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Hublot unveils the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold: The World’s Only Scratch-Resistant Gold Watch

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— It’s the most scratch-resistant massive gold watch ever created: A gold that can only be altered by diamonds
— In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the iconic Big Bang, Hublot reveals today, one week before Baselworld, the Big Bang Unico Full Magic Gold.

PRNewswire/ — It is the perfect fusion of respect for tradition and 21st century creativity. The fusion of a revolutionary material – the famous Magic Gold, which is the world’s only scratch-resistant gold, certified as 18K and developed by Hublot – and the iconic design of the BIG BANG, with its Manufacture Chrono: the UNICO.

Photo –

Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot, declared: “The fusion of materials is in Hublot’s DNA. Four years ago, Hublot created Magic Gold, the only scratch-resistant gold in the world. Still today, Hublot is the only brand to offer this material, whose hardness is close to 1,000 Vickers, more than twice that of ‘standard’ 18 carat gold, which only reaches 400 Vickers.”

The Magic Gold is a noble material protected by patents, certified as 18 carats by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control, and developed by Hublot in Switzerland alongside the prestigious EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), several months of fine-tuning took place in the manufacture to machine the famous alloy.

Since November 2011, when Magic Gold was unveiled to the world’s press, Hublot has equipped itself with the means to produce this material in-house from start to finish thanks to its high-tech foundry at the Nyon Manufacture, which is home to the ceramic sintering and high-pressure metal casting processes.

As you are probably already aware, this revolutionary material is a fusion of 24 carat gold (nature’s ultimate noble material) and the latest high-tech materials expertise. Components made from this material are produced using a complex process: A boron carbide powder is pre-formed in moulds very similar in shape to that of the finished parts, in this case the watch’s bezel. The pre-formed powder is then hardened at a very high temperature, creating a rigid, porous structure. After this operation, 24K gold alloyed with 3% molten liquid gold is injected under very high pressure with inert gas at a high temperature, allowing the metal to fill the ceramic pores and creating a “fusion” of the two to produce Magic Gold.

Almost three years of collaboration and research have gone into achieving this impressive result: a completely new type of gold, an almost inalterable precious metal which retains its own characteristics. The first watches made from Magic Gold were presented at BaselWorld2012 in a very limited Big Bang Ferrari edition which reflected the shared DNA of the 2 brands: Exclusivity, innovation and technology.


Source: Hublot

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Proton OnSite to Supply Electrolyzer Stacks for Multiple Submarine Fleets

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-Leader in Proton Exchange Membrane Electrolyzer Technology Receives Orders from UTC Aerospace Systems for Cell Stacks to Produce Oxygen for American, British and French Submarines

PRNewswire/ — Proton OnSite, the world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer technology, has announced it has received follow-on orders for Navy electrolyzer cell stacks from UTC Aerospace Systems, a leading defense and aerospace system integrator. The orders for 17 cell stacks, to be delivered over the course of several years, will be providing oxygen generation for new submarines in the American, British and French Navy fleets. The multi-million dollar orders received over the past two months solidify Proton’s position as the only U.S. supplier of stacks for international submarine fleets. The booked orders will be supporting U.S. Virginia Class, U.K. Vanguard and Astute classes, and French Barracuda Class submarine oxygen production, and supplement previous deliveries for these boats going back to 2008.

Robert Friedland, Chief Executive Officer of Proton OnSite said: “We have worked with UTC Aerospace Systems to develop and manufacture the most advanced electrolyzer cell stack design for these Navy customers over the past 10 years. These contracts extend an important relationship with UTC Aerospace Systems and further show how our robust and reliable PEM technology is used in these important markets.”

Proton OnSite has a long history of supplying PEM electrolyzer stacks for the production of oxygen on board Navy submarines. To date, Proton OnSite has delivered 22 cell stacks to UTC Aerospace Systems for its Navy customers. These Navy customers have made PEM cell stacks the technology of choice for oxygen production on submarines, based on its long track record of reliability and robustness. The successful partnership between Proton and UTC Aerospace Systems is built on Proton’s stack manufacturing expertise and UTC Aerospace Systems’ leading position as a systems integration and solution provider to military customers around the world. The cell stack technology jointly developed by Proton and UTAS for their Navy customers has also been integrated into commercial electrolyzers under Proton’s C-Series® product line. The military heritage and performance of these cell stacks assures Proton’s customers of unparalleled reliability and durability for their commercial electrolyzer applications.

