets. These factors, coupled with volatile prices for natural gas and diesel fuel, climate conditions, currency exchange fluctuations, general performance of the U.S. and global economies, disturbances in world financial, credit, commodities and stock markets, and any decline in consumer confidence and discretionary spending, including the inability of consumers and companies to obtain credit due to lack of liquidity in the financial markets, among others, could negatively impact the Company’s results of operations. Among other things, future profitability may be affected by the Company’s ability to grow its business, which faces competition from companies that may have substantially greater resources than the Company. Other risks and uncertainties regarding Darling Ingredients Inc., its business and the industries in which it operates are referenced from time to time in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Darling Ingredients Inc. is under no obligation to (and expressly disclaims any such obligation to) update or alter its forward-looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.}

For More Information, contact:

Melissa A. Gaither, Director of Investor Relations
251 O’Connor Ridge Blvd., Suite 300
Irving, Texas 75038
Phone: 972-717-0300

Source: Darling Ingredients Inc.

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BroadcastAsia2015: The Road Ahead for OTT

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-Peter Bithos, CEO, HOOQ, BroadcastAsia2015 International Conference speaker shares his perspective on the OTT video industry in Asia

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — In the world of television and video, the days of the “off” switch are largely gone. With the rise of smart device ownership, combined with improved and affordable mobile connectivity, consumers are hungrier for online videos and they are spending more time watching them. In a 2014 Nielsen online survey of global digital attitudes[1], over 76% polled said they enjoy the freedom of being connected anytime, anywhere. However, there is currently limited access to quality entertainment that can be streamed directly to the screen of one’s choice. It is either illegal, costly or of inferior quality.

Nevertheless, over-the-top (OTT) is shaping up to be a game changer in the TV industry, and the OTT market is now on the fast track for expansion. The global video-on-demand market will be worth US$45.3 billion by 2018[2]. OTT service providers are starting to cash in on the brimming potential of the market through offering a wide array of video entertainment content at an affordable price to consumers.

Game-changing video-on-demand service

Enter HOOQ, Asia’s first premium video-on-demand service. Launched two months ago in the Philippines, it has just entered the Thailand market. A start-up joint venture between SingTel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros. Entertainment, HOOQ’s service allows customers to enjoy unlimited online streaming access to over 10,000 movies and television programs, via multiple devices including PCs, smartphones and tablets.

“HOOQ’s raison d’etre is to change the way people across Asia view entertainment,” said Peter Bithos, CEO, HOOQ. “We are focused on enhancing consumers’ digital lives as their partner for in-home and on-the-go entertainment.”

Bringing Endless Hours of Entertainment to Asian Consumers

The outlook might be optimistic but the journey is not easy. The rampant digital piracy in Asia, especially in developing markets, is a key challenge in the OTT set-up. Consumers would rather download and stream content for free rather than pay for video services. In addition, the myriad of local languages makes it difficult to provide content that suits everyone.

The gap in infrastructure development across markets in Asia is also an issue. In India and the Philippines, broadband speeds are currently less than half the global average and the average webpage in Thailand takes about 17.4 seconds to load, which makes seamless streaming tricky.

HOOQ is working within the limits of developing infrastructure to ensure quality content is delivered anytime, anywhere to consumers. Through offering the right combination of price point, depth and breadth of content, convenience and ease of access, HOOQ intends to convert digital pirates into paying consumers. Furthermore, by partnering with top local studios to add popular local movies and shows to its catalogue, HOOQ is well-equipped to cater to multilingual consumers.

In places with scanty Internet coverage, an offline viewing option allows users to download videos on devices, saving them from being at the mercy of poor video buffering speeds and intermittent pauses.

“Consumers are our start and end point,” reaffirmed Bithos. “By placing them at the heart of everything we do, we are able to innovate around their needs, their environments and their lifestyles.”

