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Sustainable Plantations — A Growing Resource for Asia Plantation Capital

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SINGAPORE, Sept. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — On September 25th and 26th, Asia Plantation Capital — a company renowned for its expertise in the sustainable plantation sector — is showcasing its Agarwood, Bamboo, Agricultural and Teak plantation project options at Patrimonia, in Lyon, France. This annual conference for wealth management professionals is viewed as the most significant and prestigious event for the private wealth and investment sector in the European marketplace.

Delegates attending Patrimonia
Delegates attending Patrimonia


Delegates attending Patrimonia
Delegates attending Patrimonia

Agarwood prices have increased consistently since official records began in 1880, and at an average annual rate of 15% per annum since 1999. The growing demand consistently threatens to outstrip the available supply, and the market opportunities are being enhanced further as commercial users and private buyers increasingly shun illegally logged Agarwood, making a conscious choice to source trees grown on sustainable plantations — such as those owned and operated by Asia Plantation Capital.

Demand for Agarwood from Asia Plantation Capital is not restricted to external buyers. Asia Plantation Capital is one of the few vertically integrated plantation companies processing Agarwood into the rare Oud oil, along with wood chips, beads, incense and a myriad of other products all derived organically from the trees. The value added chain is continued with a range of bespoke fragrances produced by its sister company Fragrance Du Bois.

This innovative business pattern has given rise to the corporate message ‘From Soil, to Oil, to You’.

Oud has now grown rapidly into a commodity that is in high global demand for use in fine fragrances, luxury goods, and medicinal products, in addition to its traditional markets across Asia and the Middle East, where its daily role as an element in cultural and religious rites has made it part of the fabric of society.

Agarwood is an important part of life across the Middle East
Agarwood is an important part of life across the Middle East

Asia Plantation Capitals’s drive for added value and premium end products is a specific business strategy for all their sustainable timber and agroforestry crops. Bamboo — probably one of the world’s most sustainable species – is not only being used in traditional flooring and engineered construction board applications, but is also now featuring in the creation of a new executive and international traveller luggage range, scheduled for launch in the last quarter of 2014. This is in addition to the growing use in the manufacture of high quality racing and road bikes, due to its strength, weight and flexibility – all being manufactured by Asia Plantation Capital and its subsidiaries.

By building additional demand for their sustainable timber and agroforestry crops, as well as the products derived therefrom, and by holding land title for the plantation areas used, Asia Plantation Capital offers a robust business option for discerning investors looking to create, add to, and preserve their wealth over the coming years and for future generations.

With the latest annual turnover figures of US$53.5 million, and US$600 million representing the combined value of plantations owned and assets under management, Asia Plantation Capital is attending Patrimonia to offer the international professional investment community the opportunity to explore medium and long-term investment options in sustainable plantation projects.

Asia Plantation Capital: sustainable investment options for the current age.

Notes to Editors:

About Asia Plantation Capital

Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is the owner and operator of a diverse range of commercial plantation and farming businesses across the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, and is part of the Asia Plantation Capital Group of associated companies. Its focus is on multicultural and diverse plantation projects geared to the domestic and commercial demands of the countries in which they operate. Working closely with, and supporting local communities, is an underlying core principle of the APC business, providing social and cultural support, as well as investment, to move these communities away from deforestation and illegal logging activities, previously seen as a main source of income in some regions of Asia. Established officially in 2008 (although operating privately since 2002) the group now has plantation and agricultural projects on four continents, with operational projects at various stages in Thailand, Malaysia, China, Laos, India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, China, North Americaand Europe.

Promoting the use of sustainable and certified wood is the best way of preventing deforestation, protecting biodiversity, and combatting poverty in the tropical rainforest regions. For the yachting sector (a major user of teak) which strives for excellence and which is already involved in environmental efforts, this is also a way of ensuring that no wood from illegal logging is used.

About Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois is a niche luxury perfume house working closely with sustainable plantations in Asia, bringing exciting new 100% organic Oud oil based fragrances to exclusive markets worldwide. Sustainably sourcing the finest raw materials across the globe, working with French perfumers to create a full range of products, and also providing bespoke fragrance services, Fragrance Du Bois is personal luxury with a conscience. With exclusive fragrance lounges around the world, in Dubai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Fragrance Du Bois creates only the finest experience in bespoke perfumery.

Fragrance Du Bois is known as Parfums Du Bois in France, and in non-French speaking markets, as Fragrance Du Bois.