“The Virginia Class submarine program is a critical program for the U.S. Navy, and we are proud to be a part of it. Proton OnSite’s demonstrated ability to timely deliver quality hardware has been important to our success. UTC Aerospace Systems’ maritime systems have demonstrated decades of safe and reliable operation, meeting all of our customers’ requirements. Our hardware spans many technologies and customers, including oxygen generation, carbon dioxide removal, atmosphere monitoring, and fuel cell energy. We look forward to working with Proton in not only maintaining our solid performance but also looking to the future, ensuring our oxygen generation solutions are world class and affordable,” said Carl Nunziato, General Manager Maritime Systems.

About Proton OnSite
Proton OnSite is a global leader in the design and manufacture of hydrogen energy and innovative gas solutions. Since 1996, it has been developing and applying PEM electrolyzer technology in creative and practical ways that best meet the diverse requirements of its customers. More recently, it has expanded its product offerings to include nitrogen, air and oxygen generators. It has also expanded its services to include packaged solutions incorporating tanks, compressors and other ancillary equipment. Its advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis systems coupled with its uncompromising attention to service and quality enables Proton OnSite to deliver, install and support gas generation units for a diverse customer base around the world. For more information visit

UTC Aerospace Systems is a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), which designs, manufactures and services integrated systems and components for the aerospace and defense industries. UTC Aerospace Systems supports a global customer base with significant worldwide manufacturing and customer service facilities.

United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Connecticut, provides high technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries.

Source: Proton OnSite

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Paul G. Allen to Offer Live Underwater Tour of the Musashi Battleship Wreckage

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SIBUYAN SEA, Philippines, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Philanthropist and entrepreneur, Paul G. Allen, and his research team will broadcast a live-stream tour of the wreckage of the Japanese battleship Musashi, one of the most renowned and technologically advanced battleships in history. The event will begin at 9 a.m. PHT/10 a.m. JPT, Friday, March 13, 2015.

The tour will offer the first-ever complete view of the sunken ship. Viewers will experience more than an hour of exclusive footage of the battleship, including details such as the bow and stern sections, and the main conning tower. The tour will be conducted using the same state-of-the-art Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) that was used to discover the Musashi.

Musashi was discovered on March 2, 2015, by Paul G. Allen’s underwater research team. The team utilized historical records from four countries, detailed undersea topographical data and advanced technology aboard Mr. Allen’s yacht, M/Y Octopus. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the conclusion of World War II, and the finding of the battleship is a significant milestone in the annals of naval history.

Statement from Paul G. Allen: “After eight years of diligent research, locating the Musashi was a meaningful moment for me and my team. We are proud to have played a role in finding this key vessel in naval history and are honored to share it with the survivors, the families of those who perished and the world.”

  • How to access the live stream: Go to or on YouTube:
  • Social: Track the conversation via the #MusashiLive hashtag and @VulcanInc
  • Archive: The live stream will be archived at
  • Date: March 13, 2015
  • NOTE: As this is a live event, weather is a factor. In the event of weather delays, updates will be provided on
  • Time: Approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length beginning at 9 a.m. PHT, 10 a.m. JPT (9 p.m. EDT, March 12, 2015)
  • Permissions: All news media have permission to broadcast the live stream and translate the commentary into their preferred language. The broadcast will be presented in English.
  • Contact:
Source: Paul G. Allen

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Atradius Announces Strong Earnings

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AMSTERDAM, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Significant improvement in revenue growth and claims


  • Written premium rose 6.5% to EUR 1,497.6 million, increasing in Western Europe and showing good growth in developing markets
  • Insurance revenue rose 3.3% to EUR 1,573.4 million
  • Gross insurance result (before reinsurance) improved 27.1% in 2014 to EUR 357.5 million
  • Net profit: EUR 161.2 million, up 19.8%, with a major contribution from its Spanish operations
  • Combined ratio: 77.3%, improvement of 4.2 percentage points
  • Shareholders’ equity: EUR 1,393 million, up 8.25%

Isidoro Unda, CEO of Atradius commented, “Sustainable performance is essential to our success and to the success of our customers. In 2014 we focused on developing and introducing new tools to ensure our customers receive the best possible service and risk management support. We are providing customers with more information and in many cases expanded coverage. This has resulted in another year leading the market with high customer satisfaction and retention.”

