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Fidenza Village Becomes ‘The Embassy of Made in Italy’ for EXPO Milano 2015

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MILAN, April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

During EXPO Milano 2015, Fidenza Village will be an unmissable shopping tourism destination, offering the best in style, gastronomy and Italian lifestyle

Fidenza Village, the luxury shopping tourism destination near Milan, will offer guests to EXPO 2015 a unique shopping experience – a combination of Italian art, fashion, gastronomy and design, representing the best of ‘made in Italy’. Located an hour from Milan and Bologna, the Village is situated in Emilia-Romagna, the region famed for its food, important cities of art, quintessentially Italian landscapes, a celebrated musical heritage and the location for the world-famous Italian motorcar industry.

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The best of made in Italy, in the heart of Italy!

During EXPO 2015 in Milan, Fidenza Village will become ‘The Embassy of made in Italy’; a showcase for Italian excellence across both fashion and hospitality. From Friday 1 to Sunday 3 May, to celebrate ‘The Embassy of made in Italy’, guests to Fidenza Village can discover live opera music, art installations, cooking demonstrations, tastings and more. Opening hours will also be extended, with the Village open until 10 pm. For the latest information about the programme of events, visit

From May onwards, the Village will offer guests multi-sensory experiences across gastronomy, fashion, art and design inspired by three rolling themes:

‘Romantic Opera'(May to June), a celebration of Italian opera, including the world-famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, whose works inspired the architecture of Fidenza Village.
‘La Dolce Vita'(July to August), an ode to the Italian lifestyle as featured in the classic film of the same name.
‘Italian Passion'(September to October), a showcase of iconic Italian design and high-quality craftsmanship with a particular focus on automotive and tailoring.

Over the coming weeks, Fidenza Village will announce exciting partnerships with carefully selected high-profile ambassadors to promote Italian excellence to further enhance the Fidenza Village experience.

Exclusive Shopping Packages

Shopping Packages will also be available to book and purchase through, which combine shopping in the Village with unique cultural and gastronomic experiences in the surrounding region, and include return tickets on the Shopping Express® luxury coach service from central Milan to the Village. Value Retail will also be an official reseller of EXPO 2015 tickets so guests can purchase tickets from our Villages across Europe and in Suzhou Village, China.

The Shopping Packages, which will be themed around the ‘The Embassy of made in Italy’, include:

Ferrari & Shopping Experience – Guests can discover the history of the Ferrari supercar at the Museo Ferrari.
Shopping & Food Experience – Sample regional delicacies on a guided tour of Antica Corte Pallavicina.
Shopping & Art Experience – Discover Galleria Nazionale in Parma with its breathtaking collection of paintings and artefacts

About Fidenza Village

Fidenza Village, one of the Chic Outlet Shopping® Villages by Value Retail, is located just 60 minutes from both Milan and Bologna, and offers Italy’s leading luxury outlet shopping experience. At Fidenza Village you can find the world finest luxury boutiques of fashion and homewear all in one place with a unique selection of Italian and international brands, offering savings of up to 70% on the recommended retail price, seven days a week and all year round. Missoni, Class Roberto Cavalli and Vivienne Westwood are just a few of the international brands present, as well as boutiques of Italian designers including Furla, Simonetta and Diesel. Services offered by the Village include the Shopping Express® coach service from Milan, a Tourist Information Centre, Hands-free Shopping and a Personal Stylist on reservation. With a selection of restaurants, delicatessen and café, the Village has become a destination for visitors seeking a superior shopping experience and an enjoyable day out. To find out more, please visit
Source: Fidenza Village

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World’s Largest Most Complete Dinosaur Skull for Sale In Hong Kong, Valued at USD1.8m

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-Unprecedented emergence of The Dragon King — one of the most historically noteworthy and inherently valuable fossils in existence

HONG KONG, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lung Wong (The Dragon King) is the fossilized skull of a maleTriceratops dinosaur that lived in the late Cretaceous period, approximately 65 million years ago. Over 95% complete bone, 2.8 metres long, 1.6 metres high, and 1.4 metres wide, he is the largest most complete skull of any animal that has ever walked the Earth. Unparalleled in terms of visual impact, quality and aesthetic magnificence, this dinosaur fossil is a masterpiece of natural history.

A technician adjusts the lighting for The Dragon King's photography session
A technician adjusts the lighting for The Dragon King’s photography session
The almost mystical presence of The Dragon King can command any space
The almost mystical presence of The Dragon King can command any space
Extracted from a matrix of extraordinarily hard sandstone, Lung Wong is a masterpiece of natural history and art
Extracted from a matrix of extraordinarily hard sandstone, Lung Wong is a masterpiece of natural history and art

A first for Asia

Lung Wong is now for sale in Asia, exclusively represented by Evolved Ltd. The Dragon King was brought here by his private owners who have long connections with the region. A fossil of this magnitude and quality is only very rarely available for private sale anywhere, and never before in Asia.

Palaeontologists familiar with The Dragon King acknowledge that nothing approaching the scale, size and quality of Lung Wong has come to market since an unprepared Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil was acquired by an institution in 1997 for USD8.5 million.There is nothing like Lung Wong owned by anyone else in the world, including museums, institutions, corporations, or private individuals.