About Patrimonia

Patrimonia is an annual convention that brings together more than 250 partners (associations, management companies, banks, insurance firms, real estate firms) and nearly 7,000 delegates (IFAS, accountants, notaries, brokers etc.)

Patrimonia allows all players in the financial life to share their experiences, build new partnerships and update their knowledge in legal, tax, financial and patrimonial estates through four major conferences and 60 workshops.

Asia Plantation Capital will be present at Patrimonia during 25th-26th September 2014.

Asia Plantation Capital will also be present at the International Property Investor Show held in Abu Dhabi during27th-28th September 2014.

Asia Plantation Capital
Tel: +65-6222-3386
Fax: +65-6221-2197

Photo –
Photo –
Photo –

Source: Asia Plantation Capital

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2014 Mid-Year DDoS Threat Report Documents High-Volume, High-Rate Attacks on the Rise

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-NSFOCUS Reveals, ISPs, Enterprise and Online Gaming Sectors High on the Target List While the Majority of DDoS Attacks are Short in Duration and Repeated Frequently

SINGAPORE /PRNewswire/ — The NSFOCUS 2014 Mid-Year Threat Report, released today, reveals a continuing trend of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks that are short in duration and repeated frequently. In parallel, high-volume and high-rate DDoS attacks were on the upswing in the first half of 2014. To review the entire report, visit here.

Key Findings
Results of statistical analysis and key observations are based on data from actual incidents of DDoS attacks that occurred during the first half of 2014.  Data was collected from a mix of global enterprises, Internet service providers, regional telecom operators, and Internet hosting companies. Comparisons are based on 1H2014 as compared to 2H2013.

  • Attacks continue to be short in duration with repeated frequency: More than 90 percent of attacks detected lasted less than 30 minutes. This ongoing trend indicates that latency-sensitive websites, such as online gaming, eCommerce and hosting service should be prepared to implement security solutions that support rapid response.
  • High-rate, high-volume attacks increased: DDoS traffic volume was up overall with a third peaking at over 500Mbps and more than five percent reaching up to 4Gbps. In addition, findings showed that over 50% DDoS attacks were above 0.2Mpps in the first half of 2014, increasing from around 16%. And over 2% of DDoS attacks were launched at a rate of over 3.2Mpps.
  • Top three DDoS attack methods revealed: HTTP Flood, DNS Flood and TCP Flood were the top three attack types, together making up 84.6 percent of all attacks. DNS Flood attacks held their place as the most popular attack method, accounting for 42 percent of all attacks. While the number of DNS and HTTP Flood attacks decreased, TCP Flood attacks grew substantially.
  • Increase in ISPs, enterprises and online gaming targets: Attacks targeting ISPs increased by 87.2 percent, enterprises by 100.5 percent and online gaming by 60 percent.
  • Longest, largest and highest-frequency attacks: The longest single attack lasted nine days and 11 hours, or 228 hours, while the single largest attack in terms of packet-per-second (pps) hit at a volume of 23 million pps. More than 42 percent of attack victims were targeted multiple times while one in every 40 victims was repeatedly hit more than 10 times. The highest frequency of attacks experienced by a single victim was 68 separate DDoS attacks.

Terence Chong, Solutions Architect, NSFOCUS, said:

“NSFOCUS has maintained a continuous review of DDoS attacks over recent years, and we have observed that the trends constantly change as attacks morph and hacker behavior evolves. To stay ahead of these trends, we strongly encourage our customers to take a defensive approach in identifying and mitigating these threats before they happen.”

About the Report

The DDoS attacks analyzed in this report were either tracked by the NSFOCUS Threat Response and Research (TRR) team from within the company’s network operation centers (NOCs) or were mitigated by the NSFOCUS Managed Security Service (MSS) team for customers and partners around the world.  Each incident is uniquely identified and categorized.  A thorough and methodical forensic study was conducted on each attack and was either mitigated directly by NSFOCUS or was captured and submitted by our customers and technology partners.  All data in this report was sourced from NSFOCUS products, NSFOCUS network monitoring and global partners. The data has been anonymized without any leak in intermediate links.