Insurance revenues

Written premium stood out growing 6.5% to EUR 1,497.6 million, increasing in Western Europe and showing good growth in new markets. Insurance revenue grew at a solid pace increasing 3.3% to EUR 1,573.4 million. Special products and Reinsurance revenues also showed improvement. Atradius continued to expand its underwriting capacity and presence with new offices in Russia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Insurance result

The gross insurance result improved 27.1% in 2014 to EUR 357.5 million and, the net insurance result rose 41.0% to EUR 201.6 million. Atradius’ gross combined ratio improved from 81.5% to 77.3% largely reflecting significant improvement in claims in its Spanish operations.

Non insurance results

The service result, with EUR 4.1 million, contributed less than in 2013 due to the benign claims environment. Net investment result improved 7.9% to EUR 37.8 million in 2014.


In 2015, Atradius plans on reaching out to businesses in new ways by introducing best practices experienced across the organisation in additional markets. Improved online access is planned for SME businesses to ease the account opening and management processes.

Isidoro Unda summarizes, “Our customers are our highest priority. We strive to provide them the best possible service to help them manage their receivables and expand their businesses. This means providing valuable information, efficient tools, local support in their international markets and most of all the cover that reduces their exposure to payment failures of their customers. Despite some modest improvement in insolvencies, the business environment in 2015 is looking as risky as it has over the last two years. The weakening Asian economy, uncertainty around Greece, some big international business failures and the depreciation of the Euro are creating new challenges for businesses across the globe.”

About Atradius

Atradius provides trade credit insurance, surety and collections services worldwide through a strategic presence in 50 countries. Atradius has access to credit information on 200 million companies worldwide. Its credit insurance, bonding and collections products help protect companies throughout the world from payment risks associated with selling products and services on trade credit. Atradius forms part of Grupo Catalana Occidente (GCO.MC), one of the leading insurers in Spain and worldwide in credit insurance.

For further information:
Atradius Corporate Communications
Christine Gerryn
Tel.: +31-20-553-2047

Source: Atradius N.V.
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The Pepsi(R) Challenge(TM): Epic. Music. Sports. Tech. Design. Purpose.

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-The Most Ambitious Consumer Call to Action Ever for Pepsi Taps Global Superstars, New Technologies and Powerful Partners for Amazing
Experiences Designed to Launch a Global Movement and Galvanize Generations to “Live For Now”

PRNewswire/ — Take the #PepsiChallenge and step out of your routine to do something different.

Experience the interactive Multimedia News Release here:

Beginning today and continuing throughout 2015, this will become the hallmark of the Pepsi® Challenge™ as Pepsi unleashes its biggest socially-led, content driven initiative ever with a variety of global and local challenges designed to galvanize consumers around the world to defy convention, make every moment — big or small — epic, and truly “Live for Now.” Issued on Pepsi social and digital channels and via renowned ambassadors from around the world, #PepsiChallenge will incite consumers to take on different challenges for amazing life experiences and rewards.

Imbued with the cultural standing that has become its trademark, the 2015 content-driven, socially-led Pepsi Challenge will bring out-of-this-world films, once-in-a-lifetime music events, unique sports experiences and a global movement that will light up entire communities.

“Pepsi Challenge is an iconic piece of our brand equity and in many ways established our can-do attitude and spirit,” said Kristin Patrick, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Global Beverage Brands. “When we talked to consumers around the globe about what challenge meant to them today, they resoundingly said that it entailed challenging convention and daring to do something differently. We used that sentiment as our inspiration to expand beyond just taste and re-imagine the Pepsi Challenge for new generations, creating this cross-pollination of experiences, events, community and social advocacy, designed to ignite a mindset that challenges the status quo, our fans and ourselves.”

