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Crowdynews’ New Article Engager Helps Online News And Publishing Sites Increase Reader Engagement And Article Longevity

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— Curated Content from 8 Social Media Sites and Added Sharing Functionality Gives News Content More Visibility and Longevity
NEW YORK, May 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Crowdynews, the social content curation platform for publishers, today announced the Article Engager, a new product that blends relevant social media conversations from popular social media sites with traditional news content. Article Engager helps publishers and news organizations increase reader engagement and content longevity by automatically finding and posting social conversations from sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more, that are directly related to each article’s subject matter. The Article Engager is the only product on the market that automatically curates such a broad palate of social media content and is able to search and filter content in over 25 languages. Crowdynews will demonstrate the new Article Engager at the INMA World Congress in New York this week, booth # 11.

“Including more social media sites beyond Twitter in our Article Engager not only aligns with Crowdynews’ goal to give a broad social perspective, it was a direct request from our first customers,” said Jeroen Zanen, CEO of Crowdynews. “Making content easy to post and share on various social media sites increases the number of people who see published articles and content and gives new life to published stories. For publishers and news organizations site traffic is vital, and we’re helping them engage more readers in the social environments they prefer.”

Article Engager uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies to find and filter relevant social media content and post it next to articles. Rather than just matching keywords from the RSS feed, Article Engager uses intelligent linguistic processing, which is available in over 25 languages, to match only pertinent and appropriate social media posts associated with specific news content.

The Article Engager also includes many customization capabilities that give editors full moderation control. While Crowdynews already offers sophisticated filtering technology, the new Article Engager lets editors manually edit social media feeds, if they prefer. Editors from each section of the site, be it sports or breaking news, can customize their social media feeds according to section’s content. Publishing organizations can also automatically match Article Engager’s language to the reader’s browser language, or they can choose the language to match the website.

Pricing and Availability
The Article Engager is available now to news and publishing organizations who want to combine relevant and compelling social media content with traditional news stories on their sites. Implementing Crowdynews is no cost upfront, and the publishing organization can earn extra revenue through Crowdynews’ shared ad revenue model, or can pay a fixed fee based on pageviews. For more information, visit

About Crowdynews
Founded in 2010, Crowdynews is a worldwide leader in social content curation and is headquartered in Groningen, The Netherlands. The company’s social content curation platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to blend the crowd perspective with traditional news stories. Customers include the Chicago Tribune, Washington Times, AccuWeather, NBA,, The Malaysian Insider, Philippine Star, and hundreds of publishing outlets around the world. For more information, please visit

Source: Crowdynews

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May 12, 2015 at 11:49 am

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