NSFOCUS is a global provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation solutions. Founded in 2000, the company provides enterprise-level, carrier-grade solutions for DDoS mitigation, Web security and enterprise-level network security. With more than a decade of experience in DDoS research and development and mitigation, NSFOCUS has helped customers around the world maintain high levels of Internet security, website uptime and business operations to ensure that their online systems remain available. The NSFOCUS Anti-DDoS System (ADS) empowers customers to find and fend off a variety of incidents, from simple network layer attacks to more sophisticated and potentially damaging application-layer attacks, all while guaranteeing legitimate traffic gets through to networks and corporate-critical systems. For more information, visit


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International Federation on Ageing and Bayer HealthCare Release Report Raising Awareness of How Pets Contribute to Healthy Ageing

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— The first-of-its-kind report investigates how pets may contribute to physical, mental and societal well-being, in an ageing global demographic

TORONTO /PRNewswire/ — With advances in global public health, people around the world are living longer than ever before[i]. In response to the ageing population, healthcare systems and governments are actively working to manage the expected healthcare costs associated with the ageing process and chronic conditions of older people. The health impact of pets on older people is explored in a new report published by the International Federation on Ageing, through an educational sponsorship from Bayer HealthCare. The report, “Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons,” provides a comprehensive literature review into the ways pets contribute to the physical and mental health of individuals and the well-being of society.

“This field of research has important implications across generations and also for the future of our broader societies,” says Dr. Jane Barratt, International Federation on Ageing. “Many studies have broadly discussed how pets, such as dogs and cats, contribute to health by reducing anxiety, loneliness and depression, but until today have not yet been published in a single resource. This new report advances our understanding of the value of companion animals in the framework of human health and the broader society.”

The therapeutic benefits of companion animals is an area of study attracting increasing interest among health and social science professionals. “Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons,” is a review of the research literature on companion animals and older people from 1980 to 2013, with two goals: to summarize the health, social and economic benefits of companion animals, animal-assisted activities and interventions in the care of older adults as determined through evidence-based research; and to use this unique data to inform future research in the fields of rehabilitation, active ageing and aged care policy and programs at local and national levels.

“The interaction between humans and animals is powerful. Animals can educate, motivate, and enhance the quality of life for people around the world,” says Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer, Bayer HealthCare. “Given the scope of this report, we are excited that this research has the ability to reach human healthcare practitioners, veterinarians, doctors, nurses, gerontologists, and social workers.”

Companion Animals & the Health of Older Persons Web Conference Press Event

Today, the International Federation on Ageing and Bayer HealthCare formally release “Companion Animals and the Health of Older Persons,” with a global web conference on the topic. Moderated by “America’s Veterinarian,” Dr.Marty Becker, and featuring panelists Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing; Dr.James Gillett, Chair of Health, Aging and Society, McMaster University; and Michael Devoy, Chief Medical Officer, Bayer HealthCare, the web conference provides detailed insights and narrative, framing the topic for journalists, policy makers and healthcare professionals. “This topic is timely and will become another way in which veterinarians and healthcare professionals can collaborate to solve challenges for humans and animals,” says Dr.Marty Becker. “As policy makers tackle the challenges associated with the oldest population the world has ever seen, it is important to consider the impact of companion animals to physical, mental and societal health.”

The “Companion Animals and Older Persons” press event will also feature a live Twitter feed, available @Bayer4Animals and @IntFedAgeing, using hashtags: #Pets4Health #Aging.

About the International Federation on Ageing
The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is an international non-governmental organization with a membership base of NGOs, the corporate sector, academia, government, and individuals. The IFA believes in ‘generating positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age.’

About Bayer HealthCare
The Bayer Group is a global enterprise with core competencies in the fields of health care, agriculture and high-tech materials. Bayer HealthCare, a subgroup of Bayer AG with annual sales of EUR 18.9 billion (2013), is one of the world’s leading, innovative companies in the healthcare and medical products industry and is based in Leverkusen,Germany. The company combines the global activities of the Animal Health, Consumer Care, Medical Care and Pharmaceuticals divisions. Bayer HealthCare’s aim is to discover, develop, manufacture and market products that will improve human and animal health worldwide. Bayer HealthCare has a global workforce of 56,000 employees (Dec 31, 2013) and is represented in more than 100 countries. More information is available

[i] United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Ageing in the Twenty-First Century: A Celebration and A Challenge

For further information:

Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General
International Federation on Ageing
Tel: 416-342-1655

Source: International Federation on Ageing

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Victoria Beckham Launches First Store

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LONDON /PRNewswire/ — Victoria Beckham opens her first store at 36 Dover Street, London W1S 4NH. Designed by multi-award-winning London-based architect Farshid Moussavi, the three-storey Mayfair space brings together the refined materials, artisanal craftsmanship and modern design language for which the fashion brand is recognised in a bold and elegant environment.

