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ChinaCache Works with Chinese Environmental Advocate IPE to Bring Back Blue Sky

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BEIJING /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the issue of environmental protection has sparked heated discussions and reflection. Now is the time for us, who live in Beijing with its 175 polluted days a year, to do something. ChinaCache, a leading total solutions provider of Internet content delivery services in China, has proactively worked with the Public Environment Research Center (IPE), a Chinese environmental advocate and NGO, to bring back blue sky.

When it was announced that the IPE was offering a “pollution map” app, ChinaCache immediately sent its professional team to visit the organization, hoping to make a contribution by solving the technical problems with the company’s network during pollution data collection.

IPE is a research organization committed to improving the environment for the benefit of the public. Since its establishment in June 2006, IPE has collected and released environmental information from the government to the public and developed and run a Chinese pollution map database promoting environmental information disclosure and public participation, calling for the people to protect the environment, looking for the ultimate way to eliminate pollution, and improving the environmental governance mechanism.

After further communication, it emerged that the organization had limited technical personnel, with weak app operation and maintenance capacity. Especially after the pollution documentary “Under the Dome” was broadcast, huge amounts of enthusiastic netizens became aware of and began downloading the “pollution map,” instantly jamming the app’s network and worsening its already weak resources and technology.

Once ChinaCache became aware that IPE was in an urgent need of CDN technical support, the company immediately decided to provide the “pollution map” app with the mobile terminal dedicated network acceleration service – MPlus. MPlus is a mobile Internet solution launched by ChinaCache in 2015 that enables a mobile acceleration solution to efficiently improve its performance by integrating the operator’s rear traffic resources and applying technical means to combine flow pool and mobile acceleration products, effectively solving the big technical network challenges faced by IPE. At present, the service is fully prepared to start.

Environmental governance depends on everyone and the more positive action taken by environmentalists themselves has made more people realize that we can make a difference together. These positive actions and calls for change will lead to a new round of legislative improvements and public policy adjustment, and in turn a complete overhaul in pollution prevention measures both from the behavior of individual citizens and that of larger enterprises.

ChinaCache, a company full of enterprise and social responsibility, has always pledged its contribution to society. From actively participating in various domestic large-scale disaster relief activities, to “Angle Home” public welfare activities and active support for pollution management, ChinaCache believes that a little effort can go a long way towards realizing a green future with beautiful homes, healthy growth of the next generation, and sustainable development of the ecological environment.

Source: ChinaCache

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April 14, 2015 at 5:47 pm

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