An authentic dragon of unrivalled majesty

The name Lung Wong (The Dragon King) was inspired by the ultimate symbol of strength, good fortune and longevity in Chinese culture — the dragon. The feng shui dragon epitomizes potency, auspicious opportunity, individual achievement and personal excellence. As such, the name Lung Wong is an appropriate tribute to this remarkable connoisseur-grade piece.

A fossil of this magnitude and completeness only occurs through a very rare set of circumstances. The very existence of Lung Wong is due to the extraordinary good luck that has followed him through the eons. This unique Triceratops fossil has been crafted by nature, the greatest artist of all, and immortalised by elemental forces over millions of years.

About Evolved Ltd

The Dragon King is exclusively represented by Evolved Ltd, specialists in Natural History and objects of incredible antiquity.

For the full story of Lung Wong’s extraordinary reemergence into the modern world, please visit thedragonking.netor email

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Photo –
Photo –

Source: Evolved Limited

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Posted in Uncategorized Launches First of its Kind Digital Video Destination for Expanding Global Wine Community

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SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — announces the launch of its digital tv channel dedicated to all things wine. offers the global wine community a place to view, discover and enjoy a full-bodied blend of knowledge, information and entertainment, delivered by a collection of expert hosts.

Logo –

The channel will include every aspect of wine enjoyment, delivering expert opinion and commentary to consumers on all wine matters ranging from varietals to vintages, grape growth to winemaking, and retail to consumption. Inviting every kind of wine consumer on the journey from discovery through sampling to purchase, collection and consumption, show episode features will include a wide diversity of wineries, winemakers and wine tastings. Wine critics and personalities will host video series such as “Insights”, “Regions and Wineries”, “Tastings” and the myth-busting “True or False”. founder and CEO, Frank Brown summarised, “We have created a global digital platform and content environment for consumers and advertisers alike to take advantage of relevant, quality production of video wine content. targets the fast-growing international audience of wine consumers, from beginners to connoisseurs, across all markets.  There are already hundreds of videos available on the “” digital channel today, but this is only the beginning, with much more already in the production pipeline.”

Powered by the channelPLAY platform from Brand New Media (BNM), a leading global content company, is accessible on any connected device, anytime, anywhere.  BNM founder and CEO, Perry Smithsaid he is “extremely excited to be partnering with to deliver a comprehensive digital wine experience to Australia and the world, across devices in real-time, whether it be a mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV.”

Renowned Australian wine writer, critic and educator, Jeremy Oliver, has been announced as one of the lead presenters on the channel, stating, “I like the fact that WineVine is as keenly focused towards people learning about wine for the first time as it is to the experienced wine drinker. Wine needs to be all-inclusive, more accessible and more engaging, and that’s what we’re all about at”

As well as Frank Brown (former CEO, MTV Networks Asia Pacific) and Perry Smith, (Founder and CEO, Brand New Media), other WineVine founding board members include David Dearie, (former worldwide CEO of Treasury Wine Estates) and Breck McCormack (former President, IMG Asia).

ABOUT is a global wine online video tv channel, presented by internationally trusted wine industry experts. With offices in Australia, South East Asia, US and Europe, the content incorporates every aspect of wine enjoyment, from the vine to the glass. has partnered with video content specialist Brand New Media (BNM), an established international player with a 15 year pedigree in content development, creation, distribution and marketing. is powered by the BNM channelPLAY technology platform.  Visit for more information.

MEDIA ENQUIRIES:  Kerri Brown / Communications Manager, +61406995801,  /

Source: WineVine tv
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Australia-based Platform Enables Easy Cyber Training for Employees

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SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — Our Cyber Security ( is an on-demand cyber training platform which enables organisations to train staff regularly and monitor their organisation’s vulnerability to cyber scams.

The global leader in cyber security
The global leader in cyber security

Available to companies across Asia Pacific, is the first practical response to the growing number of malicious cyber-attacks on organisations.

Australiabased company TECHSERT Pty Ltd has created to promote cyber security awareness and partner with corporates who are seeking to be cyber secure and aware.

Adopting defence mechanisms and building a security conscious corporate culture will mitigate the threat of cyber-attacks and can reduce the damage to the organisation,” said TECHSERT Chief Operating Officer Mr.Jason Turnbull.

“Organisations actively working with cyber security experts in combination with regular cyber awareness training programs are more effective in monitoring and containing cyber-attacks,” he added. has a number of training packages designed to continuously educate employees and contractors on how to use IT networks securely that are available for organisations of any size.

“We have set ourselves a challenge to educate every Asia Pacific worker to be cyber aware. The reality is, when cyber security attacks occur there are many victims and the ramifications can be long lasting, for the organisation and the employee. Reputational damage is hard to erase and we are calling on organisations to become cyber aware,” Mr. Turnbull concluded.

The solution is priced at $29.95 per employee per year and is designed to meet the OurCyberSecurity.comchallenge of educating every employee no matter the size of the organisation. Users have the opportunity to improve their knowledge by undertaking monthly refreshers that test their vulnerability to the latest scams.


TECHSERT is a privately held Australian company that operates in a global context servicing corporates in cyber protection and training. The products enable companies to manage and mitigate cyber risks through a range of protection tools and active training protocols. TECHSERT solutions are used by prominent global companies in the management of cyber risks. TECHSERT is an accredited organisation and its executives are member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA).

