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Fashion Hunting at Terminal Stations that Boast Some of the World’s Largest Numbers of Passengers in Transit

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TOKYO, Sept. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — One experience that visitors to Tokyo are sure to enjoy is shopping in department stores and buildings full of fashion boutiques that gather all of the trendiest fashions of the season together in one place. Just looking at the displays in the shops with their refined taste and the ”adorable” dress styles of the shop staff clad in the items from their respective shops should be enough to inspire your stylish sensibilities. Efficiently making the rounds to look at the various different items — including apparel, shoes, and accessories — within a limited timeframe is all part of the appeal.

Chief among these are buildings containing fashion boutiques that enjoy outstanding access in that they are directly connected to stations, with these including LUMINE at the Ikebukuro and Shinjuku Stations, as well as Atre at the Akihabara, Ueno, Ebisu, and Shinagawa Stations, all of which lie along the JR Yamanote Line. These buildings are popular for their shops that contain the trendiest fashions of the season.

Get hold of the latest fashion trends in Japan!
In this piece we would like to focus on LUMINE in Shinjuku. Shinjuku Station is a terminal station boasting one of the world’s largest numbers of passengers in transit in that it is a waypoint for 12 lines that include the JR Yamanote Line and Chuo-Sobu Line, as well as even subway and private railway lines. Visitors are treated to outstanding access from any of these spots, and since the buildings are directly connected to the stations they can also enjoy shopping in an efficient manner.

LUMINE features about 400 shops in the Shinjuku area alone that handle clothes, shoes, and bags that are popular in Japan. The LUMINE EST SHINJUKU shop at the east exit of Shinjuku Station offers numerous reasonable, casual items geared towards younger people, while the appeal of LUMINE Shinjuku at the south exit lies in its abundance of high quality items with a trendy feel and complete lineup of any and all of the truly hippest fashion items from Tokyo. Since the stores are open until 22:00 they have the advantage that you can enjoy shopping at them until late. There are also plenty of shops offering tax and duty exemptions, which are bound to please travelers.

Featured items that come highly recommended for this fall and winter include knitted garments, which LUMINE has in an abundance of different varieties, as well as coats with a men’s-like design. Styles that incorporate sporty elements, which have been much talked-about in fall-winter collections from around the world, as well as masculine coats, checkered patterns, and a 60s style that incorporates a glittery feel are also worth checking out. Having amassed such a wide array of shops, LUMINE can achieve such select, cutting-edge styles that consumers want!

Those wishing to go shopping for better deals get their chance during the January sales period, while before the end of the year is naturally best suited for getting your hands on original merchandise without delay. Moreover, when it comes to New Year’s sales a great many ”grab bags” that assemble together fashion items from each brand that customers can get their hands on at reasonable prices are put on sale, so don’t pass them by.

There are plans to introduce three brands from LUMINE at the Japan Travel Fair 2014 that will be held at Takashimaya in Singapore from October 3 – 6. We encourage everyone who is interested to stop by the fair and experience LUMINE fashion for themselves.

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Source: East Japan Railway Company

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