The Way Forward: An Agile Business Model

Communication operators need to recognize that it makes good business sense to embrace OTT. The number of OTT consumers from their subscriber bases is expected to surge in the next decade, and partnering with OTT services to launch third-party video apps on their platforms will drive consumer loyalty and long-term revenue.

Furthermore, operators have the expertise and know-how in billing solutions, customer support skills and access to insights on consumer behavior, making them ideal partners for OTT service providers. HOOQ has plans in the pipeline to support a greater variety of platforms through partnerships with industry players.

“As an agile business, we are able to move fast and seize opportunities to deliver HOOQ to more consumers and adapt to their changing needs,” said Bithos. “We are committed to bringing the best of global and local video content at an unbeatable value to our consumers in Asia.”

For more insights on how OTT is redefining the telecommunications and broadcast industry, join Peter Bithos, CEO, HOOQ, at BroadcastAsia2015 this June.

BroadcastAsia2015 International Conference / Creative Content Production Conference


2-5 June 2015


Level 3, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Opening Hours:

2-4 June 2015: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm | 5 June 2015: 9:00 am –  12:30 pm


Registered delegates only


BroadcastAsia2015 Exhibition


2-5 June 2015


Level 4 & 5 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Opening Hours:

2-4 June 2015: 10:30 am – 6:00 pm | 5 June 2015: 10:30 am – 4:00 pm


Trade professionals only


The Cross Platform Report Q2 2014


Euromonitor, 2014

About HOOQ:

HOOQ is Asia’s first premium video-on-demand service to launch across the region. HOOQ is a start-up joint venture established in January 2015 by Singtel, Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros.  HOOQ delivers over 10,000 Hollywood blockbusters and popular local programs to customers anytime, anywhere by enabling them to stream and download their favorite shows on their device or platform of choice.  HOOQ currently operates in the Philippines and Thailand with a population footprint of over 160M people. For more information,

Media Enquiries:

June Seah / Patricia Yee

Anu Ramasamy / Chan Shu Ling

Singapore Exhibition Services

FleishmanHillard Singapore

Tel: +65-6233-6621 / +65-6233-6637

Tel: +65-6424-6371 / +65-6424-6379

Email: /  

Email: /

Source: BroadcastAsia2015

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Atos Completes First Technical Rehearsal with Flying Colours for the Upcoming 28th South East Asian Games Singapore 2015

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SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Atos as the appointed Chief IT Integration Partner for the upcoming 28th South East Asian Games Singapore 2015 (SEA Games 2015), completed the first technical rehearsal with flying colours as the nation awaits to roll out the red carpet for the region’s sporting greats, come 5 June 2015.

An international leader in Digital Services with a new approach to high performance computing in Asia Pacific, Atos and its team of business technologists are gathering steam to achieve pinpoint accuracy in integrating service, technology, process and people to deliver an extraordinary event under the watchful eye of the international games fraternity.

The technical rehearsals entail operational scenarios which are played out to stress test the team and the system for quick resolutions.  These scenarios encompass simulations of ‘live’ Games, capturing and diffusing real time results to scoreboards and media feeds.  These rehearsals are jointly organized with the Singapore SEA Games Organizing Committee with participation from more than two hundred Atos business technologists based inSingapore and others working from Atos competence centre in Spain.

“These are crucial times for us at the SEA Games Organizing Committee for Technology.  Each rehearsal is carried out explicitly to detect any operational gaps, test our technical expertise and enhance our level of readiness to swiftly deploy suitable solutions.  We are pleased with the outcomes of the technical rehearsals thus far which allow us to fine tune our operational model.  We will continue to push forward with more preparatory exercises to ensure support and operational readiness during Games time.” said Brian Lai, Head of Technology, Singapore SEA Games Organizing Committee.