The 2015 Pepsi Challenge

Global challenges will be unveiled across areas of pop culture that consumers are passionate about — technology, music, sports and design — and are accessible by visiting and Pepsi social channels around the world. Among the global challenges:

Technology: An unprecedented, inaugural brand collaboration with UrtheCast, which is providing the world’s first full-color Ultra High-Definition video camera in space. Featuring out-of-this-world footage captured by UrtheCast’s HD video camera and its medium-resolution camera onboard the International Space Station (ISS), Pepsi will challenge live production conventions with the first-ever, epic film adventure shot from space.
Music: A can’t miss experience at Rock In Rio Brazil, the biggest music festival in the world that for 30 years has showcased an unparalleled collection of performers in one place.
Sports: A collection of unconventional global sporting events and experiences anchored by some of the world’s most beloved sports heroes.
Design: An extraordinary opportunity for fans to re-envision the facade of a Pepsi can with their own creative designs and flair.
Global challenges will be augmented by regionally relevant challenges designed to capture the authentic essence of their market. Examples from around the world include “Crash the Pepsi IPL,” a three-month campaign challenging consumers in India to create and submit their own Pepsi ad for a chance to be aired during Indian Premier League games during the 2015 Pepsi IPL season; regional food-focused challenges in Thailand; and a Latin America summer music challenge tied to La Gira Refrescante.

Pepsi Challenge Ambassadors

Each global challenge will be led by a global Pepsi ambassador. Chosen for their ability to transcend borders and challenge convention, these global ambassadors include:

Eight-time Grammy award winning entertainer with more than 65 million records sold worldwide, Usher
19-time tennis Grand Slam champion and undisputed greatest female tennis player of all-time, Serena Williams
The rising futbol superstar who served notice to the world in 2014, Colombia and Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez
The “Fastest Man Alive” and six-time Olympic gold medalist, Usain Bolt
World-renowned fashion designer, creative director and fashion editor widely known for collaborations with Diesel, Uniqlo and Lady Gaga, Nicola Formichetti
Mobile storyteller and international social media phenomenon with the most followed Snapchat account in the world, Jerome Jarre
“Throughout my life I have aspired to live each day with purpose and as an artist it is especially important to take risks and follow your passions,” said Usher. “It is great to team up with Pepsi to encourage people all over the world to live their life to the fullest and experience things they may have never dreamed of before.”

Challenge Darkness

Underpinning and uniting each and every #PepsiChallenge is a way for people around the world to make an impact. Through a partnership with the Liter of Light organization, Pepsi will bring cost effective solar lighting solutions to communities in need while recycling plastic bottles. To date, Liter of Light has provided ecologically-sustainable lighting solutions, free of cost, to more than 18 countries including Brazil, India, Kenya, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Pakistan and the Philippines. Through an expansion of an existing partnership with PepsiCo, every time consumers around the world use the #PepsiChallenge hash tag on public Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube profiles, Pepsi will donate $1 to Liter of Light to help bring light to people around the world who need it most.

The global, 360-integrated Pepsi Challenge program will also include several global television commercials, digital content, consumer engagement programs, point of sale, special packaging, impactful out of home and a robust digital and social program. Fans can participate in the #PepsiChallenge by following Pepsi on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in their local country, as well as visiting

Source: PepsiCo

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UK Healthcare IT Matures with Higher Integration and Commercialization of Pilot Projects

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-eHealth initiatives will add impetus to the adoption of HCIT, finds Frost & Sullivan

LONDON, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The National Health Service (NHS), along with the Department of Health (DoH) and the UK Government, has set ambitious quality and productivity goals for the healthcare industry. Their keenness to enhance healthcare delivery has attracted significant investments to healthcare IT (HCIT), which, in turn, will help them make optimum and cost-effective use of resources.

Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan

Providers are focusing on electronic health records (EHR), telehealth, ePrescribing, and remote monitoring to achieve cross-border healthcare, long-term management of chronic diseases, and higher patient engagement. Frost & Sullivan’s study, National Initiatives Impacting Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) in the United Kingdom, finds that the per capita healthcare IT expenditure in the UK in 2014 was $43, next only to Sweden and the US. The UK accounts for 30 percent of Europe’s HCIT budget.

For complimentary access to more information on this research, please visit:

Healthcare delivery in the UK is being restructured to improve cohesion among secondary and primary care segments, healthcare professionals and patients. Acknowledging that HCIT solutions have a key role to play in this transition, the Government has increased its budget for HCIT and revamped legal and financial regulations, especially reimbursements.

“Between 2013 and 2020, the European commission proposes to use the Connecting Europe Facility and theEuropean Regional Development Fund to drive healthcare interoperability,” said Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Research Analyst Shruthi Parakkal. “Further, several successful pilot projects for HCIT have been carried out since 2010, demonstrating improved outcomes and significant scope for the commercialization of these projects.”

The UK’s long-term healthcare initiatives have given a boost to HCIT’s market penetration. However, the failure of several large investment projects compelled the Government to introduce the eHealth strategy and eHealth 2011-2017 action plan. These initiatives stand out for the shift in focus from a nation-wide strategy to locally-managed solutions.