Taking Dover Street’s Georgian facades as a departure point, the building’s front door is cast in concrete to echo the proportions of the first floor windows. It slides open automatically to reveal a fluid space inside, where grand, graphic statements are offset by delicate details and luminous surfaces.

The eye is drawn to an imposing flight of 4-metre-wide polished concrete stairs leading to a giant projection on the first floor’s end wall and the spectacular cast-concrete latticed ceiling above. By boldly cutting away diagonal portions of the floor plates on the upper and ground levels, Farshid Moussavi Architecture (FMA) has united all three floors of the 560-square-metre space, bringing luminosity and striking sightlines through the interior.

Elegance and ingenuity underpin a flexible interior scheme devised to complement rather than overpower the clothing on display. Wafer-thin shelves retract into walls and moveable blonde gold hanging chains are set in recess tracks to make way for installations, events and developments in the five different Victoria Beckham collections of Victoria Beckham ready-to-wear and Victoria, Victoria Beckham, Accessories, Eyewear and Denim. Smooth American walnut and bottle green glass surfaces accentuate generous changing rooms and cash/wrap areas, designed for a discreet and personal shopping experience.

The warmth of these materials is reflected throughout the store in pristine mirror stainless steel that lines walls as well as the ceilings of the ground and lower-ground floors, and creates immaculate counters for folded apparel and accessories. The four facets of the ground floor’s load-bearing columns are clad with vitrines to create prominent sunglasses pillars. Freestanding furniture is bespoke; modular, triangular seating is hewn from a single piece of walnut.

The first in a series of own-name stores planned, 36 Dover Street builds on the launch of the Victoria Beckham e-commerce site in April 2013.

Victoria Beckham has personally selected pieces for the store’s launch, several of which are unique to 36 Dover Street and customers, together with exclusive sunglasses styles. A range of small leather goods is also introduced for the first time, including a small and large pocketed pouch, a journal, a wallet, a credit card holder, key rings and key chains — all produced in soft calf.

For further information please contact Ruth Davies at or Florence Shippey

Below please find the following links to download additional materials:


Spec 1

Spec 2:

Downloadable Images:

Katerina Jebb Film:

Embed Code:

About the Victoria Beckham Brand

Since launching in 2008 the Victoria Beckham fashion brand has developed a distinctive and modern language of clothing. Bold, intuitive and refined, its wardrobe of apparel and accessories is now stocked in over 500 stores in over 60 countries internationally. With each collection Victoria adapts her own personal style to the needs and desires of the international women who swear by the label’s luxurious and flattering garments.

Using only the finest craftsmanship, fabrication and materials, all five Victoria Beckham lines are developed atVictoria’s studio in London. The Victoria Beckham ready-to-wear collection is primarily handmade in the UK, whilst the Victoria, Victoria Beckham and Denim collections are made in Europe. The Accessories and Eyewear are both expertly handcrafted in Italy.

As the Victoria Beckham collections become ever more progressive, so this passion for innovation extends to the brand’s communications and creative projects. In 2013 it launched, a website offering both e-commerce and interactive content curated to provide a more intimate view of Victoria’s design approach and working processes. In 2014 Victoria Beckham opened its first store at 36 Dover Street in London — a collaboration with architect Farshid Moussavi to transform a neglected Mayfair townhouse into a shopping destination echoing the dynamism and modernity at the heart of the brand.

Source: Victoria Beckham

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SMART Technologies Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against CTOUCH in the Netherlands

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CALGARY, Alberta /PRNewswire/ — SMART Technologies ULC today announced the filing of a patent infringement complaint in the Netherlands before the District Court of The Hague against CTOUCHEUROPE B.V. for infringement of SMART’s European Patents EP 1 739 528 and EP 1 420 335 by the CTOUCH Leddura, Leddura XT (excluding the 84″), Lexinus and Laser lines of interactive displays.

SMART respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects CTOUCH to do the same. SMART invests tremendous time and resources in developing innovative solutions that change how the world works and learns. As a result, SMART is very serious about protecting its intellectual property and will continue to take legal action against organizations around the globe that violate its rights.

About SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ: SMT, TSX: SMA) is a world leader in collaboration solutions that are redefining the way the world works and learns. We are an innovator in interactive touch technologies and software that inspire collaboration in both education and enterprises around the globe. To learn more,


Reader’s advisory

Certain information contained in this press release may constitute forward-looking information or statements. By their very nature, forward-looking information and statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties, both general and specific, and risks that predictions, forecasts, projections and other forward-looking information and statements will not be achieved. We caution readers not to place undue reliance on these statements as a number of important factors could cause the actual results to vary materially from the forward-looking information or statements. We do not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the forward-looking information or statements. Any forward-looking information and statements contained in this press release are expressly qualified by this cautionary statement.

# # #

©2014 SMART Technologies ULC. All third-party product and company names are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Please note that SMART is written in all capital letters.

Source: SMART Technologies Inc.

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Keeping Up With The Competition: Grow Your Fanbase While Promoting Your Book

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NEW YORK  /PRNewswire/ — Despite tireless months of research and writing, your job as an author still isn’t done once your book is published. The key next step to authoring a successful book is clearly defining a promotional strategy and being cognizant of what your competitors are already doing in the market.  While you certainly don’t want to mimic your competition, being aware of who else is in your space can help inspire new ideas and set you apart from the crowd.

Logo –
Logo –

Penny C. Sansevieri, CEO and Founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc., shares her steps on ways to keep up with the competition:

  • Google alerts.  Develop your list of competitors and learn what they do to market themselves.
  • Bookstore visits.  Check out your genre and look for lesser-known authors.
  • Reviews.  Discover issues and trends through your competitor’s online reviews.
  • Author Meet in Greets.  Not only support your competition but gain new ideas from questions that are posed by the attendees.
  • Conferences.  Easy way to network and remain motivated when keeping up with your industry.

For more insight and discussion on ways to get to know your market and stand out from competitors, read Sansevieri’s latest article on PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit:

PR Newswire’s Small Business PR Toolkit is a comprehensive resource that provides small businesses and entrepreneurs the tools to develop an affordable public relations and marketing plan that helps generate interest from potential customers, engage with key audiences and grow their businesses. The toolkit features relevant content such as informative white papers, interactive webinars and how-to articles and premium access to educational resources, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of special offers designed specifically for small businesses. To request information on how PR Newswire can help your small business, click here. You can receive updates on new Small Business PR Toolkit content by following @prnsmallbiz on Twitter.

About PR Newswire                        

PR Newswire ( is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 60 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content — from rich media to online video to multimedia — and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire enables the world’s enterprises to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is a UBM plc company.

Source: PR Newswire Association LLC

Related stocks: LSE:UBM OTC-PINK:UBMPY

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Micrel Launches New 85V Full Bridge MOSFET Driver Addressing Technology Advances in Battery Operated Tools

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— Latest Addition To Family Of 85V MOSFET Drivers Optimize Dead Time For High Power Efficiency, Protects Against Cross Conduction For Enhanced Reliability

SAN JOSE, Calif./PRNewswire/ — Micrel, Inc. (Nasdaq: MCRL), an industry leader in high performance linear and power solutions, LAN and timing and communications solutions, today introduced theMIC4606, a 85V Full Bridge MOSFET driver that features Adaptive-Dead-Time and Shoot-Through Protection. The device is part of Micrel’s highly successful 85V MOSFET Driver family first launched in 2013 and is designed to focus on the growing power needs of multiple applications.  The 85V MIC4606 family is part of Micrel’s strategy to address battery powered tools, uninterrupted power supplies, radio controlled toys and the growing drone market.  The MIC4606 is currently available in volume with pricing starting at $1.37 for 1K quantities in a 4mm x 4mm QFN package.  Samples can be ordered at:

“The ubiquitous powered tool market has been quietly undergoing technological advances by adding control algorithms to enhance user productivity, safety and product longevity.  Micrel’s 85V Full Bridge MOSFET driver offers advanced circuitry such as Adaptive-Dead-Time for high power efficiency and Shoot-Through Protection for enhanced reliability,” noted Brian Hedayati, vice president of marketing, high-performance Linear and Power Solutions, Micrel.  “The MIC4606 is one of the industries’ most robust and power efficient Full Bridge MOSFET drivers designed to address a wide variety of applications including stepper motors, DC brushed and brush less motors, and DC/AC inverters.”