“At Atos, our ambition to drive excellent business value to our customers is much like the athlete who must cross the finishing line a Champion.  We too have that one opportunity to respond accurately to the moment at hand.  For such a time-sensitive operation our continuous technical trainings, rehearsals, experience and personal commitment to deliver the games successfully will stand us in good stead.” said Herbie Leung, CEO of Atos inAsia Pacific.

About Atos

Atos SE (Societas Europaea) is a leader in digital services with 2014 pro forma annual revenue of Euro 10 billion and 86,000 employees in 66 countries. Serving a global client base, the Group provides Consulting & Systems Integration services, Managed Services & BPO, Cloud operations, Big Data & Security solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline, the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, the Group works with clients across different business sectors: Defence, Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Media & Utilities, Public Sector, Retail, Telecommunications and Transportation.

Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. The Group is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games and is listed on the Euronext Paris market. Atos operates under the brands Atos, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, and Worldline. For more information:

About the 28th SEA Games

The region’s most prestigious multi-sport event will see its return to Singapore after a 22 year wait when the republic last hosted the Games in 1993. The 28th SEA Games will be held from 5 –16 June 2015, with Singapore Sports Hub as the main venue for the Games. Organised by the Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC), the Games is held in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th anniversary and will host more than 7,000 athletes and officials from 36 sports. Adopting the theme of Celebrate the Extraordinary, the Games will celebrate triumph of human spirit – be it in sports or daily lives; in success or in the grit to try again and again; in winning or in merely being at the start line. The 28th SEA Games will show the people of the Southeast  Asia that success ultimately comes to ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. It’s not about having a champion, but inspiring the champion that is inside each of us.

Media Contact
Rhoda M Dinesen
DID: +65 6496 3731
Mobile: +65 9168 1146

Rachel Ang
Sport Singapore
DID: +65 6500 5246
Mobile: +65 97293700

Source: ATOS Information Technology
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Hilton Worldwide Extends its Partnership with Room to Read to Create Greater Opportunities for Youth in Asia

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-Partnership features a first-of-its-kind Job Shadowing Program

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Hilton Worldwide (NYSE:HLT) and Room to Read, a global non-profit organization focused on improving literacy and gender equality in education, today announced the next step in their shared commitment to create greater access to educational opportunities for youth by extending their partnership for another three years. This renewed partnership enables Hilton Worldwide and Room to Read to support the education of another 600 girls, and directly benefit 26,700 students in Room to Read’s Literacy Program in schools across India and Sri Lanka.

Scholars of Room to Read's Girls' Education Program in India. Photo Credit: Paulette Waltz
Scholars of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program in India. Photo Credit: Paulette Waltz

In addition, both organizations will spearhead a first-of-its-kind formalized Job Shadowing Program for students of Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program (GEP), which ensures that girls have the skills and support needed to complete their secondary school education. Over the next three years, the program will provide up to 300 GEP participants exposure to various career opportunities within the hospitality industry, and guide them toward various career options, post-graduation.

Nearly 800 million adults around the world are illiterate (almost two thirds are women), while 250 million out of 650 million primary school age children are not learning basic skills[1]. Since 2012, Hilton Worldwide and Room to Read have collaborated to benefit and impact more than 43,000 young people in Asia. This included the support of nearly 600 girls to complete secondary school, the establishment of 30 school libraries, the publication and distribution of more than 3,600 school books, and the construction of four school buildings. Collectively, by 2017 the two organizations aim to impact more than 70,000 young people through this partnership.

“Education is a powerful catalyst, which drives positive change that transforms lives. We have made a global commitment to impact one million youths by 2019, and organizations like Room to Read help us meet this goal by delivering literacy and skills training programs to impact the communities where we live, work and travel. Our joint efforts in India and Sri Lanka will also serve to close gender gaps so that girls have the opportunity to live up to their full potential,” said Martin Rinck, president, Asia Pacific, Hilton Worldwide.