For further information contact:

Catherine Batch
+61 (0)409 152 240

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Source: TechSERT Pty Ltd

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Jintian Pharmaceutical Has Proposed to Change the Company’s Name to Universal Health, Racing into “Internet + Universal Health”

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HONG KONG /PRNewswire/ — Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Limited (“Jintian Pharmaceutical” or the “Group”; stock code: 2211) has proposed to change the English name of the Company from “Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Limited” to “Universal Health International Group Holding Limited”.

Mr. Jin Dongtao, chairman and executive director, stated that he has paid close attention to market and industry trends, actively promoted the industry concept of universal health, developed  the e-commerce market, and worked to mold Jintian Pharmaceutical into a leader in international universal health brand management.

Mr. Jin Dongtao said, “The decision to change our name is based on the promising prospects of the universal health industry. As an important sector supported by the government, the universal health with the overall healthcare and wellness industry has tremendous development potential. Benefiting from its status as a listed company on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Group has taken root in the mainland and is rapidly expanding into overseas markets. The present is a great opportunity for the Group to develop in universal health business. Leveraging on its outstanding retail and distribution network of pharmacies and healthcare products, the Group has taken the lead in the development of the universal health sector.

On account of the great confidence in the development of China’s universal health industry and future of the Group, Mr. Jin Dongtao recently purchased 40 million ordinary shares of the Group, at HK$2.82 per share at a total amount of approximately HK$113 million. Upon the completion of the transaction, Mr. Jin Dongtao’s shareholding has increased from 45.17% to 47.17%, and he remains the controlling shareholder.

“The universal health with the overall healthcare and wellness industry will become another blue ocean market with tremendous development potential similar to the Internet.”

As for the reason behind the changing of the company name, Mr. Jin Dongtao explained, “As a consequence of increasing mature various conditions and benefiting from our status as a listed company on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Group has seized upon the “Internet + Universal Health” development opportunity.

Mr. Jin Dongtao believes that China’s economic ascent and increase in average lifespan means that people’s health demands are growing. The universal health industry will become another blue ocean market with tremendous development potential similar to the Internet. At the “Internet+” age, the potential of universal health industry would be beyond people’s imagination.

In recent years, the idea of “Internet+” has penetrated into traditional industries. Besides the traditional retail industry, the medical industry has also been influenced deeply. “Internet + Universal Health” has become a keyword which shows the common recognition that the Internet will bring huge value to the whole health industry. The specifics behind how to layout the “Internet + Universal Health” is a hot topic now.

“Two Crosses and One Combination” for Universal Health Strategy

Mr. Jin Dongtao puts forward the “Two Crosses and One Combination” strategy, which means diversifying its business, adopting a cross border development strategy and combining online and offline platforms (or O2O), to achieve expansion in the universal health field for the Group’s core business.

According to Mr. Jin Dongtao, in respect of diversifying product lines, while continuing to develop its established business of selling and distributing of pharmaceutical products, the Group will expand into imported and domestic healthcare products, health food and other non-pharmaceutical products, as well as traditional nutrition supplements (including cubilose, ginseng, cordyceps etc.), healthcare devices, cosmeceutical and other products. Meanwhile, under the concept of platform cooperation, the Group carries out cross-border cooperations of various scope and depth with a number of domestic and overseas companies engaging in healthcare and wellness related business.

In terms of cross border development strategy, Jintian Pharmaceutical takes proactive initiatives to develop its international trading business. The Group continues to source quality products through entering into distribution agreements with a number of renewed manufacturers globally. Meanwhile, the Group strives to capture opportunities arising from the development of free trade zones across China, to establish its international imported business presence. Under the concept of establishing and sharing its platform, the Group carries out cross-border cooperations of various scope and depth with a number of domestic and overseas companies engaging in healthcare and wellness related business. The Group is also planning to set up overseas companies in markets with well-developed business such as Japan, Korea and Australia for introducing international products to China and vice versa.

Mr. Jin Dongtao stated: “One of the core competitive strengthens of Jintian Pharmaceutical lies in its online and offline advantage. The combination of online and offline platform will become the Group’s core competiveness in the universal health filed. ”

As for the offline channels, Jintian Pharmaceutical currently owns 953 stores and a distribution network covering 6,500 distribution customers in 29 provinces, of which 4 are in Hong Kong, with over 1 million members. As for the online channels, the Group has partnered with Ali Health to develop the digital prescription business in Northeast China. Meanwhile, in order to keep up with the e-commerce market trend, the Group has established the mobile based e-commerce department and established first-mover advantage by promoting products on WeChat, including micro-mall, WeChat public accounts, and App. The Group has also obtained the licences required for engaging in e-commerce business and the value-added telecom service operation licence from the relevant provincial administrators of communications, and has set up online pharmacies as well as brand stores on and with increasing online sales.

Jintian Pharmaceutical has established the International Department after its listing in Hong Kong in December 2013. The Group makes the best of the advantage of Hong Kong advantages as a free trade port with history of over a century including the gathering of famous health products from all over the world, the convenient import and export system, duty-free system and CEPA, well-developed international logistics, all of which enable the Group to meet the basic requirements to introduce international renowned brands of healthcare and wellness products into China and the global market.

After its listing, the Group takes advantage of Hong Kong being a place full of top-notch talent in the purchasing and marketing fields, establishing an international team. Through establishing and merger, the Group built up three major departments including e-commerce, distribution and retailing, entering the universal health industry in an all-round way.