“The eHealth strategy is expected to enrich collaboration among care segments, facilitate patient centricity, and improve interoperability,” noted Parakkal. “The establishment of interoperability standards and amendment of the EU medical-device directive to include HCIT solutions is expected to further accelerate the maturity of HCIT solutions.”

National Initiatives Impacting Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) in the United Kingdom is part of theConnected Health Growth Partnership Service program. Frost & Sullivan’s related studies include: Drivers for Healthcare R&D Investment in Asia-Pacific, Optimizing Operations in the Ever-Changing Environment of Healthcare Providers, The Russian Biopharmaceuticals and Biomedicine Market, and eHealth Initiatives across Emerging Markets in APAC. All studies included in subscriptions provide detailed market opportunities and industry trends evaluated following extensive interviews with market participants.

About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today’s market participants. For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector and the investment community. Is your organization prepared for the next profound wave of industry convergence, disruptive technologies, increasing competitive intensity, Mega Trends, breakthrough best practices, changing customer dynamics and emerging economies?

Anna Zanchi
Corporate Communications – Europe
P: +39-02-4851-6133

Photo –

Source: Frost & Sullivan
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Acumatica Takes Their Fastest Cloud and Mobility Platform on the Road

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Acumatica Takes Their Fastest Cloud and Mobility Platform on the Road

The cloud ERP provider celebrates its latest release which harnesses the power of the cloud and smart devices to the theme of “Involve Everyone, Everywhere, On Any Device” across Asia and the Middle East.

  • 63870-video-sm
  • Acumatica 5.0 Launch in Cambodia, Jan 23 2015
  • Acumatica 5.0 Launch with the SeaHawks
  • Jon Roskill, CEO - Acumatica
  • Laurent Dedenis, President Acumatica International

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — Acumatica, a leader in the Cloud ERP market, is launching an ERP Revolution with its newest version of cloud based ERP platform in a roadshow across six Asian cities.

In addition to the suite of powerful tools and customizable options that Acumatica is known for, the latest Acumatica 5.0 features new mobile apps for iOS and Android, a new B2B portal and integration with Microsoft Exchange. The updated platform can be deployed in both public and private Cloud environments and its refined user interface makes this offering better, faster and stronger than anything the company has ever previously released.

“With over 90% of new applications built for the Cloud, it is a strong advantage for our partners and customers that Acumatica’s offerings can be deployed on any public, private or hybrid cloud,” says Acumatica’s President of International Operations, Laurent Dedenis. “Our latest product is faster and more feature-rich than ever before and we want to showcase it in front of our community of partners and customers in this technology-rich region.”

Customers in Asia have already benefitted from this powerful platform. FromKFC in Singapore, whom saw an ROI in excess of USD 50000 within a year of implementation to other major brands across developed and emerging Asia. “With Acumatica, our headquarters now has exact knowledge of all daily sales activities in the field and in real time information including product display across thousands of retail outlets nationwide,” said Dr. Tran Qui Thanh, President and CEO of Tan Hiep Phat Beverages, Vietnam’s leading beverage manufacturer. “Real time visibility into daily business activities and timely business data now empowers every decision — from tactical to promotional, and important strategic market coverage decisions.

Acumatica sells exclusively through its network of Value-Added Resellers worldwide, with a strong base of Cloud Enabling partners in the Asian emerging markets. “Together with Acumatica, we are on track to make 2015 the biggest growth year ever in terms of awareness on the power of true Cloud ERP,” said Mr. Sim Yew Meng, Director of Sabre Information Services, a leading ERP consultancy in South East Asia.

About Acumatica

Acumatica is a leading provider of cloud business management software that empowers small and mid-size businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth. Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology and a unique customer-centric licensing model, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications, such as Financials, Distribution, CRM, and Project Accounting, on a robust and flexible platform. In an interconnected world, Acumatica enables customers to take full control of their businesses, to play to their organizations’ unique strengths, and to support their clients by following them anywhere on any device. More on

SOURCE: Acuamatica Pte Ltd

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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Best-In-Class Companies with Prestigious Awards

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-Innovative companies celebrated at black-tie gala

PRNewswire/ — Frost & Sullivan honored recipients of its 2015 Excellence in Best Practices Awards at a gala held Tuesday, March 10, 2015, in San Diego, Calif., at the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa. The Awards gala was preceded by a 90-minute Executive Growth Workshop, “The 15 Big Mega Trends for 2015,” during which executives from selected companies discussed the most pressing issues facing their industries today.