“Room to Read is firmly committed to our partnerships with inspired corporations that support global education,” said John Wood, founder, Room to Read. “Hilton Worldwide’s continued investment in the next generation of leaders ensures that tens of thousands additional young people are given the opportunities to succeed both inside and outside the classroom.”

Hilton Worldwide’s contributions to Room to Read also include employee engagement, financial support, and in-kind room nights across Asia Pacific. The partnership is part of Travel with Purpose, the company’s corporate responsibility strategy which leverages Hilton’s global footprint and scale to enrich people’s lives and deliver economic and social benefits to local communities.

About Room to Read

Room to Read is a global organization seeking to transform the lives of millions of children in Asia and Africa by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Founded on the belief that World Change Starts with Educated Children, Room to Read works in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments to develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children and to ensure girls have the skills and support needed to complete their secondary education.  Since 2000, Room to Read has impacted the lives of more than nine million children and aims to reach 10 million children by the end of 2015. Learn more at

About Travel with Purpose

Travel with Purpose is Hilton Worldwide’s corporate responsibility commitment to providing shared value to its business and communities in four areas – creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential; strengthening communities where Hilton Worldwide operates; celebrating cultures and the power of travel; and living sustainably through the measurement, analysis and improvement of the company’s use of natural resources. Visit to learn more.

About Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxury and full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and focused-service hotels. For 95 years, Hilton Worldwide has been dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences. The company’s portfolio of twelve world-class global brands is comprised of more than 4,350 managed, franchised, owned and leased hotels and timeshare properties, with more than 720,000 rooms in 94 countries and territories, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Hotels, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations. The company also manages an award-winning customer loyalty program, Hilton HHonors®. Visit for more information and connect with Hilton Worldwide at,,,, and


Joyce Moo
Hilton Worldwide
+65 6833 9703

Jacqueline Pezzillo
Room to Read
+1 415 839 4401

Photo –

[1] UNESCO Education for All Global Monitoring Report 2013/4,

Source: Hilton Worldwide

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DHL Express Invests 180 Million Baht (EUR 4.9 Million) in 2015 to Deliver Growth and Enhance Quality in Thailand

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— Investment in 2015 reflects strong market position and long term optimism in Thailand
— DHL continues to invest in infrastructure, technologies and customer experience management program to enhance service quality

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider, announced plans to increase its investments in physical infrastructure and services in Thailand to 180 million baht (EUR 4.9 million) in 2015 to deliver business growth and enhance service quality. The new investments in expanding the company’s infrastructure and to develop talents underscore DHL’s commitment to offer best-in-class air express services and solutions to customers in Thailand.

Investments in infrastructure and people

Part of the new investments include the relocation of DHL Express Thailand’s head office, the expansion of DHL SERVICE POINTs and new Service Center in Thailand. Coupled with existing service quality enhancement programs such as First Choice and Net Promoter Approach, DHL has also driven “Insanely Customer-Centric” mindset and behavior in all employees since 2014, with an aim to be the leader in service. Recently, DHL Express Thailand has also introduced a customer experience management program for its customers. This program complements existing customer loyalty programs to enhance customer satisfaction.

Growth sectors

During the first four months of 2015, DHL Express experienced strong growth in several sectors, including in the Small and Medium Enterprise segment and electronics, among others.  DHL expects this trend to continue as new customers come onboard, while the company retains an existing base of thousands of active customer accounts.

Yasmin Aladad Khan, Senior Vice President, DHL Express South East Asia and South Asia commented, “Our major strategic initiatives in Thailand are aligned with Deutsche Post DHL Group’s Strategy 2020, which aims to define the Group’s next phase of development. With the vision of becoming a company that defines the logistics industry, we believe our investments in facilities, network and people in a growth market like Thailand will enable us to not only lead the industry but become a provider of choice. This robust investment also reflects DHL’s confidence in the long term stability of the Thai economy and logistics sector.”