The MIC4606 combines a full array of features and technology solutions all designed to maximize power efficiency.  The Adaptive-Dead-Time circuitry actively monitors the Full Bridge to minimize time between high and low side MOSFET transitions.  The Anti-Shoot-Through circuitry prevents erroneous inputs and noise from turning on both MOSFETs at the same time.  The device also offers a wide 5.5V to 16V operating supply range that also maximizes system efficiency.  The low 5.5V operating voltage allows for longer run time in battery powered applications.  These features combine to make the MIC4606 an ideal solution for the industry’s most demanding battery operated motor applications including power tools and power DC/AC inverters.  In addition, the 85V operating voltage offers plenty of margins in order to protect against voltage spikes that are typical in motor drive and power supply circuitry. The MIC4606 is available in a tiny 16 pin 4mm × 4mm QFN package with an operating junction temperature range of –40-degC to +125-degC.

About Micrel

Micrel, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of IC solutions for the worldwide high performance linear and power, LAN and timing and communications markets.  The Company’s products include advanced mixed-signal, analog and power semiconductors; high performance communication, clock management, MEMS-based clock oscillators and crystal-less clock generators, Ethernet switch and physical layer transceiver ICs.  Company customers include leading manufacturers of enterprise, consumer, industrial, mobile, telecommunications, automotive, and computer products.  Corporation headquarters and state-of-the-art wafer fabrication facilities are located in San Jose, CA, with regional sales and support offices and advanced technology design centers situated throughout the Americas,Europe and Asia.  In addition, the Company maintains an extensive network of distributors and reps worldwide.  Web:

Source: Micrel, Inc.

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Joint Shipping Initiative Funds New Phase of Anti-Piracy Project in Somalia

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LONDON /PRNewswire/ — The Joint Shipping Initiative – made up of Shell, BP, Maersk, Stena and Japanese shipping companies NYK, MOL and “K” Line – today announced it has given $1.5 million of additional funds to a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project to improve the lives of Somalis and security for seafarers.


The UNDP’s “Alternative Livelihoods to Piracy in Puntland and Central Regions of Somalia project aims to reduce piracy off the coast of east Africa through local economic development, job creation, training, and business development grants on-shore in one of the world’s poorest countries.

“Development projects that provide an alternative livelihood to would-be pirates are a vital element of the long-term solution to piracy,” Dr Grahaeme Henderson, Vice President of Shell Shipping & Maritime, said. “We have been very encouraged by progress so far and look forward to positive results from this new phase of work.”

A lack of jobs and legitimate business opportunities for young people helps Somali pirate leaders to attract recruits for attacks on merchant shipping that cost the international community billions of dollars a year.

By offering alternative livelihood options to these youth, UNDP and the Joint Shipping Initiative work to prevent the lure of piracy.

Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of youth unemployment. Nearly 67% of young people are unemployed. To reverse this reality, we work with local authorities and community groups to identify sustainable solutions – such as infrastructure projects, livelihoods trainings, or reintegration projects – and tailor our support to match the need,” stated UNDP Somalia Country Director George Conway.

Initiated by Shell in 2013, the Joint Shipping Initiative’s first donation of $1 million helped expand the market building in Adado – a town in central Somalia – creating hundreds of jobs for retailers and better sales options for farmers. It also helped improve vital infrastructure, including building a road to link the isolated Hafun peninsula with the rest of the country – a project that generated hundreds of temporary jobs. The road also helps expand opportunities for trade and business, increasing access to communities in the Hafun peninsula.

In addition, training courses in skills such as computing, plumbing, building and clothes-making have been set up elsewhere to help young Somalis find work, or set up businesses themselves with the help of small grants.

Today’s additional funding meets the Joint Shipping Initiative’s 2012 pledge to donate a total of $2.5 million to UNDP’s development efforts in Somalia. It will allow UNDP to start work in the towns of Alula and Bargal, near the tip of the Horn of Africa, and Balanbal in central Somalia.

“Piracy is a global problem that takes root in limited economic opportunities, high youth unemployment rates and poor infrastructure,” Jens Munch Lund-Nielsen, Head of Emerging Markets Projects in Group Sustainability, Maersk, said. “The problem requires a land-based solution.”

Notes to Editors

  • Joint Shipping Initiative funded programmes have already trained over 500 youth in a range of skills including building, electrical maintenance, plumbing, computing and business, in Eyl, Gara’ad and Hafun. Over 400 business start-up grants have also been awarded.
  • ‘Cash for work’ schemes that repair and improve local infrastructure generate income for vulnerable young people and also contribute to local economic and community development. Examples funded by the Joint Shipping Initiative include improvements to tertiary roads that increase access to markets, repairs to flood defences and the construction/repair of a vocational training school, markets and youth facilities.
  • The project to extend the market building in Adado employed 500 people during construction and has created long-term employment opportunities for around 200 people. The Hafun road rehabilitation project employed 540 people during its life, with preference given to members of the community affected by a recent cyclone. The tools provided by the project were then given to the local authority for road maintenance and other public works.
  • The Joint Shipping Initiative was recently recognised for its work against piracy at the Seatrade Awards in April 2014 when it was awarded the Seatrade Award for Countering Piracy.