2015 Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Best Practices Awards Gala
The Best Practices Awards are presented each year to companies that are predicted to encourage significant growth in their industries, have identified emerging trends before they became the standard in the marketplace, and have created advanced technologies that will catalyze and transform industries in the near future.

Awarded companies included:

Alestra – 2014 Mexican IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Enabling Technology Leadership Award

AppNeta – 2015 North American Application Performance Management Growth Excellence Leadership Award

Aquasana Inc. – 2014 North American Residential Water Treatment Systems Product Line Strategy Leadership Award

Aryaka Networks – 2015 Global Network Optimization Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

ATS International – 2014 Global Plant Data Management and Quality Optimization Solutions for Discrete Industries New Product Innovation Award

Belden Inc. – 2015 Global Industrial Physical Infrastructure Ethernet Product Line Strategy Leadership Award

Biamp – 2015 Global Installed Audio Conferencing Enabling Technology Leadership Award

ClickSoftware – 2014 North American Integrated Field Operations and Service Optimization Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

Dover Artificial Lift – 2015 Global Artificial Lift Solutions Customer Value Leadership Award

enVerid Systems – 2015 North American HVAC Technology Innovation Award

Eppendorf – 2014 North American Liquid Handling New Product Innovation Award

Ericsson – 2014 Global Pay TV IPTV Middleware Market Leadership Award

Europlacer – 2015 Global EMS Providers for the Aerospace & Defense Industry Growth Excellence Leadership Award

EXFO – 2015 Global Performance Monitoring for Network Operators New Product Innovation Award

GE Oil & Gas Inspection Technologies – 2014 Global Eddy Current NDT Equipment New Product Innovation Leadership Award

Generac Power Systems – 2014 North American Natural Gas Generator Set Company of the Year Award

Honeywell Sensing & Control – 2015 Global Nanopower Series of Magnetoresistive Sensor ICs New Product Innovation Award

Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) – 2015 Global In-Line Compact Thermal Analyzer in Opto-Electronics New Product Innovation Award

Intel Corporation – 2015 Global Video Encoding and Transcoding Technology Innovation Leadership Award by LogMeIn – 2015 North American Web Conferencing Customer Value Leadership Award

Joule – 2015 North American CO2-to-Fuels Technology Innovation Award

Level 3 Communications – 2015 North American VoIP Access and SIP Trunking Services Product Line Strategy Leadership Award

Monitronics International, Inc. – 2014 North American Residential Security Services Company of the Year Award

Neopeutics, Inc. – 2015 North American Enhanced Drug Discovery Technology Leadership Award

Omni-ID – 2015 North American RFID Tags in Manufacturing Customer Value Leadership Award

Ondot Systems – 2014 Global Mobile Banking New Product Innovation Award

Philips Healthcare – 2014 North American Ultrasound Imaging Company of the Year Award

QuickMobile – 2015 North American Mobile Event Applications Growth Excellence Leadership Award

Rhombus Power Inc. – 2015 North American Radiation Detection New Product Innovation Award

Savi Technology – 2015 Global Sensor Analytics in Commercial Applications Company of the Year Award

Sprint Corporation – 2015 North American Mobile & Wireless Green Excellence Award

TalkPoint, a PGi Company – 2014 Global Enterprise Video Webcasting Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award

TMEIC – 2014 Global Solar Inverter Company of the Year Award

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. LiDAR Division – 2015 North American Automotive ADAS Sensors Product Leadership Award

VENITI™ – 2015 European Peripheral Vascular Devices New Product Innovation Award

Vertical Communications – 2015 North American Mobile UC Enablement in Retail Customer Value Leadership Award

Voice4Net – 2014 North American Web RTC-enabled Contact Center Applications New Product Innovation Award

Voltage Security – 2015 North American Big Data Analytics Product Leadership Award

Windstream – 2014 North American VoIP and SIP Trunking Services Growth Excellence Leadership Award

Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices.

For further information about the Awards Gala, please contact a member of the Best Practices Team.