Mr. Jin Dongtao mentioned recent Chinese buzzwords stating the development goals of the Universal health company, which is to “Buy from the World, Sell to the World” in the Universal health field. Mr. Jin Dongtao stated that currently Jintian Pharmaceutical is introducing world-renown universal health brands into China, while in the coming future the Group will promote China’s universal health products to customers worldwide. The Group is also committed to building an international universal health branding operator.


Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Limited (“Jintian Pharmaceutical” or the “Company”, stock code: 2211) is one of the leading pharmaceutical retailers and distributors in China, and certified as the Top 10 of 2013-2014 Chinachain pharmacy stores by the State Food and Drug administration. As at 31 December 2014, the Company has 953 retail pharmacies in including four stores in Hong Kong and approximately 6,500 distribution customers. The Company has high net profit margin, which is attributable to the product mix with a focus on high-gross-margin products, the effective direct-supply model, the centralized procurement platform and low operation costs. The Company provides training programs to its employees and customers through Jintian Institute. The Company also has strong execution capability for acquisitions and integration which enables it to implement its product mix, advanced business model and sophisticated operation procedures in the acquired businesses. The Company has formed distinctive business model and core competitive strengths.

This press release is issued by Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Limited on behalf of JINTIAN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP LIMITED.

For further information, please contact:

Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Limited
Connie Liu / Angus Song / Sylvia Zhang
Tel: (852) 3970 2290 / (852) 3970 2175 / (852) 3970 2161
Fax: (852) 2598 1588
Email: / /

Source: Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Limited

Related stocks: HongKong:2211

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Puma Energy Opens One of World’s Largest Offshore Fuelling Facilities

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LUANDA, Angola, April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Strategic CBM Fuelling Hub for Africa

Puma Energy, the globally integrated midstream and downstream energy company, today opened one of the world’s largest conventional buoy mooring systems (“CBM”) in Luanda Bay, Angola. The fuel loading buoy anchored offshore serves as a strategic mooring point for Africa and it will allow a wide range of carriers to berth while loading or offloading oil product.


The new CBM is located next to Puma Energy’s Fishing Port Terminal in Luanda Bay, which is currently being extended and will have a total storage capacity of 276,000m3. The CBM meets Oil Companies International Marine Forum (“OCIMF”) standards and can accommodate vessels up to 225,000 Dead Weight Tons (“DWT”) with a draft restriction of 19.3m. It has bi-directional flow and a nominal product transfer rate of 4,000 m3 per hour on both lines. The mooring buoys are fitted with navigational aids to assist with effective, safer and environmentally friendly tanker loading and berthing.

Puma Energy applied its extensive infrastructure experience to construct this state-of-the-art facility, the result of which will make Angola’s Fishing Port Terminal a key site securing the supply of energy to and from Angola and Africa during a period of high demand for energy products.

Pierre Eladari, CEO for Puma Energy said: “We constantly assess new and strategic infrastructure investment opportunities which help us provide safe, reliable and cost effective supply, storage and distribution solutions to our customers. This new CBM facility in Luanda provides security of supply to and from Angola as well as Africa.”

The CBM is part of Angola’s long term strategic objective to improve the country’s infrastructure endowment. Improved efficiency at the Port of Luanda will help Angola’s economy to remain amongst the fastest growing in Africa.

Puma Energy entered Angola in 2004 as a partner for Sonangol, Angola’s National Oil Company, in its strategic ambition to invest, redevelop and liberalise its downstream oil industry. Currently Puma Energy operates four businesses in Angola: Pumangol Retail – Petrol Station network; Pumangol B2B – direct seller of fuels to the industry; Pumangol Bunkering – bunkering of vessels and AngoBetumens – bitumen storage and distribution.

Puma Energy has built lasting vital infrastructure across all 18 provinces in Angola, including bulk storage facilities, a retail network programme of approximately 71 sites across the country and created thousands of jobs.
Source: Puma Energy

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Talent, Falling Oil Prices And Local Content Tackled At Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum

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SINGAPORE, April 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Talent shortages and falling oil prices were today pin-pointed as the top challenges facing the Offshore Marine Industry at Sea Asia’s Offshore Marine Forum.
Vice President Offshore V.Group Alessandro Ciocchi speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum
Vice President Offshore V.Group Alessandro Ciocchi speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum

Secretary General International Maritime Organization Koji Sekimizu joined offshore industry leaders at the forum to look at these challenges and debate potential solutions.

Vice President Offshore V.Group Alessandro Ciocchi commented that recruitment, training and retention are challenges that must be engaged to ensure the industry can continue to operate safely and sustainably.

“With over 3400 offshore support vessels (OSVs) at sea today, the question remains: how do we continue to find qualified crew to operate these vessels?”

He added that investment in people needs to happen early in their careers to tackle this training challenge.

“We need to ensure that those coming through the industry have been provided with enough at-sea training opportunities to ensure we have a strong pipeline of talent for the future.

“We also need to focus on transferring the knowledge that sits with long-serving members of the industry to those now joining the ranks,” he said.

The domestic economic policy in a number of markets is calling for the creation of ‘local content’ and Mr. Ciocchi said that companies and the industry must invest in local training and capability programs to ensure they’re able to meet these requirements.