Royal Dutch Shell plc

Royal Dutch Shell plc is incorporated in England and Wales, has its headquarters in The Hague and is listed on theLondon, Amsterdam, and New York stock exchanges.  Shell companies have operations in more than 100 countries and territories with businesses including oil and gas exploration and production; production and marketing of liquefied natural gas and gas to liquids; manufacturing, marketing and shipping of oil products and chemicals and renewable energy projects. For further information, visit

Cautionary Note

The companies in which Royal Dutch Shell plc directly and indirectly owns investments are separate entities. In this press release “Shell”, “Shell group” and “Royal Dutch Shell” are sometimes used for convenience where references are made to Royal Dutch Shell plc and its subsidiaries in general. Likewise, the words “we”, “us” and “our” are also used to refer to subsidiaries in general or to those who work for them. These expressions are also used where no useful purpose is served by identifying the particular company or companies. ”Subsidiaries”, “Shell subsidiaries” and “Shell companies” as used in this press release refer to companies in which Royal Dutch Shell either directly or indirectly has control, by having either a majority of the voting rights or the right to exercise a controlling influence. The companies in which Shell has significant influence but not control are referred to as “associated companies” or “associates” and companies in which Shell has joint control are referred to as “jointly controlled entities”. In this press release, associates and jointly controlled entities are also referred to as “equity-accounted investments”. The term “Shell interest” is used for convenience to indicate the direct and/or indirect ownership interest held by Shell in a venture, partnership or company, after exclusion of all third-party interest.

This press release contains forward-looking statements concerning the financial condition, results of operations and businesses of Royal Dutch Shell. All statements other than statements of historical fact are, or may be deemed to be, forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are statements of future expectations that are based on management’s current expectations and assumptions and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied in these statements. Forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements concerning the potential exposure of Royal Dutch Shell to market risks and statements expressing management’s expectations, beliefs, estimates, forecasts, projections and assumptions. These forward-looking statements are identified by their use of terms and phrases such as ”anticipate”, ”believe”, ”could”, ”estimate”, ”expect”, ”intend”, ”may”, ”plan”, ”objectives”, ”outlook”, ”probably”, ”project”, ”will”, ”seek”, ”target”, ”risks”, ”goals”, ”should” and similar terms and phrases. There are a number of factors that could affect the future operations of Royal Dutch Shell and could cause those results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements included in this press release, including (without limitation): (a) price fluctuations in crude oil and natural gas; (b) changes in demand for the Shell’s products; (c) currency fluctuations; (d) drilling and production results; (e) reserve estimates; (f) loss of market share and industry competition; (g) environmental and physical risks; (h) risks associated with the identification of suitable potential acquisition properties and targets, and successful negotiation and completion of such transactions; (i) the risk of doing business in developing countries and countries subject to international sanctions; (j) legislative, fiscal and regulatory developments including regulatory measures addressing climate change; (k) economic and financial market conditions in various countries and regions; (l) political risks, including the risks of expropriation and renegotiation of the terms of contracts with governmental entities, delays or advancements in the approval of projects and delays in the reimbursement for shared costs; and (m) changes in trading conditions. All forward-looking statements contained in this press release are expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements contained or referred to in this section. Readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements. Additional factors that may affect future results are contained in Royal Dutch Shell’s 20-F for the year ended December 31, 2013 (available at and – opens in new window). These factors also should be considered by the reader.  Each forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date of this press release, September 25, 2014. Neither Royal Dutch Shell nor any of its subsidiaries undertake any obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statement as a result of new information, future events or other information. In light of these risks, results could differ materially from those stated, implied or inferred from the forward-looking statements contained in this press release.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) permits oil and gas companies, in their filings with the SEC, to disclose only proved reserves that a company has demonstrated by actual production or conclusive formation tests to be economically and legally producible under existing economic and operating conditions.  We may have used certain terms in this press release that SEC’s guidelines strictly prohibit us from including in filings with the SEC.  U.S. Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosure in our Form 20-F, File No 1-32575, available on the SEC website – opens in new window. You can also obtain these forms from the SEC by calling 1-800-SEC-0330

Source: Royal Dutch Shell plc

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MetaQuotes Software Launches a New Representative Office in UAE

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates/PRNewswire/ — MetaQuotes Software, the developer of the online trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, is pleased to announce an expansion into the Middle Eastern area. MetaFintech LLC has become the company’s official agent in the largest international business center of theMiddle East – Dubai,  United Arab Emirates.