Photo –

Source: Frost & Sullivan

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Top International In-Flight Caterer of 2014 Named At Gala In Santiago, Chile

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MONTREAL, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — When it comes to quality and safety, which in-flight caterers are the world’s best? The 2014 awards for world’s top in-flight caterers were announced at a daylong gala celebration at the Cousino Macul winery in Santiago, Chile on February 26th, 2015. This year the Platinum Award for Worldwide Excellence – the ceremony’s highest honour – went to LSG Sky Chefs at Munich Airport (MUC). It was the first time in 2 years that Platinum went to a caterer outside of Asia.

The awards were presented by a global roster of major airlines and railway operators participating in the Quality and Safety Alliance In-flight Services (QSAI), a programme developed and managed by Medina Quality. Awards are given across three geographic regions, Asia, the Americas, and Europe/Africa/Middle East. Gold, Silver and Bronze awards are named for each geographic region, making for a total of nine honorees excepting the Platinum Worldwide winner. There were over 200 catering facilities located across more than 80 countries in the running for awards.

Guests at this year’s gala were invited on a tour of Santiago by motor coach followed by a vineyard visit and wine tastings at Cousiño Macul. They proceeded to the awards ceremony held on the vineyard’s grounds that included cocktails, dinner and wine pairings.

The 2014 QSAI Excellence Awards winners are:

Platinum Worldwide: LSG Sky Chefs – Munich Airport, Munich, Germany

Gold Asia: Kansai In-Flight Catering Co., Ltd. – Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan

Gold Americas: LSG Sky Chefs, Ministro Pistarini International Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gold Europe/Middle East/Africa: LSG Sky Chefs – Munich Airport, Munich, Germany

Silver Asia: Oberoi Flight Services – Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India

Silver Americas: Goddard Catering Group – Flamingo International Airport, Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands

Silver Europe/Middle East/Africa: Saudi Airlines Catering Company – King Fahd International Airport, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Bronze Asia: ANA Catering Service Co. Ltd. – Haneda Tokyo International Airport, Osaka, Japan

Bronze Americas: Gate Gourmet – Miami International Airport, Miami, Florida

Bronze Europe/Middle East/Africa: Servair Nigeria –- Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos, Nigeria

Medina Quality has been a leader in audits of in-flight caterers since 1983. The company developed the QSAI programme in collaboration with its clients. QSAI is the world’s first auditing programme that allows its clients to monitor and improve in-flight food supplier compliance with internationally recognized standards while sharing program costs. QSAI is designed to ensure that in-flight caterers are rewarded for maintaining the highest standards of food safety and quality. Medina Quality offers clients a variety of programmes in addition to QSAI, including alleged food poisoning investigations, food and water microbial analysis results investigations, and alleged foreign body investigations. The company also develops management reporting tools with clients, including operations dashboards, supplier dashboards and performance snapshots.

Participants in QSAI include Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge, Air France, Air Tahiti Nui, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, All Nippon Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Korean Air, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and Via Rail Canada.

Contact: Kate Richardson, Tel: +1-514-485-9552 ext.201

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APR Energy expands turnkey power plant in Myanmar

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — APR Energy, a global leader in fast-track power solutions, is pleased to announce that it has commissioned a 20 megawatt expansion of its power plant in Myanmar, providing the Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) with a guaranteed minimum of 102MW of power generation.

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Based in Kyaukse, in the Mandalay region, the expanded power plant is one of the largest thermal plants inMyanmar, providing electricity to over six million people. It features the newest generation CAT low-emission mobile gas power modules and runs on Myanmar’s indigenous, clean burning natural gas. APR Energy’s plant has been in operation since May, 2014.

Clive Turton, Managing Director Asia Pacific at APR Energy, said: “Expanding contracts is an important part of APR Energy’s strategy and business model, together with new contracts and renewals. The added capacity at ourMyanmar plant follows our previously announced expansion in Indonesia earlier this year, and is the result of growing regional demand and the high level of service we provide. We look forward to playing a continued role in helping Myanmar supply reliable, efficient power to its people and industries, supporting economic growth and improving overall quality of life.”

About APR Energy

APR Energy is a global leader in large-scale, fast-track power solutions, providing customers with rapid access to reliable electricity when and where they need it. APR combines state-of-the-art, fuel-efficient technology with industry-leading expertise to provide turnkey power plants that are rapidly deployed, customisable and scalable. Serving both utility and industrial segments, APR Energy provides power generation solutions to customers and communities around the world, with an emphasis on Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. For more information, visit the Company’s website at

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