“Local content requires local solutions. This means taking the time to train local talent in a safe and efficient way and working with local schools and maritime authorities to raise the capability of local crews,” he concluded.

Managing Director Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd Mr. Neil Glenn commented that falling oil prices are also creating significant short-term challenges for operators in the industry.

“The lower oil prices are making oil and gas operators reduce their capital and operational expenditure which has a significant knock-on effect on the offshore industry.

“Day rates for new charters are coming under pressure and the oil and gas industry is also requesting reduced rates for existing contracts. This is leading to weaker utilisation and a highly competitive market environment.”

Mr. Glenn said this is creating overall revenue pressure for players in the industry, adding that there are three key things that the industry can do to manage these challenges.

“The industry needs to look at how it can sustainably reduce costs while maintaining training, safety and quality standards. We also need to be more stringent in vessel finance discipline and look at opportunities for consolidation and standardisation so we can leverage economies of scale,” he said.

President Director PT. Logindo Samudra makmur Tbk and Chairman, Indonesian Shipyard and Offshore Association (IPERINDO) commented that these revenue pressures are being felt in Indonesia.

“The oil and gas industry in Indonesia slowed last year as a result of the Presidential elections and the more recent oil price pressures have meant that there has been no recent improvement. This is putting pressure on the offshore industry where big projects have been deferred or delayed.

“At the same time, there’s an oversupply of offshore vessels and charter rates are under pressure from oil and gas companies as well as the Government which has requested that companies not only look at future rates but those in place under existing contracts.”

He added that Indonesia’s demand for energy will continue to grow and therefore the long-term outlook for the industry is positive if there is more alignment between industry players and the Government.

“Indonesia today consumes around 1.6 million barrels of oil per day and is only able to produce 800,000 with the rest needing to be imported.

“By 2020, it’s expected that with current exploration and production (E&P) activities, the country could grow local oil production to 1.5 million barrels but demand will have reached 2 million barrels in the same time frame.

“We need to align and work closely with the Government to ensure we’re able to meet the local energy needs in a way that’s sustainable for both consumers and the industry,” he said.

Moving forward, Mr. Glenn added that players “need to seek to learn, adapt and engage with all stakeholders in the industry to find out how it can meet their needs on a sustainable basis.”

Sea Asia is a platform where this takes place.

Seatrade Chairman Chris Hayman said: “Sea Asia and today’s offshore marine forum is an important platform for all sectors of the industry to come together to debate challenges and potentially find solutions.”

“Today’s discussion highlighted the current state-of-play for the offshore industry and the speakers provided insight into how challenges and opportunities can be managed,” he said.

Sea Asia is taking place in Singapore until Thursday 23 April. Over 14,000 participants from around 70 countries are expected to take part in the conference and exhibition.

For more information, please contact:

Sharon Chan
Mobile: +65 9759 9528
DID: +65 6239 4107

About Sea Asia

Sea Asia, an international conference and exhibition for the maritime and offshore industries, is returning for the 5th edition from 21 to 23 April 2015 at the Marina Bay Sands®, Singapore. Sea Asia serves as a focal point for both the global and local maritime communities to network, explore new businesses, and showcase the latest maritime innovations, equipment and services. Co-organised by Seatrade and the Singapore Maritime Foundation, Sea Asia is an anchor event held in conjunction with the Singapore Maritime Week and is well-attended by the most influential and respected leaders in the industry. The 3-day Sea Asia conference will bring forth the latest discussion and debates on key trends, opportunities and challenges facing the maritime industry.

Sea Asia is supported by principal sponsors Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd, DP World UAE Region, Executive Ship Management, Lloyd’s Register, Neptune Orient Lines (NOL), Sohar Port & Freezone, as well as sponsors ABS, Admiralty, AXSMARINE, ClassNK, DNVGL, G Travel, Hempel, JTJB LLP, Keppel Offshore & Marine, LUKOIL Marine Lubricants, M3 Marine Group Pte Ltd, Mobil Industrial Lubricants, Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd, PANAMA MARITIME AUTHORITY, WORLDWIDE LEADER FLAG STATE, PSA Corporation Limited, QBE INSURANCE (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED, ,Singtel, The Standard Club Asia Ltd, Veritas Petroleum Services, and Zamil Offshore.

For more information, please visit

About Seatrade

Seatrade provides a range of global events, websites and publications that covers every aspect of the cruise and maritime industries, bringing together key people to encourage innovation and to produce powerful learning, networking and promotional platforms. Founded in 1970, Seatrade was acquired recently in 2014 by UBM, the world’s second largest media and event organiser. Seatrade sits with the UBM EMEA, which connects people and creates opportunities for companies to develop new business, meet customers, launch new products, promote brands and expand markets. Operating in over 23 countries, UBM EMEA organizes many of the world’s largest, most important exhibitions, conferences, awards, directories, websites and publications in a wide variety of industries.

