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ChinaCache Launches High Performance Cloud Cache, Leading the Content Delivery Network Industry into the Cloud Age

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BEIJING /PRNewswire/ — ChinaCache, the content delivery network (CDN) industry leader in China, recently announced the fully online running of its efficient cloud distribution platform high performance cloud cache (HPCC), on its entire network. HPCC is the next generation of cloud computing technology based on a CDN foundation core platform independently developed by ChinaCache. This marks ChinaCache’s success in transformation from traditional file distribution mode CDN to a cloud distribution platform, beginning a new chapter for the CDN cloud age.

From its early natural growth period relying on manual scheduling experience, followed by offering edge cache service and rich peripheral support system through traffic scheduling service, CDN has moved to the CDN cloud age of cloud-enabled node resource, Internet traffic intelligent scheduling, content hierarchical caching, and multi-IDC management support.

ChinaCache’s efficient cloud distribution platform HPCC is a new generation of platform technology based on this evolution. A new generation of CDN platform, built by the high-performance proxy server and cloud storage system on the HPCC platform, is designed to reduce resource cost and improve user experience, with its core features of distributed systems, business storage separation, node resource pooling, and content intelligent aware function. ChinaCache’s single node cloud platform is many times faster compared with similar products in terms of performance, making Internet applications even faster, significantly boosting user experiences.

With the launching of ChinaCache’s efficient cloud distribution platform HPCC, the CDN market in China will gradually enter into the cloud computing era, helping to better solve China’s current Internet congestion issues, greatly improving user access response speed, and making content transmission faster and more stable.

HPCC will provide services such as page acceleration, file distributed download, video streaming media, and mobile Internet to ChinaCache’s core business, to substantially increase many indicators in terms of resource utilization, back to the source bandwidth, operational cost, and customer cost, while offering customers more variety of differentiated value-added services.

A large domestic microblogging website has been operated stably in ChinaCache’s efficient cloud distribution platform HPCC for more than four months, with remarkable results:

  • More balanced Internet flow scheduling, with each node resource utilization rate floating by not higher than 10%;
  • The number of single node file storage exceeding 1 billion, with access hitting ratio increased by 20%;
  • With improved hitting rates, back to the source rate lowers by over 10%;

At present, ChinaCache’s CDN network has been carrying out page display of 9.6 billion times a day and video content browsing and downloading of more than 1 billion times, producing system and user logs of more than 130 TB magnitude every day. The online running of the efficient cloud distribution platform HPCC will surely greatly improve ChinaCache’s service platform in terms of overall technology level, business delivery capacity, and service quality, also bringing new development momentum for the CDN industry.

Source: ChinaCache

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April 22, 2015 at 5:19 pm

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