Chananyarak Phetcharat, Managing Director, DHL Express Thailand and Indochina said, “DHL Express remains committed to realizing new business by developing advanced logistics solutions for our customers and investing in network and technology to simplify customers’ lives as well as focusing on long-term success in Thailand. As we strive to be the leader in quality service excellence and the most customer-centric company, we believe that DHL Express will constantly add value to our customers and continue down our profitable growth path.”

DHL Express remains very well positioned in Thailand, both in terms of trade with emerging industrial countries and trade between the growth centers of Asia and elsewhere around the world.

DHL Express has been expanding its footprint in Asia to continually strengthen its network and capabilities to offer the best-in-class solutions for its customers. Some of the recent investments include a EUR 85 millioninvestment in the South Asia Hub in Singapore, a EUR 153 million North Asia Hub in Shanghai, a EUR 67 milliongateway in Tokyo and a EUR 8.9 million South Service Center and country office in Ho Chi Minh City. DHL’s network is served by a comprehensive air network of over 40 aircraft covering 40 countries and territories, and utilizing approximately 690 commercial flights per day in Asia Pacific and supported by its ground network of four main hubs and over 500 facilities in the region.

– End –

DHL – The logistics company for the world

DHL is the leading global brand in the logistics industry. DHL’s family of divisions offer an unrivalled portfolio of logistics services ranging from national and international parcel delivery, international express, road, air and ocean transport to industrial supply chain management. With more than 325,000 employees in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, they connect people and businesses securely and reliably, enabling global trade flows. With specialized solutions for growth markets and industries including e-Commerce, technology, life science and healthcare, energy, automotive and retail, a proven commitment to corporate responsibility and an unrivalled presence in developing markets, DHL is decisively positioned as “The logistics company for the world”.

DHL is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group. The Group generated revenues of more than 56 billion euros in 2014.

Logo –

Source: DHL

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Bicester Village ‘Best of British’ Campaign Launches with the Opening of the British Designers’ Collective

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LONDON, May 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Bicester Village kicked off a six-week ‘Best of British’ campaign with the launch of the annual British Designers’ Collective boutique on Wednesday 20 May.


British actress and ambassador for the project Gemma Arterton launched the boutique alongside CEO of the British Fashion Council Caroline Rush, Chief Executive – Value Retail Management Desiree Bollier, and British designers Henry Holland, Eudon Choi, Holly Fulton and J. JS Lee.

The British Designers’ Collective at Bicester Village showcases collections from a host of the ‘Best of British’ design talent including Mary Katrantzou, Sophia Webster, Peter Pilotto, Roksanda, J. JS Lee, Ryan Lo, Nicholas Kirkwood, Holly Fulton, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, House of Holland, Jonathan Saunders, Eudon Choi, Christopher Raeburn and Thomas Tait.

A hub for British fashion, luxury experiences, culture and creativity, Bicester Village provides established and emerging British design talent the opportunity to sit alongside internationally renowned luxury brands with its British Designers’ Collective.

Held in partnership with the British Fashion Council and curated by fashion consultant Yasmin Sewell for the sixth year, the ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of must-have pieces showcase a slice of British fashion at its finest.

From instantly recognisable fashion favourites including Mary Katrantzou’s signature woven coats, Peter Pilotto’s ‘Cascade’ dresses and tailored jacquard separates from House of Holland – the most coveted collections in Britain are now available at Bicester Village.

The ‘Best of British’ campaign sees Bicester Village celebrate the best of British creative talent, with a uniquely British creative fusion of fashion, art and music across a six-week period until 30 June 2015.