For full details about this event, visit Find out more about Seatrade and UBM, visit and

About the Singapore Maritime Foundation

Established in 2004, the Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) is a private sector-led organisation that seeks to develop and promote Singapore as an International Maritime Centre (IMC). As the representative voice for the commercial players of the maritime industry, SMF seeks to forge strong partnerships with the public and private sectors of the maritime industry. SMF spearheads initiatives to promote the diverse clusters of the maritime industry in Singapore and at international frontiers, and to attract young talents to join the sector. SMF is directed by its Board of Directors which comprises prominent leaders in the Singapore maritime community. For details, visit

Managing Director Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd Mr Neil Glenn speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum
Managing Director Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd Mr Neil Glenn speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum

President Director PT. Logindo Samudra makmur Tbk and Chairman, Indonesian Shipyard and Offshore Association (IPERINDO) speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum
President Director PT. Logindo Samudra makmur Tbk and Chairman, Indonesian Shipyard and Offshore Association (IPERINDO) speaking at the Sea Asia Offshore Marine Forum

Photo –
Photo –
Photo –
Source: Seatrade Communications

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Cantrixil Receives Orphan Drug Designation from FDA

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— Cantrixil receives Orphan Drug Designation in U.S. for ovarian cancer

SYDNEY /PRNewswire/ — US-Australian drug discovery company, Novogen, today announced that its subsidiary joint venture company with Yale University, CanTx, Inc, has today received notification from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that its chemotherapy candidate drug, Cantrixil, has been granted Orphan Drug Designation for ovarian cancer.

Orphan Drug Designation is an important development for any experimental drug and has been instigated in a number of territories including the U.S, Europe and Australia to encourage the development of drugs for clinical indications that do not have a high incidence.

Orphan Drug Designation can provide the following benefits to a drug developer:

  • Financial subsidization for clinical research
  • Tax incentives
  • Extended patent protection
  • Enhanced marketing rights.

Cantrixil was granted Orphan Drug Designation under the U.S. Orphan drug Act following a review by the FDA of a package of pre-clinical data submitted by the Company.

Novogen and CanTx CEO, Graham Kelly, said, “Receiving this designation is one more step in our objective of bringing Cantrixil to market as a drug that we hope will provide meaningful clinical benefit to patients with ovarian cancer and deliver that long-sought breakthrough for patients with a cancer that has shown only slight improvement in 5-year survival rates over the last 30 years.

“CanTx came out of a belief by Yale University and some long-term ovarian cancer researchers in the Yale Medical School that Cantrixil represented a potential breakthrough in the treatment of ovarian cancer,” Kelly added.

Key Cantrixil pre-clinical data was presented by Yale researchers two days ago at the American Association of Cancer Research annual conference. That data represented the final stringent challenge that CanTx and Yaleclinicians had set Cantrixil in order to justify bringing it into patients. That data related to an animal model believed to be highly representative of late-stage chemo-resistant ovarian cancer. Cantrixil in that highly stringent model delivered a very potent (>95% tumor reduction) anti-tumor effect.

Cantrixil is on track to enter the clinic in Australia in late-2015/early-2016 in patients with the condition, malignant ascites, a terminal condition associated with cancers such as ovarian cancer and for which no effective long-term therapies exist. The Company sees this as a logical entry point into the clinic for the Cantrixil as being a clinical indication without any approved therapies in the U.S. and Australia, and as a prelude to the ultimate objective of using Cantrixil much earlier in the cancer process as a first-line therapy following diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

“The capital-raise Novogen announced yesterday was intended to give the Company the financial runway to bring drugs such as Cantrixil through to the point where we hope to see objective evidence of clinical efficacy. For Cantrixil, as for all our other pipeline drugs, this is the next key inflection point for the Company in its quest to become a major global drug discovery company. The funds we hope to raise in the current Placement and Rights Issue offerings are intended to take the Company to that next key inflection point.”

About Ovarian Cancer

Approximately 1 in 70 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. In the U.S. this equates each year to approximately 22,000 new cases diagnosed and 15,000 deaths from ovarian cancer; the figures for Europe are 66,000 and 41,000 respectively. There are different forms of ovarian cancer with epithelial ovarian cancer accounting for 90% of cases.

Approximately 15% of women present with disease localized to the ovaries and with successful surgery, the 5-year survival rate is >90%.

For women with more advanced disease at the time of diagnosis, the 5-year survival rate is <30%.

Approximately 85% of advanced cases respond to first-line therapy (typically paclitaxel and carboplatin), but about 80% of these will relapse within several years.

About Cantrixil

Cantrixil is a cyclodextrin envelope containing the active ingredient, TRXE-002. The construct has been designed as an intra-cavity chemotherapy to be injected directly into the peritoneal and pleural cavities without causing local irritation or toxicity. Its purpose is to achieve high drug levels in the environment in which the cancer is spreading through the migration of the cancer stem cell. The ultimate primary indication of Cantrixil to be sought is first-line therapy of early-stage cancers of the abdominal cavity (e.g. ovarian, uterine, colo-rectal and gastric carcinomas). Cantrixil will enter the clinic in later-stage cancers where the abdominal carcinomatosis has resulted in the terminal condition of malignant ascites.

Cantrixil is owned by CanTx, Inc.

About CanTx, Inc

CanTx is a joint venture company between Novogen and Yale University. Novogen owns 85% of the joint venture. Novogen has licensed the drug candidate, TRXE-002, to CanTx for use in Cantrixil. CanTx is based inNew Haven, CT.

