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Flabuless Makes Fitness Social For Companies

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-First fitness rewards program in Singapore hopes to incentivise healthy lifestyles

SINGAPORE, Nov. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Corporate perks management service Rewardz has launched a first-in- Singapore online corporate fitness platform called Flabuless, that motivates users into pursuing healthy lifestyles with fitness challenges that can reap real-world rewards.

The Flabuless program encourages staff participation and competition for groups and individuals, and is targeted at medium to large organisations looking to reduce their company’s medical costs, boost morale and productivity, and improve staff health.

According to a JobsCentral survey conducted earlier this year, more than three in five Singaporean workers gain a considerable amount of weight after starting work, with 76% of weight gainers citing a lack of time to exercise due to their busy schedules as the cause.

“There is a growing concern among human resource professionals about hectic or irregular work hours contributing to a lack of an active lifestyle among working adults,” said Rewardz co-founder Nicole Seah. “With Flabuless, we hope to create a healthy and inclusive company culture, and build a happy, productive workforce.”

Flabuless aims to help companies motivate employees with prizes and perks through fitness events and challenges such as stair-climbing or cycling. Employers can also organise workshops, seminars, health screenings, fitness clinics and cooking demonstrations to drive their company workforce towards active, healthy living.

The online application can also be integrated with popular fitness tracking apps and devices, so users can track their physical activity and earn points on the Flabuless platform to win prizes such as vouchers and monetary rewards. Flabuless also acts as a social networking platform for sharing status updates, photos, healthy recipes and more, and is also integrated into the Rewardz perks ecosystem as well, allowing companies to enjoy corporate benefits provided by Flabuless’s parent program.

Following its successful implementation in the National University Healthcare System (NUHS), who has seen over a thousand participants covering a total of 4360km through the platform, or 493 times the height of Mount Everest, Nicole sees many other companies following suit in the name of achieving a healthy and productive workforce with happy employees.

“We see systems like Flabuless as a much better long-term solution to human resource healthcare provisions, rather than tweaking traditional employee health benefits,” said Nicole. “We want to create a win-win scenario for both employer and employee, by helping organisations build a cost-effective, productive work environment through a healthy and active workforce.”

About Rewardz

Rewardz is a corporate perks service based in Singapore that complements human resource (HR) efforts for medium to large organisations. The mobile and web-based platform helps organisations acquire company benefits from third-party vendors, as well as organise company events, handle corporate bookings and deliver customised push notifications for the organisation’s HR activities.

In just under two years, Rewardz has garnered more than 30 clients, including National University Healthcare System (NUHS). Courts, Crocs, Fuji Xerox, Aetos, SPRING Singapore, and the Public Utilities Board (PUB). Rewardz has also received recognition as “Best in Benefit Technology” during the Benefits Asia 2013 Conference.

By July 2015, the Rewardz platform is also expected to have more than 500 rewards from its growing vendor pool.

For media enquiries:

Daniel Yap

Right Hook Communications

t: +65 8533 5234


Andy Lim

Right Hook Communications

t: +65 8533 5234


(*Statistics of the survey may be found here:



Flabuless is a social health and engagement platform that makes it super easy to organise fun health challenges.

Newsfeed allows employees to share status updates, photos, healthy recipes and more.

Personalised experience for every employee with a view of how others are performing.

Seamlessly connected with Rewardz platform to reward healthy behaviour.

Fully integrated with some of the popular fitness tracking devices to track and reward a range of fitness activities

Source: Rewardz

Written by asiafreshnews

November 4, 2014 at 4:18 pm

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