About Bicester Village

Bicester Village, one of the Collection of Villages by Value Retail, is located just 60 minutes from both London and Birmingham, and offers the UK’s leading luxury outlet shopping experience. With more than 130 outlet boutiques providing fashion and luxuries for the home, Bicester Village offers a unique selection of British and international brands with savings of up to 60% on the recommended retail price, seven days a week and all year round. Bally, Diane von Furstenberg, Missoni, and Tory Burch are just a few of the international brands present, as well as boutiques of British designers including Anya Hindmarch, Temperley London, Smythson and Vivienne Westwood. A suite of services includes the Shopping Express®, the daily coach service from London; an award-winning Tourist Information Centre; a children’s play area, valet parking, Hands-free Shopping, and a Personal Stylist. With a selection of restaurants and cafes, the Village has become a destination for visitors seeking a superior shopping experience and an enjoyable day out.
Source: Bicester Village

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Novogen to Present at the 2015 Marcum Microcap Conference

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SYDNEY and NEW YORK /PRNewswire/ — US-Australian drug discovery and development company, Novogen Limited (ASX:NRT; NASDAQ:NVGN), announced today that it will present at the 2015 Marcum MicroCap Conference on Thursday, May 28, 2015 in New York City at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The Company’s presentation by Dr. Graham Kelly, Novogen Chairman and CEO, is scheduled to begin at 9.30 a.m. ET and will be available via a live webcast. To access the webcast, go to

The annual Marcum MicroCap Conference is a showcase for public companies with less than $500 million in market capitalization. This year’s keynote speaker will be Richard S. Fuld, Jr., Chairman of Matrix Advisors and former Chairman of Lehman Brothers.

For more information or to register, please visit the conference website at or download the free official conference app for the iPhone, iPad, or for Android mobile devices in Apple’s App Storeand the Google Play Market.

About the Marcum MicroCap Conference

The Marcum MicroCap Conference is dedicated to providing a forum where publicly traded companies under$500 million in market capitalization can network with the investment community. The conference features presentations by CEOs and CFOs from six principal industry sectors and provides investors with the opportunity to meet with management of these companies on a one-on-one basis.  Industry sectors include Technology, Media & Internet; Software & Business Services; Life Science & Healthcare; Retail & Consumer Products; Energy & Natural Resources; and Industrials. The conference additionally includes a full agenda of panel discussions on issues of strategic importance to small cap issuers and investors, moderated by industry leaders.

The Marcum MicroCap Conference attracts fund managers and high net worth investors focusing on small cap equities. Over 2,000 participants from all segments of the microcap market attend each year, including senior management, finance and legal executives, venture and lower middle-market private equity investors, institutional investors, directors, investment bankers, buy- and sell-side analysts, and service providers to the microcap marketplace.

For complete information about the 2015 Marcum MicroCap Conference, visit

About Novogen

Novogen is a public, Australian-US drug development company whose shares trade on both The Australian Securities Exchange (NRT) and NASDAQ (NVGN). The Novogen group includes US-based, CanTx Inc, a joint venture company with Yale University. Novogen has two drug technology platforms yielding drug candidates that are first-in-class with potential application across a broad range of degenerative diseases. In the oncology field, the ultimate objective is to see both drug technologies used in combination as first-line therapy across most forms of cancer, with the objective of preventing tumor recurrence. This objective is based on a strategy of achieving comprehensive destruction of the full hierarchy of cells within a tumor with the super-benzopyran technology platform killing the tumor-initiating cells and the anti-tropomyosin technology, combined with vinca alkaloids, to deliver a potent chemical debulking effect on their daughter cells.

For more information, please visit

Corporate Contact

Media Enquiries

Dr. Graham Kelly

Prue Kelly

Executive Chairman & CEO

Media Officer

Novogen Group

Novogen Group

+61 (0) 2 9472 4101

+61 (0) 2 9472 4101

Forward looking statement

All statements other than statements of historical fact included in this announcement including, without limitation, statements regarding future plans and objectives of Novogen Limited (“Novogen”) are forward-looking statements. When used in this announcement, forward-looking statements can be identified by words such as ‘may’, ‘could’, ‘should’, ‘would’, ‘believes’, ‘estimates’, ‘targets’, ‘expects’ or ‘intends’ and other similar words that involve risks and uncertainties.