About Novogen

Novogen is a public, Australian-US drug-development company whose shares trade on both the Australian Securities Exchange (‘NRT’) and NASDAQ (‘NVGN’). The Novogen group includes US-based, CanTx Inc, a joint venture company with Yale University. Novogen has two main drug technology platforms: super-benzopyrans (SBPs) and anti-tropomyosins (ATMs). SBP compounds have been designed to kill the full heterogeneity of cells within a tumor, but with particular activity against the slowly-dividing, less differentiated cancer stem (tumor-initiating) cell. The ATM compounds target the micro-filament component of the cancer cell’s cytoskeleton and have been designed to combine with anti-microtubule drugs (taxanes, vinca alkaloids) to produce comprehensive and fatal destruction of the cancer cell cytoskeleton. The Company pipeline currently comprises two SBP drug candidates (TRXE-002, TRXE-009) and one ATM drug candidate (Anisina).

Corporate Contact

Dr. Graham Kelly

Executive Chairman & CEO

Novogen Group 

+61 (0) 2 9472 4100

Media Enquiries

Cristyn Humphreys

Chief Operating Officer

Novogen Group

+61 (0) 2 9472 4111

Forward Looking Statement

This press release contains “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.  The Company has tried to identify such forward-looking statements by use of such words as “expects,” “appear,” “intends,” “hopes,” “anticipates,” “believes,” “could,” “should,” “would,”  “may,” “target,”  “evidences” and “estimates,” and other similar expressions, but these words are not the exclusive means of identifying such statements.  Such statements include, but are not limited to any statements relating to the Company’s drug development program, including, but not limited to the initiation, progress and outcomes of clinical trials of the Company’s drug development program, including, but not limited to, Cantrixil, and any other statements that are not historical facts.  Such statements involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, those risks and uncertainties relating to the difficulties or delays in financing, development, testing, regulatory approval, production and marketing of the Company’s drug components, including, but not limited to Cantrixil, the ability of the Company to procure additional future sources of financing, unexpected adverse side effects or inadequate therapeutic efficacy of the Company’s drug compounds, including, but not limited to, Cantrixil, that could slow or prevent products coming to market, the uncertainty of patent protection for the Company’s intellectual property or trade secrets, including, but not limited to, the intellectual property relating to Cantrixil, and other risks detailed from time to time in the filings the Company makes with Securities and Exchange Commission including its annual reports on Form 20-F and its reports on Form 6-K.  Such statements are based on management’s current expectations, but actual results may differ materially due to various factions including those risks and uncertainties mentioned or referred to in this press release.  Accordingly, you should not rely on those forward-looking statements as a prediction of actual future results.

Source: Novogen Ltd
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Retailers Investing Heavily in Omni-Channel Selling — But Where Are the Profits?

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-New JDA study finds that despite increasing investments in omni-channel sales capabilities, only 16 percent of retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are fulfilling profitably

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ A new JDA study reveals an enormous amount of money, energy and time retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are spending to improve their omni-channel sales capabilities. While this may not be surprising given the current business environment, the JDA report reveals an unexpected and disturbing fact: despite these significant investments, only 16 percent of companies say they can fulfill omni-channel demand profitably today.

This finding, and others are highlighted in The Omni-Channel Fulfillment Imperative, a new report prepared forJDA Software Group, Inc. by PwC. This study is based on a global survey of more than 400 retail and consumer goods CEOs from around the world, conducted in late 2014.

What is eroding retailers’ margins as they sell and deliver products across multiple channels? It’s simple: the high cost of fulfilling orders. A full 67 percent of respondents reported that these costs are growing as they increase their focus on selling across channels. Survey respondents reported their highest costs associated with omni-channel selling as:

  • Handling returns from online and store orders (cited by 71 percent of respondents) (tweet this)
  • Shipping directly to the customer (67 percent)
  • Shipping to the store for customer pick-up (59 percent)

The CEOs in the JDA study recognize that they need to continue investing in business improvements to enhance their omni-channel performance. However, reducing the associated logistics costs is not their primary focus. When asked to rank their top initiatives for improving business operations, CEOs’ number-one choice (57 percent) was spending capital on creating new customer experiences (tweet this). Similarly, when asked to rank strategic growth enablers for the year, reducing/reformatting physical store footprints to focus on expanding the ecommerce business was the top choice at 53 percent. (tweet this)

“Every time retailers receive an online order, they have a number of options to fulfill that demand. They can pull the product from a local store, send it from a centralized warehouse or ship it directly from the supplier. JDA’s new study demonstrates that most retailers lack the insight to make these decisions in a profitable manner — and are not sufficiently focused on this critical capability gap,” said Kevin Iaquinto, chief marketing officer at JDA. “They need intelligent logistics and fulfillment solutions that can reveal the hidden costs, and the customer service trade-offs, associated with every delivery option. In addition, to truly win in the omni-channel marketplace, retailers need the upfront demand forecasting tools to make sure products are already distributed across all locations in a manner that supports profitable delivery.”

While they might not be focused on actions today to create profitable fulfillment and delivery schemes, the JDA study leaves no doubt that CEOs are aware of the importance of profitable omni-channel fulfillment to their future survival. Seventy-one percent of respondents said omni-channel fulfillment is either a high or a top priority. And these CEOs are planning to invest an average of 29 percent of their total capital expenditures for 2015 on improving their omni-channel fulfillment performance.