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MetaFintech will be carrying out sales and technical support for all products of MetaQuotes Software – trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 as well as the system of business automation “TeamWox“. The company will be targeting the South Asian region. All brokers and banks, operating there, will be potential clients.

“More and more brokerage companies are been established in UAE – states Gaies Chreis, COO of MetaQuotes Software Corp. – Therefore, the decision to extend the company’s reach and the scope of cooperation with presence in this region was absolutely necessary. We must be within reach for our clients. The company is rapidly growing and its presence in Dubai will facilitate the expansion of our activity in the countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation. ”

“We are truly proud to cater to the requirements of brokers in UAE, the Switzerland of the Middle East, – states the head of MetaFintech Manoj Choudhary. – Platforms have gone beyond the scope of “just being trading terminals” of the financial markets. Nowadays brokers demand a powerful ecosystem, which consist of a variety of services to enhance traders’ capabilities. Such system should be able to facilitate a whole range of activities from automated copy trading to the ability to use trading robots from a specialized application store. Therefore, providing quality and professional services are among the priorities for MetaQuotes as our clients should be entitled of local service and expert help in any part of the world.”

In the nearest future MetaQuotes Software has plans to announce the opening of another representative office in the Republic of South Africa.

About MetaQuotes Software

Established in 2000, MetaQuotes Software Corp. has been developing trading platforms for financial markets under the MetaTrader trademark. The organization is internationally known as a leader in the Forex software market. MetaTrader trading platforms are currently offered by more than 700 brokerage companies and banks all over the world. The newest platform, MetaTrader 5, was developed by the Company with a focus on stock markets and is now actively promoted for trading on various world exchanges.

Source: MetaQuotes Software

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Afimilk Announces: Automated Heat Detection in Stanchion Barns Now Available

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AFIKIM, Israel  /PRNewswire/ — Afimilk  is, for the first time, improving the fertility of tied cows by enabling their automatic heat detection with AfiAct II Stanchion.  


AfiAct II Stanchion incorporates long-range data collection and leg-mounted behavior monitoring tags (AfiTag II)throughout the Stanchion barn. It sends heat alerts as breeding lists to users’ computers and cell phones.

AfiAct II Stanchion‘s heat indicator analysis delivers accurate high-performance, heat detection in tie stalls. Owners of tie stalls can substantially improve their herd’s fertility: the system can increase pregnancy rates by 6% and 9% compared to visual observation, and can reduce yearly open days by 20 to 40 per cow, compared to other methods.

As a result, a tie stall farm with 100 cows may expect to save between $10,000 and $20,000 per year.

Statistics from users show that the system doubles the number of confirmed heat events. Almost no cows were missed by AfiAct II, but detected by the operator (visual inspection), while a significant number of animals were bred solely following system detection.

“Afimilk has raised the level of our breeding program from a guessing game to a science.  Used as a tool in addition to traditional methods we have reduced open cows on herd health by 5% in the last four months,” says Joel Stam, owner of Eagle Lee Farm in Norwich, Ontario, Canada.

Until now, technology-driven solutions have failed to address dairy herds in Stanchion barns, where detecting estrus and determining insemination timing are problematic.  Herds in free stalls and open lots benefit from automated heat detection, which increases their fertility traits, and improves herd profitability. In contrast, farmers of tied cows have relied on visual detection of heats or synchronization protocols. This often results in open days and longer lactation intervals, preventing the herd from reaching full profitability.

About Afimilk

Afimilk has provided dairy producers the technology and knowledge to profitably produce high-quality milk for almost 40 years. The company presented the first operational pedometer system, and its creativity and proven expertise continue to lead the dairy industry.  By advancing technology and introducing innovations, Afimilk meets the dairy sector’s changing needs, and with systems installed in over 50 countries, the company stands at the forefront of management software and sensors.

For more information visit us at World Dairy Expo booth: EH #1411-1512

Contact information: Ms. Noa Yonish, Marcom Manager, +972-50-7589973,

Source: Afimilk

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