Such statements relate to future events and expectations and as such involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties. These risks and uncertainties include, among other things, market conditions, weather risks, economic and political risks.

These statements are based on an assessment of present economic and operating conditions, and on a number of assumptions regarding future events and actions that, as at the date of this announcement, are expected to take place. Such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other important factors, many of which are beyond the control of Novogen, its directors and management, which could cause Novogen’s actual results to differ materially from the results expressed or anticipated in these statements.

Novogen cannot and does not give any assurance that the results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements contained in this announcement will actually occur and investors are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Actual results, actions, and developments may differ materially from those expressed or implied by those forward-looking statements depending on a variety of factors.

Novogen does not undertake to update or revise forward-looking statements, or to publish prospective financial information in the future, regardless of whether new information, future events or any other factors affect the information contained in this announcement, except where required by applicable law and stock exchange listing requirements.

Source: Novogen Ltd

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NetComm Wireless Continues Its Global Expansion with Leading M2M Operators

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SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC), a leading global developer of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, will continue to strengthen its affiliation with the world’s leading mobile network operators as determined by specialist M2M research firm Machina Research in its latest M2M Leaderboard which presents the top 30 telecommunication service providers by expected revenue from M2M in 2022.

Machina Research expects revenue from M2M devices, installation, connectivity and services to be worth USD2.5 trillion by the end of 2024, with the single biggest revenue opportunity associated with the revenue from connected device hardware.

“Leading operators are collaborating with device manufacturers and other players in the M2M value chain to enhance their M2M capabilities, and are looking to global M2M hardware providers such as NetComm Wireless to develop and deploy technologies that support the business model demands of the fast expanding M2M and IoT markets,” said Jim Morrish, Founder and Chief Research Officer, Machina Research.

“We are working with over a quarter of the world’s top ranking network operators in M2M, and will continue to meet our strategic M2M growth targets by addressing the rising global demand for open, scalable and economical M2M solutions,” said David Stewart, CEO and Managing Director, NetComm Wireless.

NetComm Wireless is currently working with 7 of the leading 30 M2M operators, constituting over 20% of expected global M2M revenue in 2022. These key mobile network operators include Vodafone (ranked #1 on the basis of share of global M2M revenue in 2022), Verizon, SingTel, Etisalat, STC, Tele2 and Telstra.



Rank change vs previous iteration (May 2013)






Deutsche Telekom


China Mobile



China Unicom
































Telecom Italia



Everything Everywhere










America Movil






SK Telecom



Korea Telecom















Telekom Austria



Bell Canada


About NetComm Wireless Limited

NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC) is a leading developer of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices and solutions globally. The company provides 3G, 4G and rural broadband new generation fixed-wireless devices that underpin an increasingly connected world. Leading telecommunications carriers, core network providers and system integrators utilise NetComm Wireless’ solutions to optimise network performance and to support their connected products and services in the M2M and rural broadband markets. For the past 33 years, NetComm Wireless has developed a portfolio of world first data communication products, and is now a globally recognised wireless innovator. Headquartered in Sydney (Australia), NetComm Wireless has offices in the US, Europe/UK,New Zealand, Middle East and Japan. For more information visit

About Machina Research

Machina Research is the world’s leading provider of strategic advice on the newly emerging Internet of Things, M2M and Big Data markets. Our Advisory Service provides comprehensive support for any organisation interested in these opportunities. Our vertical market information and forecasts cover sectors such as Industry, Healthcare, Cars and Cities. Furthermore we provide guidance on commercial and technical best practice supporting all stakeholders in the sector including users, manufacturers, service providers, investors and regulators. In addition to our syndicated Advisory Service research we also undertake a wide range of client-specific custom research projects ranging from White Papers through to full go-to-market strategies. Machina Research is staffed by the leading industry analysts in the sector.

Logo –

Source: NetComm Wireless Limited

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