The fulfillment capability most cited as needing attention was transportation and logistics, named by 88 percent of CEOs as a priority for the future. The second capability CEOs will focus on is improving inventory availability to fill orders, cited by 85 percent. (tweet this)

“Having products available, then finding the most profitable way to deliver them —are critical activities that lie at the heart of supply chain excellence,” noted Iaquinto. “The CEOs in the JDA survey clearly understand the challenges they have ahead of them with regard to fulfillment, and they know they will have to innovate if they are to be profitable while meeting customer expectations across channels. The good news is that advanced technology can help retailers and consumer goods manufacturers master omni-channel fulfillment. However, until companies fully leverage these solutions, they will fail to realize positive financial returns on their omni-channel investments.”

The full JDA report is available online at jda.,com.

Survey Methodology

PwC conducted a survey on behalf of JDA Software in late 2014, with 410 responses from CEOs across North and Central America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, Japan and Australia. Twenty-two percent of responses came from top 250 retailers (> $5 billion revenue), with another 51 percent classified as top 1,000 retailers. Respondents identified themselves as coming from hard goods, soft goods, consumer packaged goods, ecommerce and grocery verticals, as well as a few related retail and consumer sectors.

Tweet this: Retailers Investing Heavily in Omni-Channel Selling: But Where Is the Return?  Download the new @JDASoftware report:

Read the Supply Chain Nation blog on today’s survey results here.

About JDA Software Group, Inc.

At JDA, we’re fearless leaders. We’re the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions for more than 4,000 customers worldwide.  Our unique solutions empower our clients to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time to value so they can always deliver on their customer promises.  Using JDA, you can plan to deliver.

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“JDA” is a trademark or registered trademark of JDA Software Group, Inc. Any trade, product or service name referenced in this document using the name “JDA” is a trademark and/or property of JDA Software Group, Inc.

JDA Software Group, Inc.
14400 N. 87th Street
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Source: JDA Software Asia
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CSA Group Introduces Environmental Tips to Celebrate Earth Day

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— Inviting Global Citizens to “Love Our Earth and Go Green” –

SHANGHAI, TAIPEI and TOKYO /PRNewswire/ — CSA Group, a leading global provider of standards development, testing and certification services initiated a new environmental proposal on “Love Our Earth and Go Green” to celebrate Earth Day. In celebration of Earth Day, CSA Group offered environmental tips and invited all global citizens to help protect our planet.

For decades, CSA Group has advanced and encouraged the adoption of sustainable energy and living through new and innovative thinking. CSA Group offers an energy efficiency verification program to test and certify products for water pollutants to ENERGY STAR® and WaterSense® requirements and is developing new standards for alternative energy products including solar panels and alternative energy vehicles and fueling components.

With the mission of Advancing Today and Anticipating Tomorrow, CSA Group invited all consumers and businesses to celebrate Earth Day. CSA Group offered the environmental tips below to help everyone contribute to a better, more sustainable world. By following these small steps everyone can help reduce the impact we have on the environment.

CSA Group Environmental Tips

Tip 1: Reduce Water Consumption and Your Water Footprint

Water is the driving force of all nature, and we cannot survive without it. We could save more water and reduce our water footprint[1] by:

  • Recycling greywater from the sink for gardening.
  • Re-using detergent-mixed water for flooring cleaning or toilet flushing.
  • Installing water-saving toilets.
  • Applying a water-saving showerhead.
  • Showering rather than taking a bath for better water efficiency.

[1] A water footprint, based on a premise similar to that of a carbon footprint, measures the amount of water used by a product, an individual, a business or a country. – WWF

Tip 2: Sort Household Waste  

Sorting household waste is a key to waste management efficiency for recycling and reusing household products, such as newspaper and water bottles that can be made into other products. Other household waste can be composted or sorted for further treatment and disposal, helping to reduce or eliminate hazardous pollutants.

CSA Group urges individuals and business to embrace waste sorting practice so as to carry on the tradition of “reduce, re-use and recycle” through generations. Sorting waste contributes to a more efficient waste management process and helps to stimulate the development of green technologies.

Tip 3: Save Electricity

  • Unplug your home electronic appliances. By simply unplugging your appliances when they are not being used, you save electricity.
  • Move your air-conditioning thermostat temperature setting up to get the most comfort at the least cost.
  • Use efficient lighting. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents (CFLs), which use 60% less energy with five times’ higher performance. A 13W CFL delivers the same performance as a 60W incandescent bulb.
  • Look for the energy efficient labels in purchasing new home appliances and choose the products that are the most efficient.

Tip 4: Say No to Single-Use/Disposable Products

  • Bring your own shopping bag or shopping cart rather than relying on non-biodegradable plastic bags.
  • Avoid single-use chopsticks; replace tissue paper with handkerchiefs or napkins to save the trees.
  • Re-use scrap paper on double side or choose recycled paper as possible. Research shows that one ton of waste paper will produce 800 Kilogram’s recycled paper and save 17 mature trees. [2]

About CSA Group

CSA Group is an independent, not-for-profit membership association dedicated to safety, social good and sustainability. Its knowledge and expertise encompass standards development; training and advisory solutions; global testing and certification services across key business areas including hazardous location and industrial, plumbing and construction, medical, safety and technology, appliances and gas, alternative energy, lighting and sustainability; as well as consumer product evaluation services. The CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide. For more information about CSA Group visit

CSA Group Media Contact
Pino Chen                                                               

Logo –

Source: CSA Group
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